The Shadowed One is standing in a cave in the Black Spike Mountains waiting for someone to bring news about the progress of their new base. He can't wait anymore.

"Revenge! Come here now!" shouts The Shadowed One.

Suddenly a red being is appearing.

"Yes, master..." says the red being. "Do you want to know the progress of...?"

"Yes!" says The Shadowed One interrupting the red being.

"The fortress will be completed in a week. Gladiator finished that task you gave him and is helping us now. With his strength we..."

"Good. That's what I wanted to hear, Revenge." says The Shadowed One interrupting the red being again.

Revenge is leaving the cave. He is annoyed often by The Shadowed One. Maybe he will get used to it. He is a new member, recruited by the Dark Hunters after the Reformation. He was a Toa of Fire in the Matoran Universe. He got lost in a forest trying to run after the Universe collapsed. His name was Kakumu. He was part of a team of 4 Toa. He still thinks that his former teammates abandoned him. He also got a scar on his left eye while trying to leave the Matoran Universe, leaving his Kanohi Mahiki with a scratch. The Dark Hunters repaired his mask, putting an eyepiece on his left eye.

"Revenge!" shouts The Shadowed One again.

"Yes, master." says Revenge. "We are still working on..."

"No, no, no. I know you hate your former team. I think I can help you find them and kill them." says The Shadowed One smiling.

"Oh, I don't know... I would like to do this, but they are strong. I need some help."

"Technician is going to make some tools for you. I will pair you with Silence."

"Is Technician the one that made my eyepiece?" asks Revenge amazed.

"Yes." says The Shadowed One looking at the red being. "Technician! Come here!" shouts The Shadowed One.

After a minute of waiting, a black being, with silver spots under the armor, is entering the cave.

"I am working on the doors, don't worry..." says the black being.

"No, Technician. You are going to make some tools for Revenge... a sword and a gun. And maybe some kind of bomb."

"Oh, it will take a week or two..." says Technician.

"No problem. Continue your work."

Technician is leaving the cave, wondering what is going on.

"Revenge, you and Silence must steal something from those Toa. They have shadow leeches. They are keeping them in their base. I should send with you that Vortixx, too."

"Vortixx? Oh, Karidak?" says Revenge.

"Yes. He's fast and strong. That's it... Go."

Revenge leaves the cave. "I will destroy those Toa! And I will keep the shadow leeches! The Shadowed One is just a fool... I will rule the Dark Hunters... I will destroy the Toa and I will rule the planet!" His new plan is giving him hope and motivation. "I will rule the entire planet! First, I need more tools and artifacts to extend my powers. I think my former team might have some useful tools that can help me..."