Day One- A Feeling Like Never Before.

Saber's POV:

This is the fifth time I have been to the world tournament, a challenge where you get to fight the world's finest fighters and thus test your skills which is the basic motive of each and every individual taking part in it. I have gained quite a reputation in the world of martial arts because since the time I have began taking part in this competition I have always been the winner, four times in a row. But I am not proud of it nor there's a need to be. Because my philosophy about life is that there is no end to learning and improving. That's why no matter what you achieve you should never think that you have become perfect and there would always be a person, one out of the so many who by being better than you will make you realize that this philosophy is correct. I am also in the search of the same person. People always want perfection but have they ever thought that how it would be to reach a stage from where there is no moving ahead. It's actually bad, I have experienced it. Fighting and martial arts have been the part of my life since always. After defeating my master, King Kotomine, I found no one who could challenge me. So you see there should always be challenges, something to achieve. Reaching perfection is like stopping but I want to keep moving. This is a major reason that every year come to this tournament to find that rare someone who could provide me a goal of becoming better than him or her, a person who could defeat me and prove to me that I still need to learn a lot.

Emerged in these kinds of thought I stood leaning against the wall of the great hall where all the participants were gathered. The tournament was taking one hell of a time to start so I was fleeting the minutes by observing the surroundings and the people, but it did no good to me as I noticed that almost everyone was glancing towards me once in a while and then murmuring to the person right next to them,

"Isn't that Saber? The girl who have been winning since the last four years."

Then I would hear some others murmuring,

"One time is ok but four times! That's actually a historical achievement man."

Then some other would be talking,

"I think this year too she's gonna win, that lady is tough."

God these people needed to shut up, they should have known that I have quite a good hearing and I start feeling awkward and irritated when I get too much appreciation and attention. People may like it but I have an opposite behavior towards such things. Suddenly I heard a drawl behind me, and I knew who it was. Just the right person at the right time, I thought sarcastically. And so I turned to come face to face with, Jule Evans. He was an old face at the tournament whom I had served quite well at his butt many times during the duels. He was one of those people who have an enormous ego and everlasting confidence which even hinders them from seeing the bitter truth that they are so badly mistaken to think that they are the best in every way whereas the case is quite opposite and there can't be a single person as ridiculous, cheap, and horrible like them. Jule thought he was very handsome and could impress any girl. Call it my utter bad luck that he had taken a liking towards me and was so shameless that even after getting quite negative responses which included even beating, he would yet have the decency to turn up again the next time and try flirting with me like he was going to do now.

"Hello Saber, you seem so alone. And why won't that be? It's due to your so reserved attitude that though you have been attending the tournament since last four times yet don't have any friend inspite of the fact that quite the faces here are the older ones. But don't you worry cause if you say I can give you company." All the while as he was talking he was examining his nails and when he finished he flipped the tip of his hair arrogantly sending me a pointy look. God I felt like vomiting.

"See who is talking of giving company? Who himself seems at an utter lack of it." I commented sarcastically and then without giving him a second glance I went off to the other side of the hall as I was in no mood of arguing or extending matter any further and wanted to get rid of him as soon as possible. I could hear him yelling behind me something about giving a second thought to going out for a coffee with him at the nearby restaurant till the tournament start but fortunately after that he didn't follow me and got lost in the crowd. I again found a spot for me to stand and wait. When was this tournament going to start? I was growing impatient by every second when my eyes landed on a quite new face; I hadn't seen that guy at the tournament before. There were other new faces too but I didn't know why my eyes seemed to have got stuck on him for some reason. He was wearing a red martial arts outfit, had a milk white complexion and black spiked hair, I must say I haven't seen such unique hair before, the boy himself seemed so different, different from the rest of the crowd. I didn't know why I felt like this about him when I hadn't met him anytime before. It seemed as if he felt my eyes on him as he began looking in my direction, our eyes locked and I got a better look of him. I must say he had the most beautiful eyes ever, black and deep, reflecting pure innocence. He was quite good looking. I haven't observed anyone like that before; infact looks of people never mattered to me. But this guy seemed to have changed all that; it was inevitable not to notice his flawless features. But then the moment of trance between the two of us was broken when he started looking in the other direction paying attention to the loud announcement from the speakers that the tournament was about to start and participants were requested to reach the duel area. The boy in the red outfit paced outside the hall without giving a second glance to me while my eyes still lingered on him till he disappeared from sight. Do hell with the tournament, when I was desperately waiting for it to start it didn't, but now when I wanted to just stare at this new guy it did start. Wait, did I say I wanted to stare at this new guy? God what was happening to me? I never have such weird thoughts as ridiculous as to stare down someone. I really needed to get a grip as I was not being myself today or to say since I have seen this boy. I wonder who he is.

Goku's POV:

So finally I am at the world tournament, it had always been my dream to fight with the world class fighters. It is my first time and I am quite excited. Since there was time for the tournament to start I took to observing my surroundings. I could hear most people talking about a girl named Saber, that she had been winning since the last four tournaments and is fabulous at martial arts. I really want to compete with her. As I was just roaming around I felt someone's gaze on me and then I turned to find a blonde beauty looking in my direction. Our eyes locked and I couldn't help but observed her. She wore a white shirt and black trousers, had a snow white complexion and her eyes were the loveliest thing I have ever seen in my life, big and so green they were. The moment seemed to have stopped in time but then it moved on as the announcement from the loudspeaker that the tournament was about to begin took my attention away. I quickly moved out of the hall still thinking about this new girl, but never looking back in her direction again because the feeling that got induced in me on the very first sight of her had made me feel so awkward. My heart had raced at seeing her and I don't know why it happened. The feelings were so strange, a thing I haven't felt before. I wonder who she is.