Gomen. It's been a while.


Once back in Inuyasha's time, the place where they met, and re-united, they headed off towards Kaede's village.

"We gotta make it before sunset..." he said, running towads the village. Every minute, the sun grew lower and lower in the darkening sky.


"The forest is dangerous at night." that was all he said.

"Oh..." in her mind, she began to picture all the things that may happen, but they were interrupted when Inuyasha jerked to a halt, sniffing the air, and setting her down on a rock.

"Kouga..." he growled, his teeth clenched.

"Kouga? Nani?"

"He's a wolf..." he said as a blue whirl wind was heading towards them, stopping just feet away from Kagome.

"EEP!" she cried as it was in arms-length.

Inuyasha stepped over towards her proctectively. "Just stay calm." he said, blocking her with his arms.

"Why are you so protective over her, Dog breath?" said a youkai dressed as a wolf.

"I suggest you BACK OFF!" Inuyasha growled, glaring at Kouga furiously.

"And why should I? Unless...."

"Unless what, wolf!?"

"Unless she's your mate." he smirked, winking at the ingured Kagome behind Inuyasha.

'He hasn't seen what I look like, yet he's...flirting with me. Wait, did he just call me Inuyasha's MATE?'

"She's NOT my mate..." 'Yet.' "But it doesn't mean you have the right ot her!" he growled worse than before, baring his fangs.

"I don't have time to fight, but when I return, she shall go with me." he said, winking at Kagome, who blushed.

Inuyasha let out a low growl seeing him wink. 'Hasn't he done ENOUGH?'

"I must be on my way. See you soon, my lady!" he said, as the whirl wind re-formed and he was off.

"Who or what was that?!" Kagome asked, placing her hand on inuyasha's shoulder, feeling him tense slightly beneath her.

"Feh...that was a wolf called Kouga. Don't worry, if he steps within three feet of you, I'll kill him." he said, pounding his fist into his palm.


Inuyasha realized her hand was still on his shoulder, and began to blush slightly, and trying to avoid her from seeing it, he quickly picked Kagome up, carrying her in his arms.

"Come on," he said, "We only have minutes to make it before sunset."

He felt her arms surround his neck tightly, only causing his blush to grow deeper. He almost tripped from the distraction, but merely used it to leap into the tree branches.

"EEEk!" she cried as she felt her body jolt from the ground to a tree branch many feet above.

"Calm down, we're almost there." he said, leaping from branch to branch, racing the sun setting in the horizon.


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