Author's note: THis takes place when Inuyasha and Kagome were both little.
It may be dull and boring, but just be patient, it will speed up quickly.

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" Kagome squealed in delight as she drifted down the well.

*BoNK!* she landed on her rear, and quickly got up to brush herself off.
"That was fun!"
She quickly looked around to see where she was, but it wasn't familiar at all.

" I?" she asked, but quieted herself once she heard something from the bushes.

"Wh-who's ther?"

"YAH!!!" yelled Inuyasha as he lept out from the bushes, "Take that DEMON!"

"Wait!" Kagome yelled as she ducked away from Inuyasha's minature claws.

"Hey, you're no demon!"

"I know I'm not! I'm Kagome!"

"What's a....Ka-go-me?"

"That's my name silly! What's yours?"


"Nice to meet you." she said, sticking out her hand in a gesture of friendship.


"Wanna play?"

"I don't have time to play." Inuyasha said as he lept up into the tree.

"Wait!" Kagome said as she ran behind him, and quickly scurried up into the tree after him, until she had reached where he was.

"Quit following me!" he said, as he went a branch higher.

Kagome quickly followed him once more, but this time, the branch could not hold their weight and collapsed to the ground.



Inuyasha looked up to see Kagome, laying only centimeters away from his face. She had momentarily fainted.
'She sure is pretty....' he thought as he inhaled her scent. He quickly put his arms around her to sit her up.

"Ka-go-me, are you okay?" he asked as she slowly began to stir.

"Hai.... I think so..."

"Good...then COULD YOU GET OFFA ME!?!"


That was when they were five. It had now been thirteen years since he had seen that Ka-go-me girl...and he wondered what had happened to her,
wondering if she even remembered him.
He was now eighteen, he had grown, but his thoughts were still the same of that girl.

He sat quietly up in the tree by the first place he had seen her.

"Inuyasha? What are you thinking about?" called a familiar voice.

"Nothing!" he snapped.


"I SAID NOTHING Miruko, now go away!"

"FINE....baka..." he said quietly, and walked away.

Inuyasha lept down from the tree.

"What did you call me?"


"I thought so..." he said as he returned his claws to their former state, and lept back into the tree to return to his thoughts.

'I wish I could see her again.....' he thought as he watched his friend go back to chasing some of the humanoid girls.
He then turned his focus towards the well, just wishing she'd come...