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Diversity Writing Challenge, g2 - a drabble collection consisting of drabbles 50-500 words
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Manga/Game Flash Bingo, #025 - drama (genre)
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Finding Yuugo

Yuugo never liked her long hair. Said it looked all wrong on him, but she could get away with his hairstyle and just chose to grow it out to be different. Which she did, in a way. Moreso she simply didn't care enough to style it to perfection and let the strands grow and collect split ends and just ran a comb and some oil through it every day and called it neat.

And then Yuuya was gone and she couldn't even look into the mirror and pretend there was him because her too long hair. So she just hacked it off. Yuuya's gentle teasing never accomplished that frustration his absence had. The long strands fell in a messy heap: over her shirt, Yuugo's sweat pants, over the sneakers and she's not sure who's sneakers she's wearing because they're the same and it really doesn't matter. When Yuugo hits his growth spurt, then it will, but as far as she knew, fifteen year olds in comas didn't go through growth spurts.

Fifteen year olds in comas also didn't stare out of a mirror reflection, but she pulled on one of Yuugo's hoodies and ruffled her now short-cropped hair and could pretend for a fleeting moment that he did.