A green Toa runs desperately to find out who is the one that attacked him. Nobody was nearby. He has been looking for days and his supplies are almost gone. "Where is that tyrant? Karzahni... Where are you?!" thinks the Toa.

The Toa stops and rests under a tree for a minute, but suddenly someone shouts "Help!". The green Toa runs to the one that needs help. The Toa sees a red being, with a scratch on his mask, trapped in a cave.

"I can help you..." says the green being.

"Uh, finally!" says the red one.

The green Toa uses his air abilities to lift the red being.

"Thank you..." says the red being after a short pause.

"Who are you?" asks the Toa of Air.

"I... I'm Kakumu." says the Toa of Fire. "You?"

"My name is Lesovikk. I'm looking for Karzahni... Do you have something to eat or to drink?"

"Yes, I do."

The two hide under a tree's roots and eat. Lesovikk sees the sun setting and wonders where Karzahni is.

"I think I should leave..." says Lesovikk.

"I don't know where I am and where should I go. I'm coming with you."

They start heading north again, but they hear something, something big, getting closer.

A giant silhouette appears near them, behind some trees. They try to hide again but somehow the giant knows where they are.

"I think we should run..." says Lesovikk.

The Toa of Air runs near the cave, where the red Toa fell hours ago. He can't see much because of the darkness, but makes the giant fall in the hole.

The giant shoots a missile and makes the Toa fall, too. Lesovikk hangs on the edge of the hole.

"H... Help...!" says the green Toa.

Kakumu pulls him out of the cave, but another missile hits the ground. This time, Lesovikk jumps as the rocks fall on the giant.

Kakumu and Lesovikk run away, leaving the massive being underground.

The two find themselves in a rocky area, with black mountains.