'How can you have two chapters to a poem' I hear you ask? Well, this is the same poem, just changed to fit Sam's view. This is especially for all of you who reviewed my first Chapter, Frodo's view, and for all of you who read and didn't review. And this is also for Sam, who read this first. (you know who you are) Any way, Enjoy!

Our final hug, Our last goodbye

I can't stop tears, although I try

And though I'm grieving, though I'm sad

You tell me it is not that bad

Although I wish that you would stay

I know there is no other way

This wound of yours you always feel

And though I've tried, I cannot heal

This wound will bear you from my sight

This really is my darkest night

But though today our paths must part

You'll always be inside my heart

When sunlight shines and raindrops fall

I know you're with me through it all

You are my shining star my friend

My broken heart must some time mend

In darkness I can find the light

For there is hope left in the night

And I believe you when you say

We'll meet again, some time, some day.

I never understand why people read and don't review. If you are one of those people, make this the first one you ever review and you'll feel better for making me feel happy!