The golden sun broke over the lush green mountains; bright rays gleaming through the crystal-clear windows. Pacifica Northwest groggily opened her eyes. She stretched her arms out across her silk-sewn designer pillow. Slowly, she brought herself out of her several-thousand dollar bedding. The blonde heiress trudged into the sparkling bathroom to get ready for the day. After fixing her hair and makeup, the butler calls her from her room.

"Miss Northwest, your father requests your presence in his study," he said. That was strange. Her father never allows her into his study. Was it because of her defiance from her parents at the party last night? Was it the fact that she spent almost the whole night with Dipper, the boy that they had forbidden her to interact with?

"Coming," Pacifica said. She quickly slipped into her usual purple outfit and met the butler at the door. The bald man led her to a giant set of cedar doors. He politely rapped his knuckles on the beautiful wood.

"Come in," a voice said from within. The butler opened the giant french doors. Preston Northwest stood behind a large oak desk, facing away from them as they walked in. He seemed to be looking up at a giant oil painting of Pacifica, himself, and his wife, Priscilla. Priscilla's fake white smile was overly large do to years of plastic surgery. Standing right next to Preston in front of the painting was the plastic woman herself, clad in a dark red dress.

"You are excused, Franklin," Preston said. With that, the butler left. Preston turned to face his daughter. An emotionless glare blanketed his face. Pacifica knew that he was more mad when he was silent then when he was yelling at her.

"Is something wrong, dad?" Pacifica asked nervously. Her father kept looking at the painting.

"Do you know what it means to be a Northwest?" he asked. His voice, too, was void of any emotion. At this point, Pacifica thought it to be a good idea just to not say anything. "It means that we are better than everyone else. We don't stoop down to any 'commoner's' level." He turned to face his daughter. "There has never been a flaw in our heritage. We are the personification of class."

Preston Northwest furrowed his brow. "That is… until you." Despite the new hostility in his voice, his face still had no emotion. Pacifica bowed her head in shame. "Because of you, our family name was an embarrassment last night; having commoners socialize at our party." He almost spit out the word commoners. "If it wasn't for you, our family wouldn't be such… such… a DISGRACE!"

"A DISGRACE?!" Pacifica yelled back, finally snapping. "I saved lives! You were willing to let everybody die so you wouldn't appear vulnerable! If anything, you are the one that is-"


Preston beat his hand on the desk, making a hollow noise. Pacifica silenced herself immediately.

"I have something I want to show you," the rich man said. His voice was emotionless again. He walked to the end of his great desk and towards a bust of Nathaniel Northwest. He pulled back the head of the bust, revealing a hidden button. Pushing the button, a bookshelf slid away; revealing a white hallway. Pacifica's parents led her down the hallway and into a clean, white lab.

Pacifica was shocked at what she saw. In the center of the room was a blank metal table. At one end sat a rack filled with vials of different chemicals and solutions. What was really shocking was what was set up at the other end of the lab. A row of large tubes stood against the wall. The tubes seemed to be filled with a kind of blue liquid. In the liquid, Pacifica saw, was more of… HER!

"Dad? What- what's going on here?" Pacifica asked, trembling. She looked at the pods, staring at the floating beings that looked like her. All she wanted was to run the other way, but the firm hand on her back persuaded her otherwise.

"You aren't like everyone else," Preston replied. "You are special. You are perfect." he paused. "Or at least, you were supposed to be." A look of disgust fell upon his face.

"W-what do you mean?" Tears started streaming down her face.

"Your father and I wished to have the perfect daughter," Priscilla said. "But having a normal child has just too many variables."

"So your mother and I hired the most prestigious genetic scientists in the world to engineer the perfect offspring," Preston added. "Saddly, however," he look towards the pods, "most of our efforts were… imperfect. Several times we had to replace you with another. And now that you have directly disobeyed and shamed us, that time has come again."

Pacifica shook her head. "What are you going to do with me?"

Perscilla spoke this time. "Oh, don't worry. We are just going to download all of the 'prefered' memories and upload them into a new body. We will then discard you. It will be like none of this ever happened."

"No!" Pacifica yelled. "I won't let you touch me! I will not be your little science experiment, and I will not be done away with like last season's fashions."

Preston glared at her. "I wouldn't be too sure about that." He went over to the rack of chemicals and took a syringe filled with a purple colored liquid. "In fact, you're not going to do anything ever again."

Pacifica looked to bolt, but two scientists suddenly appeared behind her and grabbed her shoulders. Preston came towards her, a devilish look in his eye. He flicked the vial in the syringe as if preparing it for the injection. Pacifica screamed as he came towards her, but a latex-gloved hand covered her mouth.

Suddenly, the grip on Pacifica loosened. She felt her feet lift off of the floor. Gravity itself seemed to have just… stopped. Seeing this as a chance, the blonde heiress shoved herself away from the scientists holding her down. Using her legs, she pushed herself off of one of the scientists and flung herself towards the hallway. The gravity turned back on, and Pacifica was thrown back onto the sterilized ground. Getting up quickly, she bolted towards her escape.

"Get her!" her father's voice yelled. The scientists gave chase to her, but they were big and slow. Suddenly, a giant gorilla-of-a-security guard blocked her escape. As if on command, the gravity turned off again. She slipped between the guard's hairy arms. The gravity turned back on. She bolted out of the hallway and towards the grand main gates.

"Close the Doors!" She heard her father say far behind her. The gates slowly started to close. Pacifica made a dive for it. She slipped through the gates just in time, as they slammed shut behind her with a sickening THUNK! "GET THOSE DOORS OPEN NOW!" Preston yelled from the other side. The gates started to creak open once again. Pacifica got up and started running again, making a beeline for the forest.

Pacifica Northwest sat on a fallen log. She had been running for her life all day. There were plenty of close calls, and even some more of those weird gravity lapses. She had run until the light faded back behind the western mountains. She knew that her parents were still looking for her, but she had to rest.

Pacifica fought the urge to close her eyes, but it was futile. As sleep enveloped her, a single thought raced through her mind. What will happen to me now?

Pacifica woke with a start. She could hear footsteps walking through the forest. It was pitch black. Maybe they wouldn't be able to see her? She leaned herself down beside the fallen log, trying to blend in. It took all of her willpower to not think about all of the dirt and bugs that were most likely on the forest floor. The footsteps and voices passed right by her, then receded into the blackness. Pacifica let out a breath that she didn't know she was holding, but still didn't move for a long while. Eventually, she got up and dusted herself off. She needed some kind of shelter, but didn't know where. She didn't even know where she was!

Looking around, Pacifica spotted a faint light in the distance. She knew it could be anything, but was still drawn to it out of desperation.

Walking in the clearing, the blonde recognized the location instantly. She walked up the rickety wooden steps towards the old, heavy door.

Looking around, Pacifica spotted a faint light in the distance. She knew it could be anything, but was still drawn to it out of desperation.

Walking in the clearing, the blonde recognized the location instantly. She walked up the rickety wooden steps towards the old, heavy door.