Something Simple

'I watch some people and wonder how they made their way out the birth canal.'

It's a common misconception among the residents of Namimori that Sawada Iemitsu and Sawada Nana were a normal, obliviously-in-love couple.

Of course, the husband looked foreign, and no one quite knew what kind of construction work entailed associating oneself with corporate suits of shady origins, but that was easily ignored in favour of focussing on the sheer stupidity he conducted himself with.

Then, on the other hand, was his wife, who was so ridiculously gullible that, not only had Furushima-san from next door sold her a crateful of suspiciously acquired eggs, he had also felt tremendously guilty about it, to the point where he now provides the newlyweds a weekly supply of the freshest fruits from his son's stall for free.

Other than that however, there was nothing really out of place about this couple, and in a town rife with unexplained and stringently ignored yakuza activity, the Sawada family was happily integrated without a hitch.

On the fourteenth of October, the very first year Sawada Iemitsu and Nana had lived in Namimori, when autumn graced the sleepy town, burning its trees in a blaze of oranges, reds and yellows, and tipping the temperature just a few degrees shy of unpleasantly cold, Sawada Nana gave birth to two healthy children, a boy and a girl.

Sawada Iemitsu took one look at his twins and proclaimed them to be the Most Adorable Beings he had ever laid eyes on. If he had tears in his eyes, no one mentioned it, for fear of being engulfed in a bear hug that few in history had ever recovered from.

"Anata," said his beautifully ordinary wife. "Have we decided on a name yet?"

For Sawada Nana, her husband's decisions were her decisions as well, hence the 'we' rather than the 'you'.

He gazed at his tortilla-wrapped babies in contemplation. Sawada Nana calmly brushed the downy hair of her son lovingly as her husband ran through about a dozen possibilities, scrounging around his brain for the perfect names.

He struck upon them, and the resultant smile on his face was blinding in its intensity.

"Sawada Tsunayoshi." he said proudly, placing a calloused hand on his eldest child's forehead, before moving his other hand to stroke his daughter's soft cheek.

"And Sawada Nadeshiko."

Nana hummed in happiness, and the twins' fates were sealed.

"Tsu-kun and Na-chan!"

While the newlywed couple basked in their good fortune with hearty laughs and secret smiles, the younger of the twins blinked blearily, sleep having fled for a few short moments. In the three heartbeats it took for her to regain her bearings, she registered the irrational need for milk, the unaccountable need to start crying if she didn't obtain said milk immediately, and the annoying voice in her head telling her that all of this was just plain wrong.

Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on which way the situation was looked at, she lost her hold on lucidity soon enough and promptly fell asleep once more.

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