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I lay back onto the soft sand as I watch Tanya in the water. I was right, she looks amazing in a bikini. As I look out over the water my thoughts wonder back to a month from now. The Denali's were of course furious that I was a part of the Volturi. That took a whole lot of explaining and yelling and pleading to understand. Irina was adamant that the Volturi could never change and would always be power hungry and she will probably never change her mind, and that's okay too. I'm sure Kate was really wishing her gift worked on me at that point too. They still aren't completely happy with me and I'm sure more time will have to pass for them to not be completely over it, but they can't deny everything worked out in our favor.

Leah and Seth weren't happy I kept things from them but they both understood as did all the others. Of course, Peter and Charlotte knew what was going on and Alice and Jasper both had an idea, but man was Rosalie ticked.

Then again, I could have saved her a lot of worries if I would have confided in her. I would have, but there was no way Edward wouldn't have learnt of my plans through her thoughts and they would have escaped and probably have taken Parker in spite. No, that was not an option. As soon as I pointed out that she finally had the daughter she always wanted she calmed down. Little Parker was at first sad that Edward and Sarah were both gone. She didn't understand what all had happened but she had Rosalie and Emmett, and they were very good parents. She is safe, secure, and most of all loved. One day they will both explain everything and hopefully she can move on from the three Cullen's. Everything is as it should be, all but one thing.

I can't help but frown as I think about Esme. Poor Esme with the mate she didn't deserve to be stuck with. I was hoping they weren't mates, but I was wrong. They were he just let power consume him so much it dulled the mating bond, leaving Esme to feel nothing but pain and loss.

Before the Volturi showed up I had made a phone call to Marcus to find out how he still lived without his mate. He explained about his gift with bonds and that while he could not create bonds or sever bonds, Chelsea could, and she did. She dulled the pain from the mating bond to where he could barely feel it and only felt a slight heart ache from missing Didyme. She then created a strong bond to his brothers and to the ones he really cared for to give him a reason to live. When I came along he saw me as a daughter and that created a bond that made the loss of his mate better.

I had asked him if this could be possible with Esme, and he agreed to find out. Turns out, her mating bond was almost completely gone, something no vampire thought could happen, only a shadow of what it should be. Marcus was shocked and appalled that a mating bond could be treated as such. He helped break Esme's bond, and in doing so, started to fall in love with her. While they do not have a mating bond, they have created a bit of happiness and while I only saw them for a few weeks, she was beginning to show a shine in her eyes I had missed greatly.

She didn't have her mate, but she did have someone who would love her as a mate should, and they both wouldn't have to be lonely in their long existence. The death of their mate would not drive them both insane, and I was truly happy for woman I came to see as a mother. She will not have to suffer the death of Carlisle Cullen, and I'm very thankful for that.

Soon after her bond with Carlisle was blocked, Aro got rid of him. All he did was sit there and stare at the wall, not moving, not talking. He was broken, and there was no man left of him. At that point, Aro did him a favor. He did let him feel the pain of losing a mate, as that is what Carlisle thought when he could no longer feel his mating bond. That pushed him farther into the insanity he had fallen into.

Suddenly I am soaked as water splashed over my body as I jerk up. I look up and Tanya is standing there in all her glory laughing at me.

"You looked pretty hot, I thought I would cool you down" she taunts. I jump up and chase after her as she runs back into the water laughing. I catch up to her and grab her into my arms spinning her around and letting us both fall back into the oncoming wave.

The ocean is gorgeous, so free and wild, never to be tamed, and that's how I like to think of Tanya and me. Tanya and I had found a private beach and were here for the past week, just the two of us, no humans, and definitely no vampires, family or no family.

As she rises from the water I follow water drops as they slide down her body, following them from her head to her hips, grabbing onto her hips and pulling her in to my body tightly leaving very little room. Our lips meet as my tongue slides into her open mouth to duel with hers. As our hands start to wonder a wave falls right over us. As I shove my hair back out of my face I look over towards my mate. She just giggles as she holds her hand out.

"Let's go inside, I suddenly feel the need to relearn your body baby" she said as she coaxes me out of the water.

I entwine our fingers as I follow her back into the small cabin we rented. She looks back and beams at me as she pulls me back in for a quick kiss.

"This is the peace you've always deserved my Bella" she states.

"Yes it is, and I'm glad to be sharing this with you Tanya. I love you, for all of my existence."

"And I love you, far beyond my existence" she adds.

As we enter the cabin I glance back out at the setting sun. As far as destinies go, mine definitely tops what I had once thought it would be. I suppose you could say I defied destiny, but then again, I was always following my path to mine, and it so happened to be Tanya.

The end