Chapter One

A Night in the Snow

Severus Snape was what most would call unappealing in more sense than one. His hair seemed to always be greasy, his nose was curved and long, and his skin was a pale cream. He was a quiet Slytherin, a dark soul that always planned to follow in the Dark Lords path. His nose seemed to always be buried in a book, completing his work long before it was due.

Those were things that James Potter began to admire about him. Not exactly the Dark Arts part, but the rest of his quirks he had began to accept. He liked to sit and watch the dark haired boy while he ate during breaks from conversation with his best friends. He liked to contemplate on why he suddenly had such an interest in him.

It happened sometime at the beginning of the year. Everyone was terribly worried and stressed about their O.W.L.s , but somehow Sirius and himself seemed to have ignored the urgency of his teachers. He felt confident in himself to at least receive and A in almost all the subjects. Sirius was happy to not even care about what scores he recieved. Why should he care when he was the ladies man of Hogwarts?

He still felt the normal loathing and annoyance to Severus, but one night when he was wandering around the corridors in the middle of the night with his invisibility cloak safely around him, he heard a moan from a dark and deserted hallway. He knew it was a normal sound to hear sometimes late at night in the school, but something made him pause and actually look into the darkness for the sound.

Lucius Malfoy and Severus Snape is what he saw in the dark. Lucius' back was against the wall, but he was sitting on the hard cold floor. His pants was undone and his robes pushed up so his length was exposed. Severus' robes were discarded beside them along with a shirt he had worn under them. He was almost completely naked apart from the pants at his ankles. From the bright light of the moon that filtered only slightly through the hallway, he could make out Severus' pale and tight skin. His ribs were easily seen and yet he still had a little muscle along his arms. He was on his knees around Lucius' lap, his hips slowly jerking so Lucius slowly slid in and out of him.

"Fuck... You've become better at moving your hips, Severus." Lucius said with a small grin, his fingers grabbing Severus' hips. his nails dug into the skin and James heard a sudden noise of pleasure from Severus. Oh, thought James. He was into that sort of thing.

James could feel himself harden at the sight, but his focus wasn't on Lucius- no. His focus was on the writhing Severus whose mouth was open as if to give off a silent scream with sweat slowly sliding down his creamy white skin. Lucius' mouth sought out his shoulder as he bit down, causing him to moan from the pain and pleasure he felt. The more James looked, he could see bruises that resembled teeth marks along his body, making him shudder. So Severus was a masochist, he thought with a throb from his lower region. He knew himself to be a slight sadist.

James touched the material outside his cock, slowly rubbing himself to the rhythm of Severus' hips. He picked up speed as Lucius grabbed his cock, stroking it at a steady and fast speed.

"That's it, Severus... You're such a good boy..." Lucius spoke into Severus' ear and he seemed to shudder at the sensation. It seemed like only a minute before all three came. James had to bite his lip hard to not make a sound, not once letting his eyes leave the scene. Lucius chuckled softly while he panted, wiping Severus' cum from his chest, pressing the liquid to Severus' lips. His eyes closed as he licked and sucked at his fingers, his lips going all the way to the hilt of his fingers.

Lucius then pushed Severus off, fixing his pants as he growled softly, "You've yet to proven yourself to the Dark Lord, Severus. For now, the only thing you're worth in my eyes is a good fuck. I'm not even sure why he hasn't destroyed you for being so pathetic..." He stood up abruptly and strode in the opposite direction of James.

He gazed at Severus, watching as the boy stood up on shaky legs. He grabbed his shirt and robes, hastily slipping them on with a sullen expression. Little did he know of James only a few feet away had watched the whole ordeal with delight and pleasure.

James had always felt himself a proud straight man, but he couldn't deny that every so often in the Gryffindor quidditch dressing rooms, he would steal a peak at his fellow team mate, checking for more than if he was bigger than them. It was like a small faraway thought that entered his conscious every so often. Oh, but he still felt very much attracted to the red haired beauty of Lily, but he couldn't deny the sudden and real attraction for Severus when it became apparent to himself. He would never forget that night.

James knew that like himself, Severus often ventured out of the castle late at night, but unlike James, he had to make sure he was extra quiet from not having a handy thing like an invisibility cloak or being an animagus. James sometimes stayed up late into the night to catch a glance at Severus' dark figure shrouded in the darkness he felt so comfortable in.

James still felt a curiosity to the ventures of Severus, but until late into the winter term when all the students that had families left to visit, he hadn't made an attempt to follow. James stayed to catch up on his studies for O.W.L.s and he could only imagine why Severus was there.

James watched from his window for the hundredth time at the stark black figure crossing the snow into the Forbidden Forest. He clenched his fist and jumped up from his bed, feeling fortunate that all of the students that he shared a room with was gone for the holidays. He grabbed his invisibility cloak and made sure his steps weren't too loud in the hallways. He took one of the many hidden passageways to the Whomping Willow, in an attempt to avoid Peeves, climbing out and going to the spot where he had seen Severus disappear into the forest. He followed the foot prints into it, feeling surprised when it only led to a small cliff that reached only half of the castles large height. He stopped beside a tree and watched the spot where he saw Severus. He looked around himself and realized that the creatures he expected to be all around as soon as he entered the forest was not there. Were the rumors just lies about all the horrors?

He looked at the tree and was suddenly aware of how sad Severus looked. His dark eyes were gazing at the incredibly clear sky. His chest slowly rose and fell, leaving little breath trails through his thin lips. James followed Severus' gaze out at the waning moon. He couldn't remember sighing, but as soon as the small sound left his chest, a wand was pulled and pointed into his general direction.

"Who's there?!" Severus yelled, his eyes portraying a familiar determination and anger he normally saw in them.

James sighed and pulled the cloak off, pulling his hands up as if giving up, "Caught me, eh?"

Severus' grip on his wand tightened and he looked at James with a withering gaze, his lip perking into a sneer, "Funny. Go the fuck away, Potter, before I curse you. I'm sure Crucio would be a wonderful start."

James frowned and continued to hold his hands up, "Look, I didn't even bring my wand with me, Snivellus. Go ahead and check my robes if you want."

Severus gave a bitter laugh, "Oh, so that's supposed to change my mind? Fuck off, Potter." He raised his wand and opened his mouth with an incantation on the brink of flowing out, but he hadn't realized that James was bluffing. Before Severus knew it, his wand had flown from his hand and he was on his back, coughing roughly.

James rushed behind him and grabbed the wand, laughing in triumph, "Ha! Not so big without your wand, now are you?!"

If only looks could kill. Severus slowly raised himself up, snow sticking to his black hair. He sat against the tree once more and looked away from James, "Fine. Do whatever you want... I don't care right now." James stood there and watched Severus' gaze once more relax into a sad expression. James carefully stowed the two wands away into his robe and slowly went to the tree. He sat on the opposite side of Severus, his gaze upon the tall tree tops.

"Do you often stay here for the holidays, Severus?"

Severus didn't answer as he did his best to ignore James. James smiled to himself, continuing the imaginary conversation, "Well, I'm only here for study. As you know, I'm doing terribly in potions, the usual. Aren't you normally gifted in the subject? Think you can tutor me? Anyway, Sirius of course went home and then Remus did the same. So, it seems its just me and-"

"Why are you here, Potter?" His voice sounded hard and annoyed.

James paused and glanced up at the stars beyond the trees, grinning, "What do you mean? I just told you why I was..."

"Bullshit, Potter. You must want something... What do you want?" His voice sounded slightly worried and hesitant to James' ears, but he knew that his face would never betray the emotions.

"You know... The more I think about it, Severus... The more it seems you're right. I do want something. Want to know what it is?" He grinned more when Severus didn't answer. Maybe he sensed that what James had in mind was risky and something he knew he wouldn't want to associate with.

James stood and slowly walked around the tree, looking down at Severus. Severus' dark eyes met James' and James felt a sense of affection for the frost touched boy. Severus' eyes widened when James lowered to crouch beside him, his lips pressing to his. Severus froze in shock, his eyes focusing on James' closed ones. Severus could feel just how soft James' lips were as he slowly kissed him. James' fingers touched Severus' cheek, grazing softly along his jaw and into his long dark hair. James' heart quickened and he felt a familiar sensation of excitement. He was finally indulging in a deep and hidden fantasy.

The realization of the situation made Severus' cock suddenly throb and he immediately pushed James away in fear of his own reaction, "Get off!"

James growled in agitation and pushed back against Severus, pressing him into the snow. His leg pressed firmly against his so he couldn't escape under his grip. James felt utter excitement from this task as his blood rushed through his body. He was giving into all the things that he fought. He was going to touch Severus' pale and soft skin. He was going to taste him for the first time. He was going to leave his own stark marks on the pale skin. He was going to feel everything that he had ever imagined.

James stopped suddenly when he saw the look on Severus' face. He wasn't trying to completely fight him, but the fear in his eyes made him suddenly stand up. He strode away and grabbed his cloak in the snow. He dropped Severus' wand in the snow and heard Severus quickly cross the snow to retrieve it. He threw the cloak over his shoulders and head, a terrible feeling taking hold of his stomach. What was he thinking? Clearly the other boy didn't share his feelings and what was he going to do? Almost rape him from the coursing excitement? He remembered how often he bullied Severus, but nothing could compare to the act he would have performed.

He felt sick as he quickly trekked across the snow covered ground of Hogwarts. He shed his cloak and slid it into his trunk under all of his school supplies and personal items. James' swallowed hard and slipped into his bed. He had a sudden fear that perhaps Severus would hate him even more. How could he have been so stupid? He hit his head a few times in frustration and pulled the covers over his head. He squeezed his eyes shut and tried to forget the nights events.

Hi, guys! This is my first ever attempt at a fanfiction. I really love this pairing and hadn't found too many fanfics about them so I decided to go ahead and write my own. There should be more coming to this particular story, so check back often for the updates. I love getting reviews so I can improve my writing or listen to what others have to say. I hope you enjoy!

This will be mostly to the books, but some aspects will be based on the movies too. I tried to keep it as close to the original story events as much as I could. Some of its different, but, all well!