Marinette and Adrien, now thirty, live normal lives. Well, as normal as superheroes could get. They still held on to the miraculouses, Fu finally agreeing with them that it would be safe if all the miraculouses were not with him as long as they did not use it for evil purposes. Both agreed, only that they had to hand over the miraculouses once they both turned forty. They accepted their fates, knowing that the could not be tied to their kwamis for forever. After all, Paris did not actually need them for safety, only the citizens wanted to see them every once in a while.

But now they lived a normal life with two children, Emma, five years old, and Hugo, two. Marinette was a designer who was always on the run but Adrien was always there for her when she needed to be stopped from her job, not wanting her to end the same way as his father to him. They lived off of balance, yin and yang, and they lived quite a peaceful life. Most days, it was Adrien taking care of the children and today was one of those days.

It was nearing night, nearing the end of her work time, when Adrien had called her so suddenly. She picked the phone up and pressed it to her ear, regretting it as soon as she did.

"The kids! There's a kidnapping!" He yelled

Marinette's heart raced out of her chest. She stood up abruptly and ran to the elevator, to her car, not minding all the work she left on the table and not thinking about her plans of overtiming. She drove as fast as she could to go back home. A kidnapping. A kidnapping!

Who in the world has the right mind to kidnap a superhero's child? Maybe they kidnapped Hugo and Emma becausewe're superheroes!

She stopped in front of their house and rushed to the door, slamming it open.

And seeing her husband in his alterego sitting on the floor with their two year old running around him.

"Emma? Where's Emma?" She asked frantically

"Oh, Emma? She's sleeping." He pointed at the couch

She took a look then gripped on the couch as she saw the child sleeping, "You said that there was a kidnapping, Chat!"

"Yeah, there's a kid napping." He grinned then pointed at Hugo, "And another one resisting a rest."

He made gun fingers at her and she stared wide eyed at him, panting heavily.

"I am giving you ten seconds to run and hide as fast as you could before I tie you up at the Eiffel Tower." She deadpanned

He chuckled nervously then waited until the tenth number, confident that his Lady would never do that to him.


She wouldn't, right?