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By Jodie-chan


Her name is Kagome, Kagome Higurashi; she's a seventeen-year-old Senior High School student at Shikon High. She lives with her mother and younger brother Souta in an old shrine used to tend by their late grandfather. He died when she was 15 and Souta's 8 because of a heart attack. Her life is plain and simple but it changed a few months after her grandpa's death. At first she thought it was just a big joke, the news that her mother broke to her, her brother has a chronic renal failure and he has to undergo dialysis for the mean time until they find the donor that is match to his. He badly needs a kidney transplant; and after almost two years of suffering from that fatal sickness they found a match donor but the problem is the cost of the operation. They need a big amount of money for the operation and medications. Their insurance agency doesn't want to cover up the expenses; it already covered Souta's hospital bills and medications for a year when he was undergoing dialysis every week.

They need the money in two weeks; the doctor said that his brother is too weak; his kidney dysfunction is gradually taking its toll on his body. The doctor said that they were lucky to find a match donor so they have to hurry or else it will be too late. If Souta wouldn't have that operation as soon as possible…he will die. She doesn't want him to die… She loves his brother very much and willing to do everything just to save his life.

"Mr. Takashima, please I really need to borrow that money. My brother has to undergo major operation or else he will die. Please Mr. Takashima, I beg you." She desperately pleaded to the manager of the restaurant she's working to. He doesn't seem to understand her situation although she's already begging at his knees while her tears were running down her face.

"I'm sorry Kagome I can't do anything about it, the owner of this restaurant doesn't allow lending money, especially that kind of amount, it's too big." Mr. Takashima said while patting her shoulder, and then he left.

Her best friend Sango came over to comfort her. She's the only person she trusted besides her mom. She gave her reassuring hug; she can always make her laugh but that time is different, she can't even smile. "Kagome, please stop crying, I think we can still find another way to collect the money. Don't push yourself too much." She calmly said to her but she never stops crying.

"I'm so desperate Sango, I don't know what to do. I'm so scared for Souta, I never been this scared in my entire life." She said to her in between sobs. She looked at her and saw a pitying look in her eyes.

They sat in the far corner of the restaurant, gladly that there aren't many customers today; they still have time to rest for a while since Mr. Takashima left already. They haven't noticed Yura, she's one of the waitresses in that restaurant just like Sango and Kagome, and she just doesn't attend school like them. She sneaked behind them; they didn't notice that she heard their conversation until she spoke.

"How much money do you need?" She asked curiously and peeked into Kagome's tear stained face. She was stunned for a moment but managed to ask somehow. "Why?"

"Well I heard that you badly need a big amount of money, I'm not saying that I will lend you, I don't have that much money either but I can help you find a way to have it as soon as possible; so what do you say about that." She said, but Kagome still have a doubt besides Yura looks like she doesn't have another decent job that she can refer. Sango have doubts too, judging by the looks she's giving to her. But then again, Kagome reminded herself that she desperately needs that money, so she has to give Yura a chance.

"I need $25,000, for the operation and medications of my brother, it's a big amount, but can you help me?" She asked her full of hope.

"I'll try. I let you know with in this week if I find the 'job' for you." She said smiling and then left to attend to the customers in the restaurant.

Sango turned to her and said, "I don't trust her Kagome. Be careful in dealing with her." She just smiled to her friend and pats her shoulder, "I know but I don't have a choice but to give it a try."

They finished their shift and headed home. Kagome is still thinking about what Yura told her, she has high hopes, but no matter what that job could be, if it will pay her enough money to save her brother's life then she will blindly do it, no matter what the consequences are.

Yura has been absent to the restaurant for three days now and Kagome was really worried that she already forgot the offer she gave. Later that noon, when she's about to go home, she saw her outside the restaurant waving at her. She hurriedly went outside to meet her and said that she found the job for her and she should come with her to meet the person that will provide the job. She hesitated, Sango gave her a warning look but she assures her that she can handle everything just fine.

They arrived in downtown Tokyo, and proceed in a cozy restaurant while they wait for the 'job provider'. The guy arrived, he looks weird, but he also looks like a gay.

"Oi Yura, is she the one," he said and eyed Kagome curiously. Yura only nods. "Hmmnn, she's pretty, innocent looking and reserve, I think the client will like her,' he said still eyeing her, then he extend his hand to shake hers and introduced himself, "I'm Jakotsu, I will be your guide in this job. "So, did Yura explain to you what the 'job' is?" He asked and looked at Yura.

Yura looked at her before replying Jakotsu, "Kagome I don't think I should explain this further, I know you know what I mean." Kagome looked at her in confusion; she doesn't really understand what is happening. She gave a long sigh and said "Kagome, you need the money desperately right?" She nodded. Yura continued, "This is the fastest way to have it…you're going to sell yourself and be a hooker." She was shocked, but remained silent until Jakotsu interrupted, "You know girl, if you are undecided about this offer then don't do it, I can still find another girl. Anyway, I need a virgin, the client requested it, he needs a "never been touched' one and I don't know why."

Kagome looked at him, her shocked hasn't fade yet, and doesn't know if she can do it so she just said "Can I still think about it, until tomorrow?"

"Oh no dear, it's now or never, if you don't want the offer just say it now. The client is not going to wait and waste time on you, but if you decide to accept it now he will pay the half today and the other half after you do the job. Is that clear? Now decide, I'm not too patient, you know," he said irritated.

She was silent for a long time, contemplating if she can do it or not but the image of Souta flashed into her mind and her eyes begun to water.

"Don't cry on me girl! I don't have all the time in the world for you," he said mockingly. Yura just looked at her with her usual smirk.

"I.I..aaaccept it," she stuttered but the tears in her eyes did not stop from flowing freely.

"Good!" he said aloud and he asked again that most embarrassing question, she heard on that day, "Are you a virgin?" She just nodded and blushed; she was just uncomfortable of that topic.

"So the deal is on. Now come with me you two, the client has to see you first. You don't have to worry about your privacy, the client is not the one you will service, you will be the present to a bachelor's party and I don't know the rest. You will never see his face, it would be dark, he will never see you too," he finished. His statement run shivers all over her body. Just the thought of it, scared her to death. She's going to give up everything to this complete stranger, the only thing she should be giving to the person she will marry and love someday, if ever that time comes.

She received the first half of the payment; the guy who paid her is a very rich person. He rides in a limousine and he has a lot of bodyguards too. She never saw his face but thought that it's better that way at least she wouldn't be reminded of what she would do, if it already ends.

She did not tell Sango, Kagome knows she wouldn't let her, it's the first time she hides something from her friend. She just told her that Yura didn't find the job for her, and she thought she bought the lie.

The Takagi household has been busy for a week. They have been preparing for the coming wedding of the youngest son of the Takagi's. Takagi family is known to the society even in the celebrity world. They owned a lot of corporations in Tokyo even in the United States. The oldest son of Murasaki Takagi to his late wife is already married to a beautiful young lady, his name is Sesshoumaru Takagi who is currently running their import /export business. His wife Rin Kanari came from a well-known family also, and they have a one-year-old son. While his youngest son to his second wife Ummei Takagi is getting married to a rich and famous model. Inuyasha Takagi, the most dashing debonair in Japan is going to marry the highest paid model in Tokyo, Kikyou Yokoshima.

Sesshoumaru is still in his office, he has pile of papers to sign but he can't ignore this night because it's Inuyasha's bachelor's party and he has a great gift to his brother. Although they're only half-brother they've settled their differences a long time ago. He picked up his attaché case and walk out of his office to the elevator. He called his brother, "Hello Inuyasha? Where are you? PauseI'm on my way to the hotel, Miroku is already there, I called him, and so are the others. Pause Don't be late Inuyasha! Bye."

In the hotel every invited guests are drinking and singing before Inuyasha arrived. He was always late, that's his trademark.

"Man, it's your bachelor's party and you're still late! Maybe on your wedding day, you'll also be late," Miroku, teased him. He just smirked at him with his ever-famous line "Keh!"

Miroku Kazaana is his best friend since childhood, although he can't stomach his lecherous ways he can be a trusted friend. He trusted Miroku more than his brother. He's just cautious.

The private room they reserved has been a mess, with a loud sound banging on the stereo. "Hey Inuyasha, how does it feel to be getting married to a gorgeous babe like Kikyou," Miroku almost shouted to his ear because of the noise. Miroku is a bit tipsy because he had a few drinks already and so did Inuyasha but Sesshoumaru is still sober. He keeps drinking moderately because he still has a mission to do afterwards.

"I feel great Miroku! But I don't know, Kikyou doesn't seem to be excited about the wedding," he shouted to Miroku's ear too. "Well maybe she just doesn't want to give up her career to being a wife. It's just like asking her to end her life, right?" Miroku said without thinking much. Inuyasha however remained silent and thought for a moment about what did Miroku say, 'Miroku maybe right but if she doesn't want to give up her career, then why did she accept my proposal' He was in deep thought for a moment but decided to cancel the worry and enjoy the party with the rest.

In the other room, Kagome is sitting in the bed for about an hour now and her client hasn't showed up yet. 'What taking him so long? Yeah right, they're having a party first,' she thought and sighed mentally.

She has fallen asleep but stirred when she heard someone opened the door. The room is still too dark but Kagome's eyes were already used to it since she's been there for almost two hours. The door closed and a figure entered the dark room.

"You must be the girl my brother is talking about," Inuyasha said. It's more of a question rather than a statement. He's speech is a bit slurred because he had a few drinks but still manage to keep him conscious.

"Yeah", she said nervously. Her heart is racing, she felt like she wants to bolt out on the door and escape this guy in front of her. 'Oh my God! Oh my God! What would I do?' she mentally argue with herself, 'Kagome you have to do this, there's no backing out, think of Souta. You're doing this for him, you need the money!'

"Can you start now? I want this to end," she mentally kicked herself for being so blunt. "Ok," she heard him say and then she felt that he's walking in her direction to the bed.

After a couple of hours Inuyasha was already sober and mentally cursing his brother for being such a bastard, 'Damn you Sesshoumaru! How could you! This girl is so innocent! Ahhh! He just lay on the bed not making any movements when he heard a whimpering sound from the girl beside him. She was crying. 'Damn! I made her cry! What would I do, I hate it when women cries!'

He calmly said to the girl, "Hey, don't cry…I'm sorry." Kagome was startled, his voice was so gentle, and it calmed her somehow. "Don't be sorry…I was paid to do it," she said quietly and started to get up and heads to the bathroom when she heard him asked. "Why?" "Why what?" she asked him back. "Why did you do this?"

"None of your business," she said annoyed. She thought 'what a nosy bastard, he gets what he wants, why does he have to stick his nose to other people's business!' After putting her clothes on she looked up to her own reflection in the mirror, she's still inside the bathroom. She talked to herself quietly, "Now Kagome, you're not innocent anymore…I feel so pathetic." The tears begun to fall once again, all the bitterness that she felt inside and out were poured out of those tears. But she knew that no matter how many tears she cried; things would never be the same again…

She emerged from the bathroom to the dark room once again. She blindly searched for her bag in the dark but she managed to find it just beside the bed. She turned around and heads to the door when she remember her rudeness a while ago to this man. She turned around once again and calmly said, "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have been so rough. I have a personal reason, I just can't tell…I'm sorry I hope you understand."

He was stunned to what the girl said. She was apologizing to him; it should be the other way around. This girl is so nice. He couldn't help but feel guilty.

"I see…it's ok," he said gently. She turned to leave again but the words she didn't expect came out of her, "Thank you."

"For what?" he asked curiously.

"For being gentle with me," she said and then she left.