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Toriel looked grim as she made her way across the dark grounds of the school. Dumbledore had explained what little that he knew of the situation, but that little was enough to set the boss monster on her guard.

Despite how long the monsters had been locked underground, those that were old enough to remember the time before the war remembered fondly the beautiful unicorns. Being one of the few creatures that embodied magic given a solid form, unicorns were easily seen as the most pure of all beings. It was common for monsters, in old times, to forge mutually beneficial relationships with the magical horses.

She smiled at the thought of her unicorn friends from when she was but a child, and idly wondered if any of their herd was still in the area.

"'fessor Tori!" a rough voice called out from up ahead. Ah, Rubeus Hagrid, the gamekeeper. He was a nice man, if a little eccentric in his ways from time to time. He stood a little ways ahead still, his figure visible thanks to the faint light of his lantern and the glow coming from within the windows of his hut.

Toriel sped up so as to not keep the man waiting. "Good evening, Rubeus. I take it Headmaster Dumbledore has informed you of what has happened?"

Hagrid nodded. "Yeah, I've 'eard. Only 'ope that yeh can do somefin 'bout it."

"I hope so as well," Toriel agreed softly. "I will go into the forest alone. Would you be willing to find aid if I am not back within two hours?"

"Bu' Tori-"

"Do not be afraid, Rubeus. I will be perfectly fine. I merely ask this of you so that, if I am overwhelmed, someone will gather a search party. That would not happen if we were both incapacitated, would it?"

Hagrid sighed. "Okay, Tori. I dunno 'ow I feel 'bout yeh doin' this, but I can' stop yeh."

Toriel smiled slightly. "If it does anything to make you feel more at ease, Rubeus..." A fireball ignited in Toriel's hand, easily illuminating the area. "There is a reason that my kind are known as 'boss monsters'." With that, she began walking into the forest.

With the aid of her fireball, Toriel was able to see perfectly through the trees, and was slightly unnerved by how silent they seemed. In her childhood, despite the lack of light within, the forest had always been full of life noise. Something truly evil had to be taking up residence, at least temporarily, to silence everything so effectively.

As Toriel walked along, her eyes caught a glimmer of silver among the leaves. She stopped and kneeled, frowning as she tried to figure out what the silvery liquid was.

A young Toriel, just barely a teenager, wandered through the forest with a peaceful smile on her face. A frightened whinny, however, shattered the peace. Following the noise, she was stunned to see a beautiful white unicorn, obviously in pain. A single, black arrow was lodged in its side, allowing a trail of silver blood to flow free.

Toriel gasped as she recognized the blood for what it was. She immediately got up and began following the trail, extinguishing the fireball and allowing the heavily-filtered natural light to keep the silver path visible. She hoped that she would not be too late.

The unicorn looked up at her, fear in its eyes. Toriel lightly stroked the unicorn's mane, hoping to calm it. "Do not be afraid, pure one. I am not going to harm you."

A whinny of fear and a headbutt from the magical horse, knocked Toriel back just in time for an arrow to whizz through the air her head had been less than a moment before. "Dammit!" a voice swore.

Toriel's eyes narrowed as she turned her head to face the source of the voice. Up in a tree, a man dressed in a brown tunic and green trousers was perched, drawing another arrow from his quiver. She reached out with her soul, tugging harshly on the man's own and initiating a confrontation.

The man froze with fear, his fingers curled uselessly around his bow. In fear, he swung out, missing entirely. He obviously wasn't used to melee combat.

A fireball formed in each of Toriel's hands before they flew out at the man, each one hitting him for ten damage. "You dare to attack such a noble creature, just to lure out my kind?"

He fell to his knees, attempting to swing and failing again.

"You truly are despicable, human," Toriel said as another fireball flew from her hands, finishing the human off.

The silvery blood led to a small clearing within the forest, where a pure white body lay almost still on the ground. A black form was hunched over the unicorn's neck, almost as if it were...

Toriel wanted to throw up, but refrained from doing so. "Stop!" she called, her regal voice surprising the figure into standing up. A glimmer of silver reflected the moonlight off of the figure's face, proving Toriel's suspicions to be correct. Her signature twin fireballs formed within her hands. "Do you realize what you have done, creature?"

The figure remained silent.

"You have hunted multiple unicorns in this forest, and it was no doubt for the blood that is now trickling from your mouth. Do you have anything that you wish to say to defend yourself?"


"Very well, then." Toriel triggered a confrontation, seemingly surprising the being before her. The boss monster, however, was more focused on the soul of the creature.

The soul should have been light blue; that much was certain. However, it appeared that a piece of a blood red soul had latched on, draining the light blue so that it was so faded, it was almost white.

"W-What have you done to your soul?!" Toriel gasped in horror.

A grin visible thanks to the unicorn blood still in the figure's mouth was her reply. "Avada Kedavra!"

Toriel smiled down at the unicorn. "Thank you for saving me, pure one. If you will allow it, I will return the favor." The unicorn stared at her for a moment, the pain still evident in its eyes, before giving a weak nod.

Green magic lit up Toriel's hands, the sparks created from the light flowing into the magical horse's wounds. They knitted closed almost instantly. A weaker smile crossed Toriel's face as she fell to her knees. "You are...better now...are you not?"

In response, the unicorn cautiously stood up. It tilted its head to the side, before giving a nod. It bent down, holding its neck out next to Toriel.

Toriel stared in surprise for a moment before allowing the unicorn to help her back to her feet. "Thank you...pure one. I apologize, but...would you accompany me...back to my home?"

The unicorn snorted as though it thought her even asking was absurd, but bobbed its head nevertheless.

Hagrid perked up as he heard the sounds of something moving around in the forest. He got his crossbow at the ready as he called out, "Yeh alrigh' there, Tori?"

Toriel's voice shouted back, "I am...fine, Rubeus. My friend...has decided to aid me." She gave a weak laugh. The half-giant watched carefully as Toriel stepped out of the forest, supported by a...unicorn?

"Wha...bu'..." Hagrid was at a loss for words.

"I...drove the creature off...my friend was injured, but I...healed him...all the same...I am more winded...from the large amount of healing...magic I had to do..." Toriel laughed once more. "It confuses me...that the hunter...was using green spells...with such evil intent...why would someone...do that?"

Nudging the boss monster's side, the unicorn began to lead her forward again. "Yes...thank you my friend...Farewell, Rubeus..."

With that, the boss monster and the unicorn made their way up to the castle in silence.

In this story, Hogwarts castle was originally made by the monsters and was the home of many boss monsters. The Forbidden Forest was there, but those living in the forest were far less afraid of what was inside.

Young Toriel liked to go on walks through the woods. Hunters sometimes thought that an easy way to become better at hunting or to gather expensive ingredients was to hunt monsters. This is what happened to one.