"On the Jazz: The Faceman Chronicles"

By Peppe1951

Historical note: In WW2 the youngest soldier to enlist and serve was a twelve-year-old Texas boy. During the Korean War the youngest was thirteen and in the Viet Nam War the youngest to enlist was fourteen who died at the age of fifteen.

Author's Note: In my universe Templeton Peck joined Hannibal Smith's unit, nicknamed the A-Team, just before the Hanoi mission when Col. Morrison assigned them to rob the Bank of Hanoi in hopes that it would bring the war to an earlier end.

Morrison was killed when his base was bombed causing the A-Team to be charged with robbing the bank on their own and with no orders to back them up they were arrested, tried and sentenced to thirty years in Military Prison. They escaped from the Fort Bragg stockade and were on the run for two years before Morrison's Aide woke up from a coma due to the bombing and was able to clear the A-Team of all charges.

The team decided to continue doing what they had been doing while on the run from the MPs, helping people for a fee. They formed an agency called "On the Jazz" and set up a home base just outside of Bradbury, CA where their office is located as well as apartments for each team member There is also a garage where the van, corvette and other vehicles were parked. This story takes place a few months later.

Summary: Face meets an unpleasant character from his past and because of that meeting his life is changed.

Warning: Corporal punishment of a teenager.

Chapter 1

Face was in a part of Los Angeles that his colonel had especially forbidden him to be in unless he was with another team member due to the fact that he looked too young and Hannibal was afraid that he might be abused. But Face's favorite place to shop for Hannibal's cigars were located in this area and he figured that what Hannibal didn't know wouldn't hurt him.

"Hey watch where you're going…hey I know you!"

Face had accidently bumped into a large man coming out of a bar and recognized who he was at the same time and took off running just seconds before the larger man lunged for him.

'I should have listened to Hannibal' Face thought as he headed back to where he parked the nondescript car he had taken that day. It was while he was on his way back to the car that he passed by an alley where he was suddenly grabbed and yanked in.

"I got you now, boy. You thought you would try and escape me in my neighborhood…I know every nook and cranny there is," he shook Face before pushing him towards a corner when he removed his belt and doubled it up in his hand,

"I'm going to give you such a beating that you won't ever run away from me again!"

"You got me confused with someone else. My name is Templeton Peck; I'm a member of the A-Team."

"Your name is Alvin Brenner and you are my foster son. When you ran away you cost me a monthly check from Social Services and I'm going to take it out on your hide!" He grabbed Face and turned him around so he could get to his backside and began to whale away hitting him harshly again and again.

Face struggled to get away as his backside began to burn. He suddenly went limp in attempt to break away. His move caused his attacker to pause and lose his hold on the younger man a move that Face was waiting for. He struck out catching the older man in the groin stopping him at once. Face took off and soon was driving away.

"Has anyone seen Face?" Hannibal looked around the office into the faces of Murdock and BA.

"I think he was going into town for your cigars." BA volunteered the information.

"He was going to that little shop that he likes in south LA."

"He wouldn't? I forbid him from going there unless one of us went with him."

"Hannibal he is a grown man…you can't do that."

"Murdock you know he is much younger than his military records say…and he looks too young to be in that part of town alone. He could be taken advantage of quite easily. I know you don't want that."

"Hopefully he took your warning to heart and went someplace else."

"Did he take his Corvette?"

"Nope….he took that older car that BA is restoring!"


"I'm sure that he isn't going to hurt it, BA. He wanted a car that would blend into the neighborhood," reasoned Hannibal with a sigh. "When he gets back trust me he will be punished for ignoring my orders. I think running the obstacle course until he drops should just about do it."

It was early evening when Hannibal heard a car drive up and park. It was a moment later that Face appeared carrying a package which he threw at Hannibal.

"Here are your cigars, Hannibal," before turning to go when Hannibal barked.

"FACE! I want to talk with you about where you got these cigars!"

Face didn't even pause as he headed upstairs to his room. Until his apartment was ready he was staying with Hannibal. His focus was only on staying off his throbbing backside and didn't even acknowledge Hannibal's orders.

Hannibal watched with amazement as his Lieutenant ignore him and walked away. He followed a minute later and found Face lying face down on his bed.

"What's wrong, kid? Did something happen to you while you were away?"

"I bumped into a stranger while I was getting your cigars. He thought I was his missing foster son and took his anger of losing a monthly Social Services check out of my hide. I didn't get a chance to get away until after he had beaten me. My butt is on fire; and it's the reason I was so late in getting back. I had to stop repeatedly to get the pressure off my backside before I could drive on. I'm sorry…you were right; I should have taken someone with me."

"Oh kid, you know that I love you like a son and that is why I want to protect you so when you have recovered from your encounter with that stranger you will be running the obstacle course until I say you can stop."

Face nodded.

"Now turn over and let me put some salve on your backside; it will help ease your pain."

"Thanks, Hannibal."