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Hiei led Rini to a remote forest like area. He pressed her against a tree and kissed her passionately. She kissed back and she met his tongue with her own. They broke apart and looked into eachother's eyes. Rini wrapped her arms around Hiei and kissed him once more. Hiei smirked, and threw off his cloak. He unzipped her jacket, and threw it to the side. Rini's heart began to beat faster and faster, she wanted this but she was nervous. Hiei kissed her neck as she ran her fingers down his back. He frenched her and sat her on the ground. She looked up at him and happily smiled. He smiled back at her, she was finally his. After more kissing and playing around, the two had realized how late it had gotten. They knew they would have to report back to the others first thing in the morning, so they decided to go to sleep. Hiei took Rini into his arms and wrapped her in his cloak. He nibbled on her ear and kissed her once more. Rini giggled happily and kissed back, deepening the good night kiss.

"Rini.." Hiei said as he cuddled her, "you are my mate, my soul, and my life, I love you." Rini smiled and snuggled up next to him, she was perhaps as happy as she had ever been in her life. The couple shortly fell asleep together.

Meanwhile at Genkai's

Mika slowly opened her eyes again. The color returned to her pale face. She sat up and saw Shadow sleeping next to her, and on the ground by her bed, Moon-Ohki, Sakura, Yukina, Kurama, and Kira. Shadow looked up at her master and smiled. She jumped into her arms and nuzzled her. Mika giggled and hugged her tightly.

Moon-Ohki opened her eyes and yawned, she then looked over at Mika. "MIKA!" she exclaimed happily, causing everyone else in the room and Genkai to wake up.

"What is all that damned racket about!?" Genkai said angrily as she walked into the room.

"What?..oh! MIKA!" Sakura exclaimed waking up.

"Are you feeling better now?" Yukina asked.

"Yep, just fine." Mika replied.

"That's good." Kurama added, relieved.

Everyone soon came into the room, woken up by all the noise. They were glad to see Mika was ok, but Yusuke and a few others didn't think it was really anything to be woken up over.

The next morning Hiei and Rini made their way back to Genkai's. On the way, a thought crossed Rini's mind, she had forgotten something extremely important: Kurama! He was her boyfriend, and now she had decided be with Hiei! How in the world was she going to explain this? She still loved Kurama, but more as a close friend then anything else. She got a sick feeling in her stomach, he would Kurama react to this? Rini knew Kurama, he was a nice and good person, but he loved her, would he hurt Hiei? She didn't think he would, but it was still a possibility. She prayed he'd take it alright, and not hurt anyone.

"Are you ok, Rini?" Hiei asked in a concerned tone.

Rini smiled at him, "Yeah, I'm fine. Sorry, I was just spacing I guess. Thinking, really."

"Ok." He replied. "Was it about Kurama?"

Rini looked down. "Yes…but its not what you think, I was just thinking about how I'm gonna tell him I'm with you now. I really hope he takes it alright…I mean I know he'll be upset but…"

"He'll be fine." Hiei told her. "I know Kurama, he'll be hurt, but he'll get over it in time. He doesn't overreact like some people might." He assured her.

She smiled and nodded. "Your right. Thanks Hiei." She said and kissed his cheek softly.


Everyone stayed over at Genkai's temple for the day, hoping Rini and Hiei would come home.

"God damnit! This is taking way too friggin' long!" Yusuke complained.

"Have some patients, Yusuke.." Kitsune said.

"If its taking them this long, they're probably dead!" Yusuke said.

Mika looked at him, "No they're not Yusuke! I know they're alive, I don't know how, but I just do. They'll be here soon! So quit complaining!" she yelled at him.

"Whatever." He said, rolling his eyes.

A few minutes later Shadow's ears perked up and she ran outside. The others looked at her and followed. Sure enough, there were Rini and Hiei.

"RINI!!!!!!!!!!!!" Moon-Ohki exclaimed and jumped on her.

"Nice to see you again too Moon-Ohki." Rini said sweatdropping, and laughing a bit.

"You had me worried sick! You owe me Taco Bell for this I hope you know!" she said to her.

"Eh heh, right." Rini replied.

Kurama smiled and went over to her. He then kissed her softly but passionately and Rini broke away from it.

"Um…Kurama…when we're alone, I need to tell you something really important, ok?" Rini said.

Kurama looked at her sort of puzzled, but he nodded. "Alright…" he replied.

The others brought them inside and they told them what happened with Nicole and Jacob, leaving out the romance of course. Meanwhile Mika had been huggling Hiei.

"Oh Hiei! I'm so happy your ok! I missed you so much!" she exclaimed, clinging to him.

"Give him air squirt." Rini said jokingly. Mika stuck her tongue out at her.

Soon everyone was talking with whoever, Mika was asleep in Hiei's lap, and Kurama looked over at Rini. Rini sighed and got up and he followed her out back.

"What is it Rini? What did you need to tell me?"

Rini looked down and took a deep breathe. She was nervous, but she knew she needed to do this. "Um…Kurama…" This was harder then she ever imagined! She couldn't think of the right words! "Well…" she sighed again. "Kurama, listen. During the fight in the other dimension…I…I…I realized I love Hiei! And…I…I'm with him now…oh Kurama, I'm sorry, really I am. …I just I don't know..i have this feeling about Hiei…I still care about you though, and please can we still be friends…?" she explained, tears coming into her eyes.

Kurama stared at her, a look of shock and sadness in his expression. He looked down, and Rini got a sick feeling in her stomach again.

"I'm so sorry Kurama…" she said.

He nodded. "Its alright…I understand. I still love you though, Rini. But, yes of course we can still be friends. I'm just glad your happy…" he told her, sadness in his voice.

Rini bowed her head, though smiled somewhat at his understanding words. "Thank you Kurama, I'm sorry…You're a great guy, you can get any girl you want! Don't worry…I'm sure the right one will come soon…" she said, trying her best to ease his sadness.

He laughed a little and smiled somewhat, though the look of sadness remained. "Yes…your right. Now, please excuse me. I..i'll see you tomorrow I guess, Rini…" he said and got up to leave.

Rini nodded, "Ok…bye, Kurama…" she replied.

Kurama left. He was off to think. He wasn't angry with Hiei, in fact he was happy for him, as he was for Rini. Kurama knew Hiei had loved Rini from the start, and he should've known they'd end up together. He sighed, he was happy, but he was also sad. A tear rolled down his cheek and he wiped it away. He suddenly sensed something, and he turned around to see what it was.

Out of the shadows, Yue appeared. She smiled and approached him. Rini was with Hiei and Kurama was free, this was her chance.

"Hello, Kurama." She greeted in a bit of a seductive tone.

Kurama looked at her oddly, "Yue? What are you doing out here?…" he asked.

She smiled. "Oh nothing, I just happened to overhear your conversation with Rini, I know you two are over, and I wanted to comfort you. It must be hard losing someone you love so much, especially to your best friend…"

"Thank you for your concern, but I don't need someone to comfort me. I'm fine." He replied.

Yue laughed and shook her head. "Oh dear Kurama, your so brave." She said and came closer to him. "If you'd like…I can show you a kind of love Rini never could…" she said seductively, leaning closer to him.

Kurama took a step back from her. "No, I believe I'll pass. Please Yue, I'd like to be left alone." He said, trying to get her to leave.

"Oh Kurama, your hopeless!" she said, and then pulled him into a passionate kiss. Kurama's eyes widened and he tried to push her off, but she held tight to him. Yue then broke it and smirked.

"Yue! What the hell do you think your doing!?" Kurama exclaimed, trying to get her off him.

Yue smirked again. "Listen, Kurama, why don't you join forces with me!" she asked.

"What!? What do you mean?"

"What I mean is, why don't you come over to the dark side?…"

Kurama stared at her in disbelief. Yue was really evil?

"Come on Kurama, you'll have it much better, trust me…" she said seductively, and pulled him into another kiss…


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