Author's Note: This is the first of hopefully several stories in a series that takes a look at how the Power Rangers Turbo season might have went.


It's the day of the'A.G 5000', the annual charity racing expo at Angel Grove. People have gathered in their thousands for the event, and on hand as the 'pit crew' for one of the charity drivers involved are Adam, Rocky, and Tanya.

Three college students with an extraordinary secret.

And, at this very moment, faced a rather peculiar problem.

Nothing that required them to step out of line, morph, and save the world from a lethal monster in their guises as Power Rangers anyway.

No, this was something altogether more settled, more ordinary.

More human.

"I can't believe Tommy forgot to equip his car with those spare parts, with the recession having hit the usual shop hard last summer, the closest to the city is a few miles out of town" Adam said.

"You know our fearless leader" said Rocky, "He can lead us into a fight, but the biggest battle he has is with that absent-mindedness of his"

"Hey, didn't he invite Kat to tag along with him?" asked Tanya.

"Yeah, but she declined, she had to look after the little rascal" Rocky confirmed.

"Oh, you mean Justin?" asked Tanya.

"Yeah, he and the other orphans have got a front row seat to the action, if Tommy wins the 5000, his earnings are all going to help in the renovation of the children's home" Adam revealed.

"That's something he'd best not forget then" said Tanya.

"I just hope that's the only trouble we have today, especially since we had to surrender our morphers today for Zordon and Alpha's secret project, I wonder what they're up to?" Rocky said.

On the outskirts of town, settled in between large rocky mountain terrain, stood the foreboding command structure of the Power Rangers known as the Power Chamber.

Within the mighty chamber, the Rangers small android friend Alpha 5, was studying five devices which were attached to a series of cable that stretched all the way from the far right of the central console to the far left. At the centre of the console was a silver container which glowed brightly with white hot energy.

"Aye-Aye-Aye, I'm so excited Zordon" Alpha spoke in the presence of the Rangers wise mentor Zordon

"The energies of the Zeo morphers are having the desired effect" Alpha continued, as the container's energies continued to glow even brighter.

"It won't be long before it is fully charged" Alpha acknowledged.

"I am pleased" Zordon revealed.

"Zordon, I have to ask, due to all the excessive resources being spent on this project, the Power Chamber security protocols have been drastically weakened, what if there is an attack?" Alpha asked, wanting to temper his anticipation with caution of the typical events of a day in their long lives.

"While we are low on resources Alpha, so too, presently, are our enemies. Though he has disposed of the Machine Empire's leaders, Lord Zedd is low on weapons he can swiftly mobilize in order to get the best of us. I am aware that these precious moments of peace are limited, which is why we must strive to provide the Rangers with something truly limitless. Have faith this project will be the start of something special"

High above the Earth, on the lunar surface of the moon, the forces of evil were in disarray.

Attempted repairs on Lord Zedd's command ship Serpenterra were going awry. Badly damaged, dangerous electrical sparks emerging from its sides, small fires erupting within its control room, with Tengas and Putty Patrollers scrambling to put the fires out with extinguishers.

Some of the Tengas stood too close to the flames while attempting to put them out and their wings soon caught fire. They squawked and screeched in panic as they dashed out of the Zord and on to the moon's surface, where they proceeded to roll around, following the standard instructions in how to diminish the raw power of a burning body.

Within the remains of the Lunar Palace, still in a state of disrepair following the initial attack by the Machine Skybase many months earlier, Lord Zedd was in despair, with his wife, Rita Repulsa, attempting to console him.

"Don't beat yourself up so much over that jalopy Serpenterra Zeddy, that thing was never any good anyway, it always ran out of juice before it could really get to sizzle"

"I'd much rather that thing come closer to exploding than me" Zedd retorted

"Repairing the palace isn't going to be easy, especially since we're broke and can't afford a renovation" Rita replied.

"Do you have any suggestions? Or are you happy for once that I have to endure a splitting headache rather than you?" Zedd bitterly replied.

"Hey, you might want to adjust your attitude a bit here, maybe learn to appreciate that permanent cheese grater grin you have on your face" Rita snapped back.

Elsewhere, Finster was also feeling low as he examined what was left of his faithful monster matic, long since destroyed during the Machine invasion.

"My, my, what a state it's in" he says, "I could easily repair it with the right sort of funds, but how? Oh dear"

Meanwhile, Rita's brother Rito Revolto was watching a barely functional television with Squat and Baboo, paying close attention to the Lunar Lottery, a ticket in hand.

"Stop wasting time you troubling trio" snapped Zedd's winged monkey general, the grovelling Goldar, as he berated the group, "That lottery only ever guarantees a winner two percent of the time"

"Well I run on only one percent brainpower, so I fancy my chances" said Rito, leaving Goldar to bury his face in the palm of his right hand as he despaired at Revolto's stupidity.

The presenter of the Lunar Lottery, a vampire with living multi-fanged fingers, in a slick and chilled Transylvanian accent, read out the numbers.

Rito was forced to raise the volume on the television due to Zedd and Rita's continued bickering in the throne room nearby.

"Why do you always have to make me the subject of everything you're upset about?" Rita replied.

"Because you persist on making everything you suggest the only thing worth talking about" Zedd snapped back.

"At least I'm trying to push some passion into our future projects" Rita said.

"Are you saying I lack passion?" Zedd said, his whole body irradiating a crimson glow, signifying his just anger.

"Oh please, I'm not impressed, anyone can show a little colour around me these days, just ask everyone trying to court me over in Dad's galaxy"

"I am the Emperor of all I see, yet why is that all I ever seem see is YOU?"

"Because, Zeddy, I'm the person you took as your rightful prize. You won. I won. We both won"

"I win too" said Rito.

"Knock it off Rito, this is kiss and make-up time at the grown up's table" Rita said, preparing to wrap her arms around Zedd.

"No, I mean it, I've WON" said Rito, "The lunar lottery, I've got the winning ticket"

Zedd shoved Rita to one side and approached Rito, grabbing the ticket and looking on at the numbers on the screen.

"I can't believe your dumb luck" said Goldar.

"A gazillion zenematars, guaranteed. The finest source of currency in the cosmos, with these riches, repairing the palace will be a cakewalk" Zedd replied in gleeful triumph.

"I feel so sorry for all the wasted sponge" mumbled Rito.

Finster beamed at the news, "Now I can make preparations on a redesign of the monster matic, it will be good as new in no time now that we can afford the opportunity"

"And with the Rangers presently without power so Alpha and Zordon can complete their new project, the one thing we cannot afford is wait long for another chance at conquering the Earth, we must use the money in other ways" Zedd replied.

"Oh, we're going to have a budget now" Rita spoke, "Just think, my man thinking of money matters, we're building ourselves a nasty little nest egg and I couldn't be more proud"

"Goldar, make preparations to travel to Planet Onyx at once" instructed Zedd.

"Yes my Emperor, but whatever for?" Goldar asked.

"I wish to make a favourable donation to those that make the highest bidder, a just reward for the first creature that can unjustly rid the universe of the Power Rangers!"

Goldar made the journey from one side of the galaxy to the other, and arrived at the Planet Onyx, a place where the cruellest of creatures, the flotsam and jetsam of the evil space alien underworld, gathered to do what they do best, to bicker, and bid, and bicker again.

To gamble with their fortunes, which would lead to more dispute, and in those damaging disputes they would risk their very lives to prove their might or their point.

Two such aliens were Rygog and Elgar, who were doing their best to 'civilly' discuss the strengths and weaknesses of their respective entourages. On one side were towering monster turtles known as Putrapods, who served Elgar, and the armoured bronze Pirantatrons, which served Rygog.

"My Piranatrons can fell a creature from 40 paces, they're sure and sharp with a bow and arrow" decreed Rygog.

"My Putrapods have unmatched strength" Elgar responded.

"The only thing they're unmatched in is odour" Rygog replied.

"Excuse me" came a voice from behind them as Goldar entered the bar.

"Beat it Gorilla, I've got plenty to excuse" said Elgar.

"I bring a message from the farther side of the galaxy, it is urgent that I share it with everyone" Goldar continued.

"Interrupt us again, and my Piranatrons will have your sides for afters" snapped Rygog.

"Now, where were we?" said Elgar, cracking his knuckles.

"I believe 'where are we' is the question you and your putripatsies will be asking when you come to" Elgar replied.

Goldar, now greatly irritated, decided to bring the quarrelling aliens to order, he took out his sword and cut sharply through the centre of the table with it.

Elgar, Rygog, and their forces all froze up as the table caught fire and then just as swiftly evaporated.

"Do we have any further difficulty in communicating?" Goldar asked sarcastically.

"Nope" Elgar quickly and nervously replied.

"I'm good" said Rygog.

"Good, for Lord Zedd commands your attention" said Goldar, reaching into the right side of his armour and removing a small crystalline medallion, he pressed down on its centre and a holographic image of the dark dimension overlord lit up the Onyx tavern.

"This is Lord Zedd, the recipient of the recent winnings in the lunar lottery; I offer a thirty five percent portion of my recently acquired fortune to any monster that successfully destroys my hated rivals, the Power Rangers. This is an open bounty; all are welcome to try their luck, just as you do not ultimately try my patience with failure. May the best monster and man hunter win"

A loud ovation emitted from the tavern's occupants. Boasts and brags could be heard everywhere by those willing to step up to the plate.

"Power Rangers eh?" noted Rygog, "I reckon this will be a good field exercise for my Piranatrons"

"More a moment reserved for my titan turtles" said Elgar.

As the two argued all the way out of the bar over whose forces were better, Goldar permitted himself a small satisfactory smile.

"Now, Rangers, try to hold onto your heads now that a bounty has been placed upon them" he said sneeringly before making his journey back to Earth's side of the galaxy and to his home on the lunar palace.