To all my readers: This has to happen and I know it will make all of you sad. If you read this, you will know what I am talking about. For I have to respect Tolkien's writing in that Legolas has no recorded mother and Thranduil no recorded wife. I am writing what might have been, so please do not be mad.

Chapter 6

That day in the bright summer, which all life was changed in Greenwood, came as a surprise to all. Thala and Thranduil planned to go out on a ride through the plains from whence they met. They had packed some lembas, elf- draught, and some other elven delicacies with them for a mid-afternoon lunch. The day was bright and clear; the sky shone blue with hardly a cloud in site for miles. After riding through the forest for a while, the couple came to the plains. The beautiful golden plains looked like a rolling sea after a midnight storm. Its golden strands of wild wheat danced in the breeze as Thala and Thranduil walked through them, holding each other's hands. Thranduil grasped Thala's hand as they sat down reminding her of his memories. "We met right here, I remember, and I thought you were an Orc!" Thranduil chuckled as Thala sweetly smiled back. " I thought you were going to kill me, and personally, I thought you were an Orc too!" The happy couple laughed as the wind blew through their hair. After reminiscing on the memories long passed, the couple kissed and watched the day pass before their eyes. It had never been quite this beautiful, but then it again Thala's mind might have been playing tricks on her. Near noon, the couple set up to eat lunch in the grassy plains. Thranduil pulled out some lembas to nibble on as Thala poured the elf- draught into 2 silver cups she had brought. They ate until the sun was waning on the left side of the sky, till about 1:00. Thala was a bit sleepy from eating, so she decided to take a nap next to her husband, who just lie there with thoughts in his head. The day passed and Thranduil eventually fell asleep. He woke up with Thala staring at him, just smiling, for his hair was in a terrible mess of tangles. "You snore too much, my king," Thala said snuggling up to Thranduil. "I know, my queen," Thranduil answered, stroking her hair. Thranduil suddenly jumped to hear strange noises to his ears. It was some kind of speaking, not elvish, not westron or common. It was something a bit blacker, something not easily recognizable. It was Orcish! Thala had heard it too, jumping up and drawing her long sword. Thranduil shot an arrow out into the distance, hearing a scream of pain. He had shot an Orc scout from afar! With his keen eyes, he saw a party of six coming near. He shot arrows out, killing or wounding at least 2 more. A horrible scream sounded from behind as another Orc came to attack. Thala lunged at it, chopping of its head with one swipe of the sword. Thranduil, not paying attention to Thala, was trying to strike off Orcs of his own. Four came at him, swiping their heavy swords at him as Thranduil killed them off with arrows. One would not give up without a fight though. As he shot 2 arrows in the orc, before it fell down, it slashed Thranduil's shoulder with his blade. Thranduil grimaced in pain as the blood poured out of the wound.

Thranduil finally killed the orc, but turned to hear a blood-curdling scream from not an orc, but Thala. An orc had stabbed Thala from behind, but before he could do more damage, Thranduil shot him in the head with an arrow. Thala now lay before Thranduil, the life pouring out her quickly. Thranduil jumped down to her side and held her blood soaked body close. "Do not try to save me, my love, for I am dying to quick. By the time we reached the palace, I will be long dead. My king, raise our son to be a strong elf, one of the best warriors in Elven history. Let him stand with the likes of Earendil." Thala said as her voice began to start fading, her eyelids starting to shut. "Thala, Nin Meleth," he whispered, "Do not die! I do not want to spend the rest of the ages of this world, alone and without you. A king may have money and riches, but the love one gives him cannot be equaled!" "I am sorry, but the Valar have chosen me." Thala began to convulse in Thranduil's arms as her body made one last fight to stay alive. Thranduil held her close, hoping this was not the end of his one love. "Thala, please no, Thala live! Thala,!" Thala's body went limp in his arms as he screamed his anger and cried. His eyes were so blinded by his tears for Thala; he could not see her body anymore.

And from that day on, Thranduil was never the same. He brought Legolas up to be one of the strongest elves in now Mirkwood. At times, the old king would think of his blessed wife, who waited for his arrival in the blessed lands. The one elf that could never be replaced, his one queen, his only love, the elf named Girithalation.