Power Rangers #1

About to be killed by aliens from 10000 years ago that busted out of a space dumpster not how this day was supposed to go I got to be honest with you. It all started a week ago when me and my friends are about to start our Softmore year in Highschool. The next manned spacecraft was going to fly to the moon which our Science teacher thought would be a wonderful idea for us to watch. By the way my name is Caleb Finch I usually hang around in the shadows and write stories about weird and exciting things little did I know I would become one of those stories. My best friend Jayce Thedford is always the jokester of the class, but that doesn't mean he isn't intelligent in fact he's definitely smarter than me. Then the most awesome girls in the universe Hannah Williams and Britt Piper. If there was a kid prodigy that combines nerd, sports, and smarts all into one girl that would be Hannah, Britt on the other hand is nearly the same with her being very smart and loves theater. I have brown hair with brown eyes 5 foot 8 inches and pretty slim but not too slim. Jayce has orange hair and green eyes and is a little smaller than I am and is very in shape. Britt has brown hair and brown eyes and if she was a bit taller it would look creepy of the resemblance between me and her. Hannah has blonde hair with blue eyes and is a little bit smaller than me but makes up for it in her athletic ability. Back on track the spaceship landed without a hitch with everyone in every class watching the broadcast. That's when they saw it, when everyone saw it. Sitting right there was a trashcan in space not floating not even moving it was just bound to the ground. Being the idiots that humanity are the two spacemen open the trashcan without a single thought. When suddenly a woman and 4 other monsters burst out of it with everyone in the school shocked. I stood on the edge of my seat and waited for what would happen next. The woman pointed her staff at the 2 spacemen.

"Are you transmitting this live?" the woman asks.

The spacemen nod their heads in unison.

"Well then listen Earth! My name is Rita Repulsa and after 10,000 years I'm free! I will conquer Earth and nobody will be able to stop me!" the woman laughs horrifically.

After that the whole school went into panic rushing everyone home. Jayce, Britt, Hannah, and I all meet up which even to right now I'm not sure was a good idea or bad.

"This is crazy I heard the spacemen were evaporated a short while later on live TV!" Hannah exclaims not knowing how to start a conversation after seeing something like that.

"I wonder why the previous moon landing didn't see it before?" Britt wonders in fear of the answer.

"I bet someone was trying to hide it from us so we aren't stupid and try opening the things." I respond half expecting someone to come up with a better idea. To my surprise nobody objected it considering the stupidity of opening it before even asking permission from Central.

"Hey everyone cheer up I bet the United Nations are working on ways to combat the problem." Jayce says confidently.

He was right the next day the United Nations sent missiles to destroy Rita and her minions. She retaliated by sending a missile into the ocean destroying a nuclear submarine in the Japanize navy.

"You dare retaliate! Prepare to face my wrath! I will begin my assault in 24 hours! Say your prayers!" Rita sent that message to every device in the world and needless to say the world descent into panic. Later that day I went to go see an old friend named Connor Robnett pretty chubby, blonde, and brown eyes animal lover and fellow comic enthusiast.

"Bro you do realize that the name Rita Repulsa is a name that comes up multiple times in Greek mythos?" Connor points out.

"How did they deal with her before, there had to be someone who put her in the trashcan prison." I said thinking about how stupid I sounded.

"There was a hero named Zordon who used the powers of what they called the coins to seal away the evil warlord. Sadly, at the cost of his own life." Connor reads the last parts disappointed.

"History's been wrong before, plus what happened to the coins that seems like to many coincidences to me for him just to be dead." I say unaware of the mystery we were about to unfold. I decided that we needed to head to our school Victory Life Academy to regroup with our friends and figure out more on Zordon and these mysterious Power Coins.

When we show up though the building is on fire with my friends and teachers inside!

"Connor stay here and call the police I'm heading in." I say confidently.

"Just stay safe and watch your head." Connor warns as he dials 911.

I run in yelling "Jayce! Britt! Hannah! Can you hear me!?" but to no avail so I run upstairs and find them unconscious. I run over to Jayce to try and get him to help me get Hannah and Britt out of the burning building.

"Uhnnn Caleb I smell smoke." He looked around instantly stood up and started grabbing Britt to get her out of the building. I did the same grabbing Hannah and bringing her downstairs to get her to safety.

We were dodging fire from all angles then Britt fell out of Jayce's hands and she looked a lot worse than before. I continued on ahead and ended up having to bust out the window with a nearby chair. Jayce and Britt then shortly followed.

"Caleb come over here I need to talk to you." Jayce says mysteriously. "They were looking for you."

"Who, who was looking for me?" I had a pit in my stomach telling me it was something bad.

"It was one of Rita's minions named Goldar." Jayce said with fear in his eyes.

"What did it look like and did it say why he was looking for me?" I inquire now more curious about Zordon and if he is alive than ever.

"He was a weird terrifying griffon human beast. He never said anything I understand something about Zordon and how he needed to stop you from uncovering the Power Coins. Make any sense to you?" Jayce explains.

"Actually yes Connor found some old Greek translation that only made sense with Rita Repulsa as the name as well as Zordon." I say as we continue keeping Hannah and Britt in our arms as we wait for the police to arrive.

"We were able to get the teachers all out during the attack." Jayce explains much to my relief.

"I imagine they weren't too happy when you, Hannah and Britt stayed to look for more people." I point out.

"Well obviously not too shaken considering they aren't here anymore." Jayce laughs which surprised me thinking about how funny the situation actually is.

"Jayce hehe we're holding our best friends with a burning building behind us that a Griffon creature attacked. How awesome is this!?" Jayce and I continue to laugh when the police and firefighters show up to take out the fire and help Hannah and Britt.

Elsewhere while Jayce, Connor and I stayed around Hannah and Britt hoping to get some good news a mysterious glow begins to brighten in a laboratory unlike anything the Earth has seen.

"Alpha with the growing threat of Rita and her evil minions we need to find the 5 teenagers they were targeting and keep them safe." The Mysterious figure commands.

"Yes Zordon right away we'll have to keep the two human girls in the med lab until they are fully recuperated to give them the coins." Alpha replies as begins to set the calibrations for teleporting the group of friends there.

Back at the hospital Hannah woke up and she wanted to thank me for saving her.

"Seriously Caleb you saved my life, thank you." She looked dead serious.

"It's what anyone would do for a friend especially if it's for a best one." I reply. "Plus you saved countless other families! If anything I should be thanking you."

Suddenly the teleport starts to take effect, Hannah and I are turned into Red and Pink energy and transmitted to Zordon!

"Caleb what's going on? Where are we?" Hannah asked completely afraid. Then Jayce, Britt, and Connor are teleported in Black, Yellow, and Blue colors.

"Ai ai ai!" Alpha waddles up to Hannah. So I step in front of him thinking he works for Rita and pushes him back.

"Stand down!" Zordon yells as his head appears in a tube column before the courageous teens.

"Zordon?" Connor guesses as Jayce helps Britt from the ground.

"Indeed it is I Zordon the one Rita and her lackeys hurt you to stop you from finding me." Zordon claims startling Hannah. "I am gravely sorry about what Rita did to you I was unaware she had become so ruthless and was unprepared to fight her."

"History says that you're dead what happened?" I inquire feeling my curiosity bursting out of my chest.

"Indeed I had to stage my death to keep myself from being targeted by other evils at work." Zordon explains. "Rita was beginning her final assault everything she had left and sent them at the human resistance. I stepped in and defeated all of them with the power of the Power Coins imbued with the power of Dinosaurs! Sadly, during the battle, they were spread out across the world and I only recently found five out of the eight that were scattered. I am now going to entrust that power to you."

"What!? We aren't qualified or have had any training!" Jayce exclaims still having Britt lean on his shoulder.

"Training will come in due time but right now the world needs you as the Power Rangers!" Zordon says trying to convince the group of teenagers they are needed.

"I'm in." I say as I step forward. "If I can stop Rita and help bring peace to Earth then we need to do so."

"I'm with Caleb." Hannah says having to lean on Caleb for support as her injuries are still bugging her.

"Me too." Connor shyly says standing forward. Britt tries to walk forward but collapses due to the extent of her burns and injuries.

"Ai ai ai! Let me take her to our medical room I promise she will be safe there and unharmed." Alpha says chirpy even in a tense situation.

"If someone who is hurt so bad as Britt wants to help then I guess it's my duty to step up as well." Jayce says joining the team.

"Very well you will be able to use the power of the Power Coins and the responsibilities that come with it. Caleb you will be the Red Ranger leader of the team; you will possess the power of a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Connor as the Blue Ranger you will possess the power of shielding the humanity of this world with the abilities of a Triceratops. Hannah you will possess the power of the Pink Ranger with your athletic prowess you will command the power of the Pterodactyl. Jayce you will be the Black Ranger and with your strength command the Mastodon." Zordon says giving the newly formed team courage as they look onward to the battle ahead.

"How do we activate these powers Zordon?" I ask with excitement all in my body.

"You will know what to say when the time comes." Zordon says vaguely. "But right now Rita has her minion Goldar searching the park for you and is going to hurt countless innocents. Alpha will teleport you their go Power Rangers and may the power protect you!"

We were then teleported and put right in the midst of attacks with weird grey minions all around Goldar.

"How are we supposed to do this there is so many of them!" Connor says instantly losing hope.

"We can do this guys with the power of the power coins." I say keeping them encouraged.

We then jump into the enemies with me leading the charge. I kick the first one but then 3 more appeared behind me and tried attacking me but I managed to block the assault. Connor came to help me and slammed two of the grey creature's heads together. Jayce and Hannah then work together and start using the swings as ways to get momentum for attack.

"Puny humans!" Goldar laughs maniacally and shoots laser beams at us missing but the blasts hit us.

"Guys it's time we need to activate our powers if we are going to try to beat Goldar." I say with everyone pulling out there morphers as Alpha called them. "It's MORPHIN TIME!"





Here we are all of us in our suits morphed and ready for action! Now your caught up let's see what happens next.

"This power it feels so unbelievable." Hannah says surprised with power at her disposal.

"What! Zordon entrusted the Power Coins to lowly humans!" Goldar says surprised that Zordon even gave us this power.

"Prepare for a knuckle sandwich." Jayce jokes.

We ran in with Connor punching three of the grey creatures back. I then jump over him and start fighting more of them! Hannah and Jayce start to fight Goldar catching him off balance and making him trip.

"Rangers I'm communicating from the Power Chamber to you mentally. You must use your weapons!" Zordon mentally commands.

"Everyone heard that right?" I yell to the team who all nod. "Alright then Tyrannosaurus Sword!"

"Triceratops Staff!"

"Pterodactyl Bow!"

"Mastodon Axe!"

Then all of our weapons appear in our hands and it begins to turn the tide even more in our favor. I slash and hack at the grey creatures taking numerous amounts down. Connor saves a child from getting attacked by swiping the creature in the legs stopping it from moving. Hannah moves toward Goldar shooting him with her bow. Jayce clears the way for Hannah with his axe slamming it on the ground knocking them all on their feet.

"Puddies retreat! Retreat!" Goldar says flying away frightened and confused by our power.

"Good work Power Rangers Alpha will teleport you back also Britt has made a full recovery with our equipment." Zordon states mentally.

We are then teleported to the Power Chamber and to our surprise Britt was completely healed from head to toe not even a scratch on her!

"Power down!" We all stated turning back into our regular selves and the morphers returning to our possession.

"Woah! A little color comes a long way in hope doesn't it?" Britt says astonished by the transformation.

"Britt! You're okay we were all so worried!" Jayce says embracing her.

"Just glad to be back." Britt says comfortably as Connor, Hannah, and I stand awkwardly as the two embrace.

"Britt Piper now that you are fully healed you can be given the responsibility of being a Power Ranger do you still say yes to my offer?" Zordon says happy that hope is returning.

"I do." Britt says stepping forward.

"Then Britt Piper you will be given the power of the Yellow Ranger! With your endurance you will command the mighty sabretooth!" Zordon bestows the power upon her. "Now that you are Power Rangers you must use the power responsibly do not escalate the battle before the enemy does and do not reveal your identity to anyone."

"Understood." I say stepping forward.

"Then I officially commend you as the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers!" Zordon says pride in his face.

Later that day news got out about 4 color cladded heroes fighting back against the forces of Rita!

"Curses! Zordon knew the five teenagers would be powerful enough to possess the power! We will have to think of another strategy." Rita says to her Puddies and Goldar.