The Alteran's Return

This is my first fanfiction so please forgive me if it's not great.

Chapter 1

Thor, Supreme Commander of the Asgard fleet, has just found one of the abandoned cities of the Ancients on the outskirts of the Pegasus galaxy. He knows his people's time has come to an end despite all their technological feats the clone degeneration has left his people as shadows of their former selves. Soon the Asgard race will be no more and he feels guilty leaving the inhabitants of the Milky Way galaxy to fight the Ori threat alone, especially since the Taur'i are fighting two wars at once. The Taur'i , the children of the Ancients, hold a special place to him for they remind him of their progenitors. Yes the Taur'i are young but they truly are the Fifth Race. They will inherit their technology as ordered by the Asgard High Council. Perhaps the Nox will teach them,for the Nox were very wise and the only other member of the Great Alliance still alive. The Great Alliance,thinking about it feels him with great sorrow. The Furlings are missing, the Ancients are dead or ascended, and now the Asgard are nearing their end. Resolve feels Thor for he decides that when he gives the Taur'i the entire collective knowledge of the Asgard he will also give the location of the abandoned ancient city and one of their surviving warships orbiting a star. The Taur'i he realizes is the only hope the galaxy has against the Ori threat and he will help them anyway he can. He sends out the message to the Taur'i for the time has come to give them their inheritance. He is finishing pinpointing the exact location of the ancient city and warship when the Taur'i arrive. The end for him and his people has arrived. He knows his human friends will miss him and his people but he will give them everything he can to save them. As he is talking with Samantha Carter, one of the most intelligent humans of the Taur'i, he can see her sadness and seeks to comfort her with the knowledge that this fate had been for the Asgard for a long time coming. He pulls her off to the side and asks for the Atlantis expedition's frequency so that he may give them a final message and gift as well for their fight against the wraith. The rest of the technology gifts he tells them should be used against the Ori. Samantha Carter tells him they will make them proud and he knows they will for they are the Fifth Race. In his final moments he sends the message to Atlantis and sends them the locations. Now the end comes for the Asgard Race, the third race of the Great Alliance is now dead.