Welcome to "Ride the Lightning", my first attempt at Worm fan fiction and the first writing project I've given myself in several years. In this story our protagonist takes a slightly different path. As the title implies, lightning is involved. This is a sort-of DC cross over, in that I am taking a well established DC concept and character archetype and letting it have its way with the QA shard. Butterflies happen.

While everything will be explained in time, if you feel left out of the loop, please feel free to google "Speed Force." Velocity will be found crying in the corner.

Ride The Lightning

Spark 1.1

The smell should have tipped me off. Still, considering how easy things have been since winter break, I guess I'm not as vigilant as I used to be. Opening the door to my locker I was hit in the face by it, a rancid stench that made my eyes water and bile rise up in my throat. I stood there dumbstruck, something about the sight just refused to make sense. I think I was a moment away from losing it when I noticed the noise around me drop… never a good sign. I turned to look behind me and had a half second to react, jumping to my left as Sophia rushed past be, head first into the locker. The unearthly quality that had been surrounding me broke. Suddenly the hall was full of noise. Emma gasping, Maddison making a little I'm-not-sure-if-I should-be-laughing titter, the teeming masses of students who had stopped to see the spectacle resuming their trek towards class. For her part, Sophia was pulling herself from the locker, rotten….. tampons stuck to her hands. She looked down at her hands, then turned to look at me. For the first time in my life I think I understood what it looked like when someone has murder in their eyes. Dropping my bag, I ran.

Someplace else

The part is immense. The whole more so. Drifting through the void measurements are made.

Target found.




Locked On.

In the infinite of existence, there are always more elsewheres. In the distant space through which the shard began to fall reality vibrated. Quantum foam surged and frothed before space itself….. broke.

Error! Error!


Unknown. Foreign Energy detected.


Too Late. Committed to Trajectory.

And in space, lightning flashed.


I was running as hard as I could. Behind me Sophia was gaining. The fact that she hadn't already caught me was either a miracle, or the mess in my locker had made her sicker than I thought. I braved a look over my shoulder as I cleared the school parking lot. Yep, Sophia clearly had vomit on her shirt. Shit, she stopped to throw up and was still gaining on me. Panting I faced forward and opened up the last of my reserve until


I tripped over the curb and hit the ground.


Shit that hurt. Getting to my feet, realizing that even the slim hope I had of getting away was now gone, I thought I would try pleading.

"Sophia," I began.

I didn't finish though. Though the sky was clear, the air brisk, there was a flash of light, an intense heat, a feeling of explosion. Then there was nothing.

"Fucking Hebert, I'm going to fuck you up."

Sophia ran after the waste of space that was her and Emma's project. Not sure what she would do when she caught her, she didn't run as fast as she could. The more distance from the school the better really. As she ran through the possibilities Hebert proved what a klutz she was by tripping on a curb. Sophia couldn't help but laugh at the image.

And now the girl was getting up, looking for all the world like she was going to stop and beg. Pathetic.

"Sophia," she began.

She didn't finish though. Out of the clear blue sky a bolt of lightning came down and blasted the girl. Thunder sounded and even Sophia jumped. She watched as Hebert was blown out of her shoes, flying back about 10 feet through the air before hitting the ground in a heap and not moving.

"Look at that, even God thinks you're a fucking waste."

As tempting as just walking away was, there were witnesses around. Sophia took out her cell phone and dialed 911.

On the ground, Taylor Hebert lay unmoving while inside of her the lightning began to spark.