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"Sōten Kisshun, I reject!.. I reject!.. I reject..." Inoue Orihime's tears clouded her eyes and her shouted incantation turned to quite sobs. "This wasn't supposed to happen. You were all supposed to have been safe. Kurosaki-kun... you won't suppose to die."

She ran a hand through Kurosaki Ichigo's messy orange hair, his head resting in her lap inside of the twin sacred shield. She couldn't make herself look at it. The massive hole in the center of Ichigo's chest. It just won't close.

It wasn't just Ichigo. Sado, Rukia, Uryu, Renji; they had all come to Hueco Mundo in order to save her, and soon they would all be dead. She couldn't stand it.

"I reject... I reject..." She whimpered again and again. A nearby tower exploded, blowing her long orange hair outwards and sending up clouds of sand everywhere.

When it finally died down and she turned her head, her heart jumped up into her throat. There stood the Arancar, Ulquiorra, looking for all the worlds like the devil himself. His cold unfeeling eyes starting at her from underneath his dark bangs while huge bat like wings stretched out behind him. In his left hand was what was left of the Quincy, Uryu, she could only recognize it as having been him by the look of the shredded white clothing that was covered in his blood.

Orihime's eyes followed the body as Ulquiorra tossed it at her, having it skid across the ground to lay there at the edge of her shield. Orihime shook her head, momentary too shocked to think before giving a scream of horror. More tears coming to her eyes as her distressed cries ripped at her throat. "No... Why is this happening?" She said through her sobs.

"It is because of you." Ulquiorra's voice was as cold and unfeeling as it had ever been, and his words cut through her like knives. "This is the result of the choices you have made. Blame me if you wish, but you were the one who caused their deaths."

"No, please. Give me another chance. I'll fit this. I know I can." Orihime cried, her shield expanded again to bring Uryu into it. She couldn't let it end like this. She had to find some way to make things right. She couldn't let them die for her.

"There are no second chances. This is reality. It is a world of suffering." Ulquiorra said as he stared at her, unblinking and unfeeling. This was the way he had always been to her. He had so desired to see her suffer, to see her break down because of his cruelty. Now, he was finally getting what he had wanted.

"No! I reject! I reject!" Orihime shouted, shaking her head. "I can set things right! I will set things right!" Ulquiorra blinked in surprise and the world around them started to shimmer and the girl's spiritual pressure grew. She was drawing on the spiritual particles that made up Hueco Mundo, using them to increase her own power.

"What is this? Why is Hueco Mundo lending her its power?" Ulquiorra said, his surprise not showing on his face. Hueco Mundo was a world made of pure negititive energy; despair, fear, hatred, disgust, jealousy. So why was it reacting to the girl's prayers?

All points on her blue hair pins glowed as the six spirits were summoned at once, pushing the devil arancar back with a wind made from the bending of time and space. The six spirits formed around Orihime and began to blanket her body in a bright orange light that glowed brighter than the sun. Ulquiorra hissed, shielding his eyes with a wing.

Orihime felt it. Her power rushing up. Her mind was becoming blank as words began to flow into her, her lips seeming to move of their own accord. "Ayame, Baigon, Hinagiku, Lily, Shun'ō, Tsubaki, please... Rokuten Doshin... Rokuten Doshin, I reject!" The power grow stronger and stronger as the light became too overwhelming.

As her consciousness drifted away Orihime whispered. "Please... just give me one more chance."

Beep Beep Beep Beep!...

Orihime groaned as she blindly reached out with her left hand, batting at the cursed alarm clock on her dresser. It took her a little longer than usual to find it as she pushed herself outward to reach the digital clock. She must have been shifting around in her sleep again.

Pushing down her blankets she crawled out of bed and fell unceremoniously to the floor below her. After standing back up, she pushed up her arms up over her head and stretched. She felt a little off balance from the drowsiness and she half stumbled towards the door before moving into the bathroom.

Everything felt so weird and dream like. Like everything was in the right place, but it felt somehow different, but the girl couldn't put her finger on what it was. Her stomach grumbled weakly. She wanted breakfast. Thinking could wait until after that.

She stood at her bathroom sink, brushing her teeth in her usual morning rituals, when she looked into the mirror and spat out her toothpaste in surprise. Staring back at her through the bits of paste she had just coated the mirror with was a much younger person than she was expecting.

It was her. She knew it had to be. But it was impossible. Her cheeks had more baby fat on them, the kind that you would find on a child who was just short of going through her big growth spurt. Her chest was nearly flat and her burnt orange hair was only shoulder length. She stared in shock into her own light brown eyes as her brain slowly rebooted.

She swallowed hard, the uncomfortable feeling of the left over tooth paste in her mouth going down her throat further convinced her that it was real. She had really done it. She had somehow turned back time to before everything went wrong. Somehow, her powers had let her do it.

'Her powers'

The thought made Orihime's eyes widened when she noticed that her hairpin were gone. In a panic, she rushed back into her room, nearly falling on her face in her hurry. Her center of gravity was so different than before with her boobs gone. She momentarily wondered just how old she was now.

"Where are they. Where are they." She said, her fear raising as she dug through her draws, seeing clothes that she hadn't worn in years since they would have never fit her older body. "Where are you guys." She called out, as if the spirits could answer.

That's when she saw it. The little gift box sitting on her wastepaper basket next to her desk. The box was slightly open, and she could see the crystal blue flowers. She rushed over to the basket and pulled the hairpins out, holding them close to her.

She could feel them. The spirits moving back into the pins. "Guys. We did it. Thank you so very much." She whispered to the spirits.

'It was your own power Orihime-chan, but we were glad to help.' Shun'ō's supportive voice rang inside the now little girls hate.

'Huh, she's an even littler girly now.' Tsubaki scoffed, though she could tell he was pleased. 'Make the most of this time to get stronger. I don't want to be sitting on the back lines this time around.'

"Right." Orihime said with a nod, as she slipped her hairpins back into place. They felt less snug as before, but she was still glad to have them there. She would never let them go.

"Orihime-chan! Is everything alright in there?" A voice came from outside of Orihime's door, a voice that the girl thought she would never have heard again. Her eyes widened as the door opened and her older brother, Sora stood there in his morning pajamas, a slightly sad look on his face. "I heard a lot of shuffling about. Is everything alright?"

"Nii...nii-san?" Orihime said, her voice filled with disbelief. He was just the way she remembered him, mid-length brown hair and dark eyes. He was so much taller than her. She remembered when he died, but here he was. "Nii-san!" She cried out again, running up to him and throwing her arms around his legs and she cried into his chest. "You're here. You're still here."

"Orihime-chan, what's wrong? Why wouldn't I be here?" Sora said as he put his hands on her shoulders. "I would never leave you. No matter what happens you I will always look after you." He said as he looked into her face. Then he noticed the hairpins. "I thought you said you didn't like them." He said, brushing a stray piece of hair back behind her ears as he touched one of them.

Orihime shook her hear, looking up at her big brother. The man who had raised her after taking her away from their abusive parents. "No, I love them. I'll never take them off." Orihime said before burying her head in her brother's stomach again. "I love you, Nii-san."

Sora paused for a second before hugging her back. "I love you to, Orihime-chan."

'Rokuten Doshin' follows Orihime's attack's naming convention and ruffly means Six Sacred Time Shield