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Chapter 1

It was a bright morning at the Suoh residence. Actually, it wasn't a morning at all. It was an early afternoon, and the young master Tamaki was not awoken quite yet. The maids were not surprised, for Tamaki had stayed up pretty late the previous night. Doing what, they had no idea. They only knew he arrived home late at night after doing something with his host club friends.

Tamaki quietly laid in his bed, groggily opening his eyes. He placidly let out a groan as he began to fully awaken. He glanced over at the alarm clock, surprised to see the late hour. He almost felt as if he could sleep more...he was exhausted to the bone. He layed there for a minute, until Antoinette ran into the room and jumped onto the bed, licking Tamaki's face in the process.

"Antoinette, stop!" Tamaki laughed, slowly sitting up. "You're eccentric this morning."

"More like afternoon, young master."

Tamaki looked up to see one of his maids in the doorway, a plate of sandwiches in her hands. "I'm sorry for waking you, we were beginning to worry about you sleeping so long..."

"It is alright," Tamaki waves his hand dismissively. "Sorry for making you worry."

"Not at all! Here's your lunch." She sits the plate on a nearby table. "I will leave you now." She bows as she leaves the room.

"Thank you!" Tamaki calls after her, completely getting out of bed. Antoinette jumps up and down in excitement. "Wait until I shower Antoinette, then I'll take you on a walk through the garden!" He walks into the bathroom and starts the shower. He takes off his clothes, gets in, and begins to wash his hair. About halfway through the process, he hears a little thump coming from his room. He listens for a moment, but after hearing nothing, he dismisses it for one of the maids. He gets out of the shower, shaves, blow dries his hair, and puts on a fresh set of new clothes. Looking into the mirror, he decides his appearance is perfect for the hot Saturday. He was handsome, as always.

Smiling to himself, he walks out of the bathroom and into his room. Something is out of place, though...the window is open, the spring breeze pushing against the curtains.

"Hm...that's odd. I could have sworn the window was shut. Didn't know you could open windows, Antoinette!" He laughs nervously, pushing his uneasiness aside. He makes his way to the window, but notices a whimpering Antoinette laying on the floor, a metal dart sticking out of her neck.

"An-Antoinette!?" He rushes to her side and pulls the needle out, propping her head in his hand. "Who did this to you?!" He looks around his room, his heart beating faster by the minute. He picks up his dog and sets her on his bed.

While Tamaki is preoccupied, a dark figure looms behind him, getting closer and closer, quiet as night. Noticing the shadow of the figure on the wall, Tamaki freezes in his place. He opens his mouth to yell for help, but it came too late. The figure forces a rag over Tamaki's nose and mouth, bringing him to the floor. Tamaki's muffled screams could be heard within the room, but it wasn't enough noise to notify anybody elsewhere. The chloroform on the rag begin to take effect, and Tamaki's vision got blurry. His thoughts began to meld together, as he drifted into unconsciousness.

"Well, I won't be able to attent the host club meeting today..." Was the last thing he thought before he slipped into oblivion.

Tamaki's bedroom door opened slightly as one of his maids peeked into the room. "Master Tamaki...? Your father is here to see you." The maid waits a few moments before approaching the bathroom. "Surely you are done getting ready for the day..." She goes to knock on the door, but discovers it's ajar. She peeks into the room, seeing no sign of Tamaki. She looks around confused, until her eyes fall upon a brown furry shape on the bed. She walks closer, and is horrified at what she sees. Antoinette, the masters dog, is whimpering, trying to stand up. She is seemingly unable to, however, and the maid could see blood dripping from her fur. She looks around frantically. What had happened? Why was master Tamaki's dog injured? Where was he? She finally screamed, that being the only thing she could do.

"Mr. Suoh? What do you mean have I seen Tamaki?" Kyoya Ootori spoke into his phone.

"We were supposed to meet later on. Calm, down, what has happened?" Kyoya eyes widen as Mr. Suoh explains the situation. As he listens, the room seems to grow darker around him. He clenches his phone tight as anger courses through him. He could hardly bring himself to speak.

"Yes...You many have use of my family's secret police..." He feels as if he is hearing himself through a tunnel. And before he knows it, the phone callhad ended with Mr. Suoh and he was only standing there, listening to the pumping of his blood into his skull.

Tamaki? Missing? How? Why? Who!?

Kyoya practically flies out of his house and into his garage. He goes to one of the drivers and tells them quickly to bring a car to him. The first number he texts is Haruhi's. Then the twins, Hunny, and Mori. He then departs for the second Suoh mansion, prepared for the worse.

Kyoya ran through the front doors of the Suoh mansion only to come into a particularly tense atmosphere. Maids were scrambling everywhere, making phone calls. He was immediately greeted by the butler.

"Welcome, Mr. Ootori. Master Suoh has been waiting for you. Right this way, sir." The butler walks off, and Kyoya follows. He was burning with curiosity...and also dread. He couldn't bear it if anything serious happened to Tamaki. Nobody would. Mr. Suoh had told him that he was missing, but he didn't elaborate further. Perhaps...Tamaki was being an idiot (not an uncommon occurrence) and went somewhere without telling anyone...maybe it was just an overreaction. He hoped that was what the case was.

The butler leads him upstairs and through the hallway to a room. The butler knocks on the door, and a tired, irritated voice from inside calls, "come in." The butler opens the door and Kyoya walks in. It must have been Mr. Suoh's office...if he even had one in the second residence.

"Mr. Suoh," Kyoya begins as he bows politely. "Can I ask you what happened?" He pleaded, still hoping to hear nothing serious.

"Oh, it's you Ootori. Yes...I called earlier asking for use of your family's secret police." Mr. Suoh runs his fingers through his hair.

Kyoya sighs in anticipation. "It would be nice if you would tell me what's going on, sir. Not to mention the fact that you know about the Ootori secret police, when they are, indeed, secret." Usually Kyoya would pay mind to being more polite to someone of such high status, but his patience was wearing thin. He needed to know what happened to Tamaki. The matter of the secret police was much more mediocre compared to his best friends well being.

Mr. Suoh chuckled, though it was only a half hearted attempt to seem cheerful. "Tamaki talked to me about that one time you went to that water park...he would tell me everything when we had dinner...or rather, used to have dinner" Mr. Suoh, very uncharacteristically, dropped his head into his hands and remained silent.

Kyoya, then, knew. His dread seemed to grow and then pop like a balloon, leaving despair where hope had once been. Mr. Suoh had referred to his son in past tense. This was no small matter.

"Mr. Suoh...tell me. What happened?" Kyoya asked again, more serious this time. At this moment, any one of his friends would agree that his aura was as dangerous as if he had been woken up in the morning after a long night of study.

The president didn't have time to react, however, because there was another knock on the door. "...Come in..." Mr. Suoh answered again, slowly lifting his head. The door opened, revealing Hikaru, Kaoru, Hunny, Mori, and Haruhi. They all had worry painted plainly on their faces.

"Master Suoh!" A passing maid said frantically. "Antoinette is alright. She'll make a full recovery!"

Mr. Suoh's eyes twitched. "I don't care about the dog! Be on your way!" The frightened maid ran off, startled at his outburst. Suoh took a deep breath and sighed. "I apologize. All of you...I didn't invite you, but you might as well come in. That way I'll only have to explain the situation once."

Everyone nods solemnly, stepping into the room and shutting the door behind them. They stand there silently, a very unusual occurrence for the host club. They wait for the president to speak, the room so silent that they could still hear the staff bustling around in the halls. Finally, Mr. Suoh finds the strength to speak and he takes a breath.

"Tamaki, he seems to have gone missing, or rather...kidnapped."

The room was silent at first. The news was not sinking in completely. It was so sudden, and they had all seen Tamaki the previous night. It all happened so quick. Was this a joke?

Haruhi breathed deeply, trying to hold back her tears. Everything around her became a blur. She couldn't hear anything, she couldn't breath. She was only brought out of her stupor when she felt someone grasp her shoulder. She didn't check to see who it was. It may have been Mori, who was standing behind her. Or perhaps one of the twins, who were beside her. But whoever it was, she didn't care.

The president began to speak again, letting the host club regain composure. "I trust you all will keep this a secret. It was...endorsed...that this stay silent." He pushed a letter over the desktop. It read:

'If you want to see your precious son back, and may I add, your only son, I would keep this situation away from the public. We expect you to drop 800,000,000 yen at the given location by next Friday. Don't bring the police. Only then will you see your son alive again. My identity will remain anonymous.


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