Disclaimer: I, unfortunately, am not Cassandra Clare.

The camera was ready in Isabelle's hands, recording Max taking his first shaky steps across the floor of the living room, gripping Alec's fingers as he wobbled towards Magnus. Maryse looked on with proud tears in her eyes, offering words of encouragement to her grandson. Simon and Jace sat on the couch with plates of pizza on their laps, dutifully watching their nephew fall on his bottom and get up again. Clary knelt next to Magnus, smiling at Max's determination, one of Max's stuffed toy animals on her lap.

Max finally made it to Magnus's arms, and his family made all the appropriate noises and exclamations of amazement and praise and congratulation. Maryse whipped out her own camera and snapped a picture, beaming as Max pushed himself to his feet, using Magnus as support. She took another as Max toddled clumsily back to Alec.

Alec and Magnus turned their faces towards Isabelle, smiling proudly, and Max promptly sat down, having decided that that was quite enough walking for one day. He reached out for his toy, which Clary handed to him. As Magnus turned to say something to Alec, the video footage ended.