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Standing in the shower was one Naruto Uzumaki, letting the water cool down his warm body. Why was he so hot? His mother, Kushina Uzumaki, had accidentally gave him a perfect view of her giant tits and luscious bottom in the kitchen. Having to eat quickly or else have his mother figure out he was hard, he rushed up the stairs and threw himself into his shower.

"Why does Kaa-chan have to be so hot?" Naruto groaned to himself as he looked at his still hard wood looking back at him. Thinking of his mother made his member twitch a little. Kushina was the MILF every man wanted, even his friends at school had said something about his mother. He beat the crap out of them. She was his mother! Only he could fuck her! "W-Wait…." Naruto said to himself as he realized what he had just thought.

"I-I can't think like this." He shook his head, desperately trying to get his mother out of his head. "She's my mother." Naruto reminded himself. 'Yeah, Your single mother.' A darker part of him reminded that his father had died a few years ago.

The horny teen remembered her mother and her amazing figure. She stood at 5'5 and had an hourglass figure with all the right curves that were hugged with whatever she wore. Kushina had straight red hair that stopped at her shapely womanly hips that held her juicy plump ass that just showed off her curvy body. Her chest, just thinking of it made him twitch in desire as she had an H-cup that everyone wished to motorboat and buried between.

Kushina Uzumaki was standing in the kitchen with a disappointed look on her beautiful face. She knew what she was doing was wrong in society's eyes but she didn't care anymore. The red haired MILF wanted her son. Kushina intentionally gave her son peaks at her form, hoping he'd do something only for him to leave quickly after eating. Her son had taken care of her since his father had passed.

Naruto took charge in the money flow with the help of Kushina, as he went to school where he got amazing grades. Naruto was someone who she depended on and she first found herself falling in love with her son after they accidentally kissed. It was a year ago that she had almost fallen off a stool in the kitchen when Naruto had caught her, only to catch her lips as they were both sent to the floor. It was a shameful night for Kushina as she had masturbated to her son for the first time.


The Uzumaki woman was on her bed doing an act she had done for years to sustain her overwhelming lust she had after her husband died. The only thing was that she was masturbating about her son who she just shared a kiss with. While it was short, the kiss was greater than anything she'd ever experienced with his own father.

"Oh, Naru-chan!" Kushina moaned out her son's name as she fingered her gushing pussy with two fingers. Her other hand gripping her heaving chest as she imagined her son was on top of her, claiming her as his woman. "Fuck your naughty Kaa-chan! This dirty Kaa-chan needs to be fucked by her big strong Sochi-kun!" Her wanton moans resounded through her bedroom as she continued to pinch and twist her nipples while aggressively fingering herself. "My body is so hot." She moaned heavily as she licked her supple lips in need.

Taking her hand on her teat away, she began to suck lewdly on it. She imagined it was Naruto's cock inside as she slobbered her fingers with her tongue. "I need it!" She shouted out, putting her second hand on her vagina and began to pinch her clit. "Fuck this lonely MILF! She wants her Sochi's cock deep inside!" She shouted out harder. Just as she was about to climax she grabbed the vibrator that was stored in her drawer.

Turning around, thrusting her luscious ass into the air, she plunged the toy deep inside her twitching cunt she imagined it was Naruto's member. "YES! You're inside me! You're inside your Kaa-chans pussy!" Kushina moaned out, her breasts squashed against her bed sheets, plunging her toy doggy-style. "Stir me up! Stir up my pussy even further!" She begged the imagination of her son fucking cock. "I'm suck a bad mother but I don't care!" Kushina continued to wail while roughly fucking her twat. Her hand roughly pinching and pulling at her plump tit flesh and nub. "I want my strong baby boys' cock inside me!" She yelled out, her climax about to hit her like a train. "C-C-C-CUMMINGGGGG!" The red haired beauty shouted to the heavens as she dirtied her bed with her female juice.

After such an amazing climax, she let her arched back fall to the bed. She huffed harshly with a large blush. "I-I-I'm so…terrible. Masturbating to my Naru-chan." She whispered to herself. The next day she couldn't look her son in the eyes without feeling aroused.

~End Flashback~

Just remembering that made Kushina's pussy lips gush a little. "I'm such a bad mother. Lusting after my son." She told herself before shaking her head. Clearing her mind, she went to the bathroom to get the laundry, completely forgetting her son was in the shower.

Washing his spikey blonde hair, Naruto noticed that he was still hard as ever and the memory of his mother's delicious body could not escape his mind. "Fuck." He whispered to himself as he knew he could only get rid of it one way. As he began to stroke himself off while muttering his mother's name, he never heard the click of the bathroom door open and close.

With a soft hum, Kushina entered the bathroom with a small smile and basket in hand. When she opened the door she saw a sight that she would never forget. Inside the shower was her son, naked at the day he was born, stroking his massive rod. 'Oh my God!' Kushina thought to herself with a blush forming on her pale skin. 'He must be eleven inches!' Naruto's member was larger than his fathers by six inches and thicker than his by two inches. Just seeing this monster made her pussy wetter than before.

"Kaa-chan." Violet eyes widened when she heard her little boy moan out her name while stroking himself. 'H-H-H-He's masturbating…to me?!' Her mind was in shock to realize her son was getting off to her. "Suck me. Suck off my cock you dirty slut." Naruto's dirty demands turned Kushina on and she was tempted to reveal herself and do just what he was demanding but stopped herself. 'I-I-I can't do this!' She yelled to herself, regaining some of her composure before she committed the act.

As she was about to run away, a little devil Kushina appeared on her shoulder. The mini Kushina was dressed in a revealing devil costume and spoke in a sultry voice. "Oh, come on! You know you want that! Just look at him!" Devil Kushina pointed at the jerking teen. "Just go in and fuck that Adonis! Who cares if he is your son! That makes it hotter!" The words made the women's blush grow ten-fold, making her face resemble her hair.

Kushina couldn't help but agree with that point. The idea of doing something so taboo was, in fact, a major turn on. As she was about to move, an angel Kushina popped on her other shoulder. "No! If you do this you will never return to being mother and son!" The voice of reason made Kushina stop in her tracks.

The Devil Kushina glared at the white angel. "Oh please! I know you want to fuck that too!" The angel blushed in embarrassment. "Fine!" She huffed in slight defeat at seeing Kushina was not able to go inside the shower and ride her son. "Just take his underwear and fuck yourself on that!" She demanded.

"That sounds better than crossing that line." The angel side agreed before both popped off her shoulder. The busty red head was in her own mind before doing what she knew was wrong. "Sochi!" Kushina said, not letting it known that she had watched him jack off. She giggled quietly when she heard him sputter in surprise.

"Y-Y-Yeah Kaa-chan?!" 'Fuck! Did she see me?!' He asked himself with a large blush. Her dismissal made him release a breath of relief. "I'm doing some laundry before going to sleep!" she announced making Naruto nod. "Alright Kaa-chan! Night!" The blonde said with a happy smile. Happy because he was not caught and happy his mother was getting some rest after a hard day at working as a principle at his school.

Kushina smiled with a small blush before grabbing all the dirty clothing. Slipping one of his underwear in her shirt pocket, she walked out of the bathroom and down to the laundry room. Locking the door, she tossed the basket in the washer before taking out the garment she stole. Taking it to her face, she blushed harder as it had the distinct smell of Naruto on it. Pussy now gushing she slipped two fingers down her skirt, past her G-string, and into her pussy lips. Gently rubbing her labia, she moaned hotly as she breathed in his scent.

Just his scent alone was making her mind go crazy. "I want you, Naru-chan." She whispered to herself as she imagined her son was fingering her drenched pussy. Stopping for a second, she leaned on the washer and parted her legs. Plunging her fingers back in, she moaned harder as she took in more of his scent. "Oh! I want that beautiful member inside me! You're so big!" Kushian squeaked out after hitting a sensitive spot in her pussy. The rocking of the machine against her moist lady lips increased the pleasure.

"You're so much bigger than your father!" Moaning harder she began licking at his underwear. "I want your cock!" She squealed out, climaxing much quicker than before. Huffing in slight tiredness, she looked back at the underwear before getting a lewd smile. Finally, after a few minutes of inner thoughts, she made her decision. "I don't give a fuck anymore. I want my baby boy inside me again." Kushina said to herself with a seductive giggle.

Naruto, after getting out of the shower, felt a shiver run down his spine. 'Someone must be thinking of me.' He thought to himself before shrugging it off and got ready for bed. He didn't know, at the time, that he was about to having the greatest night of his young life.

Late into the night, Naruto had fallen asleep, his dreams filled with ramen, and Ksuhina took this time to put her plan into action. Dressed in a flimsy bra and see-through panties, she slowly opened the door of her son's room. "Naru-chan. Are you awake?" Getting nothing in response, she smirked.

Walking inside, she softly closed his door before creeping up to her son's sleeping form. 'He looks so peaceful.' She mused to herself as she looked at her son's naked upper body that was twisted to the side and drool leaking down his lips.

"I'm sorry Sochi." Kushina softly apologized to her son as she sat at the edge of his bed, slowly trailing her fingers along his abdomen up to his face. "But I can't hold it in anymore." She said to herself and Naruto as she gently stroking his cheeks. Leaning down she finally gave her son the much needed kiss she had desired for the past year. Her taste buds were alive as she immediately fell in love with her son's taste.

Moaning shamelessly, Kushina leaned on the bed, her body right next to her son as she continued to bash at his tongue. 'Oh!' She thought to herself in surprise when Naruto began to kiss her back along with his strong arms wrapping around her frame, bringing her closer to him. Violet eyes shot open to see azure blue looked back into violet with absolute love and lust.

Naruto had woken up when he felt a body sit on his bed but kept silent. He knew it was his mother and he was shocked that she was sneaking into his room. The shock grew when he felt her sexy fingers trail up his body. 'K-Kaa-chan!' The blonde thought happily when his mother gently stroked his face before leaning down and captured his lips in a quickly getting heated kiss.

After getting fed up with being idle in the kiss, he brought his arms around her smaller frame and kissed back. Kushina's sweet tongue made Naruto's mind hazy as he wanted to taste more of his mothers' natural taste. 'I want her!' He shouted in his mind as violet finally looked into his blue.

"My, my, Kaa-chan." Naruto finally said after looking at his mother with smoldering hot eyes. "Who would have thought you were so horny you would try and fuck your own son." He let out a mock sigh. "What a shameful mother I have." While he was talking his hands were not idle, roaming all over Kushina's womanly body.

The busty MILF was wide eyed in shock at her son's sudden boldness as his strong hands were making her shake in lust. "I-" She was interrupted when Naruto captured her full lips in a deep kiss. She could only moan louder in response, falling deep into the passion, as Naruto rolled over so he was directly above his mother.

Holding himself up with his forearm, he continued to ravage his mothers' mouth, making sure she was too stunned to make any move to stop him. 'I can't believe he's making me feel this good!' Kushina thought in delirious lust. "Oh…Naru-chan." She was able to moan out between the tongue battle.

Naruto needed to hear more of his angel of a mothers' pleasure filled voice. Leaving her lips, both missing the other, he leaned back down. His hot breath sending shivers to run along her spine. "You're mine Kaa-chan." His husky voice made her moan softly before letting out a louder one when Naruto groped her jugs over her clothing.

"Oh, fuck yes!" She hissed out. Hearing his mother curse shocked Naruto as she usually only used shit or damn but never fuck. The slow in his hand movement let Kushina gain control of her body. "My turn." Kushina's sultry whisper made Naruto's skin prickle before their positions were reversed.

The red haired bombshell looked at her son with unrestrained lust. Running her fingers over his body, the blush on her face intensified at the hard muscles. Dirty images of Kushina being trapped underneath his strong body caused her to let out a shuttering sigh and closing her sinful purple eyes.

Reopening them, she looked to her son with a devious smirk. "You're right Naru-chan." Kushina agreed with her son. "I am a naughty Kaa-chan. I peaked at you in the shower." She took great pleasure at the blushing face of her son. "And I was pleasantly surprised. Who knew you were so well endowed." Resting her ridiculous body on her son she slowly grinded her clad pussy against his clothed erection.

"Can I tell you a secret?" Naruto nodded slowly, losing his mind as the feeling of Kushina so close to his cock was becoming very hard for him to not take her right now. "I have been masturbating to you for an entire year. I think of you coming into my room and fucking me in my sleep. I even got off on your underwear tonight." Naruto's eyes widened in disbelief when Kushina revealed her sinful secret.

"I want this." Grunting, Naruto looked at his mothers' fondling hand against his junk. Her delicate small hands were pleasing even thought it was not directly on him yet. "Fill your Kaa-chan with me baby. I love you." She confessed with a small smile and giant blush.

Wide blue stared into purple before Naruto brought her into a deep kiss and big hug. Kissing for a minute, he let her go. "I love you too Kaa-chan! I've loved you for so long!" The blonde admitted.

The soon to be lovers smiled at one another. Kushina's smile, however, took a slutty turn when she felt the rod between her fingers twitch lewdly. "Let your Kaa-chan take care of you." The mother placed butterfly kisses along her son's body, licking at his chest, before reaching his pajama pants. With a swift tug, she was greeted to the giant member that she craved for. 'W-Wow!' The red head thought with deep desire. It was even bigger than she thought and the smell was intoxicating.

"K-K-Kaa-chan." Naruto's voice made her leave her daze and look to her lovely son who had a giant blush and looked away. "I-I-I'm a virgin." The confession made Ksuhina blush as well.

"Heheh." She giggled softly when she saw his bashful expression. "Don't worry, my love." She cooed out, her tongue dangerously close to licking his veiny member. Pink cunt lips were now creating a giant stain on her underwear and nipples begging to break free from her brazier and sucked on. "Kaa-chan will teach you everything." Giving the prick a long lick, she slowly rolled her tongue around the engorged head, lapping at his pre-jiz.

"F-Fua!" Moaned the blonde teen laying as still as he could for his mother. Her long tongue bathed his pulsing rod in saliva. Kushina's saliva was so hot and pleasing to Naruto, it took all he could to not explode on his mothers' beautiful face. "K-Kaa-chan is sucking my dick!" The horny teen yelled out, pushing his head back into his pillow.

Kushina was giving her son's member much needed attention while gently fondling his sack. What she was not licking she was jacking off at a nice slow pace. Her goal was to make her son get crazy in lust and take charge. The female Uzumaki was always a rough lover and always wanted Minato, who was always gentle, to fuck her like a bitch in heat. His pained groans and twitching hands were a giveaway that he was getting close to breaking.

Gently kissing his cock head, she placed the tip in before looking at her son. Not feeling her move, he looked down to almost stop breathing as Kushina's gaze caused him to blank. Smirking around his cock, she plunged the whole thing. His mushroom head hitting the back of her throat in one go.

"AH!" Naruto roared out in pleasure. Legs shook and quivered in need as Kushin slowly bobbed her head up and down, her tongue licking away at what she had just ate. After several more minutes of throat fucking her son, Kushina blushed neon red when she felt Naruto's hands framing her face. 'Thank God! Fuck you're Kaa-chan's throat!' She pleaded in her head. Naruto could somewhat read the message so he did as commanded.

Bringing her head to the tip, he slammed her skull back down while thrusting his hips up. Eyes watered at the rough feeling of Naruto forcing all of his monstrous member into her oral pathway. "Fuck!" Roared Naruto while skull fucking his mother with wild abandonment. "You fucking slut! Do you know how long I wanted to fuck this mouth?! It's so tight! I don't think I'll last any monger!" Naruto's dirty shouts made Kushina plunge shaky fingers deep into her gushing pussy. Long nails pleased her walls, warming herself up for her son's prick that was hammering away at her throat.

After five more minutes of rough deep throating, the son could feel the familiar knot grow in his loins. Kushina could feel her son about to cum from the twitching of his cock. She upped the pleasure by adding a bit of her teeth, gently massaging the foreskin. "That's right! Get me off! I'm gonna' fill this dirty mouth with cum before covering this dirty Kaa-chan with cum!" Not being able to hold back any longer, Naruto thrusted one more time. Holding her head at the base of his cock, he exploded all his stored lust for Kushina inside her tummy. His back arched almost painfully while releasing his jizz down her tight throat.

'Sooooo~~~! Good!' Kushina thought as she gulped up as much of his spunk as she could while her cunt lips tightened around her long fingers. Juices covered her fingers as she climaxed while tasting her Naru-chan's semen. 'Such a long climax!' The bombshell thought in bliss as his climax felt like it was going on forever. She couldn't get enough of her son.

The blonde cumming man kept pumping his hips while spewing inside Kushina's mouth, coating her in white. "F-Fuck!" He let out a small growl before falling down on his bed in exhaustion.

"T-T-Th-That was amazing." Naruto whispered in amazement after feeling the best climax of his life. It was all thanks to his mother. Looking down, after feeling himself still engulfed by Kushina, his cock twitched alive when he took in Kushina's form.

The mother was in her own world as she kept her mouth around Naruto's prick, licking all the juices that covered his waist. Eyes hungry in lust while slurping all his cum off, the lewd sounds were music to his ears and the sight of her lewd eyes that shone with cock hunger. "Ah!" Kushina finally let go of Naruto's member, letting out a loud pop, before sighing in happiness of the warm feeling Naruto's cum gave.

"Ah~!" She moaned throatily as she savored the feeling of Naruto's cum coating her skin and licking her lips in a slow sensual fashion. "Sochi tastes so good~." Kushina moaned out like a school girl. "Iya!" The woman yelped, however, when she found herself back to the bed. Her bra soon discarded by her son.

Blue eyes feasted upon the peach colored nipples of his mother's gorgeous bosom. With a lick of his dry lips, he grabbed the left teat with his mouth before grapping the other flesh and gently kneaded it. "Yes. Suck my tits." Kushina moaned, her slender arms holding Naruto's head closer to her bosom. The child didn't need to be told twice before gently biting at her flesh. The reaction made him smirk. "FUCK!" She screeched out, her legs stiffening to breaking point, as she climaxed all over her son, the panties absolutely holding nothing back.

Growling, he left her teat before looking into her eyes. "Mine." Growling, Naruto impaled Kushina with his prick in one go. "F-Fuck!" Kushina yelled out once more at the feeling of his giant member pushing past where his father pushed her.

Naruto paid no mind to his mothers' arching back or wailing body. His only focus was to make his mother his and claim her pussy as his own. Nothing would stop him as his rod rampaged in Kushina's hot wet walls. Her pussy walls continuously accommodating to his punishing rod that slipped in and out of her cunt walls, each pump going deeper and deeper. All his thrusts hit her cervix, the resulting silent scream and juices coating his ramming tool made it easier for the boy to fuck his mother as a smoother pace.

The mushroom head brushed up against the entrance to her womb. Kushina's toes curled, her eyes rolled to the back of her head, drool streaming down her mouth, and her mouth set in a happy grin. Powerful thighs made sure the man above her didn't go too far before plunging back into its new home. She could feel his sperm-filled sacks of flesh bounce off her ass flesh every time his cock head hit the roof of her insides.

Hips still pumping at a fast tempo, they could feel the others heart beating through their connection. Moving his blue eyes up, he looked into the blank stare his mother now had as she bounced back and forth off his pole. "Mother." With upmost passion and love, Naruto kissed her like an animal, tongue sloppily covering her own in his saliva while keeping the thrusts deep and powerful.

Kushina thrashed and mewled beneath her massive meat son as each and every thrust jarred her entire curvaceous body. Sweaty tits bounced in his face, impacting Naruto's chest. The sweet feeling of his mothers' hard nipples against him, while looking into the erotic face of the glowing Kushina made him plow into her again and again.

"I-Iya!" The busty mother was finally able to speak words when she felt her son suck on her sweaty milk jugs that he was trying to inhale. Voice hoarse, she rasped out. "Fuck me! Fuck me harder you stud! Fuck your Kaa-chan's pussy! Fuck this dirty sluts cunt, dattebane!" She begged through hangered breaths and shrieks of pleasure when her son slapped her rippling ass.

"Fuck you're so tight, Kaa-chan!" Naruto growled out between gritted teeth. "What a dirty slut you are!" Naruto slapped her ass, getting a pleased yelp from his lover. Placing his hand behind her head, he laid completely on her body and moved his hips in a jack hammering motion. His hips became a piston of power for Kushina's hungry cervix. "You're mine forever!" He claimed with a deep kiss.

Moaning shamelessly, the two were drunk on the feeling of one another's bodies that clung onto each other's sex organs. Disturbingly pleasing sounds only increased the heat between the two. And after several hours of love making, neither could hold themselves back from the explosion that would change them.

Now in a lotus position, Naruto released his mothers' mouth and threw his head between the crock of her neck. Naruto's hot breath against her sweaty skin made her more aroused. Her hands sunk into his sweat matted hair, making sure that his licking tongue made a mark on her beautiful flesh. "I-I'm gonna' fill this pussy up Kaa-chan!" With a harsh whisper Naruto announced his coming release inside his mother. "Let me cum inside! Let me make you pregnant! I want you to carry my child and fuck you so hard you'll never want anyone else!" Naruto roared out, spanking her ass until it was bright red.

Kushina's tight cunt walls continued to wrap itself around Naruto's rumbling prick until it was actually inside her womb. Head flung back, her lustrous red hair sticking to her sweat coated body, giving her an even more delectable appearance, she shouted out her pleasure. "YES! Fuck me Sochi! Make sure my pussy knows that you are its master! I don't want anyone else but my Naru-chan's manly dick inside me~~!" This bitch squealed out as her walls twitched around his twitching rod.

With an animalistic growl, Naruto captured his mother in a kiss that would be seen for porn-stars while soon exploding inside, filling her womb with sperm. Lustful eyes gazed into one another while moaning in release. Shuttering after such an amazing combined climax, Naruto and Kushina fell to the bed and promptly passed out.

~Next Day~

The morning sun had just peaked through the clouds and through the window of one Naruto Uzumaki's bedroom. In the bedroom laid the blonde with his unbelievably sexy mother attatched to the hips. Naked bodies tangled together in blissful sex induced sleep.

That sleep, for Kushina, was disturbed by the light shining in her closed eyes. Grumbling a little, she groggily opened her eyes to glare at the shads that did nothing to block out the sun. 'Stupid sun.' The mother then let out a pleased sigh when she felt something poke inside her nether regions. Confused she looked down only to have her purple eyes shoot open.

"N-N-Naru-chan!" She almost shouted out in shock. Kushina was on top of her naked son, her naked as well, with his giant man meat still deep within her pleasantly filled fuck-hole. 'I-I-It wasn't a dream!' The busty red head thought there sinful night was just her imagination but it was not! She was actually fucked by her son! And…she loved it!

"Mornin' Kaa-chan!" The voice of her son made her look down and see his cheeky smirk and bright eyes looking into her. She melted into the smile, smiling back at her son. Naruto had been awake for a couple of hours and it had taken all of his restraint to destroy him MILF mother with his morning-wood. The hard tool inside her twitched constantly as her pussy walls unconsciously squeezed him in her sleep. When she woke up, he was ecstatic because that could mean he would be able to fuck her again.

Now that he had finally fucked her, his desire to confine her to his bed and take her over and over had grew into a reality that he would make sure would happen today. "M-Mo-Morning, Sochi." Kushina stuttered her reply with a healthy blush on her wonderful skin.

Smiling, he rubbed his cheek into her lustrous red hair he loved so much. "Last night was amazing Kaa-chan. It was the best night of my life!" He exclaimed happily. The mother couldn't help but agree with him as the night before had been the best fuck she had ever gotten. "I-I agree." She finally spoke out, forgetting all the protest of this sinful act. "That was amazing Sochi. I-I-I love you." Kushina confessed, looking deep into her son/lovers' eyes.

Blue eyes widened in shock before closing in happiness. Hugging the busty red head closer, "I love you too Kaa-chan! I've loved you for so long!" Naruto exclaimed happily. Leaning up, the mother looked into her son's eyes before giving him a wet, passionate kiss. The kiss woke her inner demons of lust and his as well. The twitching rod deep inside her cunt muscles made her body heat up arousal.

"I'm glad." Kushina said, saliva connecting the two's lips, and looked at her son like a hungry lioness. "Now, how about we continue this." She suggested, tightening her lower mound around her sexy son's mushroom-head. "Ug!" Naruto groaned in pleasure at the hot cum filled walls constricting itself around his rod.

It was so squishy, hot, tight, and pleasing that it was almost unbelievable that she had given birth. 'I'm so lucky~~!' Naruto tanked Kami above that gave him such an amazing woman for him to love and her loving him back. "So naughty Kaa-chan." Moaned out the blonde, hands now roaming about his mother's creamy body.

Kushina sent him a saucy smirk. Lifting her hips up high, keeping only the purple tip inside her walls, she slammed it all the way down. "Fuck!" She growled out in lust at the hammer-rod that was so deep inside her womb. "Fuck this dirty Kaa-chan!" Kushina begged with sweat dripping down her luscious red locks.

Just the sight of his beloved mother bouncing on his prick, her sensual voice saying such dirty things, and her beautiful hair that seemed to shine in the small light of the sun peeking through the shades made him growl in deep arousal and need. Firmly gripping his mothers' bountiful hips, he thrusted up when she bounced down. The jiggling of her tits, made him lick his lips in desire to suck and milk them. Kushina's flesh orbs were one of the main attributes he liked about his mothers' bodies. To see them bouncing up and down right in front of his face was a dream come true and he couldn't wait to devour them once more.

The rhythm now screwed up, Kushina let out a throaty moan at the new pace. "Y-Yes!" She shouted out, not caring if her voice was too loud. Continuing to bounce like a whore, she grabbed her son by the shoulders and made him lean up. Slender arms wrapped around his head and secured him in her generous bosom. "Yes baby! Suck your Kaa-chan's tits! They need to be sucked on!" Kushina yelled out happily when Naruto's tongue lashed out and bathed her pink nipple in saliva.

The horny mother was now moaning like a whore with the most ahegao smile she could muster. "Fuck!" Naruto roared out between the heavenly milk jugs he was playing and sucking at. His body twitched in ecstasy when he ploughed his hips into her tight cunt lips that seemed to be even tighter than last night. His tight sack smacked against her full womanly ass with each pump and pull back. "You slutty bitch! I'm gonna' have to punish you for fucking your son so early in the morning!" His husky voice and demanding personality made her literal jelly.

Her head flew back, eyes rolling to the top of her skull, as she helped her son fuck her. Using his shoulders as leverage to made the thrusts deeper and rougher that before. The sickening sounds of their slapping flesh sent them both to utopia. His rough hands occasionally slapping her ass only made her moan harder. Spit was flying out of her mouth by now she was so drunk on her son's never decreasing pumps. "O-O-Oh GOD!" This bitch screeched out. Her nails dug into Naruto's skin, the teen grunted in slight pain but answered by throwing her down. "Yes! Fuck me! Claim this naughty Kaa-chan!" Kushina demanded of her son whose body now loamed over her.

Without saying anything, he captured her lips in a sloppy kiss. Tongue clashed against tongue before plunged his still ragging member back into its personal hole. The busy red head's back arched in ecstacy when her son began slapping her ass while nibbling at her leaking teats. "Fuck!" Naruto roared out. "You're tit milk is so good! This is mine now! You hear me?! You're mine now Kaa-chan! No one will ever be able to fuck this dirty body but me!" The teen was too deep in lust to notice his words of the fact that he was fucking her into the bed. The headboard slamming against the walls with each and every ram of his thundering man-hood.

"Yes!" Kushina squealed out. Her long arms wrapping her son in her embrace. Her hot breath against his ear. "Fill me up! Spurt all that seed inside this dirty mother! Spill your seed inside me you dirty mother fucker!" The alluring whisper combined with her legs holding her son deep inside her tight cunt made him lose the last control.

"MINE!" Naruto roared out, slamming his rod so far, piercing her cervix and spewed his load deep into his mothers' fuck-hole. Kushina's entire body stiffed when she felt her son spew his semen deep within her tight cunt walls. Eyes rolled to the back of her head, grinning, and letting out a silent scream before letting out the loudest yell she had for the strongest orgasm she has ever been given. "YESSS!" Bodies twitched erratically while they dumped all there cum on each other.

Naruto kept his face in his mothers' skin, biting at her skin and absolutely loving her sweaty taste. Everything about her was delicious and he wanted more and more of this tight walls squeezing all his seed out of his pulsing member. Kushina was in the same boat as her mind was sent into the gutter as her world and body had become rocked by her son. Dirty images of what she had in mind flooded her head, which only prolonged her squirting female juices on the man-meat that would satisfy her for the rest of her life.

Minutes passed before Naruto shakily thrusted the last amount of his load into Kushina's gushing whore-hole. Shuttering for the last time, Naruto's head fell right between his personal fun-bags. The bombshell of a red-head hugged her sweaty son's form to her jiggling tits, where she was sure he would never leave. The suction she was feeling on her left teat only confirmed her prediction. "Heheh." She giggled while lovingly stroking Naruto's sweaty blonde locks. "Thank you." She whispered, kissing his head softly. "I love you, Naru-chan. Thank you for making your Kaa-chan feel so loved." Tears welled in her eyes as she was truly happy at this moment.

Naruto buried his face deeper into his busty mothers' bosom. Her natural body scent was like a drug to him and her sweet words made him want to show her how much he loved her. "I love you too, Kaa-chan." Naruto muttered, releasing her nubs. "I'd do anything to make you happy. You're my world." Confirming this, he placed a gentle kiss on his mothers' parted lips. The combined taste of him and her didn't deter him as he continued his love-filled kiss.

Ending the kiss, both let out a content sigh before snuggling close to one another. The afterglow of their morning session left them needing more but they held themselves back. Naruto cast his gaze back to his mother and thought of a wonderful idea to show her how much she meant to him. "Kaa-chan." Getting a melodious 'Hmm.' He continued on. "How about we go on a date tonight? I want to show you around." Kushina surprised her son with a wet kiss of happiness.

The bombshell didn't expect the sudden request of a date but she was happy none the less. "I'd love to Sochi, dattebayo!" She squealed out like a school girl. Giving out a chuckle Naruto held him mother closer, loving her hardened teats on his skin.

"I'm glad. Make yourself beautiful, not hard, because we're going to some place nice." Naruto promised his mother who nodded happily, too excited for what was in store for this night.

~That night~

The blonde Uzumaki was standing at the bottom of the stairs wearing a formal dining outfit, a black tux, tie, and a jacket thrown over his shoulder. 'Wonder what she's going to wear?' Perverted images of what his mother would wear came to his mind. A nosebleed soon began before his mothers' melodious voice reached his ears.

"Naru-chan." Looking at the top, his jaw dropped to the floor while a blush covered his entire face. Kushina had her blood-red hair tied in an elegant bun, a strand of beautiful red framed her face with very light make-up, showing off her natural beauty. The MILF was wearing a simple black dress that reached her ankles; a slit was cut from the bottom of the dress all the way to her mid-thigh. She wore matching black heels that showed off her powerful sexy legs. A simple purse and strap hung off her slender shoulders that, if one looked close enough, had little marks from her son's constant sucking of flesh.

"W-Wow!" Naruto could only say dumbly as his pants became slightly strained around his growing erection.

"Hehe." Kushina giggled at her son's stunned expression. 'Still got it!' Walking down the stairs she looked her son up and down and gained a blush of her own. "You look handsome too, Naru-chan." She complimented.

"Ah-Ah thanks Kaa-chan." Naruto rubbed his head sheepishly before offering his arm out. Giggling at the gentleman gesture she wrapped her arm around his. She made sure to press her luscious breasts against his arm.

Naruto drove him and his mother to the fanciest place in town. Parking, he led his mother from the car and into the place. "Wow. This is amazing, Naru-chan." Kushina said, holding on her son's arm.

"I'm glad Kaa-chan." Naruto smiled at his mother before seeing the waiter at the podium. "Two under Uzumaki." He informed the man. Seeing the reservations, the man led the two to the table set-up. Kushina was slightly shocked that it was this easy. With a sly smirk, she nudged her son gently. "You planned this, didn't you?" She playfully accused. The cheeky grin answered her question and she could only blush at her son's thoughtfulness.

Pulling his mothers' chair out and gently pushing it in, he sat down and made an order with her doing so as well. The waiter left and Kushina decided to tease her new lover. "So Naru-chan. Do you have any more surprises for this beautiful woman?" The female asked with a coy smirk. Naruto gave his mother a chuckle, happy she could tease with him like this.

Deciding to give her a little taste of medicine, he leaned forward. "I don't know. I'm kind of distracted by this beautiful woman in front of me." Both blushed at the words. "She had long beautiful red hair and makes me feel so happy to have her in my life." Naruto ended with a light smile and blush deepened.

Kushinas' heart soared at the confession. "Thank you, love." She whispered longingly. Reaching out her hand, she laced her fingers with his. "I'm happy you're in my life too." Both blushed harder than before. "Even if it is wrong, I don't care." The beauty admitted with a motherly smile.

The dirty MILF took this moment to realize how truly handsome Naruto had become. To know she had this stud with her made her so wet. Pussy lips parted a little, slightly wetting her lacy underwear with juice, as she continued to remember their night and morning of passion. Just being across from him made her hot.

Peaking around, noticing the lights were very dim with the table cloth hiding anything below the waist, she gained a dirty smirk. "Sochi." Naruto looked into his mothers' eyes and his blush turned up at the hungry look she now sported. "Why don't you let this naughty Kaa-chan thank her adoring son?" She didn't let him think about it as she slipped out of her chair. Sexily crawling her way to her son's strained pants, she began to get hotter. 'I'm so naughty, dattebayo!' Kushina thought lustfully.

Reaching her prize she rested her soft hand on the growing bulge. "Uh." Naruto grunted as softly as he could, not wanting to draw attention to himself and mother. "K-K-Kaa-chan." The teen was embarrassed about his mothers' actions but he would be lying if he didn't say he was not turned on. The fact that they might get caught doing something so taboo only raised his arousal to let this happen.

Getting tired with just rubbing the powerful tool, Kushina pulled the zipper down and was greeted to the sight of her son's slightly limp rod falling to her face. "Ah!" Letting out a sigh of bliss she nuzzled the prick with her cheek. "So wonderful, my love~." Her seductive voice made the rod on her cheek twitch alive, now standing at full mast. Leaning back, she took it deep down in one thrust. The pulsing mushroom head hitting the back of her hot tight throat, making it dirty with pre-jizz. Kushina moaned throatily around the member currently deep inside her oral tunnel. Slowly dragging her head up, she sent her son a sultry wink that made him moan piteously. He really wanted to jam his rod into his sluts mouth but couldn't as he didn't want to gain too much attention and get caught.

Shivers ran up and down his spine when the feeling of his mothers' skilled tongue licked at his shaft that she was not ingesting. Her hot tongue slobbering hit up and taking it deeper and deeper with each rough head bob. "F-Fuck!" Naruto whispered as softly as he could. Fists balled in restrained pleasure. Trying to thrust up, his blue eyes shot open when he noticed he couldn't. Looking down he saw his mother licking at his foreskin and sending him a saucy smirk with her hands pushing against his lower half.

"Nuh uh Naru-chan." She teased lightly, her tongue still licking away at the wet meat in her grasp. "Let your slutty Kaa-chan suck you off. Actually," Kushina trailed off, licking all the way from the bottom of his shaft to the top. His taste sending her mind in a haze. "Why don't I warm you up with these?" Pulling her top down, she let her son drink in the sight of her un-clothes breasts.

Red was the dominate color on Naruto's face as he stared at the pretty pink color of the red headed MILF's bosom. Licking his dry lips, he was about to pinch them when Kushina gently slapped them away. Narrowing his eyes, he was about to demand she let him before he was sent to heaven.

Kushina's soft jugs wrapped themselves around Naruto's angrily twitching rod. The mother looked at her son with the same hungry look she had given him last night and this morning. "S-So hot." Kushina moaned wantonly as the feeling of his hot rod between her jugs made her pussy wetter than before. Sneaking a look, Naruto drew a rough breath at the sight of his mother.

She looked even more beautiful, in his opinion, as her massive milk flesh was rubbing up and down his prick. "Ug!" He groaned louder as his mother licked what pre-jiz leaked onto her chest. Naruto, not able to help himself, wrapped his fingers around her nipples and began to play with them.

"A-Ah! Y-Yes baby." Kushina moaned around his member. The vibrations from her muffled voice made him twitch harder for her. "Cum. Cum on your naughty mother's tits. I can feel it. I want this dirty milk on me." She begged with a throaty whisper that made him scrunch his face his pleasure.

Thrusting lightly, Naruto soon exploded his seed deep within Kushina's waiting maw. "Uga!" Naruto came inside the MILF's hot waiting mouth in an explosion of lust. Kushina was in a land of her own as she licked and played with all the cum erupting from the tool twitching in her mouth. 'So good! His milk is so delicious! I'm getting addicted to this!' The mother moaned around the prick, making more spurt out, and enjoyed the feeling of the hot spunk that she could hold against her tit flesh.

Releasing his mother's amazing cleavage, Naruto slumped in his chair. Blushing heavily, Naruto looked down to see his mother enjoying the feast that was his semen. The busty red-head was in eutrophic pleasure while slurping all his cum off her mouth in a sensual lick as she knew her son was watching her. After licking the last off, she sent him a saucy wink.

Kissing his leaking tool, she slowly got back to her seat when no one noticed and sat down comfortably. "Thank you for the drink, Naru-chan. It's my favorite." She teased out with a blush of her own. Naruto could only look at his mother in deep lust. Growling a little, he was about to lean over to her, but the waiter had arrived with the food. Gulping back his lust, he ate with his mother, subtly teasing her with how she looked so cute with his cum covering her.

After eating, taking twenty minutes, Naruto couldn't control himself anymore. Leaning over, he got close to him mother's ear and whispered haggardly, his voice dripping in arousal. "Go to the bathroom. I'm going to fuck you so hard you'll be begging to stop." Gently blowing into her ear, he enjoyed the massive blush she sported.

Kushina was happy as she could be. It was always one of her fantasies to have sex in a public place. With a smile she whispered back. "Meet me in ten minutes. Prepare to have those big balls fucked dry." With that promise, and a soft passionate kiss, she sashayed her way to the bathroom.

Growling softly, he waited patiently, telling the waiter Kushina went to the bathroom and payed the check. After the agonizing minutes passed, he got up and stalked his way to the woman's bathroom. Looking around, seeing the ghost was clear, he opened the door.

Kushina was gushing as she waited by the door for her son to come in and be greeted to her current attire. She let her dress hang off her shoulders, showing her tits to the world, and had her skirt hiked up, showing that she was not wearing any underwear. Her red hair flowed down her back and framed her eyes, giving her a more alluring look that she knew Naruto loved. Purple eyes were alive in lust when her son walked into the room. She giggled a little at the stunned expression he sported at the erotic sight.

The blonde almost passed out at seeing his mother sensually leaning against the sink. Her jugs standing proudly in the air, as her cunt juice were flowing down her thighs like a wonderfully juicy waterfall. 'I want this!' With a silent growl, he flung himself into his mother. "Iya!" Kushina moaned out happily at the rough treatment. Back now firmly against the sink, the bad mother looked deep into her aroused son's eyes. The look in his eyes alone made her cum a little. Small amounts of female cum splashed against his now, having all but ripped his pants off, bare thighs.

"Naughty Kaa-chan." Naruto teased to his furiously blushing mother. The fact that pushing her against the sink alone caused her to experience a mini-orgasm filled him with pride. 'Can't wait to stick it in.' He thought with a perverted grin. "Cumming on your Sochi after being pushed down. I wonder how hard you'll cum when I'm done fucking this fine ass." The blonde then positioned his hard rod to her backdoor.

Kushina was blushing super hard right now. "W-Wait!" She shouted out, making him stop. Seeing him look at her with such eyes made her turn away in embarrassment. "I-I-I've never taken any-anything back there." The sight of his beautiful mother blushing so cutely, combined with the fact she was dressed so risky made him harder than ever.

"Kaa-chan!" Yelling, Naruto plunged his whole member inside her ass. Kushina didn't have time to prepare so she let out a high pitched yell. Her squeal would have been herd if Naruto's mouth and tongue were not already on hers. Her son's giant prick was so deep in her ass she couldn't think straight. It was unbelievable the amount of pain but also the pleasure that came from it as well. 'I-I-I can't believe I'm getting off on the pain!' She thought with embarrassment at the fact she could be a masochist.

"S-So amazing. Your ass is so tight around me." Muttered Naruto between lips. Kushina's butthole was so tight it felt like it was trying to break off his penis. But with the slight pain also came the pleasing feeling and pride at the fact he had taken his mother's anal virginity. "I-I love you so much, Kaa-chan." Looking down, he couldn't stop the healthy blush that formed.

The Uzumaki woman's hair was covered small sweat, the liquid slowly trailing down to her bosom, giving her an even more appealing form. Feeling her lover stop for a moment, she looked back and saw the care that his eyes reflected. "Oh, Naru-chan." Kushina moaned happily, tears flowing down her lovely face.

As he was about to ask if he did something wrong, his mother wrapped her arms around his neck and abruptly pulled her into a hot kiss. Powerful legs pulled the prick deeper inside, making her moan louder as the sloppy tongues battled. Kushina won this time and set the pace for the kiss, she sucked on his tongue, making lewd sounds both mother and son enjoyed.

Blue eyes rolled to the back of his skull at the feeling of his mother sucking on his tongue. Her hot mouth on his tongue and the hot hole currently squeezing his prick together made him cum. Moaning loudly between the kisses, he unloaded the white seed he had stored up. Kushina followed the moans too, feeling so hot that she made her lover cum with only kissing.

Releasing the kiss, Kushina looked at her son and gave a smile of upmost happiness. "I love you too, Naru-chan. You make me so happy." After confessing that, with Naruto giving her a small smile, she looked at him with hot and steamy eyes. "Now," Lightly pulling him in, the feeling of his cum sloshing around making her moan. "Ug. How about you fuck your naughty Kaa-chan's ass? Fully claim me as your own." She basically demanded of her son with a stern glare.

He found the glare very hot and gave into her demand. Slowly bringing himself back, leaving only the prick's head in, he plunged back in hard. The way Kushina moaned and body quaked made him go again. In and out. In and out. Slap her bosom and ass every so often. That was his rhythm as he continued to fuck his gushing mother into the bathroom. Her moans and sinful body that made such erotic sounds and the juices running from her cunt, making it easier for him to get deeper, only made him go harder and more feral.

"Fuck!" Growled out Naruto as his hands dug deep into her womanly thick hips. Her skin was bright red in arousal as she moaned with each pump and grind his tool did inside her walls. The giant prick stirred her up like nothing before and she doubted she would ever get sick of such utopia-like pleasure. "This pussy is so tight! It's amazing to be inside you, Kushina!" Kushina's eyes widened when her son called her by her name.

"Again!" She pleaded. Looking down to his lust filled mother, she repeated herself. "Say my name!" Naruto easily responded while fucking her deep, her ass muscles squeezing his twitching rod amazingly. "Kushina." Moaning his mother's name, he felt a new heat rise in his chest. Testing it, he said his mother's name. "Kushi." Again the feeling grew as did his member destroying her ass-hole.

"Yes!" Kushina yelled out, tears streaming down her face while bucking her red rectum against his thrusts. "Fuck me Naru! Fuck that big dick up my ass! Don't stop! Don't stop! Fill this filthy bitch with your cum!" The red-heads dirty moans and tight spencter made Naruto growl into Kushina's tits he was now playing with.

"Kaa-chan!" Leaving her well-lubed teats, he captured Kushina in a deep kiss, his hips now as deep in her ass as he could get. The familiar twitching of fuck holes caused Naruto and Kushina to shake within one another's embrace.

Blue looked into purple and the silent message was received. Fucking his hips harder, Kushina's body bouncing heavily against the sink and hair askew as it flowed in the air, the mother bit down on Naruto's shoulder.

The pain made him cum, the last barrier of his climax reached, and exploded his last load deep within her ass. "KUSHINA!" Naruto roared out as loudly as he could. He barely heard the muffled shout of his name from the shaking and erratically twitching MILF in his arms.

His hot white seed filled her ass in a flood of pleasure, her pussy juice coating his lower half once more. Eyes rolled to the back of her sweat covered skull as she climaxed heavily against her son's wonderful prick. 'Fucking amazing~~~! Minato has never made me cum so hard!' She thought to herself, comparing the pleasure his father gave her to Naruto's cock. It was no comparison as she continued to shake and squirm around the blonde.

After the load died down, Naruto pulled out, leaving the left-over sperm to spew out, with Kushina mewling out in displeasure at the missing meat. "No~~!" Kushina moaned with a heavy blush. "Heheh." Naruto let out a gruff chuckle at his mother's cock starved face.

Leaning down and giving her a kiss that ended much too soon for her, Naruto gave her a masculine smirk that made her cum again. "Let's get you out of here." Slowly dressing herself, almost falling down due to the rough pounding, Kushina was able to leave the restroom, hanging off Naruto's arm.


"Oh, Kushi-chan." Naruto moaned between deep tongue battles of the busty red goddess straddling his hips. "Naru-chan." Kushina moaned out her son's name, slowly grinding her soaking cunt lips along his free prick. Naruto and Kushina had all but sprinted out the restaurant, with Naruto basically dragging his mother by the hand. Neither wanted to end their night of pleasure and sinful delight. Passing the park that was close to their home, the two had a particularly kinky idea.

The red-head had pushed her son down on a park bench they were passing and before he could say or do anything she had wrapped herself around him. Kushina had all but shoved her tongue down his throat and began to ground her hips against him. "Let's fuck right now." After leaving the kiss, Kushina all but demanded with a wild hungry look. It had been another one of her fantasies to do it in a park, her being fucked like an animal. "You're setting you naughty mother on fire, dattebayo." Kushina said the typical Uzumaki verbal tick when excited.

Naruto easily returned the look and raised her up before taking his pants off and bringing her down of his prick, her gushing lips lubing up his member for insertion. "So good, Kaa-chan. I'm gonna' fuck you in the open." Growled out Naruto after leaving the kiss. Firmly holding her hips, he grounded her on and off his twitching rod, teasing Kushina's pink lips with the side of his veiny tool.

While she enjoyed the teasing, she couldn't take it anymore. She needed it. She needed his cock to be inside her right now! Grabbing his hands, she looked down at him with a glare. "Fuck me you stud. I don't want a warm-up! I'm wet enough! Fuck me now! Destroy me in the open! Fuck me like the wild animal I am!" She demanded with her looking all the more sexy to him.

Following the demand, very hot from the sex-crazed look she now sported, the son pulled her down his shaft, his lower head pushing against her. The sight of his mother and her beautiful sinful body seemed to glow in the moonlight. Picking her wonderful full hips up, he looked deep into her eyes. "Here it comes, Kaa-chan!" Roaring out the last word, he plunged his mother down his prick while fucking himself up. "Fuck! Such a tight twat!" Naruto grunted out, already bouncing his wonderful mother on and off his thrusting rod. The juices that soon flowed down his shaft made him smirk against his mother's flesh which he had taken to gently nipping at.

Kushina had climaxed with the first thrust. His touch alone was sending her walls and mind to never known pleasure and she loved every moment of riding her son's cock. Getting her wits back, she hugged his head close, letting out a strangled moan when her son had already tahen the roll of licking her pink nub, while helping his thrusts out. She used her powerful legs and thighs to squeeze at his member while moving up and down at a rapid pace.

Naruto let out a strangled moan at his mother's tightened mound. It was amazing! Her body was made for sex and he loved the fact that he was getting to fuck the hottest piece of ass in town. Bringing his attention back to the flesh in front of him, he lashed his tongue out, slobbering the nubs in saliva, before gently biting them. One hand guided the harshly bouncing mother on and off his rod while the other one had grabbed the tit-flesh un sucked.

"Fuck! That's it! Right there!" Yelled out Kushina, her voice carried through the park, when Naruto hit the one spot where she was most sensitive and pleased by. His prick hit that spot numerous times after her slurred words. "Fuck me! Fuck me you dirty boy! Rip this naughty Kaa-chan of yours in two! Fill me up with this dirty boy's dick-milk!" Beseeched the milf currently sucking at her son's cock.

"That's right!" Leaving her teats, slightly depressed about doing so, Naruto grabbed her face and held it to his. Their hot breath sent shivers down the other's spines. "You're mine to fuck! You are mine alone! This tight pussy and fat ass are meant for me! As your son, you are mine to fuck, suck, milk, and destroy!" Naruto roared out, now slapping her shaking ass and sending ripples of utopia shivers up and down her spasming form. "And I'm going to start here! Take it! Take your son's milk deep within that dirty Kaa-chan womb!" Capturing Kushina in an animalistic kiss, Naruto buried his dick inside her. Piercing the cervix, he did another thrust, then another, then another.

Kushina was sure if someone walked by right now they would not see two people making love. She was sure they would think it were two animals fucking with all the grunts, sloshing sounds, and yelps that came from the connected Uzumaki. All the mother could do was burn hotter for Naruto to explode, coating her with cum while she coated her in her female nectar.

"Yes!" Kushina moaned out breathlessly between deep tongue raping. "Fill me up! Fuck this Kaa-chan into submission! You're the only one for meeeeee!" She squealed out the last part, leaving the kiss with her spit flying in the air. The blonde had lasted as long as he could before launching his last load of the night into his mother. Growling in her cleavage, he twitched in afterglow pleasure while still pumping cum inside.

"Yes!" Kushina moaned out weakly, her entire body flush with arousal and desire as the white seed was invading her womb. She was sure she might get pregnant with the large load but she didn't care. "I can feel it all. I can feel your baby-seed filling me." Kushina kissed his head softly while running his head between her bosom. "It's so amazing. I love it. Suck me. Let Kaa-chan suck all your seed out while milking me." Kushina was surprised when Naruto, who was sucking hard, began to lactate once more. It was always arousing to leak her milk so now that he was drinking it while fucking made her flush with lust.

The nursing Naruto had two favorite drinks the moment Kushina had produced her mother milk. Slurping up all that he could, while growling deeply at the feeling of him being milked still, Naruto sat back down on the bench with exhaustion. Small amounts of tit-milk dripped down his chin. Wanting a little taste, Kushina lapped up the small amount near his lips. She found, like her pussy juice, her teat milk tasted good.

Leaning back, Kushina held her son in a light embrace, cooing a little when her milk finally stopped and his now limp member fell from her hole. "T-Th-That was amazing, my love." Her haggard words meet his ear as she gently kissed his head again. "T-Th-Tha-Thank you so much for to-tonight." The mother thanked while feeling the warm feeling of having been fucked and loved like this in so long.

"A-An-Anytime…Kaa-chan." Naruto finally spoke after minutes of catching his breath. Leaning up, he stared into the eyes of his wonderful mother before saying three simple words that sent her heart fluttering. "I love you."

The MILF returned the gentle smile with a large blush. "I love you too, my Naru-chan." The two then softly kissed. Showing their great affection for one another in the kiss, Naruto brushing back some of her silken hair, while Kushina gently rubbed his face.

Needing air, the two separated, saliva connecting them. "Let's go home. Tomorrow is a school day." Kushina said with a smirk. The red-heads giggles could be heard along with the blonde's piteous groans of protest.

~School Next Day~

The male Uzumaki was sitting in class with a slightly scrunched face. He was currently in need of his mother's sinful body and milk jugs to feast upon. Naruto was in need of Kushina because of the problem with his lower half right now as he sat in his last class, staring at the gorgeous teacher.

Said teacher was actually the mother of his best-friend Sauske Uchiha, Mikoto Uchiha. She was, like his mother, a total MILF with enormous natural tits that rivaled his mother's. The white t-shirt she was wearing strained against her bountiful bosom with her black skirt was stretched because of her plump bottom that begged to be spanked and fucked.

Like his mother, Mikoto had been in many of his wet-dreams. Recently, he's had dreams of him fucking Mikoto and his mother at the same time. Just remembering those dreams made his pants strain even more. Their sweaty bodies writhing in ecstacy while he made his mother eat out Mikoto's cum gushing pussy while he ploughed the tight MILF ass. He could still hear the womanly screams of pleasure. Crossing his legs, he focused back on the lecture that was coming to a close. 'I need Kushi-chan!' He yelled to himself in need to relieve his growth in his pants.

What he didn't know was that the bodacious raven haired mother was sneaking little glances at the young man sitting in the front row. 'So handsome~!' Mikoto thought to herself, while talking about something she was not really paying attention to. Mikoto had a little crush on her best-friends son. She had seen Naruto grow up into a fine young man and she was glad at the fact he was so handsome.

Since her husband left her, after twelve years of marriage, she had been in need of a man's touch but she couldn't date because she had to take care of Sauske and Itachi. So she watched the cute blonde sitting in front of her grow into a fine man that made her quiver in desire whenever she thought of him. Naruto had even been many of her masturbation sessions. 'He's gotten so much stronger!' She thought to herself as she stared at the muscles he had straining against the school shirt. 'Thank you Kami!' The horny MILF thanked the God that such a fine piece of man came into her life.

Mikoto would have continued her subtly ogiling if the school bell had not rung. Letting out a quiet sigh, she looked to the whole class with a smile. "Alright class, remember that there will be a test tomorrow." She announced, giggling a little when she heard the groans of protest of having a test.

"Hey Naruto." A familiar voice called out to the blonde who was about to sprint it to where his mother is. With a silent sigh, he turned to his friend, Sauske, with a smile. "Hey Sauske. What's up?" He greeted with his friend.

"Nothing much." Sauske shrugged carelessly. "Just wanted to ask if you got anything planned. Some of us are going out, you want to come?" He asked his friend.

Naruto gave him a sad smile. "Sorry man, I can't. I got plans already." He somewhat lied. He had plans, they just included being locked inside his room with his mother for the rest of the day. Sauske and the others didn't need to know that though.

"Hn. Alright." Sauske nodded with a slightly down expression. "Catch you later." With a wave, Sauske left after seeing his mother had left as well, she was his ride after all. Smile now on his face, Naruto raced his way to the principal's office. Sometimes it's good to the kid of the school head, no one stopped him from running in the halls.

In her office, Kushina was waiting patiently for the blonde that always came directly to her office after school. She had a surprise for his as well. With a blush, Kushina was sitting on her desk, crossing her legs sexily that showed off her already soaked panties and garter-belt. Unbuttoning the first few buttons of her shirt, she let a large amount of cleavage show, hoping to arouse her son. She put her hair in a bun like last night, knowing it gave her an even more beautiful sight. Lastly she wore a pair of fake glasses, giving her a naughty principle look.

'This is so naughty but so exciting~!' Kushina thought to herself with a perverted grin and giggle. She couldn't wait for her son to take her on her desk. The naughty mother's mind already loving the fact that she would come back here tomorrow to the scent of their love making. She even had something that will make her shake in ecstasy planned in her desk drawer. Shaking her head, she looked to see the door slowly opening. Regaining a breath, she got into character.

Naruto was not prepared to see his mother dressed like this. She looked so amazingly sexy with her giving off a fuck-ready woman. The glare in her eyes would have made him shrink in fear if he had not caught the little twinkle. 'Such a slut.' The blonde thought with amused arousal. It was another one of his dirty mother's fantasies. He was quickly learning how filthy minded his mother actually was with each fuck session.

"Mr. Namikaze. Do you know why you are here?" Kushina asked sternly, getting into character. Naruto followed by sitting in the chair in front of her with a dejected look. "Yes Mrs. Uzumaki. I was caught cheating on a test." Naruto let out a fake whine when Kushina lightly tapped his head with a ruler.

"That's right!" She announced dramatically. "I should expel you right now." Naruto got on his knees and began begging. "Please! Please don't . I'll do anything you ask! Please don't expel me!" Kicking it up, he bowed to the floor.

Wetter than before, Kushina spoke with a voice that held her excitement. "Well…how about you tend to this body of mine?" Naruto jerked his head up in mock shock. Giving her student a saucy smirk, the MILF slowly ran her hands up her body. "I've been so lonely lately, Naru-kun. I need a big strong man to help me." Giving out a throaty moan when she gently brushed her hardening nubs. "Can you help me? I've seen the way you look at me." Steamy eyes looked with anticipation as Naruto shot up with a similar hungry look she had.

"How can I say no to such a beautiful principle?" Naruto asked rhetorically before pouncing on his mother. He would have if Kushina hadn't used the ruler to gently bob him in the head. Looking at her with comical teary eyes, she wagged her slender finger at him. "Uh, un Naru-kun. I must teach you first." Kushina said in a lecture like tone.

Now that her hands were at the hem of her shirt, she slowly slid it down until it was around her slender shoulders. The shirt gave way to her bouncing jugs that were free from their prison. Naruto subconsciously licked his lips in hunger. About to lean in, she once again gently stopped him. "Gently. You have to do it gently." She advised with a little smirk.

Following her words, he gently licked his tongue at the hard nub of Kushina. The sudden lick made her moan a little before it grew with each and every brief lick Naruto's tongue inflicted. While she did like the rough stuff, Kushina wanted to start this session at a slow pace before really getting into the good fuck her son is well known to give her. "Uga! Yes, just like that!" Kushina nodded her head, fully enjoying the attention Naruto was giving her teats.

Being bold, Naruto slowly slid his unused hand down her creamy flesh, slowly unbuttoning her shirt and caressing her skin. Kushina gave light moans of appreciation to his light touch before letting out a louder more ragged moan when Naruto's fingers brushed up against her panty clade womanhood. "So wet, Kushi-sensei." His voice sent pleasing vibrations across Kushina's flesh, making her even wetter.

Naruto could only smirk around the nub he was now gently sucking on. His fingers were already drenched with his mother's cunt juice. She was really turned on by this and he loved it! 'This is getting mw hard.' He growled lightly as he was left unattended but he would stick to pleasing his mother first, before sticking it to her.

Getting tired of the slow teasing, her son's fingers sending shivers all along her body, Kushina looked at Naruto. "Take them off. I want your fingers directly!" She demanded in a weak harsh tone. Chuckling a little, Naruto slid down until he was face front of her pussy lips. The scent wafting from the twitching covered hole made him want to eat her up.

Hands trailed up her womanly legs, giving her goosebumps, while gently massaging the doughy flesh along the way. "So fucking hot." Naruto whispered hotly, the heat coming off Kushian's dripping sex made him want all of her now. Fighting down his lust, he finally got to her pussy covered hole. Extending his tongue, he gently licked his way from the bottom of her slit to the top. Her natural taste already soaked into the fibers of the naughty underwear.

The mother's mind was in distress when her son was taking his sweet time to eat her out. His tough was giving her teases of the pleasure to come and was driving her up the wall in lust. About to yell at him to tongue her, she moaned out loudly when his tongue finally hit her honey-pot. "Iya! So good!" Kushina said hotly as Naruto's tounge lapped up all the juice she squirted over her panties. The lewd sucking sounds Naruto made as he gently drank her juices. "No-No~! I-I-I want your tongue directly!" Kushina moaned out heavily, her body flush in arousal for direct contact.

Looking up, he sent her a cheeky wink. Leaving her panty clade cunt lips for a second, his hands all but ripped off her underwear. Moaning at the harsh removal, she was not fully prepared for the tongue to dive right into her cunt walls. "F-Fuck! Lick me! Lap up all your Kaa-chan's dirty cum while licking her dirty cunt!" Kushina's dirty hot voice made his lower head twitch.

Deep tonguing his mother, he was in absolute love with the secreting fluids that washed over his taste-buds. Naruto's left hand soon came up and gently rubbed her clint. The stiffening of her legs around his head made Naruto know he had hit a good spot. "YES!" Shouted Kushina as Naruto had made the familiar knot in her loins stir. "I-I'm going to cum! Make sure to drink all this dirty Kaa-chan's cum~!" The demand was soon followed by an orgasm that made her see stars. Her head flew back and let out a silent yell, her eyes dilated, while her face was set in a pleased grin.

Naruto was drinking all the sweet nectar that was flowing from his mother's well. Some managed to get away from him, splashing in his face, but it didn't hinder his lapping as he found it erotic that his mother was such a long squirter.

Breathing heavily, the MILF's face set in the perfect expression of a bitch being pleased, Kushina slumped against her desk after covering her son in her tasty spunk. "That was amazing. You're so good!" Kushina complemented her son with a large blush. Sweat now rolled down her lovely body, staining the floor with her sweat and female fluids. 'He makes me cum so hard every time!' The mother was giddy at this fact.

Giving her mother's twitching lips one last lick, he stood up, eye level to his mother. Looking her in the eyes, he made sure to keep eye contact while licking the leftover cum across his cheek. "You taste so amazing Kushi-chan. I want to have a drink of you every day." Naruto announced with a blush matching his mother's hair.

Kushina's blush also grew at the prospect of getting such amazing oral pleasure every day from Naruto. It was such a pussy gushing thought that she let her persona go and pulled him, using her legs, closer to her groin. Slender hands slung themselves ar9ound his broad shoulders and brought him in a deep kiss.

The teen made sure to give his lovely mother a taste of her own cum between the heavy lip and tongue battle. Kushina didn't mind her taste on his lips, she actually found herself very good. Kissing for a full minute, she leaned back and gave him a mischievous smirk that sent his brain into gear after such a hot kiss.

"Take off your pants!" With no hesitation Naruto pulled his pants and underwear down in one swift move. His ragging prick flung into the air and brushed up against Kushina's twat. "Such a beautiful cock." Slender fingers wrapped themselves around the meat before gently stroking him.

"Kushi." Naruto growled out. Hearing his gruff voice made her blush. Lowering herself a little, she gave the member a small kiss. The blonde's hands reached for her head, preparing to jam her throat-pussy on his rod, only to be angry when Kushina had moved away. "Wh-What?!" Lust clouded eyes looked at the sexily walking mother in anger.

Looking over her shoulder, she made a show of removing her shirt, slowly sliding it off her shoulder and threw it to the ground. She could hear his growls and could only smirk teasingly. "Don't worry, Sochi, you'll get this." Shaking her ass to him, she continued as she opened her drawer. "I just thought of something that could spice this up." The unspoken question was answered when Kushina revealed what she had hidden.

Blue eyes darkened in sinful lust as he stared at the ropes the busty MILF was not holding. "Tie me up!" Kushina exclaimed happily.

"There we go!" Naruto said in a happy voice. Stepping back, he admired the sight before him. On her desk sat Kushina Uzumaki in a very erotic position. The teen had tied his mother's legs apart, showing her gushing cunt lips, and bound her hands above her head. Her long fiery hair was set free with a few strands sticking to her face, which only increased the arousing sight.

Licking dry lips, Kushina looked at his son with mock horror. "No~! How can such a good student like you do something like this~?" Kushina played the shocked principle who was about to be raped by a student. Naruto gave her a deep chuckle before coming up to her.

Resting his hand on her soft cheek, Naruto gently brushed a stray red hair that stuck to her lips. "How could I do this?" Naruto repeated the question before leaning down to her ear, pressing his angrily twitching member to her equally twitching pink mound. "It's because I have such a naughty principle that I'm like this. I'm going to show you the consequences of dressing like a whore." The dark whisper sent pleasing shivers up and down Kushina's flush skin.

"N-No! I-I-I'm not a whore~!" She denied weakly while trying to move away but couldn't as Naruto had placed his hand firmly on her hips. "N-No!" She yelled out in mock horror as his mushroom head entered her mound. "D-D-Don't stick it in!" Kushina's please fell on deaf ears.

"Too bad!" Grunting in exertion, Naruto stuck himself deep within his mother. His lower head hitting the entrance to her womb on the first thrust. The result was instantaneous as Kushina's head rolled with her eyes becoming white. The melodious moans and gargled shouts coming from Kushina did not stop Naruto from ramming his cock back out then in with the same force and intensity as his first one. The sounds of their combined sex just spurred him on, wanting to effectively fuck the busty bombshell into an orgasm induced coma.

"Fuck! You look so hot, Kushina-sensei!" Naruto was still playing his role by harshly twisting Kushina's nipples. Her pleased squals made him continue his harsh treatment while deep dicking, hitting the back of her womb with each pump.

Kushina had tears running down her flawless face as she tried to speak, to vocalize how amazing he was making her, but couldn't. 'So…hot…so fucking much~~!' She thought to herself deliriously. The shameful mother could only grin happily while using her knowledge to squeeze her walls around her partner's rod while rutting against the invading member with all the power she could produce.

"Ah yeah!" The blonde roared out happily while grunting rougher than before. The new hold Kushina's cunt had on his tool was so amazing he buried his face in her bouncing jugs and sucked on them greedily. Her sweat covered teats were delicious and now sucking on her hard nub, the son was happy when he felt liquid spurting out.

"It-Iyua!" Kushina was finally able to get out a somewhat manageable word when she felt her baby-milk being extracted. She thought she had lost it all but this was a pleasing surprise that she went with. "Y-Y-You're….you're fucking the-so fucking good! Right there-milk out of me!" The bombshell shouted out. Wanting to hold her son tighter, she showed off her flexibility by moving her hands in a weird angle and wrapped them around his sweat matted hair. "Drink it up! I want you to own this slutty principles body! Rape me with that big cock even harder!" Kushina begged Naruto while rutting her bountiful body into his.

Her back arched almost painfully when Naruto switched to shallow thrusts that hit her entrance glands, a particular spot she was sensitive in. "Y-Y-Yes! Fuck there!" She begged the horny man atop her.

Naruto was too deep in his arousal and lust for his mother to even thing of words. All he could focus on was the amazing feeling of the woman he was connected to. Her tight walls constantly expanding to fit his prick, before sucking it right back in. Her heavenly tits he was sucking on had a delicious scent that made him go crazy for more. Kushina's dirty words only made him try and fuck harder just to hear more of her whorish mouth.

As they rutted, everything on the outside world was lost to them. All they could hear was the lewdly pleasing slapping sounds of flesh. Sweaty flesh beat against one another in a dance of carnal hunger before Naruto picked his mother up and fucked her in a standing position.

Kushina could only hang off her son's shoulder for dear life while moaning and screeching like a common street whore. His brutal hips and heavy ass smacks were giving her never ending climaxes. She lost count on how many times she came but she knew he hadn't cum once yet. When she finished one of her climaxes, he sent her into another, more intense climax that made her mind mush.

~Outside office~

Mikoto Uchiha was walking the empty halls to her best friend's office. She spent an hour at work to do some grading. When she was walking to her car, she noticed Kushina was still here. Seeing as they had not talked in a few days, work had been crazy, she began her trek to have a little girl time.

As the woman walked, she noticed the office was empty. "Wonder where she is?" She asked aloud before walking to Kushina's office. Getting closer, she could hear familiar grunts and moans. A blush soon formed on Mikoto's pale skin, recognizing such sounds. 'Someone's having sex here!' Mikoto thought with a larger blush.

Curiosity getting the better of her, she followed the sound. Each step she could hear louder moans and dirty talk. She heard the familiar voice of Kushina. The woman was saying such dirty things it made the raven haired beauty wet. 'Who is she hooking up with?' She asked herself. Kushina was like her, after her own husband left her, she had been sexually inactive.

With a sly smirk, she decided to take a peak on who was fucking her best-friend in her office. Gently opening the door, what she saw shocked her to the core. In the room was Kushina, bound up in ropes with her legs spread wide and moaning like a common street-whore. The thing that truly shocked her was who it was fucking her. It was Naruto! Her own son was fucking the red-head. 'W-Wh-What the hell!?' Mikoto yelled in her head.

"Yes! Yes! Punish this naughty principle's dirty cunt! Mess me up more! Punish this sloppy cunt for enjoying her students cock!" Kushina's dirty words made Mikoto feel a familiar liquid run down the side of her legs. Focusing in the room, her blush deepened when she finally took note of how large Naruto was. His hips constantly uncovered itself from Kushina's twat lips before getting buried back in with such force it rocked the desk.

"S-So hot!" Mikoto couldn't hlep but moan out seeing such a taboo sight. She was horny as fuck and she couldn't hold in her arousal for her best-friends son anymore. Trailing her hand down her body, she stuck two fingers inside her twitching lips. "This is so sexy." She said with a haggard voice.

"Of course!" Naruto's gruff voice made shivers course up through the black haired MILF's body. "This dirty cunt is mine to fuck forever! It's already shaped for my cock alone!" The blonde grunted out heavily as the constant molding of his mother's pussy was making him closer to releasing his load. Sweat dripped down their bodies, the combined scent driving their heads into a lusty haze.

Kushina could only nod to her son's words. She couldn't help but worship his cock with her tight hole. The mother made sure to wrap her walls around Naruto's member in a vice grip. The way his rod hit all her spots made her squeak and thrash in pleasure. Legs found themselves around his rutting hips, holding him deeper inside. "Cum inside me, Sochi! I want this wonderful student's dick milk deep inside this naughty Kaa-chan principle's pussy!" Kushina begged Naruto who now looked into his mother's eyes with such intensity and lust.

An invisible force pulled their lips to one another. Kissing wildly, Kushina and Naruto's hands roamed around one another's bodies, as much as Kushina who was still tied up. Strong hands roughly grabbed her tits and squeezed. That was all she wrote to the sinful mother and son.

The red-head was the first to cum. Her female juice coating his ramming rod in her arousal, even some of her juices ran down his legs. Kushina moaned harder when Naruto's prick entered her womb. "YES!" She yelled out like a whore. The head of his member constantly bashed against her womb and cervix. "CUM RIGHT HERE! CLAIM THE PLACE WHERE YOU STARTED WITH YOUR SEED! FILL ME WITH YOUR DICK-MILK NOW!" She was instantly rewarded with Naruto's mushroom head twitching as it exploded his large load deep within her womb.

"K-K-KAA-CHAN!" Naruto roared out, his body now flushed against Kushina as he unloaded inside Kushina. Her cunt walls milked him for all he was worth and he could only spasam erratically while holding onto her sweaty body. "S-So good! Y-Y-Your womb is holding me so tight!" Naruto groaned out weakly, his voice now horse as he thrusted his hips every few seconds.

"Oh yes~." Kushina cooed out, petting her son's head with upmost love and affection. "Keep cumming. Keep filling me up with your dirty seed. I love it. I love being your whore. I'm yours forever." Kushina's lovely voice eased his hot body. If possible, Naruto would stay inside the place where he was given life forever.

With a whisper, he gently licked his mother's neck. "I love you too, Kaa-chan. I love this MILF body that is only for me. You are my lovely mother to fuck for the rest of our lives." Naruto's possessive tone gave Kushina a sense of happiness. Hands now unbound, Kushina pulled her lover up and kissed him gently. Both lovers conveying all the love they had for one another in that one kiss.

So into the gentle kiss, they didn't hear the door softly close. Outside, Mikoto was licking her juice coated fingers in arousal. Moaning against her fingers, she was flush with lust at what she had just came to three times. "Wh-What a bunch of perverts." Mikoto whispered out heavily. "Fucking like animals like that. I'm actually jealous." The raven haired mother admitted to herself. She wanted what Kushina had. She wanted the pleasure only Naruto could give.

Having licked her fingers clean, she pulled her shirt back up, covering her saliva covered teats, and made her way to her car. All the while, driving home, making dinner, talking to her son's and laying in her bed, Mikoto couldn't get the incestuous act between mother and son out of her mind.


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