Yes I know. Horrible title. Couldn't think of a better one so you're stuck with the most horrible pun I have ever made. I blame Chat Noir.

The rain was pouring down heavily, Marinette noted as she sat on her bedroom's window sill. Her hands cupped a mug of hot chocolate, watching as the rain trickled down in the dark, nearly midnight, skies. She watched in content. It was calming. The rain's soft pitter patter, the dark skies making the whole city light up brightly, the perfect view of the Eiffel Tower standing tall and proud, the leather clad body of Chat Noir pressed on her window

The leather clad body of Chat Noir pressed on her window?

Marinette nearly threw her mug away as she was shown the body of the man in black.

"Chat Noir what the heck are you doing here?" She exclaimed

"Hi Princess." He greeted her with a large grin, "It's raining out, can you let me in?"

"Chat it's eleven." She responded, placing her mug down on a nearby table, opening her window and letting him in, "What are you still doing here and my room is in the third floor!"

"Good evening too, Princess." He replied

"Okay, okay," she sighed, placing a hand on the bridge of her nose, "you're here, in the middle of the night, from the pouring rain because?"

"Because I couldn't sleep." He shrugged

"And you think that my apartment's the place to go because?" She raised a brow

"Because I don't know where Ladybug lives and I got scolded by my father for being too noisy." He grinned mischievously

"Perfect." She deadpanned

He was already a handful when they were meeting as Ladybug and Chat Noir and being Marinette was the only way she was not going to be bothered by him.

Au contraire.

"Okay, don't go anywhere. I'm gonna get you a towel." She excused herself as she went out the room

She found a white towel for him and went back to her room.

And found him licking his arm clean. He stopped his motion once he saw her and smiled at her as if he had been caught with a hand in the cookie jar.

"Uh, what are you doing?" She furrowed her brows, walking cautiously to him, "Chat, you're still a guy, right? Not a real cat?"

"Of course I'm not a cat, Princess." He replied before she handed the towel to him

"Okay. You can go use my bathroom if you want to take a bath." She pointed him to the room, "You can detransform. I won't peek."

"Princess was that an offer?" He grinned a Cheshire cat's smile, full of mischief, eyes with a glint of playfulness in his eyes Marinette's eyes widened as she blushed madly, mouth gaped.

"I kid!" He finished, a smug smirk on his face, then entered the bathroom

After a while, he went back outside still as the cat vigilante. Marinette was on the bed, typing an essay on her laptop. She looked up as he watched her on the bed, not knowing what to do. She went back to her essay and, after a while, felt a shift on the bed. She disregarded this, knowing that Chat was Chat and that he acted more of a five year old than a twenty year old.

Just as she was about to finish, she felt his soft blond hair slowly nuzzle to her neck. She looked at him, an eyebrow raised and moved away only slightly. He leaned in closer, pressing his head on her neck, then to her cheek, until his cheek was pressing on hers. She froze up the whole time as he nuzzled his head to hers.

"Chat?" She squeaked

"Yes Princess?" He asked, looking up at her

"Are you sure you aren't a real cat?" She nearly twitched as she remembered the feeling of him violating her neck and cheek

"Mademoiselle, I am a twenty year old man." He looked at her, offended

Marinette bit her lip, "I-I don't know, you act so much like a cat." She put a finger under his chin and started scratching him

His hurt expression quickly turned to satisfaction. He closed his eyes, smiled wide, and laid down on the bed, giving Marinette more opening for his neck. Marinette was absolutely freaked out that her partner was acting like a real cat but she was actually happy about it. Think of all the blackmail she could use. And she could also get used to Chat's pretty handsome face shown to her.

Until he started to purr. She gasped and yelled as she retrieved her hand from him.

"What?" His eyes were alarmed

"You purred!" She exclaimed, "You're a cat aren't you?"

She stood up from the bed and ran down, wanting to test her weirdest hypothesis to date.

"Whoa, why are you pouring milk in a bowl?" Alya, her friend who just happened to share the apartment, asked as she watched the bluenette do just that

"Hypothesis testing." Marinette muttered then smiled at her friend before going back to her room, milk in a bowl in one hand and milk in a glass in another, "Back. I'm sorry I took so long."

She placed the bowl and glass on the table in front of him. He furrowed her brows and glared at her.

"I am deeply offended." He told her as he went closer to the two

Chat Noir looked at the two for a while before licking the milk from the bowl. He stopped then stared for a while at the glass. He slowly pushed it to the side and stopped when Marinette yelled at him. He continued pushing it as he stared at her.

"Chat Noir stop it!" She stomped

Then he flicked his hand and sent the glass flying to her floor.

"Gosh darn it, Chat!" She nearly yelled, making sure that her bedroom door was locked so Alya would not burst inside and see that she had a boy, a cat, in her room

He smirked and went closer to her, giving taunting steps. She stepped backwards with every step he took, and panic was evident as she felt the wall stop her from walking even further. Chat had cornered her and he was still walking closer and closer.

"You've been a very good princess." He whispered to her, removing the stray hair that was falling down on her face

"Ch-Chat?" She bit the insides of her cheek

He leaned his face closer to hers and Marinette pursed her lips tighter. She did not want another kiss from him anymore. She wanted her official first kiss from Adrien Agreste, no one else. And by this situation, that was looking super impossible.

Their noses were touching and there was just a centimeter or two between their lips. She squeaked as their noses touched and she felt as if he was going to do it anytime. She closed her eyes, waiting for her demise.

Only she felt him lick her cheek. Her eyes widened in surprise as she looked at his kind and angelic look. Oh he was so in trouble now.

"Chat Noir!"