Chapter 7: Early Winters?

Shiro's Pov:

I sighed happily as I was done cleaning with the last desk since it marked the end of my turn to clean the class after school, for the week. It's been because of this after school chorus that when I left for home, already it would be evening, like it was now.

Placing my bag on my back, I paced out in the corridor and was hit hard by a chilly wind that sent shivers all through my body. It reminded me of the fact that how just a few days ago, all of a sudden the weather had changed quite abruptly and though it wasn't even the mid of October, fog and cold winds seemed to have surrounded the whole of Europe. Everywhere you could find people talking about this peculiarity of the season. And it had become the most popular subject of discussion on television too, bringing to the masses the most surreal news that even the geologist or any scientific equipment couldn't identify the cause behind these early winters and thus making the matter even more intriguing among public.

I tightened my arms around myself and began walking down the length of the corridor. Something inside me was giving me premonitions that something bad was about to occur. But I tried to dismiss the thought as a vague imagination of mind, though I couldn't. So it only added to my desire of reaching home as soon as possible.

As I turned a corner near the staircase I heard clashing noises of some sharp objects like large blades or something. My heart palpitation began to increase, and though I was scared I couldn't resist my curiosity of knowing as to what was the cause behind the odd sounds. I followed them and it lead me to the school ground where what I saw had my breath knocked out of me.

Two men, one in complete blue and the other who was wearing some kind of traditional outfit, like those of ancient Japanese assassin warriors, were fighting on the roof of our school. They had huge blades as their weapon and their movements were so fast that it was almost impossible to keep up with it. I saw that the guy in the blue outfit overpowered the assassin, who suddenly disappeared somewhere in the thin air. I so badly wanted to run. I knew that I was going to be in trouble yet I was so awestruck by the scene that I couldn't move. And then to my utter horror the man in blue turned and looked in my direction, that too with a sick grin over his face. Had he been aware of my presence all along? I gulped hard and suddenly felt a jolt of energy rush through me, provoking me like hell for one thing that I should have done way before. Run for my dear life! And so I did but to no avail. The man began playing around with me. He would again and again appear infront of me, no matter in which direction or how fast I ran. Eventually making me realize that my futile efforts weren't going to get me rid of him and so I gave up. He laughed maniacally as I backed up against a street wall. Now he began advancing towards me slowly just like a hungry wolf towards it's prey. Why was the street so abandoned? I cursed. Where were all the people? Then I reasoned that maybe it was due to the weather that they had retired to their homes early. Though I was quite unsure that anyone could help me handle this unearthly being, still in an attempt of a last effort I shouted for help as loud as I could. Of course no one came. It only earned another horrible laugh from the man.

"No one's gonna save you now Shiro Emiya." he let out in an evil tone.

I was shocked. Who was this man? How did he know my name? I was about to voice out my questions when I felt a surging pain pass through my chest; the monster had pierced his blade into the right side of my chest. I withered out in pain as he rejoiced at my misery. This couldn't be my end. I didn't want to die yet. I had so much to live. Now I realized how a dying person feels. My eyes were closed shut; I didn't want to see the ugly face of the bloody maniac. Where on one hand I waited for the inevitable last assault that was going to put an end to my pain once and for all, on the other I prayed for a miracle, though I didn't know to whom, to god, to fate or whatever, I wished for anything, anything that could save me. And to my surprise I began feeling a very positive energy around me. The laughter of the man had died down too. I opened my eyes to find him staring at a large blue circle that had appeared from nowhere, under me. I observed that all the mirth from the man's face was gone and instead he looked quite horrified. Then again, the very next moment, as if he had gained back his senses he made an angry dash towards me, and as a reflex action my arms flew across my body in defense but the blow never came. Instead I heard clashing of blades which made me open my eyes and what I saw was a girl in blue-white armor who had blocked my attacker with her sword.

Seriously, what the hell was going on? Was this some kind of dream or something? I mean, first I found two strange looking ancient warriors fighting each other on the roof of my school, then one of them got after life, he even seemed to know me. And now this lady appears from nowhere and saves me.

With all this confusion racking through my mind I watched her as she made further assaults after assaults on the man, who actually seemed to have quite a hard time fighting her. It didn't take her long to drive him to a condition when one more hit of her sword and he would have been dead. But before she could make that final blow against him,

"You will pay for this Saber." he muttered and then vanished, just like that assassin earlier had.

So her name was Saber I reckoned. Next, she turned to me and just stared me down silently. And god! She was so beautiful. All of a sudden I felt all my alarmed senses soothed down by her presence. Despite of all the pain and my wretched condition I couldn't help but admire her. She was completely mesmerizing with those big green orbs and hair that were tied in a bun, except for a few loose blonde strands that framed her perfectly chiseled face.

"I think we should go now, you aren't safe here master Shiro." She said, her voice being a complete change to the monotonous silence that had been prevailing so far I had been gawking at her. Thus it brought me out of my trance.

And wait; did she call me by my name? So she knew it too like that man. And why was she referring to me as master?

I had just opened my mouth to ask her this when a third voice interrupted me.

It was Toshaka, a classmate. A strange looking man with white short hair was along with her as she came running and calling out me.

"Shiro you alright?" she asked in a worried tone, giving a few sideway glances to Saber who was giving a serious silent look to both Toshaka and the man. Now before I could say anything, Rin's eyes fell on the wound over my chest.

"Oh my, you seem to have got hurt badly. Let me fix that." She said as she knelt down beside me and placed her hand over my injury. I must say I had seen such concern in her eyes after a very long time, that too for me. Otherwise at school if ever our path crossed by chance, she wouldn't spare even a single look at me and would walk away lost in her own world. Not to mention with her best friend Goku always by her side.

I still remembered well, those summers of our fifth grade when I had almost come under a truck if it was not for both of them to save me. Goku and Rin then just being kids of eleven years had stopped the huge vehicle with their bare hands making its driver faint out of shock. It was then that I had come to know of their supernatural powers and the fact that beings who possess capabilities above the normal humans do exist. Later I was warned by them not to tell anyone about their secret and I did as asked. After that single incidence I never had any conversations or encounters with them, and we remained mere acquaintances for each other as I preferred to stay away from them and they stayed away from me. I didn't know their reason, maybe they weren't interested or something, but my reason was that though I was thankful to them for saving my life, their powers scared me. I was a normal human and I was happy keeping it that way, thus at any cost I wanted to not get involved in any of their matters and maintained my distance from them.

But at present all my efforts to be away from the unnatural seemed to have gone waste. Because whatever had happened with me very well notified that I had unwillingly and unknowingly became the part of something that was beyond the world of common people and Rin seemed to be quite aware of what was going on.

"It's looks fine now." Rin said finally removing her hand from my chest which actually looked completely healed as if there hadn't been a gash ever.

I nodded my thanks to her and stood up, my eyes falling on the half moon symbol that was shining brightly on my right hand. I hadn't noticed it until now.

"Oh boy! Now what's this?" I let out lifting my hand and eyeing the symbol more carefully.

"You are a maugus Shiro, though its quite surprising that how come a weakling like you whom I always believed to be nothing more than a common human could turn out to be such a powerful thing?." Rin said.

Hey she couldn't insult me like that! I was about to convey to her that I was offended by her remark when the actual sense of whatever she had said stuck me. She was saying that I was a maugus though I had no idea what it meant. What bothered me the most was her mention of the fact that she had always believed me to be a normal human and not something very powerful. So does it meant that I hadn't just become the part of some supernatural phenomenon but I myself was some kind of supernatural being which I was never aware of? And was this the reason that these strange people knew my name? As these realizations dawned upon me I began to feel sick. It couldn't happen. I didn't like violence, I didn't like fights, I didn't like killing, I was so good being normal. I pleaded desperately to god to end it all as a bad nightmare. I didn't want to get involved in any of the matters which can be least called as supernatural and most of all I didn't want to be one of these unearthly creatures!

"Hark!" Saber suddenly voiced out worriedly while my mind still struggled with the current revelations.

"Do you feel that? I told you it wasn't safe out here." Said Saber.

"She is right, this energy it's, it's incredible! We must flee." Said Rin and then she wasted no time in taking my hand and dragging me along with her in her run. The others followed.

"So what's going to happen next, will you enlighten me? Is Jupiter going to fall on us or something?" I voiced out sarcastically in a frustrated tone which only earned me a cold stare from Rin, indicating that I needed to keep quiet and focus on running.

Though I couldn't feel anything as these girls said they were feeling. Maybe the white haired man felt it too as was evident from his tensed face. Oh! I couldn't tell how much I hated being the most unaware one among all this nonsense.

We kept following Rin's lead until we reached a huge bungalow which I supposed was her house. She led us inside the drawing room, and closed the door.

"Now will anyone explain me what's happening?" I asked aloud.

"We will, but not before Goku arrives." Said Rin.

"Yeah right, how could Goku, the very essence of supernatural be left out of all this?" I thought, and then I observed how Saber's face suddenly seemed to have lost all its color at the mention of Goku. Even Rin seemed to have noticed this change in the blonde girl,

"By the way, you didn't introduce yourself, what's your name?" Rin asked her.


Now it was Rin's turn to get surprised. But in a moment her facial expression changed from shocked to a very bitter one as she eyed Saber with utmost hatred.

Though I had been thinking all along that the three were well acquainted with each other so it came to me as a surprise that the girls hadn't even had a formal awareness of one another. Now I wondered what was the case with the white haired guy. He had just been so quite through everything. Did he know the two ladies? Or he too was a stranger to them and they to him? The matters were becoming more and more intriguing.

Rin had now stopped staring at Saber who still looked like a fish out of water and was busy talking to Goku on phone. She first seemed to have difficulty in convincing him to come to her house but then a few minutes later she disconnected the call and told us that he was coming. Rin took a seat at the sofa and asked us all to sit down as well. As everyone did so Rin's gaze once again got directed towards Saber who was almost shaking by now. It seemed she was having quite a bad time fighting certain inner turmoil in her mind and it was ofcourse something related to Goku. As it was after his mention only that Saber had began behaving differently. Her calm and composed demeanor was gone and she looked so panicky. While Rin looked as if ready to murder her. I felt bad for Saber, she had saved my life and been polite to me but what could I do to help her when I myself was feeling so helpless in the situation I was, not having the slightest idea as to what was going on. The white haired man still looked oblivious to everything as he kept staring far off in space with no expressions whatsoever on his face. I realized a tired sigh wondering,

"Where this all was leading?"


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