In Memory of Anthony "Bushido" Diaz.

Star Force DxD

By Tailsmo4ever

1st Contact: Omega-Xis the Fugitive

It is the year 203X and Earth has progressed far. The world is networked through electromagnetic waves. Three large satellites, Pegasus, Leo, and Dragon, orbit the Earth powering the electromagnetic wave web that exists around the Earth's atmosphere. Electromagnetic waves, or EM Waves, are not visible to the naked human eye. But they form a network that supports the function of many everyday activities. Humans carry Transers, portable devices that EM Wave World interfaces that are used for communication, public data and personal identification.

But our sophisticated planet is not without problems. Malfunctions within the electromagnetic wave web sometimes occur that are often the result of EM Wave Viruses. Thankfully, the Satella Police are successful in combatting these viruses and maintaining order in the EM wave web. We still have more to learn about electromagnetic waves, but we use this technology to try and contact life outside of do this is through the use of satellite space stations. In one of the space stations orbiting above the Earth, scientists were already hard at work discovering new lifeforms. Within the space station, there was a computer lab already hard at work with multiply scientists in yellowish space suits working on several computers and even more studying a spherical pattern of a hologram in the center.

"Checked C2... a response is coming from A40," a scientist announced, looking over his monitors, "Response from A40 received. The same goes for C3, as well as B7 sector 37." Typing in several commands in his keyboard, he programed the satellite disks on the space station to adjust upward. In response, the orb in the middle expanded and several streams of rainbow light shot upward from the platform.

"Daigo-kun! Over here!" a scientist, an older man with black hair combed backwards, called over.

"I see it. The Brotherband is linked up and we've made contact!" the scientist named Daigo grinned. He was a fairly tall man with a good muscle tone. His skin was in a fine color, with spiky purple hair and blue eyes. "Confirm the location of the alien planet!" he ordered.

"We've finally done it, Daigo-kun," the scientist smiled, watching the rainbow beams in wonderment, "We've successfully communicated with alien life forms."

"Yeah, my kid would love to see this..." Daigo nodded.


The sirens in the station suddenly flared as red warning lights flashed. "What's going on?" Daigo called out. "What happened!?"

"I'm reading a huge counterflow of energy!" one of the scientists said, looking through his monitor. "It's off the scale!"

"Daigo-kun?" the man asked, turning to Daigo.

"Our interplanetary communication probe might have been interpreted as a hostile threat by the other side," Daigo said, looking through his screens.

A red holographic screen suddenly appeared on the platform, showing several charts and data, "This is the current data of the Sun. currently, we aren't able to receive contact from them. And this-" the screen suddenly started fizz out of control and turn into static, shocking the scientists.

"Hey! What's going on! Report!" Daigo shouted.

"It's no use! The contact has overflowed!" the old man said. Daigo gritted his teeth and ran off to the door. "Oi, Daigo-kun! Where are you going?!"

"Whatever the form, this is alien intelligence we're dealing with!" Daigo said, swiping his card key on the lock to open the door, "I'm going to have a closer look to see the cause of the overflow!" He was already out the door before the man could give any warning.

Daigo raced down the hallway and made his way into the large engine room where a large electric storm was happening. Looking up, he placed on a pair of green goggles over his eyes. With the strange goggles added to his vision, Daigo could see ribbons of rainbow energy flow downwards. "I never imagined..." he whispered. Suddenly, the waves started to grow aggressive, solidify into panels and move faster. And then, a black dot slowly appeared into his view. "What the...?!"

Without warning, there was a strange burst of energy rippling through the space station. Lightning surged all around it and ripped through the systems. Only mere moments later, there was a bright flash of light and the station exploded in the silence of space...

Two months later...

Kodama City was one of the most highly advanced cities in the world, if not the most advance. Everything there was state of the art and there was always places to go and things to do. It was especially beautiful during the night with the tall and futuristic buildings lighting up the night sky. Sitting on a river bank was a young teenaged boy. He was short for his age and had a pretty youthful face. His eyes were red like the sun and also had black chin length hair which was slightly spiky, especially around the ridges of his forehead. He was dressed in a dark gray school uniform with the blazer to reveal a blue shirt and blue sneakers. On his forehead, there were a pair of goggles that suspiciously looked like Daigo's, and around his neck was a necklace that held stone shard that glimmered in the colors of a rainbow. He gave a small yawn as he fell backwards with his hands over his head. He pulled the goggles over his eyes, allowing him to view the various waves dancing in the night sky.

'The sky sure is peaceful tonight,' the boy thought to himself.

"Tadaima!" the boy said, arriving at his house. Looking into the living room, he noticed a cute older woman dressed in a white sweater and a blue mini-skirt with long black hair and red eyes looking sad and worried as she sat on the couch. Next to her was a stocky man in a blue jacket and a cap, that seemed to be comforting her. "Huh? Akachi-san? I didn't know you were coming. Mom, what happened?"

"Netto..." Netto's mother uttered, looking at him with tears in her eyes. "There was an accident."


Akachi sighed as he stood up. He reached into his pocket and pulled out Daigo's goggles to Netto, "The investigators found this... in what was left of the Elysium."

"Hold on, isn't that dad's Visualizer?" Netto gasped.

"I'm sorry, Netto-kun. There doesn't seem to be much hope for Daigo and the rest of the Elysium crew," Akachi frowned.

"What does that mean?" Netto demanded. He turned to his mother, "Mom, what happened to dad?!" Netto's mother gave no answer. Instead, she bursted into tears and wept.

Netto opened his eyes and gazed out into the night. "What happened to you, dad?"

One month later...

It had been three months since the mysterious vanishing of the Elysium crew. At the time being, all searches for the crew and they have been declared MIA. Life seemed to move on like normal and everyone continued about their daily business. Along the suburban neighborhood there was one particular house that looked very comfy, not particularly too big or too small. Inside one of the rooms, a loud alarm buzzed loudly before a lazy hand slapped it down to shut it off. Netto pulled himself out of the covers and gave a slow stretch before running his hands through his messy hair.

"Mornings suck," Netto muttered, groggy.

"Netto, get up!" Netto's mother, Shuko called from downstairs. "I have to be a work in an hour and school is starting soon! You don't want to be late!"

"I know, I'm coming!" Netto said, getting off from his bed. He went removed his white shirt and boxers and made his way to the bathroom, taking a shower and brushing his teeth. He got dressed up in a school uniform. He grabbed his bag, folded his laptop three-quarters shut- he didn't want to lose his downloads- and slung it over his shoulder as he walked down the stairs, where he saw his mother watching the morning news on the TV while quickly eating a slice of toast. She was an eye-catching woman with bright red eyes and long black hair held by a blue headband. She was also only slightly taller than her son, making her seem more like an older sister. She was dressed in an ivory coat with the collar standing up, black leggings with black heeled ankle long boots adorned with silver toes. It was pretty clear where Netto got his looks from.

"Good morning, mom," Netto said, reaching the living room.

"You're up. I was wondering if you'd ever wake up," Shuko smiled.

"Very funny," Netto sighed. He sat down next her and looked at the screen, watching the news feed, "Another one of those strange EM Storms?"

"Yes," Shuko nodded, "They've been going on for some time now... ever since Daigo-kun disappeared."

Netto leaned back on the chair, "You think these storms are related to what happened to the Elysium?"

"Well, my team has been doing some heavy research over the incidents," Shuko said. "We did managed to find that each of the storms were fluctuating more heavily over the course of months. Though it doesn't give us answers over what happened during the explosion."

Netto nodded. One of the strange things that happened in the Elysium disaster was that there was no signs of anyone being in the space station at all. As if there was no one there to begin with. There was no blood, no body parts, nothing. The crew was listed as MIA rather than KIA due to this, but no one had much hope left if there was anyone to survive. Explosions in the middle of space didn't have much of a survival rate.

"Man, oh man," Netto sighed, "Things haven't been going so well, these days. What's going on?"

Shuko sighed as she swallowed the last of her toast. "Well, time to wonder about that. It's time for you to head out to school."

Netto nodded, "Yeah."

Somewhere far beyond the solar system, an asteroid was flying at high speeds occupied by several dark figures surrounding another dark figure in the middle of a crater. The figure looked around aimlessly, knowing full well that he was trapped.

"Give up, Omega-Xis!" a figure that resembled a shadowy bird demanded. "There's no use escaping us!"

"Make it easy on yourself and return the Andromeda Key," another figure that resembled an ox ordered.

"Hah!" the central figure, Omega-Xis, laughed, "You can have it back once I'm done with it, which will be never!"

"You were once a proud warrior of planet FM! Why would you betray us?" the bird figure glared.

Omega-Xis smirked, "Maybe because I'm tired of your boss."

"What was that?"

The astrodroid suddenly began to shake and quiver. The surrounding figures looked around in shock and wonder.

"What's going on?!" the ox shouted.

"Omega-Xis, you fool!" the bird yelled. "You activated the key?!"

"Later, losers!" Omega-Xis waved, turning into a green stream of light and flying away. As he left his pursuers behind, the astrodroid flashed and broke, shattering into millions of pieces. As Omega-Xis flew into the depths of space, only one thing went through his mind.

"The Earth is calling to me..."

Kuoh Academy was a private school, and as such had a much more lavash outlook than that of public school. The main interior of the school building looked like some type of ballroom, with a chandelier and everything. It was renovated to accommodate both boys and girls, as it was originally a girls-only school over 50 years ago. The amount of female student still outnumbered the boys though. Most of the boys transferred to the school to fulfill dreams of creating a harem. However, only a handful of girls had boyfriends. Most girls in the school wanted little or nothing to do with boys under the belief that they were all perverted. Well, considering the mannerisms of some of the boys it's not too surprising, but sometimes it gets a bit out of hand. Such anti-pervert girls are like "go die you freak!" or "why don't you jump off a cliff or something?". To Netto, it was just ridiculous. Being perverted wasn't a crime, it's part of nature. So what if there were guys who couldn't keep their libidos in their pants? Sure, some may go on borderline sexual harassment, but they would never go too far as outright rape. In fact, some of the perverts in the school he found to be fairly decent guys... well decent enough to not be total social deviants anyway.

Really, the only reason why Netto came to the school in the first place was due to his mother's line of work. He was interested in having a relationship at the time, but with a majority of the girls being up on guard it didn't leave much for anyone to work with.

Has he walked passed the gates that lead to the school, he saw a handsome young man that was around a year older than him. He had short blond hair and blue eyes, dressed in the uniform for boys that appeared to be neatly pressed and brown loafers surrounded by a small harem of cute girls. Yuto Kiba was his name, and he was considered by many to be the school's prince charming. For good reason too, as plenty of girls seemed to flock around him pretty much all the time. He was the epitome of a perfect gentleman, though was also seen as the bane of many boys for attracting such pretty girls, evident by the sight of a few boys scowling at him in contempt nearby.

"If the wanna have girlfriends of their own, they should follow his example instead of cursing him," Netto muttered underneath his breath.

"Yo, Netto! What's up buddy?" someone greeted by slinging an elbow over his head. Netto, startled out of his thoughts, looked up at the student and frowned. He was a whopping 5'9" to Netto's scrawny 5'3", and had a fairly muscular build with messy black hair. Yokihiko Nakamaru was one of the scuttlebuts of the school, offten peeping on girls where they least expect it. He and his partner in crime Kazumi Matsuda would often try to rope Netto in his scheme, pretending to be his friend, taking advantage of his tech talents to sneak a peek of some of the hottest girls in the school. Usually, Yokihiko would have his plans backfire in the most spectacular epic fails anyone has ever seen and Netto managed to get away unscratched before anything serious happened. Sad to say that due to being strung along by Yokihiko so often some of the girls seem to view him as a despicable hentai as well.

"What is it, Yokihiko-sempai?" Netto asked, shrugging the second year's elbow from his head.

"A friend of a friend of mine found some hidden cameras in the girls locker room," Yokihiko began proudly, not even beating around the bush. "Ever since the girls got wise to us sneaking into one of the lockers to sneak a peak..."

"What do you mean 'us'?" Netto interrupted, but was ignored.

"...I was hoppin' you could use some of your mad computer skills to give me and my bros a little hand. So what do you say Netto? I'll even pay you!" Yokihiko offered.

"Alright. First of all, no. And second of all, HELL no!" Netto snapped. "Some if not most of the girls here already see me as a dirty perv because of you." Netto heard several hushed whispers happening behind him, and turned around to find several girls already muttering amongst themselves with judging glares at both him and Yokihiko. "I'm going to class," Netto huffed, walking off.

"Hey! I'm not finished!" Yokihiko shouted after him. The sounds of girlish squeals echoed around the field. Turning to the gate, Netto watched as three very popular people walked through.

The first was Rias Gremory, a third year senior, the school's most gorgeous girl and object of every guy's fantasy. With her cyan eyes and very long, flaming red hair, not to mention her voluptuous figure, which included breasts that a lot of girls would kill to have, made her the most noticeable and sought after young woman in the entire school. Dressed in the standard school uniform, which included a very short wine-colored skirt. A white striped shirt that hugged her curvy chest very well, and a dark lavender waistcoat that wrapped around her thin stomach, but hung off her shoulders like a small cloak of sorts. The really interesting part of the waistcoat was that it was gapped in the front, allowing her breasts to protrude without any resistance. In fact, without the white shirt, her assets would have been clearly on display. White socks that came up to her ankles looked like silk, and simple brown dress shoes clicked against the ground as she walked.

Next was Koneko Toujou, so-called the school mascot. A first year student like Netto, she was a short, petite girl with white hair with and hazel eyes. At the front, her hair had two long bangs going past her shoulders and several loose bangs hanging over her forehead, while the back had a short bob cut. She also wore a black cat-shaped hair clip on both sides of her hair. She seemed to be carrying herself as if walking on a cloud. All the girls thought she was uber-cute and all the boys looked at her like she was some loli-girl, wanting to do ecchi things to her. She didn't smile, unlike the other two girls, and just seemed to stare out across the sea of students, as if looking all through them.

Lastly was Akeno Himejima, the school's other top idol and a third year like Rias. With her long black ponytail, a pair of long antenna that drooped backwards, an athletic and shapely body that would put most supermodels to shame, a warm and gentle smile and purple eyes, and not to mention her cheerful and outgoing personality, she was the idol of many girls, and the fantasy of many boys. Netto included.

"Dude, I never get tired of seeing those three everyday," Yokihiko swooned dreamily. "That red hair of her's sure is awesome. Rias-senpai's supposed to come from Central Europe or something. I think it was Scandinavia. She's also filthy stinkin' rich and comes from a family of nobles!"

"How would you know that?" Netto asked Yokihiko, turning to face him.

"Oh, a friend of a friend told me," Yokihiko shrugged.

"Some friend of a friend you've got," Netto commented plainly.

"Hey, I've got awesome contacts," Yokihiko boasted.

"Sure you do," Netto muttered with a roll of his eyes. Ignoring him for the moment, Netto turned his attention back to the three popular girls of the school. Koneko, last he heard, had a very harsh intolerance for perverts and might belt him the first chance she got due to the bad crowd he found himself in at times. Although, with Rias, that was another story. Netto was like every other hertosexual male, meaning that he was attracted to beautiful women. The type of women he was attracted to were ones who were older than him; mature women, those that would would be identified as loveable big sisters. Rias was known to be incredibly affectionate to those closest to her, and Akeno had a silver tongue that seemed to turn boys into puddy every time she spoke.

Of course given how she comes from well off family, she might not even consider talking to him, especially not to a computer nerd like him. Even so, he wasn't really in the mood to get to know anyone, not since...

"Kusanagi, about to do something perverted with Yokihiko, I see."

Netto turned to see two girls approaching them, apparently overhearing the conversation. Netto scowled at being called a hentai. Both of them looked to be in their second years, and both were clearly taller than Netto. The first was tall and proud, with the perfect body to match. Her hair was black and spiky, just barely touching her shoulders. Her eyes were blue and narrowed, being very sharp. She stood confidently with her hands at her hips, contrast to the girl next to her who was rather ladylike. Her hair was midnight blue and had a single ahoge sticking up. Her eyes were deep green and both her hands were folded together in front.

"Well, Mahiru-sempai, Ami-sempai. Top of the day to ya," Netto greeted with a straight face.

"Class haven't started and you both are already up to something," Mahiru sighed, rubbing her head. "Jezz, this is why I don't get why the higher ups made this into a co-ed school."

"Well, he just can't help it. Men are really dirty animals, you know," Ami nodded fiercely.

"Hey, watch it!" Netto ventured, a cross vein appearing on his forehead, "Of course I have respect for women!"

"Yeah, right!" Mahiru exclaimed, getting into his face. "Like you have the right to say that after you, Yokihiko, Kazumi snuck into dressing room to set hidden cameras to watch us strip! That's why everyone calls you the Hentai Trio, the Three Stooges!"

"We're no trio!" Netto exclaimed, starting to become agitated.

Mahiru Aoyama was the captain of the girl's kendo club, and a good kenoist at that. She was one of the few girls that had a low opinion of Netto during his first days at Kuoh Academy. Her best friend, Ami Sasmori, was the member of the book club, and also believed in the worst of Netto. This is mostly due to Mahiru and her kendo club finding a hidden camera in their locker room, which Netto was forced to install thanks to Yokihiko find some "interesting" photos of him. It seemed they knew someone who was tech savvy, and managed to trace the camera back to him. Next thing Netto knew, he was being harassed by the kendo girls. The term "guilty by association" wasn't enough to describe the sheer madness. Most of girls here at Kouh Academy really hated perverted guys, as evidence to some of the numbnuts in the school.

"The evidence contradicts your words," Ami said.

"Exactly!" Mahiru said, "Just because your mother is supposed to be a big shot scientist and your old man got blown up it doesn't give you free tickets for peep shows!"

"Hey!" Netto snapped, his eyes growing hard, "I don't appreciate either of you snapping at me, and especially don't appreciate you talking crap about about my parents! If you have nothing nice to say, get out of my face!"

Mahiru was effectively quieted at his outburst. Ami's eyes seemed to widen almost an inch. Yokihiko himself seemed to stay wisely silent. Heaving a breath, Netto turned back to the school and walked inside.

"Ma-chan, it seems you overdid it again," Ami frowned, almost sadly.

"..." Mahiru just gave solemn face as she folded her arms.

No one even notice the strange stare the redhead was giving Netto as he left.

Lunch time came and everyone on the hour was using the time do whatever they wanted until classes resumed. For boys and girls who were actually a couple they used the time for previously to get intimate. The boys with less moral fiber used the time to peep on girls while they were in the locker rooms (results may vary). As for Netto, he was up on the school roof with his lunch at his side and his laptop on his lap. He was very much used to it already. He did miss his old school where he could be with peers who carried his interest, but there weren't that many students in the school who were into computers. He didn't know much of anyone so it would be awkward if he sat alone at an empty table.

On his lap was a small standard issue laptop supplied by the school. Now, an important thing to know about any piece of tech given by any school was gonna come with a catch. The "SchoolBooks" were very snitchy, logging every keystroke, watching all the network traffic for suspicious keywords, counting every click, keeping track of every fleeting through put out on the net. Once the students figured out that these "free" laptops worked for the man, and showed a never-ending parade of obnoxious ads to boot, they suddenly started to feel very heavy and burdensome. Netto had his own laptop to use, several actually, even ones he built himself, but he found the SchoolBooks to be a lot more compact and easy to fit around in his school bag. Besides, had already found several ways around them.

Cracking his SchoolBook had been as difficult as eating a pie for him. The crack was online within a month of the machine showing up, and there was nothing to it. Just download a DVD image, burn it, stick it in the SchoolBook, and boot it while holding down a bunch of different keys at the same time. The DVD did the rest, installing a whole bunch of hidden programs on the machine, programs that would stay hidden even when the school did its daily remote integrity checks of the machines. Every now and then he would have to get an update for the software to get around the school's tests, but it was a small price to pay to get a little control over the box.

Netto fired up the IMParanoid, the secret instant messenger that I used when he wanted to have an off-the-record discussion. Someone else was already logged on.

R3DK1N6: Hey there, i was wondering if u would ever show up

Crash Override: Yea, sorry. Wasn't much time to use my comp in class. What news do you have for me this time?

The one on the other end of the line went by the handle R3DK1N6. Pronounced "Red King", not "Arr-three-dee-ka-one-en-six"... unless you're a clueless disciplinary officer who's far enough behind the curved that you still call the internet "the information superhighway". Netto hadn't met him previously but he knew that it was someone who was in the school, and one of the students. Otherwise he wouldn't be having his SchoolBook by now. R3DK1N6 seemed to know just enough about computers to know how they work. He didn't know how to use more of the other functions and seemed to be more interested in the occult and the supernatural. So how he managed to get his hands on a IMParanoid, let alone a heavily modified SchoolBook, was beyond him. Still, he seemed like a cool guy and trustworthy enough. Netto had asked once before to meet him in person, but he only got the cryptic response of "patience".

R3DK1N6: Did u know? There was another murder

Crash Override: Seriously? That's the third time this month

R3DK1N6: The body was mangled up pretty bad. There were multiple stab wounds and the body was hoisted up like a cross on the wall. Religious zealots are the worst, aren't they?

Crash Override: Ugh. This world is screwed up and twisted

R3DK1N6: U wouldn't want to be caught be these guys, would u? I have a suggestion

Crash Override: What's that?

R3DK1N6: Just a little something i downloaded from the net. They say it can protect u from those who wish to do u harm.

Crash Override: What is it? Some sort of charm? Sorry, but I don't buy into any of that mystic mumbo-jumbo

R3DK1N6: The killers would say otherwise. So u in?

Crash Override: Hell no

R3DK1N6: Better to be safe than sorry. What do u have to lose?

Crash Override: I still don't know. I'd rather find evidence. I ain't a conclusion jumper

R3DK1N6: U mean like the girls who think ur a hentai?

Crash Override: U suck

R3DK1N6: I'm not logging off to i get ur word. And i'll know when i can find u. So once again: what do u have to lose?

Netto sighed as he realized he wasn't going get out of this easily. Finally, he yielded and gave his answer.

Crash Override: Fine. What is this thing?

R3DK1N6 sent him a link to the patch. Clicking on it, the link led Netto to an image of some sort of red magic circle, with several languages that seemed to include Latin. If he didn't know any better, he'd say it was glowing.

R3DK1N6: Download that thing immediately and save it somewhere. Don't delete it. As long as u carry it with u, u can be saved from trouble.

Netto seemed sceptic, but decided to take his word for it. He typed in one more message into the messenger.

Crash Override: How do you know all this stuff?

R3DK1N6: It's a secret ;)

Netto gave a sigh as he downloaded the image into his SchoolBook and saved it. He closed the SchoolBook and got up to return to resuming classes. It was just one picture. After all, what did he have to lose?

The rest of the day went on without incident as everyone went through the day. Eventually, the afternoon came and it was the time that all children were released from school. However, some people were still hard at work. AMAKEN Labs was still working hard. The engines in the facility hummed loudly as the scientists worked on several computers, working on several projects.

"We've significantly increased the power level over last time," Amachi smiled, looking over the documents on his tablet. "Let's continue at this pace for the time being."

"Got it," one of his co-workings obeyed.

"I'm telling you I'm not a spy! Come on, it's the truth!"

"Huh?" Amachi blinked, walking over to the commotion. Outside of the garage door leading to the labs, Netto was having an argument with a tall, lanky man with an AMAKEN lab coat, making him one of the scientists. He had wavy brown hair and dark rings over his eyes, indicating lack of sleep.

"I just came here to see Amachi-san! He's a friend of the family!" Netto insisted.

"I don't know... maybe you came to steal my valuable research," the man accused, unconvinced, "You look suspicious."

"Do I look like a spy to you?" Netto scowled, "I get enough of this kind of crap at school and I don't like it!"

"Hey, Netto-kun. Good to see you," Amachi smiled, walking up to the pair. "Don't worry Utagai-san, he's a guest," he told the man as he ruffled Netto's hair. "He just came to spend some of his after school time."

"Thank's again for letting me come," Netto smiled. Utagai looked at the pair silently before walking off.

"No problem. We just finished with the engine problem so I have some time to spare," Amachi nodded.

Amachi led Netto through the facility, eventually walking through a glass bridge. From the horizon, there was a large rocket. Netto went up to the window and gasped in amazement.

"Wow! The Dreamcast 32-X!" he exclaimed.

"You mother had a field day designing her," Amachi smiled. "But it was well worth it. She's a beaut."

"She is," Netto smiled.

"So, you're thinking about taking a technology career when you grow up?" Amachi asked. "Maybe even following in your father's footsteps to become a space pilot?"

Netto gave a solemn look. "Well, I get this feeling that my dad is still alive somewhere. So I'll become an astronaut and find him with a spacecraft of my own creation."

"And in order to do that you need to study really hard," Amachi said. Though he didn't need to tell Netto that, "Even without his skills as a pilot your father was one of your best scientists, second only to the chief Shu-chan."

"I know, my parents are really smart," Netto grinned, tugging on his Visualizer, "My dad even invented the Visualizer that allows us to see into the EM Wave World."

"So how's school?" Amachi asked.

"Well, I'm keeping up with my studies," Netto said, looking over at the side. "That's all I really have to say."

"But it's been a few months since you arrived at Kuoh Academy and from what I remember it was just recently made into a co-ed school," Amachi added, "Have you made any friends?"

"Friends?" Netto echoed.

"Right. Friends who're there for you when you're in trouble. Comrades you can count on. Girlfriends are nice too. You're a growing boy after all."

Netto frowned as he thought back to the schoolmates he was most familiar with.

"Just because your mother is supposed to be a big shot scientist and your old man got blown up it doesn't give you free tickets for peep shows!"

"I'll pass," Netto frowned bitterly, "With friends like that, who needs enemies?"

Amachi sighed, taking off his cap to dust his hair. "I see. Well, it's your choice. Just make sure you look after your mother. She's recovered a good deal since the accident but she still worries." He ruffled Netto's hair, "At least try and be happy for her sake."

"Yeah," Netto nodded slowly.

"Netto Kusanagi of class 1-B. So this is him?"

Within the old school building of Kuoh Academy, there was one room still very much active with the sunset glaring through the windows ominously, giving it a very gothic atmosphere. There were a some couches surrounding a small table which held a chess set in the middle and desk table sitting at the end of the room. Sitting at the desk was the illustrious Rias Gremory looking through a folder which contained a profile on Netto.

"That's right," Akeno said, standing next to her. "He's the boy whose father disappeared in the space station explosion three months ago."

"He's got a high IQ and he's even made some machines of his own," Rias said, closing the folder and setting it down, "I can even feel that there's something oddly special about him but I just can't put my finger on it."

"You mean he has a Sacred Gear?" Akeno asked.

"It's hard to say," Rias answered, folding her arms, "But I've already made contact with him even though he doesn't realize it yet, so I should be able to keep a close I on him. We don't want to miss our opportunity."

"It'd be nice to induct a new little brother into the Peerage," Akeno giggled, her hand on her face, "He's pretty cute. I wonder what his troubled face looks like."

Rias smiled with a small chuckle. "Don't scare him off, alright?"

"Oh, I wouldn't do that," Akeno smiled widely.

Both girls suddenly stiffened as they felt a sudden wave of energy shift through the air. Rias stood up from her chair and went to the window with Akeno close behind. Up at the sky, it would appear to be a glowing red to the average human. However, Rias and Akeno were both more than human. For them, they could see streams of colors flying through the air rapidly.

"Rias," Akeno began.

"Yeah," Rias nodded, frowning, "Something's going down."

Later that night, Netto was back on the river bank that he and been visiting since his dad vanished. He felt calm and at peace every time he came here. He didn't know why, but it just felt really nice. He really enjoyed the cool breeze and the scent of the water going through his nose. He fell flat on his rump before laying on the grass, thinking back on how his day was going.

"I was hopin' you could use some of your mad computer skills to give me and my bros a little hand. So what do you say Netto? I'll even pay you!"

"Well, he just can't help it. Men are really dirty animals, you know."

"Just because your mother is supposed to be a big shot scientist and your old man got blown up it doesn't give you free tickets for peep shows!"

"Well, it's your choice. Just make sure you look after your mother. She's recovered a good deal since the accident but she still worries. At least try and be happy for her sake."

Netto sighed, and placed the Visualizer over his eyes to watch the EM Waves dance across the night sky. "I never get tired of watching this," he mused out loud. He blinked in confusion as something else caught his eye. He quickly sat up and took off his Visualizer to rub his eyes before putting them back on. What he was seeing was no trick. In the night sky amongst the EM Waves were two more streaks flying against each other like they were fighting.

"Those are some strange EM Waves," Netto muttered.

In their own plane of existence, the two EM Waves, one green and the other deep blue, flew about in a power struggle for supremacy. The blue energy wave slowed down long enough to reform into a blue, shadowy swan. "Found you again, Omega-Xis!" the swan creature boasted.

The green energy wave quickly reformed into another odd looking creature. It appeared to look like some sort of dog with red eyes and a ghostly body of glow green energy, and had dark blue armor over his head, upper torso, shoulders, and wrists.

"Cygnus," Omega-Xis growled, "Persistent as always."

"You must think you're pretty clever, running off while exploding that slab of rock as a distraction. But we're too old to fall for such childish tactics," Cygnus said.

"That's too bad," Omega-Xis chuckled. "I thought I could by myself a little more time, but it looks like I should be giving you slowpokes more credit."

"Enough talk! Hand over the Andromeda Key!" Cygnus demanded.

"Not a chance!" Omega-Xis spat, speeding off once more with Cygnus close behind. "Never! Not as long as I live!"

"Traitor!" Cygnus hissed.

Both aliens struck against one another again and again, energy exploding with each hit. Omega-Xis quickly realized that he was going nowhere, so decided to put an end to their fight as soon as possible. He curled up into a ball and glowed even brighter, turning into a miniature supernova. Cygnus seemed to be aware of what was happening and charged forward, glowing in a blue light. Both aliens rammed into each other in a bright flash of light, blinding everything around them.

"Hurg!" Cygnus roared as the light overtook him.

"Arrg!" Omega-Xis screamed, feeling the planet's gravity take control of him.

Back on the planet, Netto gasped as he saw one of the strange lights began to grow. To him, it was growing bigger and bigger. Soon, the glow, started to shine on his body.

Netto realized that he was in the light's line of fire.

"Ah, crapbaskets..." he groaned just before the light struck him.

The green light from the sky struck him hard, his screams drowned out by the large beam smashing onto the ground. The beam subsided, but the the glow on the grass remained, briefly showing a silhouette of an armored boy before vanishing back into Netto, knocked out cold on the grass.

As Netto laid helpless and vulnerable to the world, a pair of brown shoes stepped over him. Gazing at the boy with keen interest, Rias fiddled with a red chess piece in her hand.

To Be Continued...

Tailsmo4ever: And so come the start of a new story. I was looking for another story to crossover High School DxD with since there were so many. Since I'm still into sci fi, I decided to turn to Mega Man. Of course, my plans for a Kamen Rider Mega solo story are still in hiatus. But this I can do for now. As mentioned above, this fic is dedicated to Kamen Rider Bushido, who had a similar story but tragically left it unfinished. So, here it is, the first chapter of the Andromeda Saga. Reviews are greatly appreciated.