"Stay here, Toa! Be careful with those Kestora…" says an Onu-Matoran.

"No. We need to find an exit and somehow… to help those who are being… dissected by these creatures." says a Toa.

"Kopaka… I think we should land this station." says the other Toa with a serious voice.

"This is dangerous for the ones that are being dissected, but it is our only choice. Good job, Pohatu."

"Wait? Are you kidding me?! I have been living here for years and I haven't found the control panel and…!" shouts Mavrah, the nervous Matoran.

"Enough. Keep silence; I can use my mask to look for it." says Kopaka.

After a minute of searching, Kopaka stops and says: "I found it. Follow me. And this is a space station, by the way..."

The Toa of Ice starts walking silently. Pohatu and Mavrah follow him.

"Is this really a space...?" asks Pohatu, but stops.

They hear a shout and metal screeches coming from the darkness of one hall. Kopaka uses his mask again.

"A Turaga needs our help." says the white Toa. "And this is the right way to the control panel, too."

The two Toa and the Onu-Matoran find two Kestora carrying the desperate Turaga.

"Pohatu! Save him!" says Kopaka. "Matoran, you stay here."

The Toa of Stone uses his mask to gain speed and rescue the Turaga from the Kestora, while the Toa of Ice freezes the "kidnappers".

"Oh, thank Mata Nui! You saved me, Toa!" says the Turaga.

"Ummm, why are you wearing a copper mask?" asks Pohatu.

"Oh. When I was living in Metru Nui I had a Golden Hau. I think, uh - what's his name? - Oh, yes! Vakama. I think a Toa named Vakama took my mask after I... You know..." says the Turaga.

"Vakama?" ask Kopaka and Pohatu, both surprised.

"Are you Lhikan?" asks Mavrah.

"Yes..." replies the Turaga. "Toa, do you know Vakama? You look like you do."

"Yes! He defeated Makuta once, one thousand years ago." says Pohatu.

"We should go to the control panel. We'll have time for stories later. Hopefully..." says Kopaka.

They find the door to the control room, at the end of the hall. Another two Kestora utilize some devices. Kopaka creates an ice cage around them. Pohatu goes at the control panel and tries to figure out how to use it.

"Are you crazy?!" shouts one of the Kestora. "Don't even think about it!"

"You'll help us." says Kopaka, looking at the Kestora.

"Kopaka, how many Matoran are being dissected?" asks Pohatu.

"Seven, I think." replies the Toa of Ice. "And two Turaga. Surprisingly, that's all."

"If you put this station down, we won't be able to lift it off!" says the other Kestora.

"Oh, that's better!" says Pohatu.

"Is this space station used for repairing dead beings from the Matoran Universe?" asks Kopaka.

"Yes." say Lhikan and Mavrah.

"Oh. Good to know, I guess." says the brown-armored Toa. "Now let's land this thing!"

After 10 minutes the two Kestora help the strangers use the control panel and pilot the Red Star.

"...And use that lever to turn on and off the orbiting device. You need to turn it off to land this station." says one Kestora.

"You'll regret this... You're lucky that we're orbiting Spherus Magna now." says the other Kestora.

"Thank you..." says Pohatu.

The Toa of Stone turns off the orbiting device and starts piloting the Red Star. Kopaka uses his mask to see if someone is coming.

"Is it safe?" asks Lhikan.

"Yes, it is." answers the Toa of Ice.

The station starts shaking. It enters the atmosphere of the planet.

"We have some emergency canisters. One is big enough to hold up to seven Matoran. We need to use them!" says one Kestora. "But we don't have enough for all the beings stuck in this place."

"We'll stay here. Save the others. We're trying to land." replies Kopaka. "Mavrah, Turaga Lhikan. Follow them and leave!"

The white Toa breaks the ice cage, setting the two Kestora free.

They gather as many beings as possible, place them in canisters and launch them.

Pohatu stabilizes the station, but its speed is still huge.

"We're almost..." shouts Pohatu.

The Red Star crashes, but it hits something soft. It crash-lands in snow.

"This wasn't that bad." says Pohatu.

"Indeed." replies Kopaka.

Kopaka uses his mask again. Some beings are still here, but they're not injured.

"The Kestora, some armored beings, probably Dark Hunters, Toa... We're not safe here. Let's leave this place. Now!" says the Toa of Ice.

Pohatu and Kopaka exit the Red Star, wondering about their purpose here and their vision.

"I think we made the right choice. Maybe that was our purpose in this space station. To free everyone and bring more Toa to this realm." says Kopaka. "But we might have freed some dangers with them..."

Meanwhile, in a volcanic area, a canister falls near a cliff. A group of Matoran, followed by two Turaga, approaches the metallic cylinder.

"Turaga Dume, Turaga Vakama! Look!" shouts one Ta-Matoran.

Turaga Lhikan, followed by Mavrah and other five Matoran, stares at them and says: "Turaga Dume! And... Vakama, is that you?"

"Turaga Lhikan?" asks Vakama. "What is happening?"

"I want to know that, too. Where are we?" says Lhikan.

"Oh, hehe. We need to talk about a lot... Welcome!" says Vakama.