Title: Intruder Alert

Author: Haze

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Chapter 10: The concert's results

Just then, Mrs. Albatou and Dilandau's friends came in.

"What is going on?" Mrs. Albatou asked as she looked at Hitomi, who was still rubbing Dilandau's back soothingly, and Dilandau, who was still vomiting.

Hitomi looked back to the kitchen's doorway and fumbled for an excuse. When she couldn't find any, she looked back at Dilandau who was now glaring at her and at the same time throwing up. The glare soon got to her nerve and she was again in her revenge mode.

'You want war? Fine.' Her mind said and she looked back at Mrs. Albatou, expression between hesitance and submission.

"What is going on?" Mrs. Albatou repeated.

Gatti, Chesta and Miguel looked very uncomfortable. Hitomi merely continued her torn expression as if she was seriously contemplating whether to leak a secret or not. Moments later, she sighed and looked at Mrs. Albatou as if she is near tears.

"Dilandau is," Hitomi said and paused dramatically. She stole a look at Dilandau and saw that he was still glaring at her. 'Alright then. You really want war,' she thought. "You see, he's…" She shook her head and rubbed Dilandau's back again. "He's…" She looked back at Dilandau tearfully before looking at the rest. "He's bu-buli-limic," she stuttered.

"What? He's bulimic?!"

Hitomi stared at her boots as if she regretted telling them. She didn't see that Chesta sighed before nodding.

Mrs. Albatou was shocked and she immediately noticed the glare that Dilandau was sending Hitomi. 'He looks angry enough to be guilty.' She thought. "Dilandau, stop glaring at Hitomi. We'll talk about this some other time. For now, Celena and her friends are in the living room. Since your friends are also here, I suggest you already go to the concert."

When Mrs. Albatou had left, Dalet cleared his throat loudly. "We'll be in the living room." He proceeded to usher everyone out, protesting or not.

Hitomi was about to follow when Dilandau grabbed her arm. "And where do you think you are going?!" He hissed.

"To the living room," she said plainly.

"And what of the problem you've caused?!"

"Solve it yourself, my bulimic fiancé."

Dilandau clenched his jaw. How he wanted to harm Hitomi at that precise moment!

"If you're planning to murder me, you'll be in more trouble than ever. Besides, it's about time I pay you back for being such a pain," Hitomi said in a matter of fact tone.

His grip on her arm tightened and to prevent himself from actually considering murdering her, he dragged her out of the kitchen.

Hitomi unconsciously tightened her arms around Dilandau's waist and she unconsciously leaned her cheek on his back. She was feeling cold from the night wind that blew past them as they sped away. She had forgotten to get her jacket from the kitchen counter when Dilandau dragged her off.

He felt her shiver slightly against his back but he ignored her. He was still pissed about the kitchen incident but he couldn't very well punch Hitomi. Back in junior high, he would've punched anyone near him. But junior high is not the present. He wasn't the same problem child anymore.

When they had arrived at the venue, he noticed the glare Hitomi had been receiving courtesy of Celena's friends. Hitomi looked as if she wanted to glare at the girls but she kept her cool for Celena and Merle's sake.

"So we split here, I guess," she said and walked off.

"You're not joining us?" Celena called out her question.

"No," Hitomi replied, still walking off and not looking back at them. "Thanks for the ride, Dilandau."

"Well, looks like she noticed that she can't climb up the social ladder," Hikaru, one of Celena's friends, said haughtily.

Celena ignored her and continued to look at Hitomi's retreating figure.

'I'm not feeling guilty,' Dilandau's mind repeated again. 'If anyone should feel guilty, it should be her.'

He wasn't enjoying the concert as much as he wanted to. He couldn't focus on enjoying. And as much as he hated to admit it, he was worried about Hitomi.

'I think I spent too much time with her that I'm uneasy without her in my line of vision in places like this one.'

People's screams and cheers were emanating from everywhere and still, his mind is focused on one person. People are jumping and moving and still his eyes were everywhere, trying to find Hitomi.

The luck of the world must have been with him because with all the pushing and moving that happened, Hitomi was pushed to his side from somewhere in the back. He looked at her and suppressed the urge to smile. She was still oblivious that she was now with him since she focused on the rock band performing on stage.

Van would've let the guy off the hook if he had unintentionally touched Celena's butt. This was a concert for crying out loud. But when Celena was glaring at the guy for many times, he sure was not going to hold himself back.

Ignoring all the pushing, screaming, and even jumping around him, he pushed his way to Celena and punched the guy straight on the nose.

The guy's nose bled and he lunged at Van to retaliate.

The concert had just ended when the fight became noticeable. Viole recognized Celena's screams. And he pulled Merle towards where the fighting was. Unfortunately before he could reach the fight, Merle's ex-boyfriend came into view.

The guy had literally hit Merle several times when Merle and he was still into a relationship. Just the sight of him reminded Viole of that. But he wouldn't start a fight. Not in front of Merle unless she was insulted or harassed.

But Merle's ex-boyfriend was proud enough to go to Viole and start a brawl.

Dalet and Guimel pushed through spectators to help Viole out. Hikaru and some of Merle's friends were following them.

Blake, Merle's ex-boyfriend, and his friends were ganging up on Viole. Merle was trying to stop them, but what can a girl do against those football players?

When they reached the fight, Hikaru and the others pulled Merle away while Dalet and Guimel engaged into a fight with Blake's friends.

Chesta tried his best to help Van out with the companions of the guy who dared harass Celena. But they were outnumbered with the odds of four to one. No wonder the guy had the nerve to go on touching Celena like that.

One guy lunged towards Celena. But before he could reach her, someone else had the courage to actually punch the guy who staggered back.

Dilandau cursed as he tried to catch up with Hitomi. She had darted off towards a fight.

When he managed to push through the many spectators, he was just in time to see Hitomi punch a guy who was lunging for Celena. Now, it was Hitomi who was in deep trouble basing from the guy's enraged look.

He ran towards the guy. However he wanted to avoid a fight, when situations are like this, he obviously doesn't have a choice.

Miguel and Gatti were just in time to join the fight. Three against eight people weren't exactly fair.

Mei and some of the girls rushed to Celena's side to worry over her. They ignored Hitomi of course. But moments later, their eyes were wide as they stared at Hitomi as she punched a guy who was just about to hit Miguel from the back.

Dilandau looked back and received a blow meant for Hitomi. 'Damn!' He cursed inwardly as he felt the pain on his shoulder.

They glared at each other from opposite prison cells.

The police had come and arrested them. Actually, not just them. For after some time, other chaotic events pursued within other groups. Soon, fighting was almost everywhere for different reasons.

Dilandau really wanted to squeeze the life out of the guy who had punched Hitomi on the stomach. Mei walked up to him from her position in the cell and flirtatiously placed her hands on his chest. He never spared her a look as he removed her hands and walked towards Hitomi in the other end of the cell.

He sat beside her and looked back to the other prison cell to continue glaring. Hitomi unconsciously pulled the leather jacket closer. When they had entered the prison cell an hour and a half ago, Dilandau had placed his jacket on her. And since then, she sat on the corner of the cell, trying to block off the yelling from their cell and the other cells as well.

Van on the other hand wouldn't leave Celena's side as he engaged into a verbal fight with Celena's offender. He still hasn't told Dilandau about the start of the fight and he wouldn't right now, especially that he can see Dilandau being so angry about something. He wasn't quite sure since they all had been too busy about the fight. But he guessed that his red-eyed friend was angry about having had bruises. Dilandau was always careful not to have something marring his perfectly attractive appearance.

Merle snuggled deeper into Viole who was now satisfied in just glaring at Blake on the opposite prison cell. Before, Blake and Viole were yelling insults at each other. But at least now, they're just glaring back and forth. She was tired and she closed her eyes.

Gatti and Chesta took notice of everything around the cell: from Hikaru, Mei, and the other four girls' jealous looks to Viole and Merle's sweet embrace; from Van and Celena's close position to Guimel and Dalet's irritated look; and finally to Miguel's look to Dilandau and Hitomi's forms.

They were all messed up except for the girls who were alright. Of course there was an exception which was Hitomi. She had helped them out and she got hurt as a result. Then, Dilandau was outraged even more. And now, he was holding her so close while seriously looking as if he could kill anyone that very moment.

'We're all seriously in trouble,' Chesta sighed inwardly. 'Going to the concert was a bad idea.'

"Out," a guard ordered as he unlocked their cell. "Your parents are here."

"Here goes nothing," Guimel mumbled. "I guess we won't be seeing each other for a time."

"Obviously," Dalet said in annoyance. "Damn those morons!"

Hitomi buried her face deeper into the pillow. Her body ached so much.

It was a good thing that following the concert was the weekends. At least she'd have time to rest and rest and rest. She didn't want to think of anything yet.

Last night, her parents didn't even say anything when they came to bail her out of the police station. They also didn't say anything for the rest of the ride home. And even though they would say something, she had nothing to say except that she was trying to protect Celena and as much as she hated to admit it, her friends.

She had been hanging out with Dilandau and his group for quite a time that she now treats them as friends although not THAT obviously. She couldn't very well speak to them as openly as she spoke to her friends in America. But still, they were her friends.

Dilandau was almost different the previous night. He had fought for her and even received a couple of blows meant for her. And to think, she had gotten him in trouble at home about the bulimia stuff.

He had been nice enough to give her his jacket and even sit by her for a time before hugging her protectively at the prison.

She never even thanked him yet.

'So what if I'm grounded?!' Dilandau thought ANGRILY as he glared at the ceiling of his room from his resting position in the bed. 'Like I care!'

He wasn't allowed to use the phone or even the computer. And he couldn't go out of the house. All that because he was in some 'little' fight. It's not his fault in his opinion. He was only trying to protect Celena and Hitomi and help his friends out.

The moment he and Celena were inside their father's car, he had received this punishment. He couldn't even convince his father to lighten it a bit. And even Celena, the favorite, was also grounded. He was sure that the rest were grounded too although he can't be too sure about Celena's friends.

'I wonder if Hitomi's grounded.'

But he guessed that she was. She had been involved in the fight after all. And she got hurt from it.

Although he didn't quite understand it, he was outraged by the fact that Hitomi got hurt by some guy.

He didn't know whether to like that or not. But one thing was sure. He wouldn't let anyone hurt Hitomi again. The next time he holds her either protectively or not, it would be because he wanted to do so and not because she had been hurt. And if some guy managed to hurt her, he'd hurt that guy or any person who would inflict pain on Hitomi.

It was just impulse that's making him think and feel this way. It wasn't anything revolving around love. No, he was sure it wasn't. But what could it be?

They weren't exactly friends nor are they enemies. Sure they are engaged to each other. But that was their parents' choice, not theirs. So if they're not enemies and not friends at the same time, then it's not hate or love. So what is it then that made him angry when she got hurt? What is it then that made him hold her close?

Everyone who got involved in any of the rambles during the end of the concert were given three days suspension by their respective schools. Some actually rejoiced, and others felt the opposite.

But those extra three days provided time for most of the Dragon Slayers to think about the brawl they were involved in. It also gave time for Merle to further realize how she meant to Viole; for Celena to feel her crush deepen on Van; and for the other girls to realize that something was definitely up around Hitomi and Dilandau.

For Hitomi's part, the extra days of no classes gave her the time to be more anxious to apologize and thank Dilandau. It also gave her more time to wonder about her behavior.

When the time came for them to return to school, it was either some of them were more confused or some of them were enlightened.

"Where's Hitomi?" Merle asked the moment Celena joined them for lunch. "She's not with your brother."

Celena looked at the table where her brother and his friends were and found Hitomi missing. "She's not with me."

"Why look for her, Merle? She's not important anyway." Mei said in a matter of fact tone.

Celena and Merle ignored her and continued to scan the cafeteria crowd.

"Maybe she didn't come to class." Momoko, one of their friends, offered.

"Yeah, maybe." Celena said distractedly.

Dilandau restrained himself from tapping his fingers impatiently on the table. Hitomi wasn't around yet and it had been at least twenty minutes since lunch break begun.

"She might be absent," Chesta offered weakly, afraid that Dilandau might flare up from his intrusion on the matter.

Red eyes pierced him. "I didn't say anything loud, did I?"

"N-no." Chesta answered nervously.

It was almost as if the dangerous Dilandau was back. It's not that he wasn't dangerous the past time during the year, but the dangerous Dilandau that was now in front of them was almost similar to the one who was out to wreck chaos on everything long ago.

"So what is it that made you interrupt, hmm?" He asked sternly.

"You we-were st-staring at t-the door a-and t-then her ch-chair."

If it was before, he would have done something brutal. He hated to be interrupted when he was impatient about something. But it was different now. And he realized that he was again overstepping the boundaries of friendship into that of dictatorship. But of course, Dilandau Albatou would not say sorry to anyone.

"I see."

He turned his look to the rest who were trying to mask the anxiety they were feeling. It was obvious that they still feared him and that there was still the line of superiority that divided them.

Van looked at him. "Folken may just be around if you feel like freaking out. And we're also around in case."

Dilandau nodded curtly and stood up to leave.

She had been standing there in the middle of the rooftop for the last thirty minutes just staring at the clear blue sky.

Days of contemplation made her more confused about other things in her life. She missed America. She wouldn't get in trouble there and she wouldn't need to use what she learned in martial arts class. She wouldn't need to worry about her relationship with Allen. She wouldn't disappoint her parents. She wouldn't need to worry about the treatment of others. She wouldn't be in this miserable situation most of all.

That morning, she had been spurned more than usual by most girls. It was most likely because of her involvement in a fight and most likely because she was arrested. And she felt tired of it all. She wanted to get away.

But strangely, she wasn't feeling alright in the rooftop, away from everyone. It was as if something was still amiss though she couldn't pinpoint it.

She was tired. Just so tired. And still, she felt she still needed to do something important. Dilandau's so called bulimia still needs to be cleared. And when she'll do it, she'd disappoint her parents more from the implication that she's one conniving and mean girl.

Hitomi's reflections were soon put to a stop as she gradually became aware of warm air on her hair. She spun back and came face to face with the silver-haired boy she didn't know whether she hated or not.

"What are you doing here?" She asked after a few minutes of silence. He was about to answer her when she interrupted. "Oh yeah. This is your territory."

He shook his head. "Actually, I was looking for you."

"What for? Oh, yeah. The bulimia thing last week. Don't worry, I'll fix that."

"It's not that."

'Oh no! Did he actually figure out that I was causing him to vomit his food?' She thought nervously. "Oh? What is it then?" She paused and then spoke once more. "Oh yeah, your jacket."

"It's not the jacket."

"Oh alright. I apologize for smacking you in the head and making it look like you were having bulimia in front of your mom and friends. And fine. I'm really thankful for your help during the fight, for you jacket back at the police station, and for the hug at the prison cell."

He looked at her skeptically.

"I mean it!" She said irately. "What do you want me to do? Kneel and beg for your forgiveness? Then hug and kiss you as my thanks? Gee, you're demanding too much!"

His lips quirked upwards in amusement. "You sure have some funny way of asking for my forgiveness and thanking me."

"What do you mean?!" She demanded and then realized a few seconds later. She blushed. "Uh, sorry."

He kept quiet and stared at her still with the amusement. Soon, she lost her temper again. "What?!"

"You do realize that this is the first time I've seen you go red from embarrassment."


"I just find it… cute."

She blushed even more. "Are you trying to pull my leg here or what?!"

He stared at her longer and shook his head as realization dawned to him. "Aren't you hungry?"

"You're changing the topic!" She snapped.

"You know, you still haven't apologized and thanked me sincerely yet. All you did was snap at me."

Hitomi's expression changed from irritation to realization. "Oh yeah. So how do you want them then?"

"Maybe I'll take up what you said earlier," he answered, grinning.

"What?! Forget about my apology and thanks then!"

She stomped away towards the rooftop door but Dilandau caught her by her arm and spun her around.

"Alright. I think I have a better idea."

"It better be good," she said crossly.

He stared once more and the same realization came. Sure it wasn't love or hate. It was more on him developing fondness for her.

Hitomi on the other hand stared back and realized something. She wasn't feeling alright in the rooftop and away from everyone, as if there was something amiss though she couldn't pinpoint it because there wasn't any Dilandau then. She had actually became attached to this guy she hated before. Attached and accustomed that when he wasn't around, something was missing.

They were attached to each other that even though they seem to be enemies, they weren't. And one thing was needed to make their oblivious friendship official and clear.

They smiled unconsciously at each other before holding out their hands as if sharing the same thoughts on what to do next.



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