Hello my Minions! ! ! Doing a new Twilight Fanfic! ! ! I thought this would be fun. I'm not really going to be sticking to the books. I'm going to do my own things and pairing are goigng to change! ! ! I own nothing but my OCS and the plot. All rights go to Stephenie Meyer! ! ! Enjoy the story! ! ! Will I hope you do. . .

Chapter 1: Sister

3rd person pov

Bella is sitting in the lunch room with Edward Cullen talking. Edward started to talk with her cause he cant read her mind. She is a singer to him and he has never had one. So he wanted to get to know her more. But then every male in the room turned to look at he girl that just walked in. Edward can hear every dirty thought they had. The woman looked around and saw the girl she is looking for. With a smile on her face she walked over to her. Her high heels made a soft clunking sound as she walked.

Edward snapped his eyes over to he girl, Bella didn't notice him look away from her. The girl is wearing a tight leather skirt, a tight black and blue corset, black high heels with straps that went up her legs. Her bloodred hair swung from side to side as she walked. Her hair is so dark that it looks black. But in the light you can see the red. She came closer and closer to their table.

When the woman walked up to Bella and put her tits on top of Bella's head. "Damn it Kala get your big boobs off my head!" Bella yelled a little as she stood up. Every one looked at the girl named Kala and they are shocked to see what they just saw. Then Bella's eyes got wide when she saw her. "Is that how you treat your big sister Bell-Bell?" Kala said as she smiled at her baby sister.

Every one is quite so they can hear them. "Your been gone for three years. No one knows where you went or what you did. Now out of the blue you come back." Bella said to her sister. Kala smiled softly at her. "I'm sorry Bell-Bell. I was going threw something that no one could help me. I needed to find out. You know I been wanting to find out. It took me three years to find what I needed." Kala said softly to her. Bella's eyes got wide when she heard that. "Do they know yet?" Bella asked her. "No they don't know and don't tell them. I don't want them to think I wasn't happy. I just wanted to know who they where." Kala said.

Bella then walked over to her sister and hugged her. "I missed you so much." Bella said softly to her. Kala smiled as she patted Bella's back as she put the top of her head on Bella's. "Are you doing to leave?" Bella said to her as she pulled away from Kala. "Nope I'm back for good. Dad says I can sat with your guys. Till I can get back on my feet." Kala said to her. Bella smiled as she looked at her. "Really your staying? Your not going to vanish on me again?" Bella said.

Cause Bella really looked up to her big sister Kala and when she left she didn't know how to take it. Kala is three years older then Bella so when she left Balla fell apart a little. "Belly I'm not going to leave. Beside who is this?" Kala said as she turned her mercery silver eyes on Edward. She is going into big sister mode. "I'm Edward Cullen and I'm a friend of hers." Edward said as he smiled at her. He looked at her and there was something about her that he couldn't take his eyes off her.

Kala looked him up and down before she took a step closer to him. Then she poked him in the chest. "If you hurt my baby sister I will make you hurt and thousand times more. Do I make my self clear?" Kala said and the sexiness in her voice got even sexier. "Yes ma'ma." he said with a crooked smile. Kala looked him in the eyes and then shook her head at him. "Well Bells I will see you when you get home. I got a lot of unpacking to do. Mom was nice enough to send me my stuff." Kala said before she pulled Bella into another hug before she left.

The other Cullens watched the new girl. As Kala was about to leave Alice said so softly that that only a vampire or someone with that isn't human can hear. "She is Edwards mate not Bella." Alice said and the Cullens looked back at Kala before she left.

Kala went home and started to unpack her stuff. She was the smallest room in the house. When Kala and Bella was younger Kala gave up her room for Bella. Kala couldn't really unpack most of her stuff. So what ever she couldn't fit in her room she is going to keep in the boxes. When she was done she moved the boxes to the garage.

Kala looked at the time and Bella should be coming home soon and Charlie not that long after. She went to the kitchen to see what they had. There wasn't much, but she found stuff to make dinner. As Kala was about to put the roast in the oven when Bella came in. "Kala?" Bella called out as soon as she walked threw the door. "In the kitchen." Kala called back to her sister. Bella came in and looked at her.

"Your making dinner?" Bella said with shock. "Yes I'm making dinner. I learned how to cook and I've got a nack for it." Kala said as she started to make a chacolate cake. Bella sat at the table and did her homework. When Charlie got home everything was done. Charlie sniffed when he walked into the house. He walked into the kitchen and saw Kala making plates for them.

"Came and sit dad I made dinner." Kala said with a smile. Charlie smiled back before he came over and sat down. Kala placed a plate in front of him and Bella. Then she got her own plate and sat down with them. They didn't talk as they ate. Kala didn't care to talk much while she was eating. "Kala you made this?" Charlie said when they finished their food. "Yes I learned how to cook and bake." Kala said before she got the cake. Both of there mouths open.

Cause the cake looked like something from tv. "Wow that is pretty Kala." Charlie said to her. Kala blushed as she cut each of them a piece. "Thanks I had time to make it look pretty." Kala said before she took a bite of cake.

After they kitchen was clean Kala went to take a shower. She like's to take long hot showers but she knew her sister need to take a shower as while. So Kala got out and went back to her room. Kala's room is facing the forest. So she didn't bother to close the curtens. Kala let her towl fall and then she looked around her room. It felt like home and she missed it.

Before Kala crawled into her bed she turned on her music softly so it wouldn't wake up Bella or Charlie. Kala jumped on her bed and turned off her light. She laid there trying to fall asleep but nothing. "I guess its time for big bad." Kala said with a smirk on her lips. Then she rolled over to lean over the bed and pulled out her black sex box. It has nail polish writing all over it. Most of it isn't in english.

In side the black box are dildo's, lube, comdoms, birth control, and other sex toys. When Kala found big bad she closed the box. Kala laid back on her back and turned him on slow. Giggling softly as she slowly rubbed the tip of the viberating cock against her clit. Kala moaned softly as she slowly moved it around her clit. Kala bit her lower lip so she wont moan louder.

As she got wetter she put the tip into her. Kala closed her eyes as she slide more of big bad into her self. Then she pushed more into her and pull it out. Her other hand went to her breast and played with it. Kala started to faster with big bad, as she went faster she turned the viberater up higher. Kala didn't know that someone is watching her play with her self.