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It didn't take long for Sorin to walk back to his own quarters. Several minutes at the most, but he hardly noticed as he was currently lost in thought. Something about the way Ahsoka had acted earlier had him concerned. No, that wasn't the right word… Cautious? Either way, he suspected something much deeper than either of them could comprehend was underway. With a flick of his wrist the door to his quarters slid open and shut behind him as he walked in. He absently went about his business, not paying attention but still somehow getting what he needed. As he dressed in his finest robes, the tirade of thoughts began again. It started back at the Medical Bay, when they had been standing over Master Skywalker. Although he had only known her for a short time, Sorin had never seen Ahsoka so emotional. Or at the very least had never seen her so distraught. It puzzled him and he intended to ask her why she had reacted as such this very night.

As he left his quarters, ready to go on his way, he considered it might be an intrusion of a personal matter. After all, they were Master and Apprentice, there was bound to be a connection between them. But for that connection to elicit such a response when neither knew the other well? That made Sorin suspicious that something sinister was at work. It was only a hunch- a feeling in his gut- but he had learned long ago that such feelings were never meant to be ignored. His expression turned to that of a thoughtful frown, causing some passersby to give him strange looks, all of which went unnoticed by him. He continued to walk along, almost completely unaware of his surroundings, lost in thought. Sorin never was one to jump to conclusions. He always waited for every bit of information he could grasp before he acted. In this case, however, he considered that approach to be unwise. As Ahsoka always said, action spoke louder than words, and Sorin agreed with her in this moment. The only problem was where to begin.

The easiest solution was to ask Ahsoka for her thoughts on the matter. Perhaps she had the same suspicions. Or perhaps it would be easier to address Master Kenobi? He was for more experienced and knowledgeable on these matters. However, Sorin had little to no evidence to support his suspicions. It was likely Master Kenobi would only berate him for saying such things about a Jedi Master. Nevertheless, it may be worth the risk. Sorin shook his head, clearing it of the jumble of thoughts that continued to plague him. He found himself, rather suddenly, at the entrance to the Opera House. He smiled at himself and walked in, reaching out with The Force to find Ahsoka.

Ahsoka slowly walked up the staircase and into the Opera House, her mind now focused on one individual: Sorin Garde. She realized he had been in her thoughts rather frequently as of late and that puzzled her to no end. What reason would she have to be constantly thinking about him? Other than the fact that they were now partners. Now that she had the free time to do so, she allowed her mind to return to the train of thought on which it had been earlier. Sorin: a calm, strong, and somewhat stubborn person. A man of words more often than actions, preferring patience and surveillance over combat. Some part of her admired him for that, but the other part was completely annoyed. She did, however, consider him wise for his age, if not a bit too serious as well. There were several times in their last few missions that felt as though she was on a mission with a Jedi Master as opposed to an Apprentice. Not because of his skills in The Force, but because of his attitude and way of doing things.

She chuckled to herself as that thought crossed her mind, snapping out of her stupor for a moment as she looked around for an appropriate seat. She wanted to be close enough to see the show, but far enough away that she and Sorin could talk in peace. Eventually, she found such a place: several floors above the main level there were small overhangs each with four seats. She simply chose the one with the best angle- in her opinion- and sat down, returning to her thoughts once she had. Where was she? Oh right, Sorin being too serious. Although that was mostly true, there were some times when she had seen him smiling and laughing. She would never admit it out loud, but those were her favorite moments with him. It was rare, but it was well worth it. She had several theories as to why Sorin was the way he was. Although, she couldn't exactly prove any of them unless she asked him. She would let him have his privacy for now, but in the meantime she was completely free to speculate.

Her first theory was that he simply took after Master Kenobi. While that might not be too far off, she knew there was something more. It was too simple that he just took after his Master. No, there was something else. That led to her second theory: that something in his past happened to make him this way. That seemed more likely, but it was also too vague. There were too many variables in that theory and she wanted specifics. She had decided to put that on hold for now and moved on to theory number three. This one was the least likely in her opinion, but it was intriguing to say the least. Theory three was that he actually was a Jedi Master and is just posing as an Apprentice. After the time she had spent with him, she could almost confirm that wasn't the case… but that was just it. Almost. She wasn't positive he actually was who he said he was. She realized there wasn't much of a point in these theories. After all, she did prefer action over thinking. It was just that it was actually fun for her to think about. She knew a bit about him as he is now, but very little about who he used to be. Granted, the same could be said for his knowledge about her.

That thought brought her back to the subject of Sorin himself and why she thought so much about him. It was difficult to answer, as she herself didn't know. There must be a reason, she just couldn't figure it out. She wanted to delve deeper, but before she could, the sound of a door sliding open caught her attention. She smiled to herself and turned around in her chair.

"It's about time, screwball! I've been waiting for-"

The words died on her lips as she caught sight of the person standing in the doorway. That definitely wasn't Sorin. She didn't mean to sound rude, but the next words out of her mouth were:

"What are YOU doing here?"

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