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Notes: As implied last chapter Sakura is not as powerful as she thinks she is but is still more powerful than everybody else thinks she is just so you all know and her cursed seal does is actually an improved version of Mizuki's version of said seal. However, by improved I mean just without the drawbacks of the whole eventually turning into a mummy thing that comes with it also its granted abilities remain the same. Currently it has over 10'000 hits 10'470 to be exact, 18 reviews, 47 favorites and 55 followers pity it is not part of any community I would like it to be part of one if that is okay with anybody.

Chapter Fourteen: Hollow Exterminating and powers

Tier and her fraction were currently assigned to Hollow Extermination in the Countryside of the Land of Fire by Tsunade Senju while their Shingami Guests stayed behind in Konoha. Rosa smirked as she let the weak Sero of the Goatman like Common Hollow they were currently fighting the tenth so far they had come across on this mission. I believe you wanted to do this Hollow she said confidently 'SERO' she shouted and a beam of energy engulfed the Goatman like Hollow sending it flying back and knocking it out. Tier readied Tiburon and made short work of the Hollow with it smirking smugly as she watched it dispel back into a Plus that soon the gates of hell appeared to claim it telling her that this hollow likely had been bad in life.

As Always Tier Sama you are the best of us said Rosa smiling Tier smiled back at her follower and now literally family member as she eyed the No-Dachi Reona that was strapped onto her back. So do we continue this campaign of extermination against the Land of Fire's Hollow Population? Or not Tier Sama? Said Sun a neutral look on her face as she spoke and Tier nodded and the four took off hopping onto the trees. They soon came across another Common Hollow this one was as strong as the last and resembled a inky Black Lizardman save for its skull like mask that made up its head. I'll handle this one Tier Sama said Apacci drawing her Wakizashi Zanpakuto Shieruba and facing down the Hollow with a determined look on her face before the Hollow roared at her and she released a wave of Chakra from her Wakizashi something all of them had learned to do.

The energy wave slammed into the Common Hollow stunning it briefly allowing Apacci to lop of its right arm with her Wakizashi the Hollow attempted to Counter by swiping it remaining clawed hand at Apacci whom grabbed the approaching limb with her free hand. Apacci grinned and tossed the Hollow sending the reptilian like entity flying backwards through a few trees and she and her associated followed it the others at a distance of course as this was Apacci's fight. Apacci grinned as she slashed the Hollow across the midsection before following up by stabbing the kneeling hollow in the head which where its entre mask was located and Purified it freeing the Soul within it. Since the gates of Hell didn't immeddialty claim the Soul She then Konsod the spirit which much to her and her friends dismay was that of a small girl that they hat to reassure before helping her move on.

They continued moving on their target number of Hollow's to Cleanse was 20 and that had been the 19th hollow they had cleansed The Elemental Nations had no shortage of Hollows some of which were actually randomly occurring monsters that seemed to just pop up out of nowhere though others were Soul Beings like they had once been. Suddenly they saw it in the clearing a immense Hollow that towered over the surrounding area standing in the remains of a village and they paled at the Hollow Giant or Gillian as they once called them that they now faced. Unlike the other Hollows that they had faced all of which were Common Hollows C ranked or Lower on the power scale this one was Mid B ranked. It faced them and they glared back knowing they were far more powerful than it and after debating amongst themselves for a while decided to let Rosa deal with it as she was powerful enough to do so.

Rosa grinned hefting Reona into the air and facing the 20-foot-tall Hollow Giant whom turned and looked down at her and Roared she snarled and fired a Sero at it blasting it backwards some distance and Rosa and the rest followed it out of the village. She smirked as the Mid A ranked Adept delivered a powerful blow with a roundhouse kick to the Hollow's side followed by slashing Reona down the Hollow Giants chest. After a brief fight she purified the hollow and as it turned out this one was one of the randomly occurring Hollows that terrorized the Elemental Nations citizenry. Rosa Smiled as she turned a taunting grin to Apacci whom scowled back at her as the two seemed to get ready to argue but a look from Tier stopped them as they started to head back to Konoha via Tier after making the Dragon, Snake and Rat hand seals using the Desukoreru Jutsu to open a portal aka Garuganta to it and using it to instantly get to Konoha.

The group of Former Arrancar/Arankaru had certain abilities that derived from their time as Arankaru but were now a bloodline thanks to Kami Sama. The first ability was Bara or the Hollow Bullet formerly known as Bala down by punching the air in front of you and releasing a bullet of Blue Chakra at a chosen target. The Bara attack did considerable damage despite being less powerful than the attack it is based on but unlike its base attack could be fired in rapid succession at a target considering it needed no hand seal. The next attack now known as the Sero aka Hollow Flash was a pure beam of destructive Chakra fired at a target that did a high amount of damage greater than the Bara derived from it but could not be fired in rapid succession like the bara.

The Bara was considered a B ranked Technique and the Sero a A ranked Technique, The Next technique they had was a Time Space Jutsu they had that utilized the Garuganta portals that more powerful Hollows and Arankaru could use via either this technique or the Kumon technique. That technique was the Desukoreru meaning Loosed Void Jutsu utilized via the Dragon, Snake and Rat Hand Seals it forced open a Garuganta meaning Black Cavity portal that enabled the Four Arankaru turned reborn Adepts via stepping in and out of it once at their destination to travel anywhere they wished. The Jutsu was S ranked the next Jutsu they and any other Arankaru were capable of using was a improved version of the Iero technique used by Adepts and Arankaru unique to them called Dai Iero that made them completely invulnerable to attacks that were lower than S rank in power or not used by S ranked beings. Even those beings needed at least B ranked Jutsu's to harm them when either Tier, Rosa, Sun or Apacci were using Dai Iero or Great Steel Skin which was a S ranked Jutsu and needed like the standard Iero the Ox Hand Sign to activate.

The Next Ability they had was the Medical Jutsu Chosuku Saisei meaning Ultra-Fast Regeneration that worked like Tier's Regeneration powers when she was Kuruma's Jinchuriki capable of healing any damage dealt to them. The cost was that it costed varied amounts of Chakra depending upon how badly damaged they were the most being equivalent to an A ranked Jutsu and the least enough to fuel a E rank. The Chosuku Saisei required the Horse, Ox and Dog Hand Seals to activate the next Techinque was a sensor type Jutsu called Pesukisa which meant Probe Circuit and was a very powerful sensing ability that most Adept Sensor's wished they had. The Final Jutsu they were capable of preforming was the Sonido or Sound Ceremony Speed Technique that enabled them both now and when they were Arankaru to move at extremely high speeds from one point to another faster with only a Sonic boom marking their passing.

Like Shingami and the Arankaru they once where they also had Zanpakuto but theirs were different a bit from Shingami instead of having Shikai and Bankai they and Arankaru had the Resurekushion ability. The four like they did when they were Arankaru had their full power sealed in their Zanpakuto until it was released via a certain command different between Tier, Rosa, Sun and Apacci. The release also changed them to their Hollow forms for Tier is Destroy Tiburon when she releases this form she gains shark like teeth and her skin turns light blue and her hair dark blue and a shark like Dorsal Fin on her upper back it also grants her the ability to use Water release Jutsu without hand seals. For Apacci and her Wakizashi Zanpakuto Shieruba is Thrust Shieruba in this form she turns into a Anthromorphic Deer Woman, Shieruba's powers when released are the ability to use wind based Jutsu without hand seals and like with Tier her other abilities are enhanced.

When Rosa releases her No-Dachi Zanpakuto via the command Devour Reona she turns into a Anthromorphic Lioness woman her Zanpakuto's power when released is that it allows her to utilize Fire Jutsu without hand seals and like with Apacci and Tier it enhances her other abilities. When Sun releases her Zanpakuto Anakonda she gains snake like scales on her skin, claws on her hands and her hair turns into serpents much like the transformation of a Hebi-Onna into its true form. Her Zanpakuto's ability that it grants her is the ability to use Lightning based Jutsu without Hand Seals all in all the four reborn Uzumaki girls are deadly and powerful and are going to shape the future of the elemental Nations.

End of Chapter