"We can't keep doing this, you know."

"Why not?"

"B-Because… Both of us w-would get into trouble, that's why."

"Afraid of the Headmaster, are you?"

"O-Of course I am! And I b-bet you are too!"

Smack. "Do not assume anything, Hunter! Surely a half-wit like you knows when to keep his mouth shut!"

Sniffle. "I'm s-s-sorry, I-"

"Shut up. Goodness, as well as being a troublemaker, you are an annoying cry baby to top it off! No wonder Jeff likes to torment you!"

"R-Rose, please-"

"What?! Want me to kiss you so that you are no longer impacted by the harsh, yet true words that are coming from my mouth? Want to keep me distracted from hurting you?!"

"I-I-It's just t-t-that you're t-the Head P-Prefect so-"

"So therefore, I am the Headmaster's best pupil and his top confidant. He trusts me over the other Prefects, and values me with the best of his expansive knowledge."

"So… you're basically a s-suck up, then?"

SMACK. "Don't you DARE insult me, ever again! You should understand by now, HUNTER, that I can punish you as harshly as I want! A method that would leave you sobbing your little heart out! DO NOT OVERESTIMATE YOUR POSITION, YOU LITTLE TROUBLEMAKER!"

Whimper. "S-S-Sorry, Rose, I-I wouldn't dream of d-disobeying you or any of the o-other Prefects, or the t-teachers or the H-H-Headmaster… B-But…"

"But what?! Stop snivelling and man up! What do you want to tell me, you runt?!"

"P-Peter calls me that…"

"Get to the point, Hunter."

"I-I was g-going to say t-that, you like p-punishing me…"

Smirk. "Well, well, the truth finally falls from your lips. Do not bother wasting your breath, Hunter. I've heard about the little stories that you and your brother feed your parents. Slandering the Headmaster and the school's name."

A beat. "Oh, you should see how guilty you look!"

"Y-You're not going to t-tell him, are you?"

"For once, no, but do not think that you have escaped punishment from me. Next time we get together, I'm going to punish you."

"Fine… Talking about next t-time, are we meeting s-somewhere else or just sticking to this place?"

"Here. What's wrong with the storage cupboard?"

"It's a-awfully cramped in here."

"You've never complained before. Besides, I am not going to risk being seen with YOU, in… a compromising situation by another member of this school, especially the Headmaster. He would have your behind, and I would be demoted to a lowly position."

"B-Brilliant. My backside would get even sorer then. Ok, storage cupboard, it is."

Tick, tick. "Oh no!"

"What's wrong, Hunter?"

"I told Mr Brown that I would only be five minutes! That was over ten minutes ago!"

Snort. "So?"

"So, I'm going to get into trouble!"

"And I should care, because…?"

"Well, if he finds out the real reason behind my long disappearance, then we won't be able to get together, ever again!"

"Mmh, that is a negative."

"Yeah… and I-I don't really w-want to s-stop seeing you."

"Aww, you falling for the big, bad, Head Prefect?"

"…Can I k-kiss you?"

"Clever boy. Asking me for permission. Go ahead, kiss me and it better be good. I've been waiting to feel your mouth again for a whole week."

Lean in. "Anything else you w-want me to do?"

"Touch me up, then I'll do something for you. Afterwards, you need to return to your lesson."

Pause. "W-What do I tell Mr B-Brown though?!"

"That on your way to the bathroom, you encountered me, and I demanded for your assistance with the utmost urgency, thus, you lost track of time and were late returning to the lesson."

"W-What if he notices my uniform? He'll have a m-massive go, if it's rumpled!"

"Then, fix it before you return! Now, kiss me, before I lose any more patience!"

Lips brush. "You know… I a-actually t-think… I l-love you, R-Rose Carter."

A hand slides up a trouser leg. "Shut up, Hunter, and kiss me already."