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She followed the fellowship to Hollin without being noticed until Legolas saw her. 'Valor above why can't elves keep their mouths shut.' She thought as Legolas called out to the rest of the fellowship. She rolled her eyes and increased her pace. "Hello oh fellow travelers!" She called when she was in hearing range for the entire group. "I hope you don't mind my tagging along. I have a threat to adhere to. Papa knows, or should know by now, that I don't make empty threats." She said in her most innocent voice. "Alagmetwen! I told you that you were not to come! This quest is too dangerous for a woman! Wait hold that thought you are not even a woman yet! You are still but a girl! You will turn that horse right around and return to Rivendell this instant young lady!" (That sounds like one of my dad's lectures. Give or take a few words. ;) Songelf88) "No I won't papa. I know one of you will fall at Amon Hen and it could very well be you! I will not stand by in a city and knit and worry and wait for a messenger to tell me of your fate! I was raised to be useful! You yourself told me 'Daughter you are above common woman's work, you are the first born child of Lord Boromir of Gondor' those were your words deny them if you will but I speak the truth." She glared daggers at her father daring him to deny what she said. "Fine" he hissed. "But if you get hurt or endanger this quest I will personally see to it that you never leave Gondor again and that you are well educated in the art of sewing." She shuddered at the last thought. 'Valor above why do I never make empty threats?' she thought despairingly. As she rode after her father and his companions.