Here it is! My first ever fic! Never wrote a poem before, so if you read, please make sure you review! Disclaimer: Tolkien was a genius, I am not. One Final Hug

One final hug, one last embrace,

And I see tears upon your face.

I know you're sad, I know you'll grieve,

But dearest Sam, I have to leave.

It wouldn't do for me to stay,

There really is no other way.

Although it's time for me to go,

There's something that you need to know.

You've been my strength; you've been my light,

My kindred spirit in the night.

Although today our paths must part,

I'll always be inside your heart.

The sun may rise; the rain may fall,

But I'll be with you through it all.

You are my friend, my shining star,

My hope, my soul, that's what you are.

We share a dream, a special bond,

And absence makes the heart grow fond.

So please believe me when I say,

We'll meet again, some time, some day. OK, it's been read, so now you have to go and review. If you like it tell me, I might write some more. If you don't, tell me anyway.