Let's face it, this was all her fault. After all, Riley'd only fallen for Lucas after she'd pushed her into his lap and told her to like him. So, there was no one for her to blame but herself. As usual.

It wasn't just the fact that he was absolutely gorgeous; or that when he put his hands on her, which she found seemed to happen a lot, her skin felt like it was on fire, only to be left burning for his touch a moment later. No, what she really liked about Lucas was his- ugh, should couldn't believe she was even admitting this- personality.

She hadn't dated much in middle school because she hadn't much been interested in middle school boys; and trust that she'd had her pick of them. They were immature, childish, and quite frankly most of them were scared of her. Lucas was none of those things. He was the first guy who'd been able to put her in her place and had lived to tell the tale, he had a dark side, and he'd definitely experienced more than, say, Farkle. Don't get it wrong, she loves the kid, but she loves him like a brother. A little brother. One who probably still sleeps with a nightlight. But she was above all that, or at the very least that's what she told herself.

That'd been her primary attraction to good ole uncle josh. He was cute, he was a Matthews, and he was going to college; what more could a girl ask for? He was perfect in her eyes, although in hindsight, marry him just to be part of the Matthews family was fairly counter-intuitive, because she was already as much a Matthews as anyone; she learned that lesson from Shawny. But her crush on her best friend's uncle had remained because, unattainable as he was, he still made more sense for her to try to go for him than Lucas.

Lucas was Riley's, she'd known that. As discussed, she'd made it happen. But that didn't stop a something in the pit of her stomach from clenching up at the thought of him climbing on that bull. If something'd happened to him, before something'd happened to them she didn't know what she would've done.

See, besides hating to see her friends hurt, Maya'd always had a sneaking suspicion that someday it would be her turn. That as they got older Riles would realize that Lucas wasn't the one she was destined for- uh duh, Farkle much?- and then she and the cowboy'd have their time in the sun. They just made sense together; opposites may attract, but birds of a feather flock together, don't they? Lucas would've sheltered Riley too much, otherwise he would've crushed her image of him, and he would've resented her for trying to change him. Farkle would've regressed to a straight up robot, if Riley weren't there to pull him out of his funk after Smackle dumped him to 'focus on her studies'. It's a wonder it even took them as long as it did for the two of them to get together. They were, after all, like 'fiyah', and, hell, she was ready to burn.