Title: Intruder Alert

Author: Haze

Disclaimer: I don't own Escaflowne so don't sue me…


Popular girl, Hitomi Kanzaki, had to say goodbye to her 'in' reputation in the USA and her friends and boyfriend temporarily --- or so she thought. For the vacation to Japan wasn't exactly a short-term one but one meant for a lifetime stay.

Business calls for her father, a well-known business tycoon, was a good enough reason to deny her, Mr. Kanzaki's favorite, her one current request --- to remain in the USA.

As business pursues, her parents had crossed the line of not mixing business with personal matters. Mr. Kanzaki is not so approving of her boyfriend. And so wanting to assure a good life for his daughter, Mr. Kanzaki affianced his daughter to the son of his long-time business associate.

The match seemed made in heaven as it will be very beneficial to both families and assumedly, the paired children. Firstly, both families money wouldn't go anywhere and they would join their vast wealth. Secondly, they will be assured of good-looking grand children. Thirdly, they would be assured that their children will marry off a person from a good family. And so the list goes on.

However, they didn't count on the sparks that flew.

Author's Note: This is my first Escaflowne fiction. So please go easy on me.

The thing above is just a summary. I want to know if you people like the story before I upload. So please, tell me what you think. By the way, this is going to be an alternative universe fiction. So please do not be revolted by my crazy writing here. This is for entertainment purposes and not to offend.

The pairing in my mind is Hitomi/Dilandau. I like Van but I also like Dilandau. And I think the story would somehow match him in a least sadistic way. I mean, it's hard to imagine Van in the sparks line.

Anyhow, I'll end the rant because I still have a slight fever lingering. Once more, I implore you all to tell me what you think. Thank you for the time. ^^