"Tom? Can I leave the house and explore the village, not leave the village? It's a village right?"

"First off, why would you go and do a thing like that? Second, yes. It is a village. A horrible one at that."

"Then why don't you move? To, maybe, Great Hangleton? Or London? Maybe Little Whinging? Somewhere that you like."

"You lived in Little Whinging with the Durselys. We lived only 200 miles from each other every summer."

"… can I go down to the village or not?"

"You have no Muggle money. There will be nothing of interest. Besides, Severus is here. Your ability will hang on your behavior." I smiled before running downstairs to greet Severus.

I saw him, and because I had missed him, gave him a hug. Tom wouldn't kill him, he'd promised. And then I remembered his deal with Tom. I let go, he'd acted as if it wasn't happening, and looked around the room.

"Harry, come here." I looked behind me to find Tom. He was standing in the entry way. I walked over to him, obediently. "Where are they Severus?"

"Waiting in the next room, My Lord."

"Bring them in." He bowed before leaving, coming back in a minute. They looked utterly terrible. I looked at Dudley. He was terrified. I grimaced, taking a step back from this horror. "Why is there a fourth?"

"My Lord, they were staying at the man's sister's house." Aunt Marge was here? I looked around and spotted her. She was dreadfully pale. I can't believe this is happening. I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

"What's going on here, boy?" Uncle Vernon demanded. I opened my mouth to reply but Voldemort had quickly cast crucio on him. I grabbed his wrist, trying to stop him.

"Stop! Stop it!" Aunt Petunia and Aunt Marge were screaming, Dudley was crying. "Riddle! Stop it!" He sneered.

"This Muggle speaks with such arrogance against a wizard. I should teach him his place. Or maybe you would like to defend your own pride?"

"I don't want any pride!" He turned his sneer at me, I frowned. Trying to look hurt.

"Blood traitor. Harry, to redeem yourself, use crucio on the man Dumbledore so wrongly left you with."

"I'm grateful for having had been given a home to sleep and live. Marge would have happily given me to an orphanage." He finally lowered his wand. I kept my hand on his wrist just in case.

"Which one is Marge?"

"The large one My Lord." Oh. Shit!

"Hm. I can see their resemblance. Fat and ugly. Take her to Malfoy Manor. She will be reserved for Greyback." Severus bowed, but didn't leave. "Harry, you have three lives. Who do you wish to save?"

Everyone looked at me. I felt surrounded, being pushed further and further into a fire. I looked at Tom, looking for help. He gave none. I looked at Severus, no help. I looked at the Durselys. They were desperate.

"Your choices are Augusta Longbottom, Mundungus Fletcher, Sturgis Podmore, and Remus Lupin. We have yet to capture him but I can make it a rule he cannot be killed. Bill, Fleur, Dudley, and Severus you no longer have to worry about. They are free to go."

"Why are you doing this?"

"You will have to be a bit more specific Harry."

"Why are you forcing me to choose? I love them all."

"That is the exact reason I am letting you choose. It is because you love them. You should decide who lives and who dies."

"Can I choose one of them?" I pointed at the Durselys. He gave a high, cold laugh. He smirked at me.

"No, Harry. You know better than that."

"Remus Lupin, Augusta Longbottom, and… Sturgis Podmore." He gave another of those high, cold laughs. He turned to Severus. "I want the same promise with Bill and Fleur." His brows lifted in surprise.

"Are you willing to give me something or sacrifice one of those three?"


"For Bill or Fleur?"

"Honesty and I will listen to your opinions about the world." He held out his hand. Is it too far to say deal with the devil? I grabbed his hand with my own.

"Deal. Severus?" I felt a surge of magic go through me. When he let go, I stumbled as I gasped from that surge of power.

As Severus and Tom began to talk. A thought hit me, I had just given away their lives like it was nothing. I looked at the Durselys faces. They were hurt, horrified. I backed out of the room, running to my room.