Otherwise this only means emphasis.


I was so bored.

But my plan was in motion. I needed the Elder Wand, which was owned by Dumbledore, or so I had thought. In reality, it was now owned by Severus Snape, one of my most faithful Death Eaters. Bella was the first of them. Followed by Snape.

... Back to the subject, there can be no distractions, before I fall down the path of putting my followers in order. I needed to kill Severus for the wand, I would not regret it but the good thing is HE killed Dumbledore, not only does it mean that he owns the Elder Wand but he also has a horcrux. To have a horcrux, you have to kill someone, so whether or not he knew it, he did have one. So I wouldn't be losing a follower.

Now I just needed to get him here. I heard Lucius Malfoy's voice. He was asking me about Harry Potter coming to find me. He was questioning me? I snapped at him before thinking twice, HE could bring me Severus. I turned to him.

"Lucius, find Severus. Bring him to me." I turned around and headed back. I sat down on a chair and waited. Nagini slithered out of the shadows and slithered up my leg, onto my lap, curling around in a coil as much as she could. She was a huge snake, the first snake I'd ever seen as a boy. I grew up with her. She herself had a horcrux. She had killed Bathilda Bagshot, plus more than I could count.

/Master Voldemort/

/Nagini. I missed you, I hope your outing was as expected?/

/It was. I missed you./

/Did you catch anything? A muggle, perhaps?/

/There are no muggles in range so I had a Mudblood./ I snorted.

/Nagini, you have no idea where it's been! You're lucky you're a poisonous snake or it could have killed you. However thank you for making there one less Mudblood in the world. One day we will be gone with Mudbloods entirely. Then we will go for the Squibs. We will populate the world with wizards and witches./

/They will follow you to the ends of the Earth./

"My Lord, you wanted to see me?" Nagini got off my lap and back into the shadows in the blink of an eye. I stood up and stared at Severus.

"Yes, Severus, I did."