Hi, So...this is my first anime fanfic. This is simply about Kuroko being a chronic lymphocytic leukemia patient while keeping it secret from his teammates. I hope you enjoy it! The slanted parts are flashbacks, just do you guys know. Only the OC's belong to me!

"Hey, Kuroko" Kagami yelled from across the court. "Focus on training. You zoned out just now!"

Kuroko blinked a few times before running towards his 'light' while dribbling a basketball. His shoulders and legs ached more often since entering Seirin high school. There was a tournament with Touhou soon. He'd have to go against Aomine-kun soon, but his condition was worsening. Even though he was sweaty and hot, his skin seemed to vibrate.

"Hey, Kuroko, you seem sick" Aida said, waking up to the teal-haired boy and placed a hand on his forehead. "Take a rest. You have a slight fever. We can't have our Shadow unavailable during the match with Touhou."

Kuroko nodded slightly before slinging his bag over one shoulder and heading off towards a place which wasn't home. A place that smelled like antiseptics and soap.

Midorima sat, gazing at the frog model clasped in his hands. Why had his father decided to meet him all of a sudden? Surely, it couldn't mean bad luck.

"Midorima, come in"

Midori stood up and slowly made way towards hid Father's office. As he entered, he saw his father sitting behind his desk, facing Akashi. Akashi turned to look at Midorima, sending shivers down his spine. Midorima could guess what this was about. He wondered if Kise or Murasakibara were hiding somewhere.

"What a weird thought" he thought to himself taking a seat.

"Is this about Kuroko?" Midorima asked.

Mr. Shintaro nodded gravely, making eye contact with his son. "His condition is worsening. He came a few hours before you. I hear he has a match soon and I want both of you to look out for him. I don't want him to end up like his mother."

At the end of the match between Seirin and Touhou...

"Seirin wins!"

"We won! We beat them!"

The crowd is cheering for Seirin. Kagami looks at Aomine, triumphed and sweaty. Aomine just stands there, shocked and tired. He had lost! That wasn't possible, no, that was possible if there was someone stronger than he was out there. That was Kagami and Kuroko. The referee told the players to line up.

Kuroko barely heard the order. The cheering of the crowd seemed muffled and faint over the sound of his own heartbeat thumping in his ears. It was soon replaced by ringing that echoed in his mind.

"Don't overdo yourself. You're lungs might fail you if you do" Dr. Shintaro said, jotting down notes. "Are you taking your medicine?"

"Yes, though sometimes training makes me skip them" Kuroko replied, feeling his pulse throughout his whole arm as the blood pressure thingy squeezed his arm.

"You must take it. You have to live for yourself as well as your parents and friends."

"Oh,yeah" he thought to himself as his breathing shortened. Weakly, he bent over, his hand on his chest. "I'm not supposed to overdo myself. Well, Seirin has won."

He felt himself falling before a pair of hands caught him. Then, he blacked out.

"Get out of the way! Give him some air!" Midorima yelled, pushing away the Seirin and Touhou players to get to Kuroko's side. The teal-haired boy was already unconscious, his breath rattling in his chest.

"What the Hell is happening?" Kagami roared, struggling to pull free from Murasakibara's arms.

"Shut your mouth" Akashi hissed before leaning forward to listen to Kuroko's breathing before feeling his pulse. His face darkened and he tilted Kuroko's head upwards softly. "Midorima, call an ambulance. He needs oxygen. AND EVERYONE GIVE HIM THE AIR HE NEEDS!"

Everyone backed away, watching as paramedics ran into the hall and secured an oxygen mask over Kuroko's nose and mouth. They lifted him on a stretcher into an ambulance. The Generation of Miracles followed them.

"Hey, why can't we go too? He's our teammate!" Kagami demanded as Murasakibara reached to close the doors at the back of the ambulance.

'You won't understand" he replied before closing it. The Seirin team could only watch somberly as their teammate was driven to the hospital.

The ambulance's fast pace resulted in a rough ride. The Generation of Miracles crowded around Kuroko.

"You're stronger than this," Aomine growled as he accompanied Kuroko on the ambulance. "We can't lose you here"

"Kurokocchi" Kise whispered, grasping Kuroko's hand lightly. The heart monitor accelerated and Kuroko's breathing came in short gasps.

"Kuroko, listen to me!" Akashi said, his voice cracking. "Calm down! You're fine!"

Kuroko's eyelids lifted partly, revealing the blue eyes underneath. They were teary and glazed, as if he couldn't quite see them yet. A tear fell from the corner of his eye.

"H...urts" Kuroko managed to gasp.

Akashi grasped Kuroko's other hand. "I know...I know. Just hang on a bit longer. You're gonna be fine. Trust me"

Kuroko grasped on to the last two words as coughed and fell unconscious once more, his chest burning.

The Generation of Miracles could only hope that Kuroko would open his eyes once more.