Warrior, Daughter, Sister, Storyteller.

Summary: Wendy James has held many titles over her very long life. She was a fearless Neverland warrior, adopted daughter to both a Pixy Queen and a Pirate Captain and protector of many a lost boy. Each title came with its own responsibilities and now she is facing a new challenge. Can she protect her newest charge, her brother Henry Mills and save the man that christened her Wendy Darling?

Chapter 2

The day that changed everything started like so many others. Angela followed the same routine she had been doing for so many years. She got up and dressed for her early shift at Grannie's. the dress code was pretty esay to follow as long as you wore something red Grannie was happy.

Angela tended to opt for red jeans and a nice white blouse with sensible shoes to spare her feet any unnecessary pain, her friend Ruby -Grannie's granddaughter- opted for as little clothing as possible and sky-high heels. Both options were OK with Grannie.

She made herself a quick breakfast before heading out, she made sure to leave some for both Henry and Regina. On her way to work she stopped to feed the tiny green bird that she was sure was really a cursed Tinkerbell and exchanged greetings with every person she passed, unlike their adoptive mother both she and Henry were quite popular. Regina's tendency to inspire fear wasn't much help when it came to making friends.

Nothing seemed odd or out of place until Regina stormed into Grannie's dinner looking ready to kill anyone within reach, for a moment she almost looked like the Evil Queen again.

"Mom are you OK?" Angela asked her genuinely concerned for the woman that despite everything she had come to care about over the years.

Angela's feelings for Regina had been somewhat complicated since her memories had returned. Before she knew the truth of who she was and how she came to be in this town Angela really had loved her mother, Regina was over protective and overbearing at times but Angela had always been sure that was just because she was her mother and she wanted what was best for her.

Having all of her memories changed Angela's view on a lot of her mother's actions, what she had believe were attempts to protect her suddenly looked more like a need to control someone who had once defied her and tried to undermine her power while she was still Queen.

Angela really struggled with how to feel about the woman she had called Mom for so many years. Regina had taken care of her and appeared to love her from the moment they all landed in town but had she only done that so she could keep a close watch on her, was she prepared to snuff her life out if any of Wendy began to shine through the Angela shell the curse had given her.

The girl agued back and forth with herself for a long time trying to determine which of the forma Queens actions were based in a real emotional attachment she had formed with Angela and which were put on as a show for those around them. She probably would still have been arguing with herself now if not for one very important factor, Henry.

When Regina bought that sweet little boy into their lives it was as if Angela saw her clearly for the first time since her memories came back and she chose to believe that most if not all of what Regina had done for her had been real.

The curse wasn't just about taking away the happy endings of others it was also about giving Regina hers and a genuinely happy, loving family was what she had wanted, apparently, she had also wanted the mouthy and defiant Wendy to be part of that family.

Choosing to believe that Regina actually wanted her in the family and wasn't just keeping an eye on her should have made Angela feel better or safe at least but it didn't. living in the cursed town was never easy, there was a constant fear that came from knowing that you were living in an illusion that would one day be shattered. Angela both longed for and dreaded that day, she was constantly plagued with uncertainty as to what the world would hold for her once the curse was lifted.

Angela often felt like she was living a half-life and she desperately wanted that to stop but it scared her to think of what the end of the charade may cost not just her but all of the people that she loved as well.

Sometimes Angel vehemently wished she could just hate Regina as much as she hated the Queen (and she really did hate that woman, in fact she had never hated anyone more) however the non-magical vision of her seemed different, she was still a difficult person to be around at times but Angela had to believe that the mayor cared about both her and Henry as much as her dark heart would allow her to.

"Is Henry here?" Regina demanded desperately.

"No, I haven't seen him this morning" Angela told her.

"Oh god" Regina gasped as she fell into the nearest seat. "He's gone" she mumbled into her hand.

"What?" Angela knelt so she was closer to the clearly distraught woman, Regina could not have just said Henry was gone, that was just not possible.

"Henry he's gone, he's missing" Regina sobbed out. Angela had never seen her so upset over anything not even back when she had magic and threw royal hissy fits, she wasn't sure how to handle an emotional Regina, it wasn't a task she had ever faced before and that was on top of her own panic over her brother's disappearance.

Glancing around Angela realized that every eye in the room was focused on her and Regina so she decided to make the use of them "Ruby go fetch Sheriff Graham, please" the young woman asked the other waitress. Her friend was quick to comply, she was out of the door before Angela could even finish her request. "And Grannie can you get my Mother a stiff drink please" she asked her employer.

She knew Grannie should say no, the dinner was only licenced to serve alcohol after a certain time but the kindly woman just reached for the whiskey, filling a tumbler almost full she handed it to Angela with a reassuring smile.

"Mom" Angela said gently putting the glass in Regina's hand "stay here, talk to Graham and follow whatever instructions he gives you. I'm going to look around town for him" she reassured the older woman.

"Thank you, Angela," Regina breathed and squeezed the girl's hand tightly, it was in moments of genuine caring like that that Angela sometimes struggled to remember just who her mother had been in the past.

"Don't worry we will find him" Angela promised before heading out to look for Henry, she only paused long enough to grab her hat and coat to ward off the bitter weather.

Just outside Grannies she met Graham and Ruby on their way in. "Are going out to look for Henry?" Graham asked as Ruby hurried on inside.

"Yeah, I am" said Angela as she pulled her hat onto her head.

"Not alone, you're not" he told her firmly.

"Graham I'll be fine, I know this town as well as you do" she tried to reassure him but he wasn't having it.

"I'm not going to have one missing persons case turn into two, take my deputy with you" he ordered.

An odd mixture of hope, fear, worry and excitement filled Angela's gut there was only one person he could be talking about, his forma deputy that Regina had sacked long before Henry even came to town. It was against Regina's rules but if Graham ever needed help, he would call the man in. "You don't have a deputy" she reminded him in hopes he would drop it. As much as she appreciated Graham's concern today was not a day to test Regina.

"You know who I mean" he shot straight back.

"Look Graham, I am not going to waste valuable time that I could be using to look for Henry sobering that man up" couldn't Graham understand the situation his was putting her in. While Regina didn't seem to really like anyone in town there were a few people she very clearly hated and his drunken forma deputy was one of them.

Angela didn't share her adoptive mother's feelings and usually she would happily spend time with him but they didn't have time for the drama such interactions would cause, they needed to focus on Henry.

"It's a good job I'm already sober then, isn't it love?" came a new voice from behind her.

"Hello Jack" she sighed turning to face the man who had once been her hero, Killian Jones. He was dressed head to toe in black, just like the last time she had seen him but this time there was a prosthetic where his left hand should be instead of a hook.

Angela had no idea how he had come to be in Storybrook, he should have been safe from the curse but here he was and here he had been for the last twenty-eight years cursed just like everyone else.

He had promised to find her and somehow, he had, in Storybrook he was her biological Father, Jack Turner but his very first action after finding her was give her away to Regina and then he had done nothing but push her away and try to keep her out of his life, claiming he didn't deserve to be her Dad.

She knew it was the curse and she shouldn't hold it against him but the pain of being given up and forgotten felt all too familiar. Just like with Regina the return of her memories had changed a lot of Angela's feelings towards her Father.

Under the curse she had hated him, she blamed him for the accident that caused her birth mothers death and she hadn't been able to forgive him for giving her way like she didn't matter to him at all. Now that she knew the truth things were different, she knew there had never been any accident, the woman the curse cast as her birth Mom had been dead for hundreds of years and he hadn't really given her up that was just a fake memory supplied to them by the curse.

It should have been easy for Angela to shake off any lingering resentment she felt for him, particularly knowing that he shouldn't be here. He had been safely behind the magical barrier the last time she saw him. The only way that he could be here was if he chose to be, Killian had chosen to become part of the curse so that he could be there for her, Angela was sure of it, knowing that should take the pain out of any and all of her fake memories but some of the falsehoods fell very close to the truth and there was the small matter that he was still always pushing her away.

"Hello Darling" he greeted her using the same endearment he had for hundreds of years. Even under the curse somethings stayed the same.

"Graham is this really necessary?" Angela sighed in frustration, she didn't want to hurt or upset Jack but if Regina ever found out about this situation, she needed to appear resistant to the idea because pre-memories Angela would have most defiantly kicked up a fuss. While the cures had still had a hold on her you could not have paid Angela Mills to spend time with the man, she believed fathered her and it was best if her Mom thought that was still the case.

"Yes, it is" Graham told her firmly "You go looking for Henry with Jack or you go back inside to your Mother"

"Fine" Angela ground out "come on Jack, we'll check the woods first" she called out before walking away.

Graham held Jack back for a moment, just long enough to give him some rushed instructions "stay close, she will try to lose you" he warned "and have her home before dark regardless of whether or not you have found Henry, understand?"

"She won't want to go home without the boy" Jack pointed out.

"I know that" Graham almost snapped back at him "that's why I need you to go with her, you have to keep her safe out there and you have to bring her home safely too, do I make myself clear?" the Sheriff demanded.

"Aye mate, crystal clear" Jack smirked coolly at his uptight friend, as much as he liked the Sheriff, he couldn't help but be angered by his attitude, did the man really think that he would let anything happen to his own daughter. He may not have had much of an input into the girl's life over the years but he still loved her as much now as he had the moment she had come into the world. He would die before he let any harm come to his Darling and anyone who thought otherwise was a fool.

"Jack, are you coming or not?" Angela called back angrily, she loved both men she really did but she had a brother to find and they were chit chatting. She didn't bother waiting for an answer, she just stalked off leaving both men in her wake.

Jack had to take off at a run if he had any hope of catching up with the girl, he knew he was not in for an easy day. Henry was the most important person in his girl's life and she was not going to rest until she found him.

Angela could hear her father running after her and she couldn't help but be touched by the action. Regina was not going to like this, she had made it clear time and again that she didn't want Angela and Jack spending time together, if the Mayor found out that they had spent the day together (even if that day was spent searching for Henry) she would make him pay for it but Jack didn't seem to care, all that mattered to him was that she needed him and he was going to be there.

It was in moments like that, when he managed to push through his curse given fears because she needed him to that Angela could clearly see Killian was still in there buried beneath the Jack Turner persona and it was in those moments when she could almost see him that she missed him the most.

As soon as the girl was sure that she and Jack were both out of Graham's sight she stopped her march long enough to indulge herself in a hug with her Papa. She threw her arms around him without even breaking her stride.

"Steady there, love" he warned, she had nearly knocked him off balance with her sudden move but he still wrapped his arms around her even as he stumbled backwards. "I know your worried but we will find Henry, I promise you" he reassured his daughter.

"Thank you, Jack," Angela whispered to him, what she really wanted to say was "I miss you" but she couldn't say that so she went with the next best thing.

Jack gave his girl one last extra tight squeeze before he reluctantly let her go "Come on Darling, we have a lost boy to find" he said tuning to lead the way towards the woods.

Angela fought off a wave of nostalgia as she followed him. In the hundreds of years that she had known Hook he had spoken that phrase more times that she could count, hearing Jack Turner say it should have hurt but it didn't, it filled her with hope instead. Hook had never failed to track down the any lost boy he went looking for and she had to believe that Jack wouldn't either. They were going to find Henry, he was coming home.

Angela had no way of knowing that in that moment she was both right and wrong. Henry was indeed coming home but she and her Father were not going to be the ones to bring him. He was coming with his birth Mother, Emma and they were bringing huge changes with them, after that day Storybrook and the lives of the people that lived there would never be the same.

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