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All Harry knew was that Lockhart was rather incompetent. So when he brandished his wand, proclaiming that HE would fix Harry's arm, Harry rolled out the the way of the spell before it could hit him. Instead it hit Draco Malfoy's leg, as he had been standing behind Harry and jeering at the injured Gryffindor. Malfoy fell to the ground screaming in terror as his leg turned to a jello like flopping thing. Harry quickly stood up, better to dodge the next spell.

Fortunately, it wouldn't come. An angry Madame Promprey charged out of the stands, shrieking at Lockhart.

And for the first time, Harry was glad that Malfoy's 'father would hear of this.', as it might just rid them of the blundering blonde wizard.

Two weeks later, Lockhart had been fired, and an Auror that was on injured leave was their teacher. Injured Aurors would keep rotating until Dumbledore had found a better, more qualified professor. Another good thing was that the Aurors had found both a huge Basilisk and a evil enchanted diary and had killed them both. Harry was just happy he didn't have to deal with them.

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