After saying your last goodbye to Muffet and her friends (who waved at you with a combined 598 hands/spider legs), you left the dark corner of the cavern that Muffet set her trap in and exited back into the lava-lit hills and tunnels of Hotland. You only made it a few steps before your phone began to ring, though, and you checked the ID to find that Alphys was calling you once again.

"Oh! Hey there! You finally made it out of that dark spot!" Alphys said when you answered the phone. "What was with that place, anyways? Why were you in there so long? What was covering up my cameras?"

You explained to Alphys that you were just spending some time getting to know a girl and her family while also mutually eliminating the prejudices you held towards each other's kind.

"Huh?" You could almost hear Alphys squint at you in confusion. "Uh, good for you, I guess. A-anyways, I checked up ahead, and there shouldn't be too much between you and New Home now; just a weird wooden area."

Wooden area? That didn't seem like a very smart thing to build in Hotland of all places.

"I know, right?" Alphys replied. "Th-that's like building a shoeshop in… uh…" There was a pause. "H-hold on, I need to go look up the answer to that joke."

You nod and hang up your phone before continuing on the path forward, which twisted and turned as you came ever-closer to the hulking metal CORE in the distance. You were so close that you could swear you could smell the steam coming off its metal walls, but your view of it was soon obscured by the strange wooden building that Alphys had mentioned before.

From the outside it looked kind of like someone had just plopped a fancy art gallery in the middle of the road, but heading inside, you didn't find any paintings or statues; instead, the first thing you found was a blank wall with a single poster affixed to it. It, of course, had Mettaton's calculating face on it, and was advertising some sort of stage show. It was apparently about two star-crossed lovers torn apart by fate… and it was scheduled to start very soon.

Realizing where this was probably going, you dashed forward to try and make it through the building before the aforementioned time arrived, but you were stopped at the exit by a familiar force field barrier.

"Oh? Who's there? Could it be?" a familiar electronic voice rang out behind you.

You turned around looked for the source of the voice, revealing in the process that you'd managed to wander straight onto a massive stage, complete with painted sets, lighting, cameras, and an orchestra pit filled with the strange advertisement robots you saw earlier holding set's backdrop was painted like a starry night skyline of a renaissance city, and in the center of it sat a massive piece of cardboard decorated to look like the side of a tall, extravagant mansion; and poking out one of the fake windows of the mansion, you could see Mettaton's head peaking out at you.

"Yes, you're here!" Mettaton wheeled herself to the entrance of the 'house' and revealed that she was wearing a flowing blue ball gown that would make royalty swoon. "My one true love!"

The robot then tip-wheeled down the fake staircase towards you as the orchestra began to play a haunting melody on the harp and piano, and you began wishing the exit was open harder than you thought possible.

"Oh my love, you must turn back " Mettaton began to sing, her voice sounding. "You'll be smushed, in Asgore's rack "

"Humans will be our livestock . I'll admit, it is a shock!" She continued, dancing dramatically around for the cameras. "They will all, milk all your goo Passed around, just like last week's issue "

Not liking how cheerfully she was singing about you being raped, you wandered around the stage in hopes of finding another exit, but a barrier came up every time you even came close to escaping.

"Really sucks! Or maybe not I don't know, maybe you're into that "

Deciding to end her song, or perhaps just give up on rhyming, Mettaton flew down towards you and patted you on the head like you were a terminally ill-child.

"Oh boo, hoo, my love… parting is such sweet sorrow, but since you didn't leave like I asked, the only path left for you is… to the dungeon!" Metton wiped away her fake tears and took out a bright red button. "Welp, toodles!"

Before you could react, the floor underneath you opened up and you fell through the stage down to a rocky red plateau suspended far above Hotland's lava pits with nothing but a conveyor belt leading over the lava pit there to keep you company, though Mettaton soon flew down through the trapdoor you fell through to change that.

"Oh no! Whatever shall I do!?" she shouted dramatically as she looked down at you. "My love has fallen down into the dungeon! A dungeon with a puzzle so dastardly, that my love will surely perish trying to solve it!"

You were about to ask what puzzle she was talking about, but then she pressed the red button again and a long, multi-colored platform rose up out of the lava pit below and connected the conveyor belt next to you to a plateau on the other side of the pit.

"Oh heavens no! Not the colored-tile puzzle! Anything but that!" She shouted, still as dramatic as ever. "You see, human, each of these tiles has its own dastardly function. For example, if you step on the green tiles, then a noise sounds and you'll have to fight a monster. And the red tiles… hey, wait a minute. Didn't you already encounter this puzzle, like, a hundred rooms ago?"

You had to admit, the look of the tiles did kind of ring a bell, though it feels like it had been years since you had last seen them.

"Fabulous! Then I guess I won't have to explain this one to you at all!" Mettaton replied cheerily. "And it's a good thing you're a master of this already too, because if you don't manage to get through this maze in under a minute…" Mettaon pressed the button again and a dozen naked flame girls - girls made entirely out of flame like Grillby or Toasty - dropped down from the ceiling and landed on the far side of the plateau. "Then I'll give these little beauties permission to hunt you down and use your little firehose until it runs dry."

A bead of sweat ran down your forehead as you politely asked Mettaton if she'd consider giving you a refresher on the rules regardless.

"Ahahaha!" Mettaton cackled in reply. "Sorry, my love, but I can't hear you over my own chortles of sadness. You better get going if you don't want to end up like a burned-up matchstick~"

You could feel your soul quicken the pace of its beats as a countdown clock lowered from the ceiling and Mettaton broke into another song. Not wanting to waste any time, you dashed across the conveyor belt and began running around the tile board, trying to remember all the rules Papyrus had explained to you as you went. Along the way, you had to deal with some very-handsy fish girls, slip and slide embarrassedly across some soap, do your best to avoid creaming yourself as you walked across the yellow tiles, and did your best to just ignore the alarms that sounded whenever you walked onto a green tile.

In the end, though, you only managed to make it about half way before the timer ran out and Mettaton finished singing her song about your failures as you slipped and fell onto your back for what felt like the twelfth time.

"Ah, such sorrow - it appears as though you didn't make it to the other side of the dungeon in time. How tragic," Mettaton replied, though not even she could pretend to be surprised at that point. "Now then, I hope you're ready for that hot body of yours to get even hotter, because I've gotten lovely flames who are just dying to meet you!"

"Really?" You heard one of the fire girls shout excitedly nearby. "Does this mean we get to have the human for ourselves?"

"Yes, I'm afraid I must relinquish my love forever now," Mettaton replied. "You may start assaulting them on my command."

"Yes! I've been waiting all day for this!" The flame girls rubbed their thighs together greedily as they stared you down, the tiles all turning grey so there was nothing standing between you and their burning hot snatches. "Just tell us when, Mettaton!"

"Yes, I most certainly shall!" The robot replied. "Any minute now!"

You held your breath and waited for you to be buried under a mountain of hot supple flesh, hoping that you could at the very least enjoy the feeling of their warm skin against yours before you had to reset things once again. But, to your surprise, Mettaton's order never came.

Curious, you looked up at the floating robot to see what she was doing, but she was just floating there looking down on you as her dress flapped in the breeze.

"Uh… Mettaton?" One of the fire girls spoke up. "Are you going to let us attack, or…?"

"Yes, yes, of course! At any moment, I will sic you on this poor, defenseless human, and you'll drain them drier than a smoked water sausage," Mettaton replied. "Yes, soon, your soul will be ours, human!"

But, still, Mettaton just kept floating there. One of the fire girls coughed awkwardly, and you think you heard the sound of a microwave beeping in the distance. Another one of the monster women lamented that she left her phone at home, and you could start to feel your weight sink into the soles of your shoes.

"Yes… the anticipation is killer, isn't it?" Mettaton asked. "I'm almost tempted to keep you like this forever… but sadly, all good things must come to an end, and this shall too. End, that is. Terminate. I am going to tell the fire girls to attack in one… two… two and a half… two and three quarters..."

Just as you were afraid Mettaton was about to get into the decimals, your phone suddenly began to ring, and you promptly answered it.

"In a glove compartment! Er, I mean, d-don't worry, human! I'll get you out of this!" Alphys announced, nervous but proud. "I'm going to turn all those flame girls… off!"

"Oh really now?" Mettaton formed a pixelated eye using the flashing buttons on her face and rolled it. "And how exactly do you plan to do that? I'm not sure if you've noticed, but all these women are hot and raring to go! Why, I bet some of them have been edging for hours!"

"Well, luckily for you, I have something up my sleeve that can douse even their heats!" You heard Alphys press what sounded like a very big button, and the room began to shake. A moment later and several of the panels around you flipped over to reveal several large blue dildos pointing up into the air and spraying water like hoses. "B-behold, my latest invention! It's, uh… water dildos?"

"Seriously? What the heck?" The fire girls all recoiled at the sight of the wiggling azure objects. "You didn't tell us anything about this, Mettaton!"

"Well, I'm afraid that this wasn't exactly on the program schedule," Mettaton replied. "But you can just work around this little hiccup, right?"

"Ah!" One of the girls gasped as a jet of water landed on her arm and partially un-burned it. "That's it! The waiting was bad enough, but this is too much! I'm out of here!"

"No, wait, please. Come back," Mettaton said, her voice even more robotic than usual, as the fire girls leaped down into the lava pits below.

"Y-yes! I can't believe that actually worked!" Alphys cheered through your phone. "You're safe, human!"

"Well, it certainly seems that way, doesn't it? Foiled again by the brilliant Dr. Alphys, and the human gets to walk away scott-free?" Mettaton asked, followed by a long pause. "Th-"

"Th-that's right! Nothing can stop us as long as we work together!" Alphys interrupted. "We defeated your silly traps and puzzles! So why don't you just give up and go home already?"

"Well, you know what they say; out of the frying pan, and into the fire," Mettaton retorted confidently. "Don't you remember the rules of the tile puzzle? If you stepped on a green tile, then a noise would sound and you'd have to fight a monster. Well, the human still has to fight a monster, and that monster… is me!"

Mettaton tossed off her dress as dramatic music flared in the background. "I hope you're ready for some metal loving, because I'm not stopping until you see sparks!"

She then pointed herself downwards and flew towards you like some kind of horny missile, her voice-synthesizer making what sounded like a cross between a smooching noise and the sound of a screw being rotated. Your heart jumped at the sight, but fortunately for you she aimed a little too high and flew straight over your head.

Bursting into a sprint, you tried to make your way to the exit and off the tile-based death trap underneath you, only to find your way blocked by the very water-dildos that Alphys summoned to scare off the fire girls.

"Oops," Alphys said over your phone. "My bad."

"It looks like this is finally for the end for you, human!" Mettaton announced gloatingly as she corrected her trajectory. "I hope you're ready to meet my money maker, because I'm not giving you any pause this time!"

"Oh no! Qu-quick, human! Press the yellow button on the bottom of the phone!" Alphys ordered as you ran around in circles to avoid the human-seeking smooch. "I don't have time to explain, just do it!"

Figuring that you didn't have that much to lose, since what was left of your dignity had long since shredded into sawdust several rooms ago, you found the button that Alphys was talking about and pushed it as quickly as you could. Then, a strange yellow beam shot out of the phone's antenna and headed straight towards your exposed soul; and to your surprise, the beam actually energized your soul instead of draining it like 90% of the other things it came into contact with. The longer the ray hit your heart, the more energized it seemed to become until…

You could barely believe your eyes! Somehow, your soul began undergoing a mecha-transformation, shifting from its normal red form to a similar yellow form, with one major difference; this form had guns on it!

"Alright, human! Let her have it!" Alphys said confidently over the phone.

You nodded and directed your soul to turn around and face Mettaton, at which point it fired two yellow bullets directly at her metal face. The robot miraculously stopped chasing you in mid-air. It worked!

"Oh, woe is me! I have been defeated!' Metton wailed dramatically in front of you. "You won't get away with this, I will have my revenge, yadda yadda, whatever."

To your surprise, Mettaton stood up almost instantly and wiped the rocks off herself like it was nothing before flying away, finally leaving you alone on the title puzzle. You were a bit too stunned by everything that just happened to move, however. The weirdness of everything that had just happened seemed to just keep washing over you like waves splashing over a skeleton buried up to its neck on the beach.

"G-great job, human! You actually did it!" Alphys congratulated after a moment of silence. "You defeated Mettaton!"

You tepidly agreed, though you weren't quite sure if that was really a defeat or some kind of strange mid-day fever dream.

"..." There was more awkward silence over the phone as neither you nor Alphys seemed to know what to say ."Hey… human? I just wanted to say… thanks for all this."

Confused, you asked why Alphys was thanking you when she was the one helping you.

"I-I know, it's just… before I met you, I… didn't have the best opinion of myself." You could hear Alphys deflate a little as she kept speaking. "For a long time, I always felt like I was a total s-screw-up... That I couldn't do anything without… letting them down. B-but guiding you has helped me feel a lot better, so… thank you f-for letting me guide you all this way."

You paused, surprised. You honestly didn't realize that your journey meant that much to Alphys before now.

"A-anyways, you're almost to the CORE, now," Alphys continued before you could say anything. "You're almost there! It's just past MTT resort!"

MTT resort?

"Y-yeah, it's… about what you'd expect," Alphys replied. "B-but we can get you through this regardless! I know it!"

Alpys then hung up the phone and, after carefully tiptoeing past the still-spouting water dildos, you finally made it to the far plateau and found the staircase that led out of that deathtrap.

The first thing you found when you finally escaped that little death pit was… the Nice Cream woman, standing on the side of the road with her cart? Wow, you honestly had forgotten she existed, but you'd be lying if you said that you weren't dying for some of that sweet, sweet Nice Cream right about now.

So, you waltzed right up to her and asked her for the biggest, tastiest popsicle she had. After everything you had just been through, you didn't even care that eating it would make you harder than an obsidian blade, you had given all your money away to Muffet and didn't have so much as a ha'penny on you. You'd go into debt for this nice cream. You were good for it, you swear. You'd even defrost one of those explosive freezers with a pickaxe right about now, if it meant that you'd get that cool relief.

"Oh, hey there, human! Funny seeing you here!" The bunny woman greeted when she spotted you. "You wouldn't believe how excellent business has been here in Hotland for me! For some reason, people really seem to like eating ice cream when the weather's hot. Crazy, huh?"

Yeah, uhuh, real mystery of the modern world there. But the far greater mystery to you at that moment was why there still wasn't any ice cream in your mouth.

"Oh, that's simple! It's because I don't have any Nice Cream left," the vendor replied, making your heart sink faster than Mettaton in a diving contest. "You see, those two over there bought everything I had!"

The bunny woman pointed behind you, and you turned and saw the two royal guards who you helped get closer to each other earlier snacking on some ice cream cones side by side with one another.

"Mmm… totally tasty isn't it, brah?" the one with bunny ears said as she stuck her tongue out from under her helmet to lap at her treat.

"... Yes, it is," her draconic friend replied, her blush somehow visible through her helmet despite how low-key she tried to keep her emotions. Despite how heart-warming the scene was, your heart couldn't help but literally sink to the ground at the sight.

"Oh, wait, hold on a second! I do have something for you after all!" the Nice Cream woman behind you, causing you to whirl around with newly-invigorated hope. "A nice, big smile! How's that?"

No one knew what happened after the Nice Cream woman said that, as the texts describing the event were lost to history, but any reports that you flipped any food carts are categorically false.

After those mystery events had concluded themselves, you headed right and discovered what appeared to be the end of that extremely weird elevator that occasionally took you around Hotland. And, sitting in front of it, was a short girl made of fire who looked very familiar.

"Hey there!" She greeted. "Do you remember my name?"

You simply nodded in response.

"What? You do!?" A look of pure awe and shock appeared on her face. "Noooo! How could I be defeated!"

She then got onto her knees and started wailing in anguish, which naturally made you a little uncomfortable. So, you decided to walk in the opposite direction, leaving the flame woman alone while you instead walked up a massive stone staircase toward what seemed to be the darkest corner of Hotland. At the top of the stairs, you could see a building that initially looked like a large, glittering hotel resort, but as you got closer, you realized what it really was; it was a large, glittering hotel resort that was attached to the base of a massive cube!

At last, after all this time, and watching it bob on the horizon like an apple being held just out of reach by a thoughtless jockey, you had finally reached the place you had been questing for all this time; the CORE. Just beyond that was New Home, and beyond that… your real home.

It was a lot to take in in several ways, so you just stood there for a few moments, your face illuminated by the gaudy yellow lights shining from inside as your determined heart silently told you to keep pressing forward. You almost gave in but, at the last second, you noticed a note sitting on the ground next to the front door of the hotel.

"Hey there!" The note read in glittering pink ink. "Do you see that creepy alleyway behind this note?" You looked up and saw the alley it was talking about. "There's some pretty great deals if you go that way! Why don't you check it out?"

You shrug and, deciding that random notes promising sweet deals haven't steered you wrong so far, you followed its instructions and walked along a brick path to the darkest corner of the Underground.

Or, at least it was dark until you actually got there and the people there realized that someone was there.

"Oh my gosh! Check it out!" A feminine voice called out. "We actually have a customer!"

"Really? Oh, that is so totally super!" another voice with a similar accent replied and, before you could react, two lamps that were partly covered in what looked like decades worth of grime on them turned on, revealing the contents of the alleyway. On the left sat a dumpster, and directly in front of you were two monster women.

On the left, a girl with curly blonde hair, a pink poncho with matching lipstick, fashionable jeans, scaly green skin, sharp fingernails, and even sharper teeth. You think only Undyne's teeth were sharper, though this new girl already had them in a much friendlier position than Undyne's when you first met her.

And on the right was a shorter, rounder girl with stylishly gelled black hair, pierced purple cat ears on the top of her head, blue overalls, and a faux-worn yellow shirt that you're sure would have said something witty and ironic on the front if you could see it from under her overalls. She also had a very cute, playful face, a swaying tail, piercing yellow eyes, and a bust so large that you were honestly surprised her clothes could hold it all in.

"Hello there! It's nice to meet you!" Both the girls said at once.

"I'm Bratty," said the gator girl.

"And I'm Catty," said the cat girl.

"And we're best friends!" They said, again in unison. "And we're here to sell you stuff too! What are you looking for?"

Careful to hide your heart behind a conveniently-shaped trash lamp, you asked the girls what they were selling.

"Oh, like, totally the best wares in the whole Underground," said Bratty. "We have food, and clothes, and all sorts of neat stuff!"

"Yeah, so whatever you want, just ask and we'll probably have it!" said Catty.

You rubbed your chin, doubtful, and asked if they had a cowboy hat with them.

"Oh, we totally do, actually!" Bratty said, pulling one out from a random pile of nearby objects.

Wow, they really did have everything. Curious now, you asked the girls where exactly they got so much stuff, at which point they shared a silent glance that implied they were deciding to share some kind of deep, dark secret with you.

"Mostly just the trash!" they eventually both replied, laughing. "We still have lots of useful stuff as you can see, though. A lot of it's from the human world, after all! They have all kinds of sweet things up there!"

You laugh nervously and say that it can't possibly be that great up there.

"Are you kidding me? Of course it is!" Bratty replied with a dramatic gasp. "There's, like, limitless space up there, endless stuff to do, so many things to see… it's like, paradise!"

"Yeah! And all we have to do to get it is just find one more human soul for Asgore!" said Catty.

"And then, we can totally destroy humanity together!" Catty and Bratty said in unison as they gripped hands and jumped up and down.

"Doesn't that sound, like, the best?" Catty asked when they stopped.

You agree wholesoul-er, wholeheartedly and said that humans totally have it coming. They've had it too good for too long, and all that. But, as much as you'd love to stick around and chat about how much you totally hate humans, you needed to be somewhere, so you'd like to just buy that cowboy hat and get going.

"Oh, alright! That will be, like, 40 G," Bratty replied.

You reached into your pocket and remembered once again that a certain spider girl had all your money.

"What's that? You're even broker than we are?" Catty asked. "Well, don't worry, there are other ways you can pay for it."

"Yeah; you know that big resort that we're standing behind right now?" Bratty asked. "Well, inside is a restaurant called the 'MTT-Brand Burger Emporium'. There, they have these things called 'Glamburgers' and they're, like, the coolest things ever!"

"Totally!" Catty agreed. "If you can get us one of those, we'd gladly give you whatever you want!"

Well, you weren't entirely sure how you'd get one without money, but you supposed you had enough time for at least one more side quest.

"Awesome! See you again soon, little shopper!" Catty said as she waved you goodbye.

You re-emerged from the alleyway and made your way to the front of the hotel, which was pretty hard to miss because of the red carpet that led up to it. Something that was also pretty hard to miss was the woman who was now standing beside the front door; Sans, the skeleton woman, wearing her trademark blue jacket and black sweatpants.

"Hey there, buddy," she greeted with the laziest wave you had ever seen. "How's it going? Still holding yourself together, I see."

You nod, not really wanting to tell Sans about how on the inside, you were about as tense as a piano wire.

"That's swell," Sans replied. "Say, I heard that you might be headin' up to the CORE here real soon, and given that you're here right now, I'd say those rumors are pretty accurate. Do you want to grab a quick bite to eat with me before you go? I promise, it'll be my treat."

You were a little suspicious of Sans given how your previous meal with her went, but her pranks were pretty harmless, and you could use a good laugh right about then. Your only concern was the fact that you weren't certain that they'd serve you since, you know, the owner of the hotel was out to kill you.

"Don't worry, they don't discriminate here," Sans replied. "Though, if it'll make you more comfortable, I know a secret way into the restaurant around back. Follow me."

Sans then turned and walked to the left side of the hotel without waiting for you to respond. You just shrugged and followed behind her and, before you knew it, you were sitting at a fancy dinner table across from Sans in a glitzy restaurant with a stage in the background, waiters wearing fancy suits, and a lit MTT-scented candle on every table.

And you weren't exaggerating about the 'before you knew it' part either; you literally just walked behind Sans and, the next thing you knew, you were in the restaurant across from her with nothing but a black void in your memory of the time in between.

"Good evening," a monster girl with a literally fishy look about her said as she walked up to your table and handed both you and Sans slips of paper. You expected them to be menus but, to your surprise, they were just forms to reserve a table, silverware, food, napkins… apparently you were just in some kind of extremely fancy, restaurant-themed waiting area. You would have asked why they couldn't just serve food for you right then and there, but you had a service job before and knew that sometimes questions like that just don't have answers. "Please, let us know when you're done."

"Hmm, they have some pretty expensive choices here, huh?" Sans asked as she looked at her paper. "Say, could you spot me some G so I can treat you? I promise I'll pay it back later."

You sighed and told Sans you didn't have any money either.

"Ah… well, I could find someone to spot you to spot me, but I think maybe dining on words is good enough for now." There was a pause in the conversation as Sans turned wistfully towards the piano being played on the far side of the room. "So, you're almost at the end of your journey, huh? You got all the way from one end of the Underground to the other so quickly… you must really want to go home."

You nod because of course you do. Home is where you belong and… why wouldn't you want to go back.

"Hey, I know the feeling, buddo." Sans turned back towards you. "But you know, maybe it's sometimes best not to throw away what's given to you. After all, down here you've got good drink, good friends, good… fun. Is what you have to do to get out of here really worth it?"

Sans looked away again and you tried to come up with an answer. You couldn't.

"Ah, forget it." Sans turned back to you again and gave you a thumbs-up. "I'm rooting for ya, kid. If you really want to get home, I know you can do it."

You just smiled and thanked Sans for believing in you, even if you didn't really believe in yourself right then.

"... well, you don't have to get there right now, now do you? We still have time to pal around a little," Sans pointed out. "Say, why don't I tell you a story to pass the time?"

You nodded, thinking that sounded like fun.

"So, there I was, sentry in Snowdin forest, waiting every day on the lookout for any humans that might pass by," Sans began. "It's pretty boring out there, of course, but there is this huge locked door there to keep me company. So, I decided to pass the time by practicing my best knock-knock jokes on it. Every day, for hours, I'd wrap my knuckles on the door and ask 'knock knock' before delivering one of my usual bone-tickling one-liners, so you can imagine my surprise when one day, someone answered back."

"'Who's there?'" Sans asked, imitating a very motherly-voice. "Not knowing what else to do, I answered back 'dishes'. 'Dishes who?' the woman on the other side asked, to which I answered 'dishes a very bad joke'."

Sans winked at you, as if expecting you to laugh, but she was obviously much more amused by the pun than you were.

"Then, she just howls with laughter, like it's the best joke she's heard in a thousand years," Sans continued. "So, I keep on with the knocking, and she keeps laughing; she's the best audience I've ever had. Then, after a few dozen jokes, she knocks and asks;

"'Knock knock'.

"'Who's there?' I asked.

"'Little old lady,'.

"'Little old lady who?'

"'Oh, I didn't know you could yodel!'!" Sans finished and, to your shame, you couldn't help but snicker a little at that one.

"I know, right? This woman's pretty good," Sans continued. "We kept telling each other jokes for hours, but eventually I had to leave. Papyrus gets a little cranky when she doesn't get tucked-in at night, after all. But she told me to stop by sometime again… and so I did. Again and again and again, until knock-knock jokes kind of became part of my daily routine. Kind of knocked-up if you think about it, huh?"

Once again, you didn't laugh.

"But then, one day, I noticed she wasn't knocking back as hard as she usually did," Sans continued, her voice growing a little sadder. "So I asked her what was up, and she told me something really strange; 'If a human ever comes through this door… could you please promise me something? Promise to watch over and protect them, will you?'"

"Now, I don't normally go around making promises to ladies I only know through doors… especially ones whose name I don't even know." Sans sighed deeply. "But… someone who sincerely likes bad jokes has an integrity you can't say 'no' to."

Wow… Toriel did that for you? That… was nicer than anything anyone on the surface had ever done for you.

"... so." Sans leaned forward and put her elbow on the table, causing a passing waiter to gasp at the scandal. "Do you know what I'm getting at yet?"

You asked if she meant that you had a mutual friend.

"No… what I mean is… if she hadn't have said that… buddy…" Sans looked into your eyes and you could hear the piano music in the background start to slow. You soon realized that wasn't the only thing that was slowing, though; the monsters around you, your movements, your thoughts, even the dancing flame of the candle in front of you seemed to somehow crawl to a stop. The only thing that didn't seem to freeze was your soul, which kept on beating as you noticed just how black the area behind Sans's corneas really were.

It was at that moment that you realized that, if she wanted it…

"You'd be dead where you stand." You'd be dead where you stand.

Then, just like that, time seemed to resume and the serious look on the skeleton girl's face faded away like it had never even been there. You, on the other hand, were pale as a sheet after seeing that, and you could feel your legs shaking on the verge of giving out.

"Hey, buddy, lighten up." Sans winked at you again. "I'm just joking with you."

You laughed this time, though it wasn't because of any humor.

"Besides… haven't I done a great job of protecting you this far?" Sans asked with a smile. "Hey, what's with that look? Am I wrong? You haven't died once so far, right?"

You opened your mouth to correct her, but you swiftly shut it again as you realized it would probably be best not to contest that.

"Heh…" Sans stood up from her chair and started walking away from the table. "Welp, that's all. Take care of yourself, kid… because someone out there really cares for you."

With that, Sans headed back towards whatever mysterious entrance she used to get into the restaurant and disappeared, leaving you alone with nothing but the candle and the lonely piano music. You honestly weren't quite sure what to do after that - both in the immediate and the grand sense, but you eventually decided you weren't doing anyone any good by just sitting there and got up to head towards the main exit.

Along the way, you noticed two monster women wearing yellow hard hats - one tall, beefy, and devil-like and the other short and halfling-like, chatting with each other over reservation menus.

"Hey, did you hear?" the shorter girl asked her friend. "I heard that a human was seen around here! That means that the barrier might finally be destroyed! Can you imagine?"

"Yeah, a whole world without any puzzles for us to work on and maintain," the taller devil girl replied. "It sounds nice, but we'll both be out of a job if we can't work on the CORE anymore. And right after we just got our raise, too."

"Don't worry, I'm sure we can find something to do out there," the shorter mole-girl replied. "Maybe they'll build a new CORE up on the surface or something?"

Not wanting to get into the politics of job retraining, you walked past the table and headed straight for the door, but stopped when you saw another familiar face.

It was Snowdrake of all monsters - or at least, you thought it was at first, but as you stepped closer, you realize that she was much older and taller than the bird girl that you met back by Snowdin. She also had a lot of lines underneath her eyes and, despite standing next to a stage and a sign that advertised a comedy act, she didn't look to be the joking-type.

"Oh, hello there. Sorry the show has been delayed, but I've been feeling a little under the weather lately," the woman greeted when she spotted you. "My wife passed away and my daughter ran away from home because she blames me for it. Ahahaha… that's not funny."

Not sure how you were supposed to respond to that, you just nod in agreement.

"I've tried reconnecting with my daughter, but I failed because I focused too much on my comedy career. I'm a terrible mother," she added. "Ahaha… that's not funny."

You politely advise the white-feathered woman to try seeking out professional counseling, but she didn't seem to be paying attention to you - or if she was, she just didn't feel like responding. You wanted to stay, to try and help the poor woman out, but you shook your head and turned back towards the restaurant exit; you couldn't bother yourself with that kind of thing, after all. You were finally about to head home after all this time; you'd never see any of these people again soon.

So, you passed by the rather strange-looking woman with orange hair sucking on a ficus by the exit and entered the main MTT resort lobby area. It had rather shiny yellow floors, white marble wallpaper, and a rather large statue of Mettaton standing in the middle of it all in the center of a fountain. Which sounds like something that should have been surprising, but given what else you'd seen of Mettaton so far, it was actually relatively humble - though, you couldn't tell anyone why the statue's mouth was spraying water out of the fountain onto the floor rather than into it.

"Hello there; welcome to MTT resort," a woman behind a nearby reception desk greeted. She was wearing a finely-pressed black vest, a purple shirt, and was currently filing her nails on both her hands using her hair, which was apparently more dexterous than any hand you'd ever seen. "If you're here for the elevator up to the capital, I'm afraid it isn't working right now. However, we are renting out hotel rooms at a special discount price to make up for the inconvenience."

The elevator was broken? You sighed, not surprised by the interruption.

You thanked the receptionist for the offer, but said that you were more interested in acquiring some burgers at the moment.

"Very well then." The woman's hair formed an arrow that pointed to a door further north in the lobby. "The Burger Emporium is on the left. You can't miss it."

She was right - it did have a rather large sign over it.

You thanked the woman for her time and walked over to the other restaurant, its automatic doors sliding open for you. Inside, you could see several Monsters sitting around and chatting to each other, including a girl with dragon-like scales, one with white fur and fetching red shoes, and a cyclopic woman in a black suit with a red bowtie.

Thankfully, none of them were able to spot your soul as long as you kept it hovering in front of one of the many bottles of ketchup in the restaurant, and you were able to approach the cashier without issue.

Said cashier might have been the single most human-looking monster you'd ever seen thus far; she had short red hair, a pink restaurant uniform, and a little yellow hat with a pink M written on the front that sat between two cat ears. Or, at least, you think they were cat ears; they honestly looked like they might have been part of a costume as well, but you knew it'd be rude to ask.

"Welcome to the MTT-Brand Burger, home of the Glamburger," the woman greeted, her smile so obviously strained that you thought it might fly off her face. "Sparkle up your day (™)! How can I help you?"

You greeted the cat girl and asked if you could have two of the restaurant's famous 'Glamburgers'.

"Coming right up, little buddy!" The woman walked into the kitchen behind her, and you could hear what sounded like a chainsaw being revved. She returned a few moments later with a tray with two freshly-wrapped hamburgers on them. "That will be 240 G!"

You awkwardly explain that you left your money in your other car, and slyly ask if there was any way you could pay another way.

"Wha-?" The smile dropped from the worker's face so hard it made a thud on the ground. "You're not going to pay? But… I made the burgers and everything already! I can't put them back, and if I throw them away they'll be docked from my pay; and I'm still paying off the last two Glamburgers I lost!" She leaned onto the counter in front of her and placed her hands onto her head. "What am I going to do? What am I going to-"

You interrupted the panicking woman and assured her that, while you might not have the money you needed on you, you were sure you could gather up enough to pay in no time. You then quickly go out and scrounge for every spare G you can find; under seat cushions, hidden in plants, in the Mettaton fountain, and you even went as far to busk using nothing but an empty napkin container and some creative mustard use. Eventually, you manage to get enough to pay for the Glamburgers and return to the Emporium, where you handed the money over to the kitty cashier.

"Phew… thanks, little buddy." The brunette cat girl put your money into the register and handed you your burgers, which were still warm. "Have a Fabu-ful day!"

She then kept staring at you with that same overstretched grin from before, clearly expecting you to leave… but you didn't.

"... hey, kid. What are you doing?" the cashier whispered to you. "Don't you know how this goes? I give you the food, and then you leave! That's, like, the deal!"

You told her that you knew, it's just… she looked kind of stressed and like she had a lot to get off your chest, and your heart couldn't help but be a little curious even if you knew you were leaving here soon.

"Oh, don't worry about me, little buddy! I'm fine, really!" The cashier replied, smiling wide again. "You just go on and enjoy all that edible glitter, okay?"

You nod and turn to le-

"So, I wanted to be an actor," the cashier began mid turn. "But then acting school turned out to be more expensive than I thought it would be, and not a lot of places were hiring so… here I am! In the happiest, glitteriest place on earth!"

You point out that the girl didn't actually seem all that happy!

"Really? Huh, I didn't notice," she replied sarcastically. "Of course I'm not happy! I'm stuck here making burgers out of glue for minimum wage! And have you looked around this stupid hotel? It's a labyrinth of bad decisions! I'm surprised it hasn't literally fallen down on us yet, but maybe that will happen when the resort finally reaches four weeks old."

Apparently not caring about keeping her customer service facade anymore, the cashier took out some sort of joint and began smoking it.

"Take it from me, kid; you've got to be careful with your career choices. Don't live life like me," she continued, eyes growing red. "Just look at me; I'm only twenty-nine years old and I've already wasted my entire life."

You thanked the girl for her sagely advice.

"Oh, I've got plenty more where that came from, little buddy," she replied. "I've already seen it all. If you want any advice on anything, just ask."

You nod and ask her if she had any romance advice, which caused her to inhale so hard that she almost swallowed her joint.

"Yeah, totally! I know lots about romance," the cashier insisted. "And let me tell you; it just ain't worth it. No matter how beautiful your partner is, or how much you think they like you, they're just going to break your heart in the end."

After hearing that, you apologize for your question; she must have been through a lot of rough romances for her to be that cynical at such a young age.

"A-Actually, it was just one… but it was a really, really bad one," the cashier replied, shivering. "You see, there's these two chicks who like hanging around the hotel… and one day, they asked me to sneak them a couple of Glamburgers. Naive twenteenager that I was, I agreed. Big mistake."

You could almost hear the dramatic music in the background as she put out her joint onto a napkin.

"So I went out with the burgers to go see the girls and, uh… see what happened next…" the cashier explained, growing even sweatier than she was before. "But then my boss saw me as I was leaving and asked what I was doing - and the burgers in my pockets tumble out onto the ground! I try to save face and pick them up, but the weight of the remaining burgers caused my pants to fall to the ground. The girls saw and they laughed at me…. And now everyone calls me Burgerpanties! But… you won't, right? Little buddy?"

You nod at Burgerpanties and assure her that you would never do that.

"Phew… thanks, kid," she said with a sigh. "Anything else you want to know?"

You thought for a moment before remembering that Burgerpanties' boss currently wanted to rape you for your soul, so you decide to ask about her.

"Mettaton? Oh, buddy! She is the absolute worst," Burgerpanties replied after checking to make sure her boss wasn't around. "Believe it or not, I first came to Hotland because I wanted to work with Mettaton. Well, be careful what you wish for, kid."

You decided to get more specific and asked if Mettaton had any crippling weaknesses or insecurities you could use to temporarily disable her. Theoretically, of course.

"I wouldn't know - but she's certainly not insecure about her looks, that's for sure," Burgerpanties replied. "I just don't get it… she's just a square! What's sexy about that!?" She sighed and looked down at a catsup stain on the counter. "By the way, uh… you know those kits they sell on TV that are supposed to make you more rectangular? Don't bother buying them, they… don't work."

Realizing that your burgers, and this conversation, were starting to dry out, you thank Burgerpanties for talking to you and head back towards the exit.

"Anytime, little buddy. Anytime," she said with a wave as you walked out the door.

You made it back to Bratty and Catty a minute later, their eyes lighting up the instant they smelled the food in your hands.

"Ah! Did you actually do it?" Catty stood up from the dumpster she was leaning against. "Alright, you actually did it! That's so awesome!"

"Totally! We haven't had one of these things in like, forever! And you got us two!? Eee, thank you so much!" Bratty said before they both snatched the burgers out of your hands and began munching on them. "Mmm, so good!"

"I know, right?" asked Catty. "I mean, I know they taste terrible, but they're so fashionable! And look, it makes my teeth look so cool!"

"Oooh, let me see, let me see!" said Bratty, to which Catty smiled and showed off her glittering teeth at you. "Eeeh, you look so cool like that!"

"Not as cool as you look, Bratty!" Catty replied.

"You're right! We both look awesome!" said Bratty before they joined hands and jumped up and down. "Hey, thanks for doing that, kid! How can we, like, ever make it up to you?"

You pointed symbolically towards your head and its current, tragic lack of covering.

"Ah, yes, that's right! Here you go!" Bratty took out the cowboy hat and put it on your head. Sure, it smelled just a little bit funky, but you couldn't help but feel cool as you tipped the front forward.

"But, you know, I still don't think we really paid you back for those great Glamburgers~" Catty walked up to you with a sultry pep in her step and leaned down close to you so that her yellow cat eyes were looking directly into yours. "What do you say you stay for a little while and we could... Hang out together?"

You put a hand to your chin and considered your options. On the one hand, you were so, so close to getting out of the Underground and going back home. But, on the other you could tell just by looking at Catty's massive breasts as they hung in front of your face that they would be amazing to play with. But, you remembered back to Burgerpanty's advice regarding romance and-

Actually, on second thought, following her advice might not be the best idea.

So, you finally respond to Catty's question by reaching forward and unbuttoning the front of her overalls and removing her yellow shirt, which caused her breasts to bounce audibly in front of your face.

"Ahaha! Eager, eh?" Catty picked you up and pressed your face between her pillowy tits. "Well, that's just fine with us! Right, Bratty?"

"Totally!" the alley-gator girl replied, stlipping off her clothes and revealing her thinner, fitter body to the alleyway. "Skipping to the fun part is always what I do!"

"I know! That's why whenever we make cookies for each other, we always eat the dough, even when it's only half-baked," Catty replied, still smothering you with her tits.

"Totally - not that we're calling you half-baked, kid," Bratty said as she took your hand and put it onto her side. "We can already tell that you're going to be a full, wild ride!"

You thanked Bratty for her compliment by rubbing your hand along her skin, getting a good feel for her skin and scales. You were partly expecting her to be cold, but she was actually rather warm, and her skin had an almost addictive texture that made you want to keep rubbing it. Bratty apparently liked the feeling of your hand as well, and moaned sensually as you traced her curves.

Of course, you made sure to give Catty some love as well - it was impossible not to with her dominating 90% of your vision. Using your spare hand, you managed to adjust your position so that you could wrap your mouth around her right nipple while you groped her other breast to your heart's content.

"Nyaaah! Oh my! You're so good at this~" Catty literally purred as she enjoyed the feeling of your tongue circling her nipple while your fingers played with her other one. "I see I'm not the only one here who can appreciate a good saucer of milk!"

"Yeah! There has to be, like, three of us here who do!" Bratty agreed as she guided your hand downwards towards her groin. You could tell when you found her pussy instantly, as she was already so wet that her juices gushed down your fingers. While it was a little hard to angle your hand from your current position, you did your best to wiggle your finger as deep into her as you could go to try and make her feel good. "Ah! Those are some talented fingers you got there! Not the least bit afraid to take a dive in the swamp!"

"Tell me about it! I swear, they're even better at handling my tits than I am!" moaned Catty. "Mmm… you know, I can't help but wonder what other parts of them are talented too~"

She then pulled your mouth off her tit with a loud pop and pulled you in for a kiss, allowing her rough, cat-like tongue to dance with yours. It also gave you the opportunity to taste the Glamburger she had just eaten, and it was surprisingly not that bad; it tasted kind of like a frosted toaster pastry, but with all the food parts taken out until there was nothing left but the preservatives and the artificial flavors. It didn't even try to taste like meat at all.

You decided to ignore that and focused on making out with the cute cat girl with the greaser haircut, continuing to squeeze her breasts with your free hand as you smooched her lips and explored her mouth. You quickly learned that Catty's tongue was rather playful, and it liked teasing yours before dashing back off into her mouth, as if trying to lure you in deeper. Your tongue followed, and it soon found itself almost entering her warm, slick throat as you leaned hard into her massive breasts.

"Hey, don't leave me out entirely!" Bratty spoke up, though she sounded more entertained than annoyed. "Kiss me too, kiss me too!"

"Heh, alright, girl!" Catty said as she finally broke her kiss with you. "One smoocheroonie coming up!"

Catty turned you towards her friend and pushed you forward, causing your lips to collide. You rolled with it and began making out with the gator girl, your hands gently caressing her fit sides as Catty kept her hand on the back of your head to encourage you to kiss Bratty even deeper. You were honestly a little scared to try since you saw how sharp Bratty's teeth were, but your fear faded away as you remembered that you managed to kiss Undyne just fine.

Bratty, it turned out, was a much more passionate kisser, and her tongue wanted to caress and massage yours more than it wanted to just tease it. Her long tongue easily snaked around it as well, and it moved so vigorously around it that you were certain that Catty could hear the copious amounts of saliva that was being traded between your mouths.

"Ahaha! Wow, that was great! You completely rock at this, kid!" Bratty said when her kiss broke, a long trail of spit still connecting your mouths. "I'd say they earned even more of a reward now, wouldn't you, Catty?"

"I'd say that's a given, Bratty!" Catty said, her hands reaching for your pants. "Let's get these babies off so we can show you a real good time!"

Catty pulled down your pants and revealed your dick to the alley, causing both her and her friend to pause in surprise.

"Is that a… penis?" Catty asked.

"Wait, you're not, like, a human, are you?" asked Bratty.

You nodded in embarrassment, and Catty and Bratty shared the most awkward exchange of glances you had ever seen.

"So, uh… about what we said earlier about destroying humanity…" Catty began.

"You, like, know we totally didn't mean any of that, right?" finished Bratty. "We were just, like… it's just our catchphrase, you know? It doesn't have any real meaning, or anything."

You assure that monster girls that you weren't that offended, considering how hopeless things were down there - plus, that wasn't even the most threatening thing someone said to you in the last thirty minutes.

"Oh, wow, that's pretty sad," said Bratty.

"But… we can still totally have sex, right?" asked Catty.

You nodded with both heads.

"Awesome!" Catty laid you down onto the ground and crawled over your body so that she was face-to-foreskin with your dick. "Don't worry, I promise to make you feel so good that you'll forget about every monster who was ever mean to you!"

She then stuck out her tongue and gently massaged the tip of your cock, circling around its head while you laid back and enjoyed the sensation. You also had the chance to enjoy Catty's soft breasts resting on your stomach, as they were so massive that they rested on your body even when she was on her hands and knees, and you got a good look at her jiggling rear and adorable purple tail.

Bratty, meanwhile, took the opportunity to slip her thighs underneath your head so you could use them as a pillow and you could also reach up to play with her breasts - and also probably so she could get a good look at Catty's thick booty too.

"Wow, it's so salty! Kind of like… old sardines!" Catty said as her licks grew more vigorous. "Don't worry, by the way; that's a compliment coming from me!"

"Oooh, sounds yummy!" said Bratty as you played with her nipples. "I can't wait to try it too!"

You grunted your gratitude for the compliment before moving your head up to start eating out the cat girl's pussy, wiggling your tongue around inside her wildly to try and make her feel good, and you were rewarded with the warmth of her body and the wet, salty taste of her lower lips. Your tongue didn't move with much purpose, but you could tell by the way she mewled as she sucked your cock that she was enjoying it.

Encouraged, you placed your hands onto Catty's soft ass cheeks and used them as leverage to shove your tongue even deeper inside her, grinding your chin against her sensitive clit while you read the movements of her hips to try and find what felt best for her. Catty's clawed toes and fingers curled at this sensation, but she kept focusing on forcing your dick into her throat regardless.

"Ah! Such dedication! Even when the going gets tough, she never gives up!" Bratty moaned behind you, a hand playing with her clit now. "That's, like, one of the reasons she's my BFF forever!"

"Thanks, Bratty! You're totally my BFF forever too!" Catty replied before returning to worshipping your pole.

The two of you continued to massage each other with your tongues for a few more minutes before you felt yourself starting to get close to finishing. You didn't want to finish your turn with Catty so soon, however, so you gave her rear a few good pats to let her know you wanted her to pull off.

"Yeah? What do you need, kid?" Catty asked, to which you responded by crawling out from under Catty and then laying her onto her back, preparing to take her missionary-style with her legs up high in the air. "Oh! Did your little guy down there get jealous of your mouth? Well then, be my guest!"

You nodded in affirmation before thrusting your hips forward, gasping as you felt your length enveloped in her moist folds.

"Nyaaaah! Wow, I wasn't expecting it to feel so… warm! It's so totally rad!" Catty moaned as you both got used to the feeling of each other's bodies. "Bratty, you won't believe how good this feels! I'm starting to wonder… why anyone hated humans… if they could make you feel like this! Nyaaaa!"

"Mmm, don't make me more impatient than I already am, Catty!" Bratty moaned, now thrusting a finger in and out of her tight hole. "If you tempt me any more, I might want to join in!"

"Girl! There's no need to hold yourself back on my account!" Catty told her friend as her breasts bounced in time with your thrusts. "Join the party whenever you want!"

"Really? Girl, you are the best!" Bratty wastes no time in heading over to Catty and sitting down on her right arm. Then, with her pussy grinding against her Catty's forearm, the gator girl leaned over and kissed her BFF on the lips while her hands squeezed and massaged her tits. Catty responded in kind, kissing Bratty back and gently caressing the side of Bratty's face with her one spare hand.

You didn't mind that you were being ignored, however, as you were having more than enough fun just plowing Catty's kitty as hard as you could. You could hear your still-hidden heart beat faster as you thrust your cock ever deeper inside her, her warm walls welcoming you more and more with each movement that you made. As you managed to hilt all the way inside her, you also got to feel the wonderful sensation of your thighs slapping against Catty's, which were perfectly soft and cushiony and almost made you wish that you were fucking them instead of her pussy, but another good squeeze from her warm pussy made you quickly abandon that thought.

"B-Bratty! C-can you see how far the human is inside me?" Catty asked as her kiss with Bratty broke. "Fuuuuuck, it feels so totally deep!"

"Really? Let me see!" Bratty leaned over towards you and placed her hands onto Catty's groin area. "Oh my god! They are! And I can even feel them move around inside you! The human is hitting right next to your womb, aren't they?"

"Aaaah! You know me so well!" Catty moaned. "It feels so dang good! I… I think I'm getting close!"

"Heh, I can tell - your face always crunches up so cutely whenever you get super aroused!" Bratty replied, rubbing Catty's clit for good measure. "And trust me, it gets even cuter whenever you blow your top!"

"Nyaah… I… hope no one is walking by the alley right now… I'd hate to think… I was catcalling them! Nyaaaaaah!" Catty gasped, her moans growing louder and more unrestrained by the second.

"Don't worry - I think that risk is well-worth taking!" Bratty replied, grinding harder against her friend's arm now. "Now, let it all out!"

"Nyah… nyaaah… meoooooooooow!" Catty's thick body gave a powerful shudder as she finally came, her legs wrapping around your waist hard, burying you as deep into her squeezing pussy as she could. You did your best to wrap your arms around her torso and squeezed your face against her soft tits until your climax barreled through you as well, and you gave her kitty as much cream as your balls could muster. Catty's tongue then hung out of her mouth with her eyes partly rolled back as she enjoyed the afterglow of her orgasm and the wonderful feeling of your hot sperm in her womb.

"Hehe… that's what I'm talking about!" Bratty leaned over and kissed her friend on the cheek before standing up, leaving behind a trail of arousal on Catty's arm as she went. "Alright, kid, it looks like it's my turn! Do you think you have enough in you for another round?"

You said the answer to that question depended on one thing; did she have any water you could drink? Preferably some that wasn't found while searching in the garbage.

"Heh of course, little guy!" Bratty picked up a water bottle that she had hidden behind the nearby dumpster and tossed it to you. "Drink up!"

You swiftly down the water like it's the last clean water in the world. It doesn't make you magically hard again like monster food would, but it definitely helped your stamina refill.

"Ah, there we go! Looks like your little guy is all fired up and ready to go!" Bratty said, referring to your erection. You expected her to head over and start playing with you after that but, instead, she laid her lithe back onto Catty''s stomach, using her BFF's soft body like it was a bed. "Okay, shove it inside whenever you feel like, human!"

"Aww, you're doing this so we can keep close to each other, aren't you?" Catty asked, placing her hands on the taller girl's shoulders.

"Hey, we do everything together, don't we? I don't see why that should exclude humans!" Bratty replied with a kiss. Catty kissed back and moved her hands downwards to help spread the alligator's girl's legs wide.

Taking that as your cue, you lined your rehardened dick up with Bratty's dripping hole and shoved yourself inside. You could feel her warm walls stretch around your shaft as you entered her; she was unbelievably tight, but her earlier foreplay thankfully meant you didn't encounter too much resistance.

"Aaah… so this what it's like to have sex with a human! It… it really does feel good!" Bratty said as you began to thrust in and out of her, pressing her back even harder against Catty's large tits. "You weren't kidding earlier!"

"Girl, you know I'd never lie to my BFF - especially not about something so fun~" Catty replied, her tail forming the shape of a little heart as the speed of Bratty's hips slowly increased. "God, doesn't it feel so good when their groin hits your clit like that? And the way their dick pulses inside of you, like it's a seperate living thing… fuck! Even just thinking about it is getting me wet again!"

"Y-you're telling me!" Bratty moaned, her own tail forming all sorts of zig-zag patterns as you thrusted inside of her with all your might. Thankfully, she was firmly set on Catty's stomach, so there wasn't much of a chance you'd be pulled into a death roll. "This feels so good… it almost makes me think this is a dream"

"Heh, and what makes you so sure it's not?" Catty gripped her friend's tits and began massaging them hard. "Maybe you're still in bed right now, having the best wet dream of your life!"

"W-well, for starters… you're, like, pinching me, and I'm not waking up!" Bratty replied with a giggle as Catty tugged at her nipples. "Plus, Mettaton is in all my wet dreams, and usually things start randomly floating by this point."

"What about me?" Catty asked, leaning closer to Bratty's neck as the crocodile girl continued to soak your groin with every wet slap of your thighs. "Am I out of place in your wet dreams?"

"Of course not! You're, like, always there with me whenever I'm picking up cute chicks, even in there!" Bratty turned her head a little and gave Catty a 'friendly' kiss on the cheek as she held herself hard against the base of your cock for a few moments. "Your o-face totally looks cuter in real life, though!"

"Eeee! Thank you so much!" Catty squealed in delight.

The two continued to kiss and compliment each other as you thrust your little hips up into Bratty as hard as you could, doing your best to hold out as you felt her folds clamp down around you again and again. Crocodiles might be cold-blooded where you came from, but Bratty seemed to be getting hotter with each passing moment. Her moans were growing wilder as well, echoing so loudly off the alley walls that you were certain that the people in the hotel would have heard you if it wasn't for the loud and persistent lobby music that was always playing inside.

Then, just as you felt yourself getting close, you and Bratty slowed down the pace of your fucking and took the chance to slowly grind your hips together. This managed to allow you to prolong your sex long enough to make your orgasm extra sweet, and for you to build up an extra large load to shoot into her womb. When Bratty felt your orgasm, she let out a shrill kind of screech that only a lizard could make, and her whole body went stiff for a few moments. Then, a dreamy look crept onto her face as she began to relax again.

"Aaaah… that feels absolutely amazing!" Bratty rubbed her lower abdomen and felt your cock still twitching inside her. "I can totally see why monsters had sex with humans all the time back in the day! This makes hanging out in the trash look like… well… hanging out in the trash, but lame!"

"I couldn't have said it better myself!" Catty nuzzled Bratth's cheek and purred. "So, have you decided if you want to get some little crocodiles out of this yet?"

"Hmm, I don't know… do you think they'd be cute?" Bratty asked as your dick slowly deflated.

"Like, of course! Any kid of yours is guaranteed to be a cutie patootie, girl!" Catty assured her friend.

"Yeah, you know your kids will just end up cuter," Bratty retorted.

"Maybe… but they'd be even cuter if they were with yours~" Catty said before the girls both began cackling in unison together. It took them a full minute to remember that you were there, but their comradery filled you with determination nonetheless.

"Oh, right, you're still here," Bratty said a little awkwardly when she finished her cuddle session with Catty. "Thanks for doing that with us, kid! We had a lot of fun!"

"Totally! That was so good, I would have done it even without the glamburgers!" said Catty. "Though, that certainly was a good bonus."

"If you ever need anything else, just let us know, okay?" added Bratty.

You nodded in thanks and put your clothes - and new hat - back on. You then turned to leave, but you stopped yourself at the last minute to ask the alley girls one last question; what did they think of the cashier at the restaurant inside. Would they ever consider hanging out with her?

"Burgerpanties?" Bratty asked, surprised. "She's alright, I guess… I mean, I do feel kind of bad that she got humiliated trying to get us those glamburgers, but… we've never actually chatted about anything before."

"Yeah, I don't even really know what she's like outside of the emporium; and I'm almost never in the emporium either. I might hang out with her sometime, but I'd like to talk to her a bit more first." said Catty. "Why do you ask?"

You tell the girls that it wasn't for any particular reason, it's just… she did look a little lonely in there at the emporium counter.

Catty and Bratty both look at each other before Catty said "Well then, I hope she gets some good friends soon, then!"

You sigh and agree with them before leaving the alleyway, heading back towards Mettaton's resort. Inside, you passed by the small crowd of monsters that was still gathered around the broken elevator, mumbling to each other about when they might see their families again. You also passed by the front desk, where you saw the Nice Cream woman in the process of checking in.

"One room, please," the bunny girl told the monster girl with the dextrous hair. "And make it the biggest, fanciest one you've got, okay? I'm treating myself tonight!"

"Right away, ma'am," the woman behind the desk replied as she heated up her furnace to smelt a legendary room key.

"Oh! Hey there, little buddy! How's it going?" the Nice Cream Woman greeted when she noticed you standing behind her. "Say, uh, you don't happen to have any spare time, do you? According to this room menu, the extra expensive suite is pretty big, and I'd feel kind of awkward spending the night there all by myself. Wait, that's not a weird question to ask, is it?"

You didn't see anything wrong with it at all, but sadly you've already wasted too much time here; it was about time you finally got going. Home was waiting for you, after all.

However, if the blue-haired hare needed company, then you could suggest the cashier in the nearby burger emporium. You knew she'd definitely appreciate the company.

"Cashier?" The Nice Cream Woman scratched her head. "Well, I suppose I could use someone to talk about food service with… sure! I don't see why not!"

"Alright, ma'am, your key is ready," the receptionist behind her said, holding up a glittering platinum key.

"Ah, perfect!" NCW held out her hands and eagerly accepted the key. "Ah! Still hot! I better go ask that burger woman if she has any oven mitts…"

You silently pump your fist at your wing-person skills just then, but you promptly force that pride out of your mind; after all, it's not like you'd ever find out how that romance went.

So, you turned towards the exit to the CORE and stared forward towards your waiting future beyond the doorway. It was dark, and uncertain, but you steeled yourself nonetheless.

Taking a deep breath, you stepped forward.

No Mercy

You continued step by step through Hotland, your determination burning hotter than the lava down below as you sought out your destiny. Left, right, left, right, your feet carried you as reliably as a metronome through the blasted red hellscape of this part of the underground. Your footsteps would have been the only thing keeping you company through this, but thankfully you still had your two newest slaves following right behind you. Type A was hovering at a low altitude so she could keep a loving eye on you while Hot Top bumbled her way along the path, though she never seemed to slow down no matter how many tiny accidents she had.

"Ah! Master, Master! Could you play with us again?" Hot Top asked as you walked across some stopped conveyor belts. "Your touch is so amazing and warm… I know it's only been a little while, but I want to feel it again!"

"Pfft, as if! You don't get to decide when Master touches you! Only they do!" Type A interjected. "Though, if Master felt like doing something with me… I certainly wouldn't mind~"

You thanked your slave for her offer, but you tell her that you weren't interested in either of them right now. All you wanted right now was… more. More girls to fuck, more slaves for you to command, more of the world for you to control; so if they wanted to make you happy, then they had better get working on helping you get more before you got too bored with them.

"Oooh, I get it! Master wants more fuel for their fire! Aaaah, I bet you're going to be so warm when we find another girl for you!" Hot Top hugged herself at the thought of it.

You agreed with her that you would be warm, but you'd be much warmer if they managed to find a particularly hot woman for you to claim.

"Hot, huh?" Type A tapped her chin. "Well, I do know of one girl who lives nearby… she's not nearly as hot as me, of course, but I can take you to her if you really want to."

You don't hesitate to tell Type A that you really wanted that.

"O-oh." You didn't need to turn around to see Type A to know how disappointed she looked. "Okay, follow me…. And watch your step, Sempaster!"

Your plane girl flew out in front of you and led you to what looked like an abandoned sentry station and hotdog stand. Not caring for wieners other than your own, you ignored it and kept following Type A to an area further down the path. At first, she seemed to be leading you to a sheer cliff face but, on closer inspection, you saw that there was actually a path hidden there that you hadn't noticed at first. It was a little difficult to walk on without tripping, but you managed to walk down it nonetheless to an old, dry tree with a massive brown treehouse sitting on top of it. Looking up at the tree, you could see that there were flaming law-related memorabilia hanging from the branches; detective badges, judge gavels, warrants, police tape, lawyer briefcases… and they were all somehow made of flaming, crocheted rope. You assumed that the place was still standing because the tree, the rope, or the fire was magic, but sadly there wasn't a crocheted magic test kit for you to confirm which was the case.

"Alright, a girl that I went to school with lives here," Type A explained. "Her name is Pyrope, and she's literally the hottest girl I know… which is really saying something since we live in Hotland. B-but if you wanted to decide that you don't need another girl, I'd be more than willing to-"

You were already climbing up the ladder into the treehouse.

"H-hey, wait for us!" Type A called out as she and Hot Top both followed behind you.

Inside the treehouse,you found a very messy room with crude crayon drawings of courtrooms on the wall, a computer desk, a bed that hadn't been made in a while, and a massive pile of white plush toys. But, sadly, the girl who owned it all wasn't anywhere in sight.

"Yes… it looks like she already ran away to New Home with the others!" Type A whispered to herself behind you. "Er, I mean, oh no! She must have already run away to New Home! I guess we'll just have to go, then."

"Hmm, I don't know about that… this place feels too warm to be abandoned," Hot Top pointed out. "Plus, it doesn't look like she took anything with her… she can't have been in that much of a hurry, could she?"

As willing as you were to believe that your slaves messed something up, you had to admit that Hot Top had a point. Something just wasn't right about this whole situation.

You carefully begin inspecting the room, checking underneath the bed, under the plushies, in her closet… but you found nothing. You were just about to give up when you noticed that her computer was actually still running. You walked over to it and jiggled the mouse, causing the screen to turn on and reveal a text document that Pyrope had been working on.

"GC: What's black, and blue, and red all over?" The document began.

Huh… you weren't expecting that kind of question, but you decided to bite and scrolled down to see the answer.

"GC: How should I know? I'm blind!"

… wait, if she's blind, then how did she write-

Before you could finish that mental thought, you abruptly felt something sharp and extremely hot enter your back and exit out the front of your chest. You just barely managed to resist the shock of it and look down to see that a rather long knife was now sticking out the middle of your chest, giving you a feeling a deja vu - as well as a feeling of intense pain and dying.

"Heh, just like a common criminal; unable to resist a good sting~" a voice said behind you as your slaves gasped in fear and surprise. "I'm disappointed that you won't get a proper trial… but I won't pretend that I'm above vigilante justice~"

You were, of course, very angry at this development, but after the shock of being backstabbed once already, it was actually a lot easier to deal with the second time. Plus, you could tell that underneath her facade of confidence, the girl who just stabbed you was shocked she managed to pull the maneuver off. You could practically smell the fear coming off her body.

So, even as you fell to the ground and felt the darkness overtaking you once again, you had a smile on your face. You knew that this girl was no Undyne; she wouldn't get the better of you next time.

Save Loaded

Fortunately, you had saved not long before entering the treehouse, so you didn't have to repeat yourself too much before getting to the point with the computer again. Instead of going for it right away, though, you quickly surveyed the room again to try and figure out how in the world this 'Pyrope' girl managed to get the jump on you. There still wasn't anything in the plush toys, or in the closet, or under the desk…

Then, you finally saw it - outside an open window, directly across from the computer, you looked outside and noticed that one of the hanging crochet effigies outside wasn't what it appeared to be. When you first saw it, you thought that it was just a crocheted lawyer in a fancy teal dress suit, but on closer inspection… you could see that it was breathing a little.

"Eh? Is something wrong, Master?" Hot Top asked. "Did you see something outside?"

You loudly reply that you unfortunately didn't and that you'd have to continue your search for Pyrope elsewhere; perhaps she was hiding out somewhere by the main path.

"Aw, you mean we're still looking for her?" Type A asked. "Er, I mean, yeah, I guess she could be over there. I guess we could go look if you really want to."

You head over to the trap door and, in an amazing display of graciousness that your slaves frankly didn't deserve, you held the hatch that led into the treehouse open for them. Your slaves were startled by this, but climbed down regardless - then, you did your best to do your best ladder climbing impression, honed by many hours of charades, to pretend to follow behind them before closing the hatch again.

"Gone already? Pfft, lame," a familiar voice said outside the treehouse window. "If I knew they were going to give up that easily, I would have set a better trap."

You smiled as you looked outside and saw the 'fake' lawyer you saw before unravel herself, revealing a girl with dark skin, darker sunglasses, and a schoolgirl uniform similar to the one that Type A was wearing when you first met her. She was also holding a very long cane with a real knife embedded at the end of it - and your eyes couldn't help but glint as you saw it.

You didn't dare move yet, though, not even for breathing. You needed to wait for the perfect opportunity if you wanted to get this snake.

"Hmm, perhaps I should try another tactic to capture this perp… maybe I should set up a roadblock, or find a way to tail them from the air…" Pyrope spoke to herself as she stepped closer to her pile of plushies. "What do you think, Mrs. Snoot?"

Yes… just a step closer…

"Master?" Hot Top's voice suddenly rang out from underneath the entrance hatch. "What are you still doing up there? Did you get lost or something?"

"Eh?" Pyrope whirled around and sniffed the air, and you could tell she spotted you instantly now that she was looking for you. With precision that far exceeded most people with her eyesight, aimed a blow directly for your head.

Your high LV meant you had more than enough speed to dodge out of the way, though, and you promptly tackled the school girl onto her own pile of plushies. She tried to burn you with her magic flames, of course, but you were far too strong to be hurt by something as tame as that at this point.

"Eh!?" Hot Top gasped as she climbed back up into the treehouse. "Master, you found her!? But… where was she hiding?"

You told Hot Top that you'd explain all of that later, but now you'd much rather focus on subduing the girl with a knife that you were currently wrestling with.

"Oh! Don't worry, Master, I'll help!" Hot Top dashed forward to try and restrain Pyrope, but she wound up being restrained herself as a flaming rope shot out from underneath Pyrope's clothes and wrapped her up tighter than a birthday present. "Gyaaaah! These ropes! They're so… warm!" She struggled against her bonds, but her naked body couldn't even loosen them. "S-sorry, Master! I-I don't think I can stop her."

As you avoided another stab from Pyrope's cane, you assured your slave that she wasn't at fault - as long as she kept holding some of Pyrope's attention, you were happy.

"Heh, so you think that just because you got the drop on me that you have me beat, eh?" Pyrope said as she kept struggling with you, the glint of her wide smile visible even through the flames around her face. She wasn't nearly as strong as you, of course, but she was somehow able to avoid getting pinned down by you no matter how hard you tried. "Well, I'll have you know that a good lawyer doesn't give up until the verdict is in - and even then, there's always an appeal!"

Pyrope then managed to pull herself off you and, while still restraining Hot Top behind her, lifted her cane and threw it as hard as she could. You managed to dodge, but the cane sadly flew out the window behind you and landed in the lava pit behind the treehouse, undoubtedly ruining it. Before you could mourn its loss for too long, however, Pyrope revealed even more ropes from underneath her school uniform and sent them at you to strangle you to death. But, just before they touched your body, Type A lept in front of you.

"M-Master! No!" She cried out as the ropes wrapped around her and forced her down onto her knees. "Gyaaa! Idiot… I can't believe you almost let yourself get hurt like that, Master!"

"T-Tsunderplane!?" Pyrope gasped. "Gah, I can't believe you're getting in my way over a stupid crush again!"

"Crush!?" Type A gasped. "This isn't like that time with the jet fuel truck! I'll have you know that Master and I are a lot closer than just crushes!"

Before Pyrope could break out any of her lawyer argument skills against Type A, however, you finally seized your chance. Tearing off the school girl's clothes, you revealed the source of her powers - a complex series of ropes that she had tied around in her body in an artistic fashion, which she seemed to wear instead of underwear. Pyrope promptly moved to try and step away from you, but you countered by grabbing onto one of the ropes close to her chest and pulling as hard as you could.

"Nooo!" Pyrope cried out as you tore the ropes from her body, leaving her completely naked and defenseless. The ropes, as if sensing that they had a new owner, then freed your slaves from their grasp and curled up into your hand. "Dammit! Do you have any idea how long it takes to tie those knots? Even with magic, it takes forever!"

You just smirked and told her that wouldn't be a problem - she wasn't going to be using it to tie anyone up from now on.

"And what exactly is that supposed to mean, moron?" Pyrope asked, covering her tits with her hands. "I'm not sure if you noticed, but ropes are kind of my thing!"

You take a step closer and inform the naive girl that there's more you can do with ropes than just tie people up with them.

"Oh, you mean like crochet, or mat weaving!" said Hot Top.

Or that.

"W-wait, what do you plan on doing?" Pyrope backed herself into a corner of the room, unable to find a way to escape. "S-stay back! This is not proper court procedure!"

"Court? Heh, you're so silly Pyrope!" Hot Top giggled as she grabbed the schoolgirl's right arm.

"Yeah - we don't have to worry about anyone judging us ever again," added Type A.

Your slaves then worked together to force the fiery schoolgirl onto her hands and knees. You smiled at the girl's defenseless ass and raised a handful of rope before bringing it down hard onto soft cheeks.

"Gyaaaauuuh!" Pyrope cried out in pain. "Y-you're going to whip me? S-seriously?"

"What's the matter? I thought you liked corporal punishment?" Type A asked.

"Well, yeah, but I'm usually the one- ah, aaaaaaah!" Pyrope was cut off by another scream as you brought your makeshift whip back down onto her rear. "Oh fuck! Please, stop it! It hurts so much!"

"Tch, ungrateful brat!" Type A scoffed. "You should be thankful that Master thinks you're sorry, yet somehow worthy enough to smack! They're going to keep whipping you as long as they want, and you are going to like it!"

"Guuuh!" Pyrope moaned after another loud smack. "I… I don't know how many more of these I can take! Aaaah!"

You keep whipping the aspiring lawyer again and again, making her cute ass red for a reason besides her flames as you punished her for ever trying to resist your will. Then, on the tenth smack, Pyrope let out her loudest scream yet as a sudden spray of steamy juices erupted from her exposed pussy.

"I… I just came?" Pyrope asked herself in disbelief. "That can't be… I… I was getting whipped!"

"No, you were submitting to Master," Type A corrected. "And that feels better than anything else in the world."

You whipped the girl again and, to her shock, she came again instantly.

"Aaah… I can feel you warming up!" Hot Top cooed as she rubbed her friend's tits. "You're starting to feel really good now, aren't you?"

"W-well...maybe just a little…" Pyrope replied before you whipped her to another loud orgasm.

"And you want to help others feel this good, right?" Hot Top added.

"W-well… it would be pretty nice if everyone could feel this way…" Pyrope replied, her attempts to escape fading like steam as you forced her to cum again. "In fact… it's practically an injustice that not every monster gets to feel this way."

Feeling her about to break, you had your slaves finally let the woman go and offered her rope back. You said that if she joined you, then she could personally right those injustices herself with you, one bitch at a time.

"Really?" Pyrope asked, surprised. "You'd take me with you… even after I tried to kill you?"

You told her to consider this community service as a way to make up for it. If she did a good enough job as your Whip, you might even be tempted to give her a full pardon.

"My, that's quite the tasty settlement offer... I think I'll take you up on it." Whip adjusted her glasses and stood up before taking the rope from your hand. The rope instantly reacted to her touch, magically forming a firm handle for her to grip onto as the rest coalesced into a long flaming whip - perfect for cracking the air and any woman who dared try resisting you.

"Oooh… I like the heft of this new rope~" Whip said as she felt her new weapon in her hands. "It makes me feel like a proper prosecutor; powerful, and unstoppable!"

"And don't forget warm!" Hot Top said, hugging both your new slave and her whip.

"Yeah, it does look pretty tough… but don't forget that you only have it because of Master, okay!?" Type A spoke up. "If you ever displease Master, or if they get bored of you, or they're just in a bad mood, then it's all over for you!"

"Don't worry - I swear they won't regret recruiting me," Whip replied, kicking a plushie that had landed on her foot out a nearby window.

"Good; then let's get back to the main path then." Type A moved back to the hatch leading out of the treehouse, but she stopped herself at the last moment. "Oh, wait a second, I just realized; Master, you didn't finish, did you?"

You pat your slave on the head and told her there'd be plenty of time for finishing later; after this whole kingdom was finished, that is.

"Oooh, so selfless!" Hot Top swooned. "I knew there was a reason I loved you~"