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All he wanted to do was to slip back into relieving the cold of cryostasis, to forget everything that had happened to him. But he couldn't go back there...back to Hydra. So he ignored the urge to return to the base and ran, using his experience in chasing past missions to avoid his pursuers. He didn't care where he ended up as long as he kept out of sight, away from Hydra.

Memories, in broken fragments, came back with frightening speed as the days whooshed by. Every time one came back, pain ripped his head apart, piercing his skull with white hot bolts of lightning. Each memory left in its wake a shattered bit of wall where he had slammed his metal fist into it, or a torn apart car where his agony had vented itself, or scars on the pavement where his mechanical fingers had dug into the pavement. The memories that hurt the most were the ones from that far away time...when he had had a name, besides asset, fist, weapon, tool, Winter Soldier. Yes, he had had a name, a real one...What had the man on the ship said?...Bucky.

Pain washed over him and he slammed into the side of a building, taking out a large hole in a garage door. Sinking to the floor, he clutched his pounding head with both hands and rocked back and forth, trying to eliminate the agony. Taking a shuddering breath, he glanced around him, surveying the abandoned shelter he had stumbled into. Brown walls that were stained with graffiti, broken white doors, broken glass windows, and water dripping from cracked pipes up above. The floors were decorated with fractured pieces of the glass, shattered beer bottles, dilapidated furniture, and railroad ties dotted with mushrooms.

Shaking, he stood up and kicked at a rock. This would be a good place to lay low for a few days; Hydra wouldn't find him here. Picking up a tattered sheet, he found a place, hidden from sight on a stuffingless couch, and fell asleep.

At first there were no dreams -for that he was thankful - but then there was a swirling darkness dripping with blood and…

He bolted upright screaming.

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