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We now find Naruto and his freshly claimed and satisfied lover Haku in front of her house. The beauty was leaning into his body, relishing in his warmth and scent. "I had a wonderful time tonight, Naru-sama." Haku said softly, tired from the pounding she received.

"I did too, my ice princess. But, like I said, only call me that when we're alone." Naruto reminded his lover as he didn't want people to get the wrong idea if they heard her call him that.

"Hai, Naruto-sama." The beauty nodded into his chest, her pale skin tinted red. Her eyes swimming with love for the man who claimed her not so long ago. "Still can't believe we fucked for an hour." She said, remembering how the two stayed for a couple more rounds of passionate shower sex.

"Heh. Your pussy is insatiable, Haku-chan." Naruto teased his lover with a cheeky grin. "Only because you're such a beast, Naru-sama." Haku gave right back. The flickering of the light above them stopped any more banter.

Haku could only sigh. "Guess that's my que. I have a wonderful time tonight, Naru-sama." She said with a blush.

Naruto blushed right back with a warm smile. "I did too. I'll see you at school tomorrow." Giving her a quick kiss, and reluctantly letting her out of his arms, he watched her enter her house and shut the door.

Sighing a little, he put his hands in his pockets before making his way back home. Taking out his phone, he saw it was around 9. "Well, if Kaa-chan hadn't called me yet, she must already know what was happening." Naruto mused as he knew his lover would call him if he wasn't home by eight. He also knew his Kaa-chan had made a list of what girls gets him on what days, but just hasn't told who and when so it could be a surprise.

The night air was calming to the blonde as he walked the slowly dying streets, enjoying the peace and slight breeze cool down his slightly hot body. He was lucky his family was known for stamina or else he would have been dead from how much sex he's had this past month.

Walking for fifteen minutes, he finally reached his house. Taking out his key and opened the door, he called out. "I'm home!" The blonde kicked off his shoes and looked around, not seeing his lover's anywhere. "Wonder where they are?" He asked himself as he walked through the house.

"Hm." Light music reached his ears coming from the living room. Shrugging, he made his way to the room to come across a very pleasing sight that made his nose bleed a little in perverse glee.

Right in front of him was his sexy Onee-chan doing some of her yoga he knew she liked doing whenever she felt like. Naruko was wearing black wrist bands, a provocative red sports bra that showed a lot of cleavage from the bust that was straining against the bra. For bottoms, she wore an orange translucid leggings yoga pants, showing off her lower body, emphasizing her booty and toned legs. To top it off, she had her golden blonde hair tied in a high ponytail.

Naruto didn't realize he was drooling until he felt some drips on his hand. Quickly whipping it off, he just let his intense blue orbs never leave her giant badonkadonk that strained against her, barely passable, pants. Now thinking about it, Naruko had a nice ass, like most of his lovers. Satsuki, Kagura and Kurama had the top three asses but his Onee-chan blew them out of the water with how firm, supple, and soft it was whenever he took it to pound town.

His erection was already straining his pants but when he took notice to the underwear peeking from her tights well, he could hear the seams tearing a little. It was shown when she did a low squat. 'A wonderful sexy, skimpy, thong!' The blonde thanked the lord on how sexy his sister was.

Before Naruto had come home, Naruko decided that it was time to get back to her usual routine of yoga to work out the kinks of her Kaa-chan having 'fun' with her. "Damn Kaa-chan. I can now see where Naru gets his dominating side from." Kushina was a beast in the sack and it amazed her how her beloved little brother managed to tame her.

Shaking those thoughts away, as she was feeling hot, Naruko put on her workout cloths, shivering a little at how tight it was, before going to the living room with the yoga tape in hand.

Raising her hands, she took in a deep breath and did as the instructor on the tape said. First, she did a toe-touch, thrusting her perfect ass into the air, not knowing that Naruto was back home and she gave him the perfect shot of her underwear.

'Oh…fuck! She, like Kaa-chan, doesn't know what she does to me!' Naruto thought as he rubbed his hard-on through his pants. A large blush encompassed his face as he watched his sister sexily walk her way down into upward facing dog, showing the perfect arch in her back. The blonde licked his lips as he wanted to run his tongue down her back while fucking that bubble butt of hers.

Still not knowing she was being watched, Naruko continued her exercise by bringing her body back up before bringing her right leg close to her chest and balanced herself with her hands on either side of her leg with her back leg on her tippy toes. Since she had her chest so close to her leg, her large bosom spilled to the side, giving her loving brother a teasing side-boos view.

Licking his lips, he rubbed himself a little harder as he watched that fat ass shake while her breasts looked ripe for picking. Since he was so into looking at her body, he didn't see her head dip down a little.

Naruko blushed brightly when she saw her baby brother standing in the doorway of the living room with a hard-on he was rubbing. 'This is so embarrassing!' She thought to herself in shock of being watched. That shock soon passed and was replaced by arousal and pride at how hard he was just by staring at her. 'Might as well give him a reward.' Inwardly nodding to herself, the buxom blonde continued her yoga stretching. This time, doing more exaggerated poses to get him riled up.

Pulling his body back a little, so he was hiding this time, he pulled his manhood out and began to stroke it to the sight of his sexy Ko-nee. 'It's like she's begging to be fucked wearing something like that.' Naruto thought lustfully. His possessive side showing up with a growl as the thought of some random guy trying to fuck his Ko-chan made his blood boil. Shaking those thoughts away, he let his eyes wander and follow Naruko's shaking booty and skin that shone in the light.

Naruko could feel the intense stare of her brother. It made her wet. Standing normally now, she extended her left leg out ninety degrees before grabbing the leg and pulling up upwards and showed how flexible she truly was as her thigh was next to her head and balanced perfectly on her other leg. Naruko made sure her ass jiggled with each movement. The beauty could feel a light sweat coming on and smirked internally. 'He's probably losing it.'

'Fucking hell! I'm losing it1' And she would be right. Naruto, still watching his sister, was even harder as she extended her leg like that and balanced. He thought he might use that pose in a more fun way, seeing as she could keep herself like that. The blonde had to bite his knuckle to stop himself from rushing her, ripping those pants off, and fucking that bubble butt of hers until it was drenched in his seed.

'Having Naru watch me do this is even hotter than I imagined.' Naruko thought to herself with a healthy blush as she switched legs, making sure her bottom was pleasing his eyes while he stroked himself off.

Taking a quick peek, Naruko's lips felt dry enough for her tongue to escape her mouth and wet them as her eyes dulled dark in lust. His manhood was pulsing in his hand while his own eyes were unfocused. 'Fufu. He'll fuck me good tonight.' The beauty moaned to herself as some of her liquid ran down her clothed thigh at the thought of being fucked. Her face took a nice red as she turned her mind back to teasing him. Naruko knew he'd be fucking her until she was in crutched tonight and it only made her wetter, leaving a larger, almost noticeable, stain on her leggings.

Bringing her legs down, she spread them shoulder width apart before going low, pressing her butt out. She was happy to hear the small gasp escape his lips. 'Just a little more.' Naruko thought to herself before doing the one thing she knew would make Naruto blow a load.

Naruto was losing his mind the second his sister brought her ass down, as if presenting it to him. It was a present he gladly accepted with his strokes becoming harder with a little drop of pre-cum running out the tip and to the floor. What she did next made his legs shake. Naruko began to shake her butt, making those delicious covered cheeks bounce like Jell-O. clenching his eyes, he couldn't contain his moans anymore and released a soft one. A soft giggle made his eyes snap open and turn to see his loving sister looking at him with wanting blue orbs and blushing cheeks.

The soft groan that escaped her little brother's lips was the moment she knew that she should stop before he wasted his cum on the floor. When she giggled, getting his attention, she smiled softly at his lust-crazed pools. "Hello, Naru-chan." Her voice was soft and smooth as she made her way to her lover, who quickly put his cock back into his pants that did nothing to hide the bulge. "Why so late?" Even though she knew he was fucking Haku-chan as it was her time.

Before Naruto could utter an excuse, he noticed a small trail of sweat going down her lovely neck and landed between her large bosom. He licked his dry lips as he had never been so jealous of sweat before, just like when he fucked his Kaa-chan. The barely covered manhood pulsed, just begging to be released and buried between those globs of flesh. Naruto was soon knocked from his ogling by Naruko calling his name. "A-Ah sorry about that, Ko-chan. I didn't know you did yoga so late." He tried to strike up a conversation to make sure she didn't see his hard on, even though he knew she did.

Naruko just smiled. "I love doing it at night before I go to bed. It makes lets me sleep easier." Her smile turned sultry, something that made her brother twitch a little being under her piercing blue pools they shared. "And, don't be shy about your erection. I heard you moaning." She giggled when his blush increased. "You look so adorable embarrassed." The beauty teased.

"S-S-Sorry." The younger blonde muttered before growling a little when Naruko pressed her large tits into his chest and her soft hand reached up to gently caress his face. He leaned into the touch, finding it very soothing.

"Fufu. What a naughty little brother I have. Spying on his Onee-chan while having an erection." Naruko said with a warm smile and voice. "How long were you watching me?" She asked.

"For a couple minutes." Naruto muttered in a haze. The lust he was feeling for his Ko-chan was getting the better of him. "Did you stroke yourself off to me?" Her husky voice asked. "Yeah. I almost came when you squatted down." He replied, still trying to control his body.

Staying like this for a couple minutes, Naruto decided to ask. "Why do you love teasing me this much?"

Keeping the loving smile and tender caressing, Naruko replied. "It's because I love you so much." Sister and brother blushed harder at the highly romantic confession. "I…love you too." Naruto groaned out. While they said it during sex, it was the first time they said it outside of the passionate dance.

Staring deep into his lustful orbs, she whispered. "I really missed you when I was away." Slowly leaning in, closing the gap, their lips connected in a small, gentle, lip lock. No tongue was involved but it was just as passionate as if they were.

Getting some feeling in his arms, Naruto let his arms wrap around her slim waist, pulling her closer to his manhood. Just mashing their lips together wasn't that pleasing to either as time crept. "I missed you too." Naruto muttered before introducing his tongue and Naruko easily submitted to him. Moaning into one another, Naruko slowly walked her lover to the couch where he buckled at the knees, landing on his ass.

The college girl was quick to straddle his hips, gently rubbing her ass into his tool. Naruko blushed healthily at the heat, even if they were still clothed. "So hot~." She whimpered before leaning his head back and went back to kissing.

Naruto was content with Naruko taking the lead for now and resigned himself to his hands roaming her curvy body and teasing her massive jugs by rubbing just the outsides. He gently pushed them together, making them look bigger than they were. The beauty gave a moan when he did that and lewdly sucked on his tongue like she did his dick.

'Fuck! She's such a fucking tease today.' The male Uzumaki groaned to himself as the slow gyrations were driving him mad and her skilled sucking wasn't helping him from creaming his pants. Air becoming too much of a necessity, they left the lip lock, both gulping oxygen with flushed faces.

"Fufu." Giggled the gyrating Naruko. The expression on her lover's face was too cute. "You know, I haven't sucked this big dick in a couple days." Naruko purred, eyeing his covered length with unashamed lust. "Would you like that? Would you like if you Onee-chan sucks your fat dick?" She asked, her sultry voice doing wonderful things to his lower head.

"Y-Yeah." Naruto grunted out with a nod. The feeling of her sexy body and dirty voice was too stimulating for a teenager. "I would like to see my Onee-chan suck my dick." He said, sweat starting to form.

"Alright. Since you asked so nicely." With one last peck, she dragged her large clothed bosom down his body before hitting the floor. Her face inches away from his pulsing member that looked like it was about to tear his pants. "Let Onee-chan take these pesky pants off." Naruko gave a quick tug and off came his pants and underwear. "Ah~." She sighed in bliss of the tool standing proud in front of her. "Onee-chan has missed this very much." Naruko's slim fingers ran along his member, sending pleasurable shocks through his system.

Naruto growled softly as he enjoyed the light hand-job his loving big sister was giving him. It wasn't even close to making him cum, but it was slowly building him up. One hand went to jerking off the shaft while her other soft hand went to lightly play with his junk. "Yeah." Whispered the male Uzumaki, keeping his hands on the couch…for now.

"Just enjoy," Naruko cooed, bringing her lips closer to his manhood. "The licking of your Onee-chan." She brought her tongue to his twitching tower and gently licked the top while speeding up her stroking and fondling. Twisting her head to the side, she lapped up the pre-jizz that began to leak. 'Hm. Taste is slightly different. Guess that's because of Haku-chan.' She found the mixed fluids of her lover and new harem sister tasty, but not as good as the combination of Kushina and Naruto's love juice.

Brushing a strand of her golden locks behind her ear, she let her mouth hover over his engorged prick and gently suck the sensitive glands while her delicate fingers pumped the rest. Naruko hummed around the shaft, gaining louder groans from her Naru-chan. 'I love his taste.' The beauty thought with a moan as she sucked his shaft while her tongue traced around his lower head. Swirling around the head a few more times, she took her lips off his prick before opening her mouth wide.

Naruto groaned as he rested his head on the back of the couch when his Nee-chan took all of him deep into that beautiful mouth of hers. "That's good, Nee-chan." The blonde grunted as she made lewd slurping sounds for him. He watched her beautiful long blonde hair bob up and down his tool, taking every inch with each thrust. Hands clenched the couch as he could only think of holding her long hair and fuck her pretty face until she's gagging white.

Naruko knew he was restraining himself. The twitch of his hips and the growl escaping his lips showed her that much. She knew he wanted to face-fuck her and was happy he was letting her please him at her own pace. Besides, when she was done this, she'd give control over to her little brother like she always does when they screw. 'Come on. Cover my mouth in cum, Naru.' Naruko muttered in her head as her fingers slowly traced the outline of her dripping mound. She was so wet from teasing him before and all she wanted was to be stuffed by him again. Relaxing her throat more, she deep-throated him and just kept her head down for a second and gurgled while shaking her head to the side, making his hips shake.

"Fuck!" The Uzumaki male shouted as the feeling of her mouth gagging along his member was awesome. "N-Nee-chan! Your skills have gotten so much better!" Naruto complemented as he gripped couch. His hips shook and cock spasmed deep within her maw. Gritting his teeth, he held back the orgasm that threatened to explode.

Smiling around his cock, she continued to gag around it while fondling his junk, enticing him to blow his load so they could get to the main event. Knowing what really got him going, she ripped open her shirt and wrapped his pulsing member around her fun bags and began to rub them up and down while letting her saliva drip between her cleavage. "Come on, Naru. Spray your naughty Nee-chan with your dick-milk." Naruko spoke in the sexy voice she only let her beloved little brother head. She was happy when he began to buck into her cleavage, his tip entering her warm mouth with her tongue greedily licking the pre-cum.

"Suck a fucking slut." Naruto groaned happily as his blue orbs spotted that Naruko's nipples were hard. Reaching down, her let his index and thumb pinch them both. The moans she gave out around his prick made the tool tingle in her mouth. "Yeah. Moan around your brother's cock. You're gonna make me cum." He warned his Nee-chan as he began to firmly buck himself into her gagging maw.

Naruko responded by giving him steamy blue eyes while increasing her moaning and jiggling of her melons along his tower. 'Good. Cum for your Nee-chan, Naru. She wants to taste it all. She wants her breasts to be covered in your filth.' Even though she didn't say this vocally, the blonde beauty knew he got the message through her eyes.

And Naruto did get the message. Growling huskily, he kept his hands wrapped around her melons before jamming his prick straight into her cleavage and her throat. The blonde let out a delighted growl at how sexy his Nee-chan was when she had his cock in her throat.

Smiling at the pleased expression of her little brother, she moved her body sexily up and down his shaft and between her cleavage. The expression he was making while giving him a titty-fuck got her hot. God! She just loved pleasing her brother.

"Shit! Your tits and throat feel so amazing, Nee-chan!" Naruto groaned, feeling himself getting closer and closer to his climax. All his girls knew just what to do when they want him to cum hard.

"Your cock is amazing too, Naru." Naruko's muffled voice reached his ears as she continued to slobber over his leaking head. She moaned happily at the sweet taste of his baby milk. "About to cum, my love?" The sexy blonde teased, picking up her titty-fuck speed slightly.

"Fuck! Yes, Nee-chan! I'm about…to blow!" Naruto's breath was becoming heavier as he closed his eyes. His hands kept pinching and twisting the hard nipples, giving the sexy Naruko her own type of pleasure.

"Give it to me, Naru. I wanna swallow every last drop you've saved for me. Spray me." That was the last straw for the horny Uzumaki. Growling like an animal, he bucked his hips fully into her tight throat and fired a large amount of his jizz straight into the waiting Naruko's maw. She happily swallowed every drop like the good slut she's become.

When he was finished painting her mouth white, she let out a content sigh as she backed her head off his twitching shaft. The beauty moaned like a whore when another blast shot her in the face, spilling to her tits. Lazily opening his blue orbs, Naruto smirked when he saw Naruko wiped off the streak of cum that stained her face and milky melons.

"Nee-chan…" Naruto breathed huskily. His voice showed the intense lust he was feeling for Naruko.

Giggling, she finished tasting his seed and stood up. "Look how wet I am." She pleaded while pulling her pants down to show how much of her pussy juices dripped down her thick thighs. Naruko smiled at how hard his member still was after coating her mouth with a large load. Licking his dry lips, he went to devour the tasty pussy but was angry when she pulled back.

"Nee-chan…" He growled angrily at being denied his treat. Naruko responded with a sultry giggle. "No, no, Naru. I'm too wet for a licking. My pussy needs to get fucked." She told her lover as she rested her lovely body overtop his. Her lower lips inches away from his tool. The leaking fluids dripped down his shaft, making him shiver in anticipation of having that tight cavern swallowing him.

"Go…go ahead, Nee-chan. I want you so bad." The blonde's voice was dripping in feral lust as he stared at the sexy beauty over him, erotically shaking her hips and melons for his viewing pleasure. She had a sexy smile on her face, with her tongue slutily sticking out of her supple lips. "Ah!" Naruto groaned heavily when she began to fall on his tower.

"Fuck~!" Naruko sang as her hands went to fondle her bosom while rocking her luscious form along his stationed member. "Naru's cock is amazing! It's tearing me up!" The beauty screamed as she erotically bounced her caverns up and down his shaft.

Naruto's breath was coming out in hot huffs as he watched Naruko's sweet bosom being played with while her dripping vaginal walls jerked him off. The blonde helped Naruko bounce off his shaft by grabbing her wide hips and grinding them side to side as she took it back inside.

She threw her head back a little with a happy smile gracing her lips as his member hit her sensitive walls. "A-Amazing! Keep going, Naru! Mess me up real good!" Naruko begged her brother as she placed her hand on his knees to assist in her bouncing. She made sure to press her chest out as far as possible for his viewing pleasure. "I can feel it so…deep inside me!" The beauty squealed like a whore in heat as his flesh bashed into hers in a tempo of sweaty passion.

"Will, ugh, do." Naruto replied between heavy grunts. He loved fucking his Nee-chan almost as much as he liked fucking Kaa-chan and Mikoto-chan, who were the best. While they had that position, it didn't mean he didn't love the other ladies in his life. Each woman he'd bedded has their own special place in his big heart. He kept a firm grip on those strong thighs of hers and assist her in spearing herself. The blonde slowly bucked up, messing up the rhythm she set.

Naruko's eyes crossed while saliva dripped down her chin that refused to shut. His cock knew just the spots inside her that got her shaking like a whore. The beauty was very sensitive because, all day, she had been played with by Mei-Obachan. She could keep up with her for a good while, but the older woman had greater stamina than herself. Throwing her head back, she screamed. "Cumming~!" Out of her stuffed snatch came a torrent of her female juices.

Blue eyes widened. He knew he made his lovers come quick, but he didn't expect that from someone of his family; who had legendary stamina. Naruto's eyes darkened a little and he smiled lewdly as he remembered something important. "Mei-chan must have been having some fun with her.' It was the only explanation he had for such a quick orgasm. The blonde bit the insides of his lips, holding back his own climax.

When the beautiful college girl was finished, her breathing came out in heavy pants. "N-Naru." She whispered, her head limp. "I can't…go on." While she hated to admit it, Naruko was spent.

"Too fucking bad. I'm still hard and you gotta take responsibility for that, Nee-chan." Naruko seemed to forget how long Naruto could go in the sack, even if he dumped a few massive loads in another woman. Before she knew what happened, she was turned around, her face now planted in the couch, with her lover/brother still inside her, standing up. "I want to watch this fat ass of yours shake while I plough you." Naruto didn't let her speak as he pulled himself out before jamming himself right back in, causing her large bazunga's to crash into the sofa.

Nails dug into the couch as Naruko screamed at the brutal pace Naruto started with. Her blue orbs fogged in lust as she was getting fucked hard. 'Too…big! So…wonderful!' Naruko mumbled to herself as she let Naruto do whatever he wanted to with her body. She let out whimpers and moans as Naru began to slap her red bottom.

Licking his lips at the sweet ass flesh rippling with each swat, Naruto let one hand go below her and tweak with her sensitive bean. Groaning hard, the blonde controlled himself form climaxing as her walls tightened at the new stimulation. 'Mine! This entire body is mine!' He thought to himself with great possessiveness. The blonde wouldn't let any other man touch or even look at his Nee-chan with lustful eyes. That right belonged to him and him alone! "Tight, shit, fucking cunt!" Naruto growled huskily as he continued to pound Naruko like a pig.

"Yes~!" Barely able to speak, Naruko whispered as loud as she could. It came out so soft Naruto strained his ears to hear it. "Keep fucking your naughty Nee-chan's pussy!" She begged her lover, bucking her large hips against his rampaging hips. The beauty squealed happily when he pinched her clit and plunged a finger in her asshole.

Unable to speak, Naruto let his actions speak for him. Now finger fucking her asshole while pinching her clit, he leaned on her back and began to greedily suck on her neck. The sweat dripping down her neck from her sweaty locks made her neck sweeter. Naruto loved how he had the power he had over Naruko. Juices and sweat mixed together in the incestuous action. Growing tired of just fingering her asshole, he pulled the fingers out before grabbing that long blonde hair and pulling her up with him.

Naruko went along with his manhandling and bucked her womanly hips against his cock while moaning like a wanton slut. While she missed the anal fingering, the pain of his manly hands pulling her hair made up for it. Sensually gyrating her hips, she was rewarded with a manly growl and harsh tweak of her clit. "AHHH!" Her orgasm was instantaneous Naruko squirted all over his fingers.

A wide grin graced his lips as he watched and felt his fingers get drenched in the taste cunt juices of his Nee-chan while she tightened around his cock like a whore. The expression she wore caused him to break and let loose his own stored up fluids. Bucking one last time, he shot rope after rope of jizz deep within Naruko. The beauties orgasm was intensified the second she was creampied.

Her beautiful blue orbs rolled to the back of her skull as she bit down hard on her lips, trying to reduce the loud moaning. She knew either Mei-Obaasan or Kaa-chan would come down and join them in the fun. While it sounded wonderful, Naruko was not in the right mind to take a foursome with the wild ladies and her beloved Naru. "I love…you." Whispered the beauty before falling asleep; the pleasure too much for her to keep conscious.

Smiling softly into Naruko's hair, he kissed her forehead. "Love you too." Naruto whispered softly with strong love in his voice. Pulling himself out of her caverns, he carried her bridal-style to his room for some well-deserved rest.

~Next Day~

Covering his mouth with his hand, Naruto let out a loud yawn as he walked out his door alone. Usually he'd walk with Satsuki, Mikoto or Kushina, but all three had to get to school earlier. Not that he minded some alone time. "Naruto!" He was knocked from his thoughts by a female voice calling him.

Turning left, Naruto's face lit up with a smile and blush. "Tsukino-Nee!" In front of him was another beautiful mature woman with long black hair, which stood out against her slightly pale skin, that flowed down her curvy body. She, like all the ladies he knows, had an amazing juicy ass and a large bust; H-cup. Her long legs were covered by a black skirt and leggings that hugged her strong legs. For a top, she wore a purple blouse that showed off a generous amount of cleavage. Before he could speak, she ran up to him and brought him into a big hug, pressing his face into her large bosom.

"It's good to see you, Naruto. Did you miss me?" Tsukino teased the young man with a sly smirk and light blush. She knew the blonde had a massive fetish for breasts and teased him whenever she could. Same could be said for her sister.

"Y-Yeah, Tsukino-Nee." Naruto's muffled voice reached her ears. The blonde had to control himself from pushing the woman down, tearing her shirt off, and fucking her on the street. Tsukino and her sisters have been his neighbors for some time. The youngest of the three was Naruko's age while Tsukino and Asuka were the workers. There parents died some time ago and whenever Naruto was home alone, they used to babysit him. Managing to break the hold, he gave the beauty a smile. "When did you get back?" Naruto asked.

"Just a few hours ago. I was just getting the mail when I saw my favorite blonde." Tsukino said with a large grin. "Though, I'm surprised Asuka and Yuki aren't home yet." She mused to herself, crossing her arms underneath her chest, pushing them up for his viewing pleasure.

"Yeah. Nee-chan said that Yuki-Nee wasn't coming for another month and I think Asuka-Nee might come back in a few days from her trip." Naruto responded as Naruko and Yuki went to the same school and the beauty told his Nee-chan that she had some stuff to do. Along with remembering the second oldest sister taking a vacation.

"Ah. Okay then." Tsukino nodded her head before coming up with a great idea. "Well, how about we celebrate me coming back tonight? Come over tonight." She said. Naruto knew women well enough that she wasn't asking.

Sighing a little, he gave her a smile. "Sounds good to me, Tsuki-Nee. I'll see you tonight." Naruto agreed. "Wonderful! It's a date." Giving him a kiss on the cheek, she made her way to her house, making sure to add an extra sway to her wide hips.

Naruto had to swallow the lump of lust in his throat as he watched Tsukino walk away. All he wanted to do was push her inside her house and mount that beautiful ass. "Naruto!" That wasn't meant to be as he was knock from his lustful thoughts when he heard a familiar voice. Turning, he saw Sasuke walking up to him. "Hey Sasuke." The blonde greeted his friend. Naruto had been lucky as Sasuke spent the nights over at other friends houses when he fucked his mother and sisters.

The two made idle chit-chat till school until they heard a commotion. Naruto stopped talking to Sasuke the second he saw a beautiful woman that could be mistaken as a goddess. Drool escaped every boy's lips the second they spotted her. She was around Naruto and Sasuke's age with long white hair with a piece tied in a top ponytail. She had kind, mischievous blue eyes and a kind smile as she waved at some of the people who greeted her. Her large G-cup chest, that jiggled with each step she took, was strained against her uniform along with her ridiculously large ass and thick thighs. Hell, even that awesome ass bounced like her tits. The booty was so large it even lifted her skirt a little, teasing the drooling teen boys. This was Mirajane 'Mira' Strauss.

"Damn. Mira is fine as shit." Naruto heard Sasuke whisper and he whole heartedly agreed with that. Like many other women in the school, she was a target he'd love to add to his harem.

As she walked, Mira smiled a little at the attention she was getting. The beauty loved teasing these boys with her body. But, the only person she'd give her body to, was a certain blonde. Blue eyes caught sight of him and smiled. "Naruto-kun!" Waving to him, she walked quickly to him, making that lovely flesh shake erotically, and brought him into a nice hug. She made sure to press her bust into his chest.

The blonde barely heard Sasuke say see you later as the feeling of Mira's melons against his chest was too amazing for him. Naruto didn't even care about the jealous glares he was getting. As he was hugging Mira back, he began to think about how they first met.

It was rather simple. She was a childhood friend with Erza and him. Naruto found it funny how Erza and Mira had a friendly rivalry over his affection. Even though it was simple, Mira wasn't. She's a proteaginous, and gifted girl who excelled in everything she did. Mira is the daughter of the Strauss family, one of the most profitable family in the world. The beauty was also talented in business study for the day she took over the company, something he admired.

Another thing that he loved about the girl was her being the top model in a rather sexy magazine, skilled dancer, singer, cook, martial artist, loves working out and jogging, something she and Naruto did together. The blonde loved working out with her. He lustfully stared at his childhood friend like her redhead rival. Hell, she was also the vice president of the leadership committee. All in all, she was the full package.

One good/bad thing about her was her being a massive tease. She was one of the few ladies that could get him flustered with her words alone. He loved that about her.

Mira was also thinking about the love of her life. The second she saw him, it was like love at first sight. She was a little jealous that Erza knew him before her and fought over his affection constantly but were still friends through it all. As time passed, she found herself falling deeper in love with him. And, when the fact of him having a harem aroused her to no end. It wasn't widely known, but she was bisexual and looked forward to fucking Naruto with another woman. As she hugged him, she licked her lips sultry. Whenever she felt his body, she felt her core heat up like an inferno.

She had spent many nights masturbating to the thought of being fucked by Naruto. And when she was told about how big he was and how wild in the sack, she had been going crazy waiting for her day. She had pleaded with Kushina to give her today, after the other ladies who had him today. The redhead agreed, telling her to go wild with her lover. Well, after Aoi and Miku had their turns.

Releasing the hug, she gave him a kind smile. "How are you doing today, Naruto-kun?" Her voice was as sweet and smooth as honey.

"I-I'm doing good, Mira-chan. How about you?" Naruto asked with a small blush as he gave a subtle glance at those massive titties. Mira saw it and just smirked inwardly.

"I'm doing just fine, Naruto-kun. Hey, after school, do you want to come to my house and work out? It's been a couple weeks since we worked out together." Mira asked with sweet eyes she knew he couldn't say no to.

Naruto sheepishly chuckled while rubbing the back of his head. "Sorry, Mira-chan, but I can't. I got private lessons with Aoi-sensei and Miku. Also, Tsukino-Nee is back in town and asked to hang out with me. But, I promise we can hang out tomorrow!" He added when he saw that angry pout of hers.

Huffing a little, Mira looked to the side and nodded. "Fine. Tomorrow it is." The beauty mentally cursed the mature woman for taking Naruto-kun's attention. She didn't know if Kushina knew she was coming back today, but she could wait one more day to be with the love of her life.

"Onii-chan!" A wonderful feeling greeted his back while a familiar body weight leaned on his body. Smiling a little, he glanced over to see the beauty. "Hello to you, Mio-chan." He greeted while checking her out.

Mio was two years younger than him but had the body many mature women craved to have. She had nice long crimson hair that was tied in twin-tails and a large G-cup that strained against her uniform. The beauty had nice curves that lead to a nice ass and wonderful legs that went a mile long. Naruto had met Mio when they were younger, and she was being bullied by some guy. So, being the nice guy, drove them off. Ever since then, she's called him 'Onii-chan'. Seeing as he protected her like any older brother would. The blonde found it rather arousing when she called him that now that they were older. He assumed it was because he loved his Kaa-chan, Nee-chan and Oba-san.

Off his back, she gave her Onii-chan a big smile. "Hi Onii-chan, Mira-chan. You know it's rude to ignore you little sister, Onii-chan." Mio chastised her brother figure with a pout and playful poke to his chest.

Chuckling, he patted her head. "Sorry, sorry, Mio-chan. What's going on?" Naruto asked after ending the head petting, much to Mio's displeasure. "Nothing much, Onii-chan. Swim club is going good." Mio told her older brother figure/crush. The crimson-haired beauty was the ace of the swim club, as coach Harribel often said.

"That's good to hear. Can't wait to see your next competition." Naruto said with a smile. He loved watching his little sister figure doing what she loved. It also wasn't bad that she looked very sexy in her uniform along with the coach being a total babe. "Well, it's this weekend." Mio reminded her crush.


Class was boring as usual, for Naruto. While he was happy he had Mikoto-chan as a teacher, the lessons were dull, and he was close to falling asleep. That sleepiness was knocked when he felt a poke at his side. Turning, he gave a mock glare at the culprit. "Knock it off, Mira-chan." He told his beautiful seat neighbor.

Giggling softly, she gave him a sly wink. "I wouldn't have to if you weren't about to pass out." Mira pointed out before turning back to the board. Subtly glancing at her love, she saw he was glancing at her too. Getting a devious idea, to get him back for not agreeing to met with her at her house and eventually rock her world, the white-haired beauty 'accidentally' dropped her pencil.

Naruto gulped silently as he watched Mira bend over to get her pencil. Her large rear end bounced with her movements and he was sure her tits did too. 'God damn! She's got the nicest ass!' The blonde mused to himself as Mira's booty was top shelf. A large blush formed on his face at what he was seeing. She was leaning so far that he got a glimpse of her underwear. It was a slutty black lacy thong that was stuck between those jiggling lower cheeks.

Mira could feel her loves eyes on her and it turned her on something fierce. The large blush and victorious gleam in those beautiful eyes showed it. It took all her power to not just say 'fuck it' and mount him in front of everyone. Wanting to tease him a little more, she shook her ass slightly. Mikoto spotted what Mira was doing and mentally giggled. Kushina had already told Mikoto about Tsukino coming, who knew about the harem and was for it, but didn't tell Mira. They both knew the whitette would make Naruto hard as steel to compensate not getting it.

After minutes of sensual shaking of her ass to him, Mira finally got her pencil and leaned on her desk. Her bosom pressed into the desk, squashing them against the wood. Naruto licked his lips as he watched Mira put the wood against her lips. He'd give anything to have his wood against those lips. And those breasts… 'These ladies are killing me!' Naruto roared in his head as he had to cross his legs so no one saw his ragging boner.

Knowing she got his full attention, Mira upped the anti by sensually rubbing her thigh, passing it off as scratching. The beauty was growing hotter as those intense blue orbs were locked onto her fingers getting closer to her untapped core.

Sweat dripped down his skull as he swallowed the lust down. He thanked the Gods that the bell soon rang. The blonde was happy that he had a free period as, right now, he didn't think he could stay in a class with his problem. Taking a big gulp of breath, he calmed himself before he went insane and fucked the first female he spotted. 'Damn you Mira-chan!' The blonde cursed the whitette for being so sexy and flaunting what she had.

Erection now under control, the blonde walked to his next class with a small smile. the reason for the smile was because of the secret classes after school he had been taking after he had claimed Kushina as his own. 'Hope Kaa-chan will like it.' Naruto hoped.


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