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"So, are you going to ask her out?" Trunks spoke into the receiver of the phone.

"I...I don't know," came the hesitant reply.

"Why not?!" Trunks sounded shocked. "She's a total babe and way into you. And have you seen her shake her thing?" he ended with a smirk resounding in his tone.

Goten was silent on the other end for a moment. "But she only goes out with guys who have a car," he protested miserably.

"So? It means she appreciates a good ride," Trunks explained. To his perverted mind, this was certainly a good thing. Hopefully Goten would see it too.

"But I don't have one," Goten mentioned, seemingly completely oblivious to Trunks' insinuations. "No car, no date."

"Goten, buddy, have you forgotten who you're friends with?" Trunks chuckled. "You can borrow my car to ask her out and for the date."

"I don't know, Trunks," Goten said worriedly. "Isn't that lying? What if she finds out? Then I'd never get– uh...another date."

Reverting back to his childhood tactics, Trunks proceeded to try to convince Goten into his plan. "C'mon, 'Ten. She'll never know."

"It just doesn't feel right," Goten's conscience tried a new angle against Trunks' manipulative actions.

Trunks frowned at his best friend's lack of enthusiasm for his marvelous masterminded scheme to get him laid. "You're not a chicken, are you?"

"No!" Goten quickly countered Trunks without realizing he was playing directly into Trunks' hands. "I'm not a chicken!"

"All right then, it's settled. You'll borrow my car tonight and- " Trunks paused, frowning deeply as his mother's voice interrupted this most pressing conversation.

"TRUNKS!!!!" Bulma called out from a few rooms down the hall. "Come here!!! We need to talk!!!"

Trunks sighed in defeat. He could win a fight with almost anyone but his mom, and not responding to his mother's summons was like unto a death wish in the Brief household. "Look 'Ten, Mom's bellowing. I've gotta go. But you keep thinking about our plan while I work out the kinks, and before you know it, you'll be on that date for sure."

Goten sighed in reply, or at least that's all Trunks heard before hanging up the phone. It really didn't matter what his friend had to say after that. He was going to follow through with Trunks' plan anyway you cut it. He always did, no matter how strongly he objected. Somehow he always gave in. Trunks had to smirk at his thoughts. He was just that good.

"Trunks Vegeta Brief!!! Don't you make me come get you!!!" Bulma yelled again, irritation evident in her voice. Bulma Brief was not a patient woman, and she certainly wasn't getting any younger while waiting for her hardheaded offspring.

"Coming, Mom!!!" Trunks called out cheerfully as he climbed to his feet from the bed where he had been sitting Indian style during his conversation with Goten. After a quick glance in the mirror to check his always perfect hair, Trunks opened the door to his room and headed down the hall toward his mother's calls, stepping around his sister's jacks in the hallway.

"There you are," Bulma commented when he entered the room.

A quick glance around made Trunks painfully aware things were not as they should be. "Um...Dad...what are you wearing?" Trunks asked his father, who was clad in stunning black and white.

Vegeta simply frowned, giving the boy a dismissing grunt as he continued to fight with the fabric around his neck.

"Your father and I have plans tonight," Bulma informed the confused boy. "We're going to attend a charity dinner and listen to a speaker at the university tonight. I know this is last minute notice, but the babysitter just called and cancelled. We bought tickets months in advance, and there is no way we're going to miss tonight."

Trunks could not help the look of horror on his face. This was simply, totally and completely unjust! How could his mother do this to him? "Mom!" he whined, "Goten and I had plans to spend tonight together-"

Bulma waved her hand at Trunks as she cut him off, mid-sentence. "That's fine. He's going to be coming over here. You see, Gohan and Videl are going to the dinner too, and they'll need a babysitter just like your father and I. We won't be out too late, and you know what to do with the girls. Just be good, and don't let them get into too much trouble," she instructed her son, rising to peck his cheek as Vegeta walked over, completely dressed, finally.

Bulma took her husband's begrudgingly offered arm and smiled at her eldest. "And be good." She smiled at him knowingly before making her exit, leaving a lost, confused and wounded Trunks behind her.

"That is so not fair!" Trunks whined out to no one in particular as his mother's heels rounded a corner, out of earshot.

"What's not fair?" a pair of big blue eyes blinked up at him adoringly.

Trunks frowned in reply. "Having to watch you. That's what."

Blue eyes widened and Trunks winced, knowing what was coming next. "YAY!!!! You're gonna be my babysitter!!!" Bra exclaimed excitedly. "C'mon T'unks! Let's p'ay house!!!" She grabbed her brother's hand and began trying to drag him to her room where all kinds of girly pink stuff awaited him. How could life be so unfair to him in one night? He could have at least had someone like Pan for a sister and not the overly girly and cutesy type Bra seemed to prefer being.

"Trunks?" a call sounded from the hall, saving him from his fate at the hands of the pint sized demon wearing a pink dress and rhinestone tiara, reminding everyone who knew her of her royal lineage.

"I'm in here, Goten," Trunks pulled his hand back from his sister, managing to lift her off her feet in the process so that he was holding his hand level with his face, off to the side, with her hanging on and grinning like Ronald McDonald. Trunks frowned at her as Goten walked in. Thank Kami for the new plane Videl had bought. It made the distance between Trunks and Goten's homes almost negligible without expending any unnecessary ki energy.

"Man...I see you got the same thing I did..." Goten commented when he entered, trying to restrain the chuckle threatening to burst from his throat at the disgust written on Trunks' every feature.

Just then a small head peeped into the room and tugged on Goten's trousers. "Unca 'Ten," the little voice called up to him impatiently. "I need ta potty."

Goten looked down at the brunette monster clinging to him, batting her big blue eyes up at him so innocently. He knew that look alright. He and Trunks had perfected looking innocent. "Trunks..." he whined slightly. "What do I do?"

Trunks frowned, having just shaken his younger sister, who at that very moment was giggling and jumping into the air, trying to grab his hand again. Hanging in the air was fun! "Bra, make yourself useful and show Pan where the bathroom is. She hasn't been here since we finished the remodeling."

Bra stopped hopping and smiled at her brother sweetly, nodding enthusiastically. "Sure thing T'unks! Then we can p'ay!" With her royal declaration announced to the world, Bra ran over to Pan, grabbed the other girl's hand and quickly lead her from the room and to the nearest available potty.

Trunks sighed in relief at the silence. "So, I see you got conned into babysitting too?" he asked rhetorically.

Goten nodded dejectedly. "Yeah...."

"Well, I guess our plans for getting you that date will have to wait," Trunks stated as he crossed the room, and stepping past his friend, lead the way back to his bedroom down the hall, closing and locking the door behind them once inside.

"Uh...Trunks...." Goten started unsurely, "Shouldn't we at least leave the door open so we can hear them or something? I mean...we are technically supposed to be watching them...."

Trunks shrugged. "That's the beauty behind being able to sense ki. We can watch them without having to actually watch them," he explained logically.

"Oh!" Goten said in understanding before frowning again. "Um...Trunks...what do you mean?"

Sighing in exasperation at having to always explain his best ideas to his sidekick, Trunks proceeded to clarify. "Since we can sense ki, we can tell where the girls are all the time and know if they're in trouble without having to actually be in the same room with them. See?"

"Oh!" Goten exclaimed excitedly. "I see! Gee Trunks! That's a great idea!"

Bathing in the glory being bestowed upon him by Goten, Trunks simply smiled and nodded, his ego recovering nicely from the indignation suffered at the hands of his mother only ten minutes earlier. "Now, back to the date thing..." Trunks approached the subject again just as his sensitive hearing picked up the sounds of giggling coming from a nearby room.

"Uh oh," Goten spoke the words on both their minds. "That can't be good."

Trunks growled his irritation and climbing to his feet, headed back out the door and down the hall, Goten right behind him. As he opened the bathroom door, Trunks was not prepared for the sight that met him. Standing in the middle of the bathroom were two drenched little demi-Saiyans with their clothes clinging to their little forms tightly, and hair falling in two sets of eyes.

Bra had her hands in the bathtub, where water was running, Trunks was unhappy to notice; Pan was at the sink. It appeared the girls had been in the middle of a water fight of some sort, as evidenced by the large puddle of water on the floor between them.

Unable to say anything for fear of losing his cool, Trunks stood completely still, taking deep, calming breathes as Goten moved past him. "Panny! Bra! What are you doing?!" Goten questioned the little water sprites.

Bra grinned at him. "Panny's hair was dirty, so I washed it. 'Den she wanted to wash mine, but I said, 'No!' And 'den she splashed water on me!" Bra explained the situation.

Goten shook his head as Trunks quietly muttered his fate. "Mom is going to kill me...."

"Look, Trunks, chill," Goten tried to calm his friend before turning back to the dripping girls. "You two need to go to Bra's room and change out of those wet clothes. Trunks and I will be there in a few minutes to make sure you have. Okay?"

Two heads bobbed up and down, sending fresh droplets of water showering down on the teenaged boys.

"My hair!!!" Trunks finally yelled, snapping out of his trance-like state. "I'm going to kill you little monsters!!!"

At that the two girls took off running for Bra's room, screaming every step of the way causing their two elders to wince. As the sound faded, Goten sighed. "I guess we'd better go ahead and get started on this and get their clothes dried before everyone gets back." He bent and began digging through the cabinet for a towel to dry the puddle, completely missing the fact that the water was still running in both the sink and tub.

"Don't worry about it," Trunks stopped him. "I'll just have a bot clean it up, and then do the girls' laundry too. As long as they don't get into anymore trouble we shouldn't have any issues."

Just as those words were out of Trunks' mouth, he heard a high pitched squeal, sounding an awful lot like his little sister's voice when she was in pain. His eyes widened as he spun on his heels to find the source of the noise, only to slip on the wet linoleum and fall flat on his backside. Well, almost, save for the fact that Goten was in the way; meaning Trunks landed with his back on Goten's, the younger demi-Saiyan finding himself face first in the large puddle, completely soaked to the bone.

Upon hearing the awful sound being once again emitted from Bra's room, Trunks quickly resumed his upright stance and with a quick, "Sorry 'Ten. You can borrow some of my clothes until yours are dry," he was gone from the room, being careful not to make the same mistake twice.

A million tragedies filling his brain, an explanation for each that would keep him out of trouble with his parents quickly following, Trunks dashed down the hallway to the door to "My Pink Haven" as Bra so loving had dubbed her room. Reaching his destination, Trunks threw open the door, preparing for the worst, as his eyes fell on his sister.

Standing in the middle of the room, Bra held her hairbrush in her hand, bristled end toward the ceiling as she took a deep breath. Lungs filled, she opened her mouth and once more, let out the noise, akin to yowling, which had first caught young Trunks' ear. "Ahhhhhhohhhhahhhhhhh!!!!!" Bra sang at the top of her lungs.

Trunks' hands flew to his ears, protecting them from the onslaught of the rising and still rising pitches being coming from his dear sister's mouth. Who knew such a pretty little thing could make such a terrible noise?

As the noise ended, Bra closing her mouth, Trunks noticed the presence of a soggy Goten who had followed him into the room.

As could be predicted from her earlier actions, Bra opened her mouth to fill her now empty lungs. Goten's eyes widened as he realized what was about to happen and quickly shouted, "No, Bra!!! Not again!!!"

Two sets of curiously blinking blue eyes turned toward the young men as Pan faltered in her clapping for Bra's solo act while Bra herself, forgetting what she was doing, dropped her hairbrush to the floor with a clang so she could put her hands on her hips in an almost perfect imitation of Bulma when angered. "Who you think you are ruinin' my solo?!" she screamed at Goten, her eyes blazing a fiery blue.

Goten simply blinked in return. The last thing he had expected was for the half pint of a person to turn toward him with aggression. Wasn't he supposed to be the one babysitting? Didn't that mean he was the one in charge? So, why was one of his charges yelling at him? It completely confused the poor Son as to how this could be happening, at least until he remembered who this charge was: Bra Brief; daughter to Bulma Brief and Prince Vegeta, not to mention sister to Trunks Brief. Yes, she definitely had a temper which knew no fear.

Thankfully, so did Trunks. "We're your babysitters, that's who," Trunks responded for the silent Goten. His little sister's ferocity never had frightened him.

Pan spoke up next. "We wanted music. That's why Princess Bra was singing," she patiently explained. Trunks and Goten were reasonable people. They would have to listen to her and let Bra continue her solo, therefore making everyone happy. Well, almost everyone. Of course, the guys would not be pleased, but what did that really matter? They weren't important. They were the babysitters, not to mention, family. They didn't have feelings or opinions. Kinda like parents. They were there simply for children's amusement or to end their fun, nothing more, nothing less.

"If you want music, turn on the radio. Otherwise, I don't want to hear it," Trunks laid down the law.

Pan and Bra looked at each other and blinked for a moment before simultaneously turning their gazes toward Trunks once again. "Dat's a great idea!" Bra chirped happily, causing Trunks to blink.

"It-...it is?" Trunks asked hesitantly. His sister had given in way too easily. If he didn't know any better, he'd say she had something planned.

Bra simply nodded her head sweetly. "We'll listen to my new radio!" Smiling brightly, she turned and began skipping toward her small, pink of course, boom box as Trunks heaved a sigh of relieve and began heading toward the door with Goten in the lead. Maybe now they could get Goten changed and plan more on that date.

Just as the boys' feet exited the room, the first strains of a happy song filled the air. Another moment's wait and a warm and bubbly voice crooned out of the radio. "I love you. You love-"

Simultaneously, twin teen heads turned, each yelling in horror. "NO!!!!"

"Turn that off this instant!!!!" Trunks demanded.

Bra's hand quickly hit the "stop" button as she and Pan turned to see what was the matter with the guys. Who could not like their music? Barney was the greatest after all. He was a cool purple dinosaur who loved everyone. Wasn't that a good thing?

"What's wrong, T'unks?" Bra blink curiously. "It was radio music, just like you said."

Trunks' eyes were wide as he shook his head. "That's not what I meant. Look, I'm going to tell you now and you better listen up. I never and I mean NEVER want to hear that song again. Got it?"

Blue eyes blinked back in reply before the small heads nodded their understanding.

"Good. Now that we have that straight, let's listen to some real music." Trunks began walking across the room, intend on turning on the radio portion of the boom box.

"What's wrong with Barney?" Bra asked as her brother stepped beside her. "It was my new tape, so it has to be," she paused to think of the best word for the situation, "hip." Bra beamed, very pleased with herself.

Trunks frowned down at her before turning back to the box's controls, shaking his head. "No, it's not. It's horrible, and I don't want to hear it again."

"Oh..." came the reply.

After searching the top of the Pepto-Bismol pink appliance, Trunks picked it up, turning it upside down, looking for something. "Where's the tuner?" he finally asked Bra, watching for her reaction.

"Tuner?" the confused child asked. "T'unks...what's a...tuner?" Bra felt she must be missing something, something important.

Trunks simply sighed in reply. "It's a thing to help you listen to the radio, but this thing doesn't have one, so don't worry about it." He sat the box back in its place and turned to leave.

"We want music!" Pan's demanding voice reminded Trunks of what had brought him into the room to begin with. If he left now, after forbidding them from listening to Barney, they would surely go back to taking turns screaming wordless solos. He cringed at the thought.

"Well, Panny..." Goten ventured as he stepped forward, bending down to be closer to her eye level. "How about we teach you a song, and then you can sing it together? Would you like that?"

Trunks' eyes widened and he shook his head, receiving a somewhat reassuring smile from his counterpart. Goten had something planned. Maybe it would work to their benefit.

"Well..." Pan thought on the matter, looking to Bra for guidance, who's only offer was a carefree shrug of her shoulders. She didn't care what happened, as long as she was the center of attention. Finally Pan nodded. "All right. Teach us a song, Unca 'Ten!" she demanded.

Goten simply chuckled and made himself more comfortable as Bra joined them on the floor, followed closely by Trunks. "Trunks and I will teach you a song."

"Um...what song?" Trunks asked.

Goten froze and blinked before turning his face toward Trunks. "Um...well..." he thought long and hard, scratching his head from the effort. "I...um...Trunks...I don't know," he finally admitted.

Trunks shook his head sadly. This had started out as a great plan at least. Too bad Goten hadn't had it all figured out before he started putting it into action. Well, now for plan...where were they now anyway? C?

"Well..." Trunks starting thinking, searching every crevice of his consciousness for a suitable song or ballad that might have a chance of striking the girls' fancy. "There was that one song we learned once...."

Following his normal protocol, Goten had blinked. "Um...Trunks.... What song are you talking about? You're being kinda...vague."

Looking up into Goten's curious eyes, Trunks had nodded. "I know. The one I'm thinking of is the one your brother taught us." He grinned mischievously as thoughts of all the trouble that song had caused flooded his mind. Boy, those had certainly been the days. Unfortunately, nature had forced him to grow up and given him a kid sister, both of which had cramped his ability to set people up and start all kinds of trouble without getting in much, if any, himself. What fun that had been....

Goten's eyes lit up as he found himself remembering very similar things as Trunks. That was a good song. Surely the girls would love it as much as he and Trunks had. "That one just might work!" He nodded his approval to the main conspirator.

"T'unks, what song are you gonna teach us?" Bra asked curiously. Somehow a song taught to someone by Gohan sounded rather dorky, but she was certain if her brother and Goten thought it was cool, then it must be. They wouldn't like something dorky. Would they?

Trunks smiled at his kid sister. "It's just a song Gohan taught Goten and I once to keep us under control. It was kinda gross, but we loved it. Wanna learn it?"

"G'oss?" Bra wrinkled her nose. She was a princess. Why would her brother even begin to presume she might want to have anything to do with something...gross?

"Gross?!" Pan had questioned simultaneously in her completely different, excited, tone.

Trunks and Goten nodded assurance and reassurance to the girls. "It's gross," Goten told the now deeply interested Pan.

"But not too gross," Trunks finished the thought for his little sister. "So, you want to learn it or not?"

"Hm," Bra thought for a moment, hand on chin in a very grown-up pose. Finally, she reached her decision. "I guess so; just as long as it's not too g'oss." She shook her finger at her brother, threatening him. "I don't like things dat are too g'oss."

Trunks nodded. "Yes, I know. So, let's get started."

Looking at one another, the two boys each took a deep breath. "I taste like a booger, but I look like a worm. I betcha never seen a booger that could squirm. I'll be here when you sneeze and I'll be here when you cough. 'Cause I'm stuck on your finger and you can't shake me off."

Taking another breath to start singing their song again, Trunks and Goten watched the devil chibis in front of them for any kind of reaction to the song.

As they watched, Pan's face grew from curiosity, lighting up with a huge grin. "Again!!!" she exclaimed excitedly. She obviously liked the song, for better or for worse.

Bra wasn't nearly so easy to please as she sat and frowned for a moment longer, debating the merit of such a crude and ridiculous song. I mean, who writes a song about boogers and worms? They're icky!

"What do you think?" Goten asked Bra gently. "Do you like it? If so, we can teach it to you."

Slowly Bra had turned to look at Goten and began to grin as she nodded happily. "I like! Sing it 'gain!" she demanded in truly princess fashion.

Both boys laughed and began their song again, singing round after round until the girls had caught on. Satisfied that the demons were content, Trunks and Goten got up and went to the kitchen for a snack before retiring to Trunks' bedroom to change clothes and finish their date plans.


"Mommy, do I have to stay with Mawon? I like it a lot more when T'unks watches me. He's more fun," Bra whined as she, along with her mother and father, trod through the beach's sands toward the Turtle Hermit's home, the Kame House.

"I know you do, but you know your brother's busy tonight. He's got things he has to do," Bulma explained as Vegeta snorted and muttered under his breath, "Yeah, like detention." As usual, Trunks was in trouble.

"You've always had a good time with Marron in the past; I'm sure this time will be the same. Pan's even coming over for you to play with. Just be a good girl for Mommy and try to have a good time," Bulma instructed the miniature carbon copy of herself.

This was a most odd turn of events. Usually, Bra loved to stay with Marron and would do almost anything to avoid staying with Trunks. She loved her big brother and was excited about spending time with him, but being the little genius she was, she also knew that when her parents weren't around, annoying her older brother was not a smart thing to do. Unfortunately, she never could think of anything else do when Her Trunks was around.

Then just a few weeks ago, leaving Bra and Pan with Trunks and Goten had been a completely and totally unavoidable situation. Neither Marron nor their normal sitter had been able to keep the children. Ever since then, Bra had been strangely attached to her brother. It certainly was odd.

The small blue haired child sighed unhappily. "Al'ight Mommy. I'll be good, but I don't promise to have a good time!" she stated plainly.

Bulma chuckled. "As long as we have an understanding." She reached out her hand and knocked on the wooden door before her, announcing their arrival.

While waiting for someone to open the door, the trio was startled by the voice of a pretty young blonde woman at the corner of the house. "Hey there. No use in knocking. They're all taking a nap in the back. No one could hear you," she explained with a smile.

Bulma greeted Marron with a smile, taking in the yellow bikini the girl was wearing. She must have been in the middle of sunbathing when she heard them arrive. "Hi, Marron. We were just here to drop off Bra is all."

Marron smiled down at the girl. "That's great. Pan's already here, building sand castles. Everyone should be up soon. They went to sleep a while ago, and they don't usually nap too long in the afternoons. Why don't you go ahead and go help Pan with her sand?" she suggested to her newest ward.

After receiving an affirmative nod from Bulma, Bra hugged her mother and father good-bye before merrily skipping off to find her bestest friend in the whole world.

"Well, I guess we'll be on our way now," Bulma commented.

Marron nodded. "Okay. I'll see you when you get back, and don't worry. I'll take good care of the girls; I promise."

"Alright then." Bulma smiled as she turned and taking her husband's unwilling arm, headed back toward the aircraft they had flown to the island.

After watching the busy parents walk away, Marron turned and headed back to her spot in the sun. Settling into her reclining lawn chair, she took a sip of homemade lemonade and laid back to continue working on her tan. "You girls be good," she instructed before she felt herself begin to doze off. What did it really matter anyway? How much could those two really get into in a few minutes, on an island nonetheless?

Bra sighed long and loudly.

"What is it, Bra?" Pan asked her curiously. If there was one thing she knew, it was that whenever the princess was bored or upset, all heck was about to break loose; sometimes quite literally.

"I'm bored," the first young demi-Saiyan complained. "I'm tired of p'ayin' in the sand."

"Me too," Pan agreed. "But Miss Marron said that's what we should do, and we can't go do somethin' else without permission."

"Well, let's just get pe'mission then," Bra explained logically.

Two small heads whipped around to spy the sleeping beauty on her chair.

"But Marron's sleep now," Pan frowned unhappily. After building ten sand castles she was beyond bored with the process.

"Then I guess we'll just have to get pe'mission from someone else then," Bra stated logically. It made perfect sense to her anyway.

"We can do that?" Pan asked curiously. She had never heard of this before. Didn't the title of "babysitter" given to Marron mean that she was the one to give the orders?

"Course we can do that, duh!" Bra rolled her eyes. "Mawon's our babysitter and can tell us what to do. Well, Mawon's parents can tell her what to do. So, if Mawon's parents can tell her what to do, and she can tell us what to do, then her parents can tell us what do, too. See?" Bra tried to explain things more thoroughly to her older friend.

"Oh! I...no," came the reply.

Bra simply sighed in exasperation this time and said, "Follow me."

Getting up from the sand, being sure to dust her trendy outfit clean, Bra led the way from their spot on the beach to the front door of the Kame House. Turning the knob and pushing lightly, she discovered it was open when it swung inward for her. With a quick peek around, she entered. Hearing a TV in one of the upstairs rooms, she quickly began leading her little pseudo commando group of two along the way, trying desperately not to wake anyone else in the house.

At the top of the stairs, Bra stopped for a few moments to figure out which room the sounds of a medicated hemorrhoid cream commercial were coming from. Direction established, two small, rather innocent looking girls headed for a slightly cracked door. As she peered inside, Bra grinning merrily as she spotted her prey.

Sitting in a comfortable looking blue armchair was Krillin, watching the television. As the commercials drew to a close, he chuckled softly at their stupidity before beginning to totally crack up as his show came back on. Nothing like The World's Dumbest Morons to make one die laughing.

As Krillin laughed the day away at the stupidity on his television, the two girls crept into the room. Poor Krillin didn't even know he was being stalked until the tiny princesses stood before him, both giving him their best big blue puppy eyes. Like all fathers with daughters, he knew exactly what was going on. These two wanted something and were buttering him up for it.

"Killin...we're bored," Bra quite plainly stated as though she expected that to cover everything and Krillin to solve the problem she had so eloquently stated.

"Bored, eh?" Krillin chuckled humorously. "Well, Marron's supposed to be watching you two. Why don't you go tell her and make her entertain you?"

"We can't," Pan pouted, joining Bra in her manipulation. "She's 'sleep."

"Oh...I see," Krillin commented. "So...what exactly were you hoping I could do?" he finally dared to ask.

"Could we p'ay with you? Pwease," Bra begged as she batted her eyes adorably, Pan following suite. "Pweeeease," the dark haired chibi echoed.

As Krillin's eyes moved from one sweet, begging face to the other, he felt his resolution and hesitations melting away. Sure these two were Saiyan girls. Sure they could be holy terrors at times. Sure they used people all the time to get what they wanted, which many times was just to see someone else get in trouble. But they were just so darned cute! Heck, not even Vegeta himself could withstand a joint attack from his little princess and the spawn of Kakkarot's spawn.

"Well...I don't see why not," Krillin finally answered, giving into the fatherly instincts within him. It had been so long since Marron had been that age. Those were the good ole days when she would just follow her daddy around the house, worshipping his every move. Maybe allowing Pan and Bra to hang around would be similar. They were all three little girls after all.

At Krillin's words, both girls' faces changed instantly as they grinned happily. "Yay! Thank you K'illin!" Bra cheered as she quickly climbed up on Krillin's left knee, Pan scrambling onto the other. Two sweet, angelic faces, peered up at Krillin's, blinking expectantly.

And they blinked expectantly.

And they blinked.


"So...what do you want to do?" Krillin finally broke the thick silence.

Bra blinked at Krillin again before simply shrugging. "I don't know."

"Me either," Pan added.

Krillin picked up the remote and began surfing through the channels on the television for a children's program they might be interested in that he might not mind too terribly much. Having no luck, he sighed in frustration and hit the power button. "Well...do you..." Krillin thought for a moment. "Do either of you know any good songs you could sing for me?" he asked quickly, remembering how Marron had always loved performing for her father when she was a child.

Pan and Bra looked at each other, having a silent conversation through their expressions before simultaneously turning back to Krillin.

"We both know a good one that's lots fun," Bra spoke.

"Would you like to hear?" Pan finished with a question.

Unsure how to take this, Krillin nodded. "That was the general idea when I asked you to sing, ladies."

"A'right," Bra grinned to Pan as an uneasy feeling began to settle in Krillin's stomach. He would have to remember that tuna more than a week old in the refrigerator is not something one should eat, but should toss rather than scarf.

Taking a deep breath, the duet began with Pan singing the melody while Bra broke off on her own, mimicking the R&B singers she had heard on the radio. "Because I taste like a booger (Like a booger), but I look like worm (Oh, like a worm)." The song came to life in two girlie voices.

Krillin's eyes widened in wonder as he recognized this childhood song he had learned in his home village before setting out to become the world's greatest human martial artist. How had these two learned it to begin with? It had been years since Krillin had even thought about it. In fact, the last time he had attempted to sing it was when he had taught it to...Gohan. That's right! He had taught Gohan that song years ago when he was baby- sitting to keep the boy out of trouble. It then seemed only natural that his daughter would learn the song too. Then again, as much trouble as he had heard Goku and Gohan had gotten in for singing it the first time, he doubted very much it had been Gohan to pass on this bit of his village's traditions. So, who could it have been?

While fondly pondering who was keeping the spirit of his people alive, the girls in the midst of their fourth round, a loud banging noise caught everyone's attention, causing their heads to spin to see what was going on.

Turning toward one of the two doors on the wall behind Krillin, leading into a extension Krillin had built on a few years ago, three pairs of eyes blinked in completely bewilderment at the sight before their eyes.

Standing in the doorway stood a soaking wet Android 18, a fluffy sunbeam towel covering her bareness, her eyes narrowed slits as she breathed heavily, obviously peeved. "What is the meaning of this?!" she roared, sounding just as terrifying as she had all those years ago when she and her brother had been reeking havoc on the entire planet.

"We...we were singin' our song for Mr. K'illin," Bra stuttered. Even she was obviously intimidated by the furious android. Not that Krillin could much blame her. His wife was...well, horrifying when she was angry.

18's eyes turned to the girls as she bared her teeth, preparing to say something.

Just as 18 opened her mouth to let the girls have it, Marron rushed in. "Bra! Pan! There you two are! I just dozed off for a minute and you were gone! I was so worried! I searched all over and couldn't find you! Then when I heard Mom yell, I figured out where you were!" she quickly called out as she tried to catch her breath on the way over to gather both girls into her embrace, cuddling them tightly to her bosom, glad they were still alive.

"Uh...honey...you might want to get them on out of here and back to the beach," Krillin hesitantly suggested, quickly glancing at 18, hoping to give Marron the hint.

"Oh, I see," Marron replied. "I'm sorry they were a bother. I promise I'll watch them better now." She quickly apologized before pecking her father's cheek, and with a girl on each hip, she was gone, closing the door behind her.

Taking a deep, courage granting breath of oxygen, Krillin turned to look at his wife again.

18, still seething with anger, simply glared at him before speaking. "I can't believe you taught them that song after I told you years ago that I never wanted to hear it again. I didn't want our daughter singing it, and I don't want to hear it from those Saiyan brats. I HATE that song!" She took a moment to cool her jets before deciding her next course of action.

"I'm going back to my bath now, unless you have anymore interruptions planned," 18 stated, turning back toward the bathroom, reaching for the door to close behind her.

"Man did I get lucky," Krillin muttered under his breath. "I'm glad she took it so well." He chuckled lightly, trying to ease his tension with humor, as is his way. "I didn't even get cut off."

"That's what you think," the beautiful android simply stated just before the sound of the door's closing ended all attempts at further conversation.

"Aw, man!" Krillin pouted. It was going to be a long, cold night tonight.

And finally, the lesson to this entire crazy fic: *shrug* I don't know. Does there have to be a lesson or point? That's what I thought.

A/N: So, I guess that's the end of our little adventure in song. It's been a good one, and I hope you enjoyed the trip as much as I did. Those mischievous little Saiyans.... *shakes head* See ya around. ^_^