Hello and welcome to the shitiest thing ever to exist in all of history, FANFICTION! This one here is my personal ode to ass, my magnum opus of awful, the crème de le crème of cancer, and single most atrocious thing I could create. I do sincerely hope that you, my dear reader, enjoy the magical mind fuck I have conceived. Without further adieu, Enjoy!


The Devil and

the Dragonborn


Usually when it's sunny and warm in the late spring, high schoolers would jump at the opportunity to go outside and hang with friends, take advantage of the weather. However, education takes precedence over enjoyment, for most people at least. Iyago Nadet is one such individual. For him, a day like this was not to be wasted at a desk learning physics, it was an opportunity to be free, to live a little. It was no surprise to the class when the sound of a motorbike was heard pulling up to the school just minutes before the final bell. This was just his way. What was surprising was that the engine was heard idling. Accounts of what happened vary from person to person. Most say he stopped for a moment and picked up a young woman and rode away. Others tell it as the woman being his lover. Tall tales for someone nobody truly knew. His tale is chronicled here, for all to read. This is the tale of the Devil and the Dragonborn.

Chapter One:

Late? No, you're all early. It may look like we're all on the clock, but you're running on my clock, and it's half past blow me. These are the infamous words that Iyago uttered to the principal on the first day of school his senior year. It was a clear morning in late August, and it was the beginning of a legacy that wouldn't be easily forgotten. He'd arrived at Ten Fifty, just before fifth period, on a jet black Yamaha with red rims, stereo blasting loud obscure punk rock with some obnoxious singer belting out angsty lyrics that wouldn't have been out of place on a suicide letter. But it was neither the music nor tardiness that had upset the balance it was his clothes. He walked up the front steps on a black leather trench coat, a grey t-shirt, and black cargo shorts. He flicked his shades up onto the top of his head and pushed open the doors, only to be greeted by a hefty two-week detention.

It was because of this rebel attitude that Iyago was incredibly popular amongst the female population of the school. His bald shaven head and light beard made him look almost twenty, when he was really only eighteen. He wasn't a bad student, he just neglected his studies in favor of enjoyment and could often be found at the local bar, the strip club, or even just lounging in a back alley or on a roof top. This was the good life, fuck shit up, and have fun doing it.

This was all about to come to a screeching halt, when he met HER, on the one day he decided to actually attend class. She was just standing there, on the front steps, looking confused, and a little out of it. As Iyago pulled up on his bike, the girl's eyes snapped to him, and she scurried over.

"Excuse me, Mr.?" She asked hurriedly, "Can you give me a lift?"

Iyago pulled off his helmet and look at her, she was certainly attractive. Her blond hair was in a long ponytail hanging down her back. She was wearing a thin black tank top dress with ruffles at the bottom, her breasts clearly pronounced.

"Yeah, I guess I can help with that," He said, matter of factly, "hop on."

He handed her the helmet as she straddled the bike.

"Where we headed?" Iyago asked, revving the engine.

"The Church," The girl replied, "It's at the top of the hill, I'd have gone there myself, but I don't know the way."

"Not a problem," He laughed, "You've given me a reason not to go to school today, so I guess I should be thanking you."

Her response was a giggle, "Your welcome."

"Hold on tight," Iyago called, "I'll have you there in a jiffy!"

Before she could even register what he'd said, Iyago pushed up the kickstand and rocketed away from the school. Had he stayed just a few moments longer, Rias may have been able to stop what was soon to happen.

The ride was exhilarating., for Iyago. His passenger was in a state of absolute terror the entire way. A narrow miss here, ignoring a stop sign there, and even a few times she nearly fell clean off the bike. As they pulled up to the church, her breath was heavy and her eyes wide. She tore off the helmet and gasped, drawing in a long breath.

"Sorry about how long that took," He said with a chuckle, "we would have been here sooner if I had gone a little faster."

"No, no, you got here just fine." She answered, having finally composed herself. "Care for a drink?"

"I dunno, I have somewhere I gotta be." Iyago said scratching his head.

"I won't keep you long, I'd just hate to let a good deed go unrewarded." The girl said, a dejected look on her face.

"If you insist," Iyago said hopping of the bike with a sigh, "I guess I can spare a few minutes."

He flicked the kickstand down with his heel as he stepped away extending his hand for the helmet. She passed it to him with a light toss. Catching it in the air, he hung it from the handlebar and spun to face her, his trench coat fluttering as he turned.

"I'm really glad I met you." The girl said giddily.

"It's nothing" Iyago said with a modest laugh, "I don't think I ever got your name though."

"Oh, sorry," She said, her face flushing red, "I'm lillian, you can call me Lilly"

"Well, it's nice to meet you Lilly." Iyago said, his hand outstretched.

She gave a firm handshake, "I didn't get your name either." She said.

"Ha, I guess I didn't, I'm Iyago." He said shuffling his feet with embarrassment.

"Let's go inside" Lilly said gesturing to the door.


"Sorry, what?" Lilly questioned, a look of confusion forming on her face.

"It's an affirmation, just means I'm all in." He explained, didn't mean to confuse you.

"No, sorry, that was my bad." Lilly said, her expression softening.

She turned towards the church, her hair swaying as she moved. Iyago rushed to open the doors for her.

"Why thank you." She said with a giggle, and with that the pair entered the dark sanctuary.