The Royal Air Museum loomed up ahead. The pupils and teachers of St Champions compliantly followed their Headmaster into the expansive building, the pre-formed groups splitting off and marching after their assigned teacher, into another part of the building.

The one group that remained in the lobby, was the one under the command of the Headmaster. Flanking him was Rose, and the Head Prefect sought to cast her withering gaze on anyone, who was misbehaving in the slightest.

Her lip would curl whenever she encountered two specific members of the ten pupil group, and in return, Rose would be granted discreet tongue poking or averted gazes, the latter causing her to smirk cruelly.

Having dismissed the tour guide as soon as he stepped into the museum, the Headmaster set about leading his assigned group around the place, explaining about each aircraft and sealed model that they came across, in detail.

It was near the end of the tour when the Headmaster drew to a stop, waving his long arm at one of the large aircraft models that was hanging in the air by several thick strands. Beginning to rattle off an explanation about the aircraft in question, the Headmaster was struck silent at the precise moment, a quiet voice piped up:

"A-Actually, Sir, this particular type of aircraft was built in 1936, NOT 1940, as y-you claim."

Mouth agape, the Headmaster stared at the little weakling, holding the name, Harvey Hunter, as Rose blinked rapidly, her murky coloured eyes darting towards the display board with all of the information about the airplane, her pupils widening as she read the data, realising that Hunter was actually RIGHT.

At that moment, the other troublemaker in the group slapped Harvey on the back and exclaimed:

"Well done, mate!"

Grinning at the Headmaster, Ian Robinson exclaimed: "YOU GOT OWNED!"

A minute later, both boys were slogging their feet along, the driver of the Coach opening the doors and shaking his head as the pair slunk past him, Ian and Harvey flopping down next to each other at the back of the Coach and putting their heads together to muffle the laughter.