Chapter 8 – Difficult

Butch's POV

I decided to get up and looked at my phone, it was 7:34am. Thank god it was the weekend, eh? Trying not to wake up Buttercup, I got up from the bed. I heard her groan, probably because of the sudden rise in the mattress. I go over to her side to look at her. I smile softly as she breathed quietly, memories of us from the past began to fly by. How did we end up here, so close yet so far? Back then, she was a big-headed, aggressive, cocky girl who I could punch over and over again with no hesitation. But now…I just want to have her in my arms and hold her as she falls into a deep slumber. Her short hair was now long and silky, with little to no flaw. The professor did make them perfect, and did a good job of it.

"Butch?" I hear her angelic voice speak to me. "Why are you staring at me?"

"Making sure you didn't drool all over my pillow." I shrugged.

"Whatever, dickhead." She then got up. "What's there for breakfast?"

"Ummm…I don't know…" I shrugged. Normally Brick would be in the kitchen cooking up bacon or something. Speaking of which, he should be up by now. Curious, I walked to his room to find him and Bubbles still sleeping quietly. What struck me as strange though, was how Brick had his arms around Bubbles and their faces were dangerously close. I'm not taking Blossom's side by all means, but if I didn't know that they were close friends, I would get ideas about them.

"Butch, where the hell is your bitch ass?" I heard Buttercup yell from the living room.

"Yes, Buttercup?" I asked as soon as I made my way down.

"What the hell had you gone for 10 minutes!?"

"Your sister and my brother are still asleep. Looks like it's up to us to make breakfast."

"I'm a guest in this house so as far as I'm concerned, I don't have to do shit! Besides, Bubbles should be awake by now."

"So should Brick but look what's happening."

"Alright, so what do we make for breakfast then?"

"We have fuck all in the fridge, so we'll have to go to the store."

"Yeah, about that…I'm not going to the store. Especially when it's this early in the morning."

"You expect me to go to the store on my own?"

"Please, I'll do a small favour for you if you do."

"Okay, I'll go to the store if you give me a kiss." I grinned. Buttercup just stared as her eyes began to widen and her eyebrows as well. Why did my head have to speak without me being able to filter? The silence between us was so thick, it was almost suffocating. It didn't last long after that, as Buttercup had slapped me, echoing a loud noise across the room. I held my cheek, as it felt like thousands of electric bolts flew through my skin.

"How the hell do you think I am? Princess? Sorry, think of something else."

"I can't think of anything else."

"Of course, you can't. You always take advantage of girls any chance you can get…" Damn, getting this girl is probably going to be harder than I thought. Then again, this is Buttercup, the tough one in the Powerpuff Girls. She wasn't going to fall for any guy. Not saying Bubbles or Blossom do the same thing, but Buttercup is the harder nut to crack out of the three.

"I was kidding…" I smirked, stepping closer to her. "Or was I?"

"Don't try to mind fuck me, Butch."

"Buttercup, have you ever even kissed someone?"

"Well…" Her face began to grow crimson red, not in anger but in embarrassment. Strange… "No, I-I haven't."

"Really?" To be honest, I thought out of the three of them, Buttercup would've been the first one to have her first kiss by now. She looks so cute…why am I thinking this? She looked up and nodded slightly. Now knowing she was serious, I sighed and shrugged. "Well, sorry. If there was anything else, I would mention it." With that, she inhaled and sighed heavily through her nose.

"Okay, I'll go with you to the store." Damnit… "But I'm not going in there with no idea what to get."

"Alright, what do you know what you want for breakfast?"

"No, did you have anything in mind?"

"We could just make pancakes?" I questioned. Slightly smiling, she nodded her head at my suggestion. Now, what is needed to make pancakes? "Buttercup, you wouldn't know how to make pancakes, would you?"

"I know a basic recipe Bubbles taught me, the Professor was off to a business trip and Bubbles showed me how to cook several things." What do you know? I always thought Blossom would be the main teacher in the group but it seems they learn from each other a lot of the time.

"Right then, just tell me what we mean and I'll check if we have it in the cupboard or if we need to do it down on our list."

Buttercup's POV

I will not lie, seeing Butch bend over backwards to look for ingredients is making me laugh. Maybe I was laughing a bit too much as he turned to me, a dull, borderline pissed look was given to me. Not that it did much to intimidate me, a matter of fact, it made me laugh even more.

"You know, we're not going to get much done if you keep laughing your ass off over there."

"I can't help it, you look so lost." Butch moving around like an idiot is now one of my favourite things to see. And I have seen some pretty funny things in my day. Rolling his eyes at me, he continued. At this point, I decided to be a decent person and help him out, much to his surprise.

"Okay, we've pretty much got the basic ingredients, right?"

I slightly nodded at him. "We just need to get toppings for it, like fruit or syrup?"

"Should we head off then?"

"If we don't, we can't have breakfast, you twit." He growled at my sarcasm, which didn't bother me. These days people say all kinds of crap no matter who you are and the only way it affects you is if you let it…probably why Bubbles learned how to stand up for herself around Princess and even talk back. Anyway, back to the present, Butch and I headed off to the store to get what we needed.

In the convenience store…

It was times like this where I wish I planned a step ahead. Since I didn't have anything else to wear because Bubbles and I slept over under a short notice, Butch had to let me one of his hoodies to wear to the store. It wasn't such a bad thing, if Butch wasn't eye candy to majority of the women here.

"Buttercup, we need to go to- hey, are you okay?" Unbeknown to me, I was caught staring at a woman who was glaring daggers at me. "Yo, chill, alright? You're the first girl I hanged around with who isn't a date or my girlfriend. She's just getting the wrong impression, okay?"

"Try explaining that when I'm wearing a hoodie that belongs to you."

He just shrugged, chuckling. "Can't help it that I have such a dedicated fan club."

I sigh, rolling his eyes. I get that he's attractive, but he can't be that attractive for girls to go primal on each other. Or at least go primal on any girl who is within a five-mile radius of him. I mean Brick and Boomer also have a "dedicated fan club" of their own, but their members don't go out of their way to hurt other girls. The other day, a transfer student asked Butch for directions to the art room. Not even an hour later, I see that same girl is crying her eyes out after some of Butch's fans cornered and threatened her, shaking and breathing heavy. I took her to the infirmary, and because I had a free period between classes, I stayed with her and calmed her down.

"So, remind me. What do we need to get from here?" I gasped as Butch spoke, pulling me out of my thoughts. "Woah, no need to be so jumpy."

"Sorry, I was just thinking…"

"About what?"

"Do you remember Naomi?" I asked as him and I walked down the tills.

"Naomi? The transfer student?"

"Yeah, the one who's first day was hell because of your fan club?"

"You make me seem as if my fan club are a gang or something." He smirked.

"They might as well be since they enjoy scaring others near death."

"Oh, shut up, they do it because they love me."

"She asked you for directions. There was no sign of attraction or interest towards you and yet those girls nearly broke her. You need to keep your fan club under control otherwise a blood bath is bound to happen."

"It's not my problem that I'm so wanted."

"Do they not realise that there's only one of you and almost a hundred of them? If they all want you, they'll either tear each other apart so one of them can have you or they'll tear you apart so they share you." I saw him squirm at the thought.

"Now that you mention it, I don't think I would want to date any of those psycho bitches!"

"Then why don't you tell them that?" I smiled.

"If they are as crazy as you said they are, they will probably go full psycho and kill me."

I nodded. Soon enough, we got everything we needed for breakfast. When we got to the checkout, the cashier shot me a glare then smiled brightly at Butch. I rolled his eyes, looking away. Speak of the devil, this is one of Butch's fan club members. If I had to put her on a scale of crazy, she's a 6, closing in on 7.

"Hi, Butch." She grinned.

"Hey, Ellie. What are you doing at this store so early?" Butch asked.

"I volunteered to take a colleague's shift. You know, take some of the weight off his shoulders."

"So what's your friend?" She motioned her eyes to me.

"Ellie, we're in the same history class." I calmly stated. Believe me, she was getting on my nerves but I didn't want to show it.

"Oh, Buttercup, isn't it? So are you and Butch a thing now or…?"

"No, we're not." I plainly stated. I could see that glimmer of doubt fading from her eyes and being replaced with hope.

"I see…So Butch, is there any chance you and I can go on another date?" Ellie asked.

"Hm, I don't know. What do you think, Buttercup?" He grinned as he turned to me. Needless to say, Ellie didn't look too pleased with that.

"Why are you asking me!? Just say yes or no, you idiot."

"I'm going to have to check my schedule, Ellie. When were you thinking?"

"Maybe next Saturday, but only if you are free. I'm happy to do another day."

"I might be free then, did you have anything that you wanted to do in mind?"

A subtle blush rose to her cheeks. "Maybe you and I could watch a movie at the cinema? Or go to the amusement park?"

"I'm sure I can get something arranged for the two of us." He smirked. "I'll call you sometime, 'kay?"

"Sure, Butch." She smiled before turning to me, her smile quickly fading. Typical.

"Can I pay for the food now?" I subtly asked. She just nodded, apparently I'm not worth her words. Before I gave her the money, Butch puts his hand on my purse and puts it down.

"I've got this." He gave Ellie the money and grabs the bags of food. Butch starts to move while she gives me the receipt. Before I could go further, seeing that Butch was already outside, I felt an arm pull me back.

"Okay, be honest with me. Are you and Butch dating?" She exclaimed, not caring about the surrounding customers around us.

"No, I thought I made that clear." I pull my arm back away from her. "If you want him, go get him."

"Okay, I'm sorry. Would you mind putting me a good word of me?" I deeply sighed.

"Bye, Ellie." I already started walking away before she had a chance to respond. I notice Butch in his phone, obviously waiting for me. "Hello. Earth to Butch." He looks up from his phone.

"Hey, don't tell me Ellie gave you a hard time too."

"Thankfully, no. A matter of fact, she apologised for pulling me back."

"Pulling you back?"

"Yeah, after you left, she pulled me back to see if I would put in a good word for her?"

He chuckled. "So, are you?"

"I barely know the girl, Butch. And after that encounter, what word am I going to put in for her that's good?"

He nodded, grinning. "I can't argue with that."

Bubbles' POV

I slowly opened my eyes, yawning. I looked around, puzzled. This wasn't my room. I looked beside me and saw Brick, soundly sleeping. Oh yeah, Buttercup and I slept over after essentially locked out of our house. Speaking of which, I should probably go check on her. I slowly slid out of the bed, making sure I didn't wake Brick up. Once I reached Butch's room, I lightly knock on the door. Weird, I hear no response. As I gently open the door, I notice neither Butch nor Buttercup are anywhere in the room. This would explain the abnormal silence, if they were here, Brick and I probably would have woken up from those two yelling at each other. Walking down the stairs and reaching the kitchen, I couldn't help to wonder where Butch and Buttercup were. They're not in their room or in the kitchen.

"Good morning, Bubbles." I jump, turning around to see Brick.

"Morning. Sorry, I thought you were still asleep."

"No, I woke up just after you got up. Say, did Butch and Buttercup leave or something cause they're not in his room?"

"I'll call Buttercup."

Buttercup's POV

As Butch and I are walking back to his house, I feel my phone vibrate as it blasts out my ringtone at full volume. Butch began to laugh, I swear I'm putting my phone on silent next time. As I pull my phone out of my pocket, I see who's calling me. Bubbles? At least she's finally woken up.

"Hey, Bubbles. What's up?"

"Oh, thank God. I woke up and I couldn't find you or Butch anywhere in the house so it's nice to know you're safe. By the way, where are you?"

"I went to the shop with Butch, to get food for breakfast." I put the phone on speaker. "Say hi, Butch."

"Hey, Bubbles." Butch replied.

"Hi, Butch." She cheerfully replied. "So what did you guys have in mind for breakfast?"

"We thought of making pancakes if that's alright with you?"

"Sure, I'm okay with pancakes. How about you, Brick?"

"Yeah, I'm alright with that."

"So did anything happen between you two last night?" Butch asked. I turn to him, looking irritated. I can't see it but growing up with Bubbles, I can already tell she is probably blushing right now.

"What do you mean, Butch?" Brick asked, sounding more irritated than I was.

"You two slept in longer than Buttercup and I, not to mention you guys were pretty close when we checked on you so…"

"We didn't get up to anything, Butch." He proclaimed.

"I won't get mad if you did, Brick." He smirked. "We both knew it was bound to happen."

"Butch, I think with my brain and not my dick unlike you. Now, Bubbles and I are just friends. Whether it becomes more than that is up to the two of us. But Bubbles and I are happy where we are and just because I like to hang out with her does not mean we are a couple in any way, shape or form. Understand?" I look at Butch, who is visibly shocked. Not gonna lie, I love times like this where Butch gets put in his place by Brick. Sometimes, Butch would always presume something to be sexual when it didn't call for it. And when people like Brick tell him off for it, I can't help but smile.

"Fine, whatever. Actually, can you do me a favour?"

"What is it, Butch?"

"Can you guys start making coffee in the coffee machine? Buttercup and I left pretty early for the shop so I need something to wake me up."

"I'll get right to it."

"Okay, we're a couple minutes away so I guess see you soon?"

"See you soon." Brick hung up.

"That was a bit rude, wasn't it?" Butch pouted.

"You asked him if he slept with Bubbles, Butch. Did you really think he would say anything like that over the phone?"

"I mean, it would've been nice to-"

"Butch, not everyone is as perverted as you are."

"I mean wouldn't you want to know if your sister was-"

"No!" I exclaimed. "I would not! Why are we even having this conversation!?"

"I don't know, if she was practicing safe sex?"

"Butch, Bubbles could be on the floor, legs up higher than the sky, getting fucked by Brick and I wouldn't give a rat's ass. Why? Because I trust my sister enough that if she embarked in that kind of lifestyle, she would be sensible about it."

"Imagine if Blossom heard you say those words." Butch laughed.

"If she heard me say that, she'd kill me." I began to laugh as well. I still remember the day when Blossom found out that Bubbles and Brick were friends. My God, mad doesn't even begin to describe how she felt. But that's a story for a later date.

Bubbles' POV

Brick handed me back my phone as I was blushing like crazy. How could Butch be so lewd? I mean Buttercup can be lewd sometimes but never to that extent. I turned to Brick, who does not look as flustered than I was. How he can remain composed after what Butch said is beyond me.

"So…did you want to get started on making the coffee?" I asked, to which he nodded. I hope what Butch said didn't get to him. This isn't even the first time him and I have to deal with this. My friends are fixed on the idea that Brick and I are dating, much to Blossom's dislike. I always say that we are just friends but like Butch they deflect the idea, saying that the way we act towards each other is far beyond the point of friendship.


"Yeah, Brick?"

"Did what Butch said about you and I bother you?" He asked as he put the coffee beans in the machine.

"Not really, I mean we deal with it 24/7 so…" I shrugged.

"Doesn't it get annoying though?" He did have a point. Apart from my sisters, Butch, Boomer and a few others, everyone else at school just assumes that Brick and I are a couple.

"It did cause your fan club to stop chasing you." He laughed. Brick's fan club isn't the most aggressive, but they still despised any girl near him, including me.

"They stop chasing me because I told them to get off your back." Before I could respond, I hear the front door open. Quickly dashing to the hallway, I see Butch and Buttercup coming in, carrying grocery bags. As soon as Buttercup puts them down, I run to give her a big hug.

"Woah, Bubbles. I was only gone for an hour or so." Buttercup laughed as she hugged me back.

"I was worried, okay?" I looked up to see Buttercup smiling. Although Buttercup tends to smile more nowadays, it was still a rare thing to see. Only difference is when we were young, she only smiled at chaotic things while now, she tends to smile more with her family. "Should we start making breakfast then?" After everyone nodded, we got to work.

I sipped on my coffee, after eating breakfast. I never knew Brick could make pancakes taste like a slice of heaven. Even though I have made pancakes several times before, I never managed to make them so fluffy and light before. Guess I have to learn a few things from Brick about cooking. While I have mine with strawberries, Brick had his with blueberries and both Butch and Buttercup had theirs with chocolate syrup. Not the healthiest choice but we can only live for so long anyway.

"Thanks for the breakfast, guys." I said, smiling.

"No problem, Bubbles. It's the least Brick and I could do for you fine ladies." Butch grinned. Buttercup rolled her eyes at Butch's remark. To be honest, I'm more impressed at his ability to flirt even at the most unconventional times than annoyed. "Have you two got anything planned for the day?"

"Not that I know of." I stated.

"Not even another date with Brick?" He snickered.

I sighed, slamming my head on the table. There we go again.

"Really, Butch? Are we going to go through this again?" Brick groaned.

"What? Everyone at school pretty much thinks you two are a thing."

"Well, we're not. And I don't know how many times we have to say we're not for everyone to get the idea!" Brick exclaimed.

"I think people get the idea because every time a guy flirts with Bubbles, you come up to him, threaten him and he runs away."

"That's because I don't want these guys to take advantage of Bubbles. She deserves better than some creep who only wants to get in her pants."

"Yeah, I would believe you except you do it to guys who genuinely have a crush on Bubbles."

"Name one time where that happened, Butch!"

"A few weeks ago, a guy from the basketball team came up to Bubbles, holding a bouquet of roses and asked her out on a date. Before she had a chance to say anything, you came up and demanded to know what his intentions were. He was stuttering, trying to say something but you brushed him off telling him to back off. Turned out the guy had a crush on Bubbles for a while and he managed to get the courage to ask her out. Only for you to make him lose it."

"Brick! Why would you do that to him!?" I asked.

"Do you not remember the times where him and my friends made provocative comments about you as you walked past them?" Brick argued. Come to think of it, I did catch one of the comments he said about my ass. "Again, I only want a guy who's best for you. If I didn't hear him before, I would've let him go on a date with you but I knew."

"Wow, well thanks I guess." I muttered. "If it wasn't for you, I would've gone on a date with a jerk."

"That explains why you never apologised to him about blowing up in his face." Butch laughed.

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